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Part 20 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Sir kya hua aap itni jaldi me?” Akhil asked.

Armaan start collecting his belongings hurriedly.

“Ha Akhil it’s an emergency, I have to leave” Armaan said and left from office.

Armaan drive fast and reach to a place which was covered by crowd, he halt his car nearby and run towards it.

“Armaan Sir, idhar se aaiye please” A police officer called Armaan and he followed him.

“Kab hua ye sab?” Armaan asked.

“Kuch der pahle, hamne uska ID card dekha and we called you” Inspector said.

“Thanks for calling Inspector, let me call ambulance” he open his cell phone.

“We did that”Inspector said.

“Ok, but I think we should take him by my car only, why to dealy…..” Armaan was saying when he heard the siren.

“Ambulance arrived” one man informed them.

“Sir, it will be best in ambulance as they can start fid aid before reaching hospital” Inspector said.

“YEAH” Armaan look towards the person lying unconscious infront of him, he gets teary eyed.

Armaan pick him up and ran towards Ambulance, he make him lie on stretcher and ask them to move fast. He thanks policeman once again for his support.

“Ye to hamari duty thi sir, agar aap bura na mane to ek baat puchu?” he asked being hesitated.

“Ha sure, puchiye” Armaan look towards him.

“Afterall, ye tha to apke office ka ek driver na? Fir v apko itni attachment aap sab kuch chhod k yaha aa gaye aur khud use leke gaye ambulance tak?” Inspector asked and Armaan look towards him.

“Inspector, baat ek driver ki nhi hai, baat hamare office ki hai, wo hamare office family ka member hai, aur aap hi bataiye jab family k kisi member ka accident ho jaye to insaan office k bare me sochega ya fir uske bare me jiski wajah se wo office chalta hai.” Armaan said and Inspector smile being impressed.

“Maan gaye Sir, aise hi nhi apko itni izzat di jati hai, you deserve that” he said shaking hand with him and Armaan left after that.

Armaan reached hospital and rush towards entrance without taking care of anything, infact he didn’t even saw that his dress was blood stained when he picked him up.

He reached at reception and asked “Mr.Nitin? he just came here through ambulance, that road accident near highway.” 

“Oh! Yes Sir, he is badly injured and shifted in OT, 3rd floor left side” Receptionist said and Armaan ran inside.

He reached there and become emotional to see his father over there, he was the only son of his family. Armaan reach upto the OT when his father saw him and come towards Armaan.

“Beta, dekho kya ho gaya, subah bola ki office jana hai aur rashte me hi accident ho gaya, ek truck wale ne dhakka de diya use aur,,,,,,,” his father was crying bitterly making Armaan’s eyes moist.

“Uncle, kuch nhi hoga use, mai hu na mai kuch nhi hone dunga don’t worry.” Armaan said holding his father and he look towards him being shocked.

“Bahut khushnaseeb hai apke mata pita jo unka itna layak beta hai, ham apka ehsaan kabhi nhi utar payenge, apne use naukari di, uska hausla badhaya fir se padhai shuru karne k liye aur ab jab wo sach me sahi ban ne laga to ye” His father said folding his hands infront of Armaan.

“Uncle, kaisi baatein kar rahe hain aap, kuch nhi hoga Nitin ko, aap ye bataiye apne ghar me to kisi ko nhi bataya hai na?” Armaan asked coz he knew that Nitin got married recently.

“Nhi beta, bahu ne mujhse pucha lekin maine kaha aata hu kuch jaruri kaam hai” he said.

“Good, aap pareshan mat hoiye, sab theek ho jayega” Armaan help him sit on chair and gave him water.

Riddhima was calling Armaan as she didn’t get reply of her msgs because Armaan forgot his phone in car only, Riddhima become worried why he is not receiving her calls.

Everyone was preparing for puja, and Riddhima too prepare her pooja thal with a smile but somewhere in her heart she was tensed.

“Riddhima kya hua beta?” Ananya noticed her sad face.

“Mom wo Armaan,,,,” she don’t know what to say.

“Arey bachha wo busy ho gaya hoga kisi kaam me, don’t worry wo aa jayega” she said and Riddhima smile.

“Chalo ab tum jaldi se ready ho jao, ye tumhare liye hamari taraf se” Prerna gift a jwellery box to Riddhima and she smile.

“Aaj apko yahi pehan’na hai bhabhi” Nikki said holding her.

“Aur wo saree jo tujhe aaj di gai hai” Muskaan said and she look towards her being surprised.

“Chalo, bachho ab sab log ready ho jao, sari preparation ho gai hai” Padma said coming towards them.

“Ok” they said and left to get ready.

“Padmaji apko nhi lagta aaj ye gents log jyada hi late kar rahe hain.” Ananya said looking towards her.

“Ha aur kam se kam ek call to kar hi sakte the but kisi ne nahi kiya” Prerna said.

“Pata nhi kya baat hai” Shweta said.

On the other side,

“Ye fast rakhne ka mann to bana liya lekin ab pyaas lagne lagi” Billy said looking to Shashank.

“Sahi bol rahe hain aap, ye hamare bass ki baat nhi hai, pata nhi kaise ye log itne din se karti aa rahi hain, hamse to ek din v nhi ho pa raha hai” Shashank said and they agree.

“Ye sab Ammy ki wajah se ho raha hai, na wo bolta ki use fast rahna hai aur na hi ham sunte aur na hi hamara mann karta fast rakhne ka, bhaisahab mujhe to bhook lag rahi hai”Anurag said being hungry.

“Arey koi baat nhi Anurag bas thodi der aur, jaise pura din rah liye waise hi thodi der aur sahi” Daljeet said and they smile.

“Ghar chalte hain ab” Billy said and they get up.

Gents spend their whole day in one of biggest hotel in Delhi which was a piece of art of Mallik Empires. They watched tv and slept for few hours then talk now deciding to move towards house.

Suddenly door bell rings.

“Who’s that?” Anurag asked.

“Sir, its me manager here” 

“Ha aaiye aaiye” Anurag said opening the door.

‘Sir, aaplog jab se aaye hain kuch order nhi kiya so I thought to ask, kuch mangau mai, waise aaj ki special dish chef’s special hai, Anurag Sir ka favorite garlic noodles” manager said looking towards them coz he was unaware of the fact that they were keeping fast.

“Garlic noodles” Anurag get lost in world of noodles but soon came back to reality when Billy glared him.

“Nhi Kishan,we don’t need anything infact we’ll leave in few minutes, thanks” Billy said and he left.

“Anurag, kya bachho jaisi harkate kar rahe ho” Billy scold him.

“Bhaisahab mai kya karu, ek to bhook lagi hai upar se wo garlic noodles ki baat kar raha tha, maine kisi tarah khud ko roka, ya to mera vrat toot jata ya to mai usko bahut marta aise offer dene k liye” Anurag said and they laughed loudly.

“Chaliye fir ab hame chalna chahiye” Daljeet said an they gets up.

Ladies get ready wearing beautiful dresses, Nikki and Muskaan wear pink and blue lehanga and looking gorgeous while elder ladies wore saree which was looking beautiful on them. 

Rahul was looking towards Muskaan being impressed coz it was first time he saw her in proper traditional dress with some make-up and she was looking so so so different today.

Muskaan felt a continuous gaze on herself and look towards it, Rahul get caught red handed and she asked what happen raising her brows up.

Rahul shook his head in no and look towards Vansh Muskaan smile getting how he become embarrassed by her question.

They were talking to each other when Nikki look towards stairs and her mouth left open in “Wowww”

“Tujhe kya hua, jo waha stuck,,,,,,,,,” Muskaan look towards the direction she was stairing and become surprised.

Rahul too watch her being impressed and ask ladies to welcome their would-be-bahu.

They look towards her and smile as she was looking wonderful and gorgeous in that red saree with little make-up wearing that jwellery set, she was looking like an angel which make them statue on their position.

It was Vansh who move forward and hold Riddhima’s hand near last stair.

“Bhabhi, aap bahut sundar lag rahe ho. Mai v Armaan bhaiya jitna bada ho jaunga to fast rakhunga fir mujhe apke jaisi sundar ladki milegi” Vansh said and others laugh getting back to reality.

Riddima smile and hold his cheeks “Apko bahut pyari cute si ladki milegi Vansh”

“Nhi mujhe apki jaisi chahiye” Vansh said and she giggle.

“OMG! Bhabhi you are look breath takingly gorgeous, hamara ye haal hai to bhaiya ka kya haal hoga”Nikki tease her and she blush on her comment.

Her mind again went towards Armaan, he didn’t called her yet.

She was about to ask something when they heard doorbell.

Rahul open the door only to get tired gents coming inside the house.

“Arey aaplog to aise thake hue lag rahe hain jaise fast hamara nhi apka ho” Ananya said coming towards them.

“Ha, matlab nhi wo to ham bas kafi der tak tennis khelte rahe waha pe isliye thak gaye hain” Billy said taking a place on sofa.

“Achha, koi baat nhi mai abhi pani lati hu” Prerna said.

“Ha leke aao” Anurag said looking towards her coz he don’t have any energy now but Shashank nudged him and he register his words “NHIII” he said loudly making others look towards him being shocked.

“Kya hua?” Padma aksed.

“Nhi I mean we want to take bath first itna thak gaye hain na ki kcuh khaya piya nhi jayega, ham fresh hoke aate hain” Anurag said and they all get up and went towards their room.

“Why they are behaving so weird” Rahul asked but they don’t have any clue about it.


Doctor came out of OT after 3 hours and Armaan rush towards him “Doctor, what happen? How’s Nitin now?” he asked in one go.

“Look Armaan, case was very critical as he was badly injured but we tried our best and he is out of danger now, we’ll shift him in private ward after one hour then you can meet him but I’ll say let him sleep overnight then he’ll feel much better tomorrow.” Doctor said looking towards Armaan coz he know him personally. 

“Yes Doctor, do whatever is best for him” he said.

“Okay then we’ll give him an injection due to which he will sleep overnight, let them shift him in ward first.” Doctor said and left.

“Uncle, ab aap khush hain na Nitin theek hai chaliye ab kuch kha lijiye” Armaan said and forward a cup of tea towards him.

“Armaan beta, aap bahut achhe hain, apne v to kuch nhi khaya jab se aaye hain. Aap khaiye” he said forwarding it towards him.

“Nhi uncle main nhi le sakta” he stopped him atonce.

“Kyu beta koi,,,,,” he stopped.

“Arey nhi, aap kuch aur mat sochiye actually aaj pahli baar maine fast rakha hai uske liye jo mere liye fast rakh rahi hai isliye” Armaan said remembering Riddhima.

“Ye to bahut achhi baat hai beta, bhagwaan kare aap hamehsa khush rahe aur apki aane wali zindagi apke liye dher sari khushiya leke aaye” Nitin’s father said and he smile.

“Uncle mai abhi aata hu” Armaan said getting up and left outside.

He talk with doctor then a wardboy , gave him some money and ask him to come soon, he came back with few bags after half an hour, Armaan took it and move towards Nitin’s room.

He was shifted in private ward and his father was sitting there alongwith one of his friend.

“Uncle I know mai kitna v bolu but aap ghar nhi jayenge isliye ye kuch cheeje hain aap ghar bhijwa dijiye aur ye khane ka samaan, kuch paise aap apne paas rakhiye baki maine jama kar diya hai, aap bilkul v pareshan mat hoiyega Nitin puri tarah theek ho jayega kuch dino me iski jimmedari meri hai ,hmm” Armaan said forwarding some money towards him.

“Armaan beta, aap itna kuch kar rahe hain hamare liye ham kaise apka karz,,,,,” 

“Agar beta kaha hai to bahar walo jaisa treat to na karein uncle” Armaan said and he hugged him having tears in his eyes.

“Sab theek ho jayega don’t worry” Armaan said and gave money to him. 

He left hospital after sometime.

Gents get ready and came back while ladies were gathered on terrace waiting for moon to come out.

Riddhima was sad coz she was not able to contact Armaan, she was worried for him.

“Aa jaiye aaplog v” Ananya said looking towards Billy and others.

They came happily feeling fresh yet weak as it was whole day fast and for the first time to them.

“Yarr Ridzi, tujhe bhook nhi lagi hai?” Muskaan asked looking towards her.

“Nhi” she replied slowly.

“What????? Pura din guzar gaya aur tujhe bhook nhi lagi hai” Muskaan look towards her being shocked.

“Muski wo Armaan” Riddhima said trying to hide her tears.

“Ohoo, don’t worry bhabhi, Bhaiya aa jayege thodi der me”Nikki said and she smile inbetween her teras.

“Ha aur agar late kiya to mai khud jaunga aur uske kaan pakad k le aaunga don’t worry hmm” Rahul said and she smile.

“Chaand aa gaya” Vansh said pointing towards moon and everyone become happy looking towards the chand.

“Wowwww” they said and gather near the mini kund they prepare for this puja and decorated with fower lights and candles.

Gents were more than happy looking towards moon while Rahul, Nikki and Muskaan think why they were behaving so strange.

“Aaiye aap log” Ananya called gents to stand in line infront of their wives.

Riddhima stood there holding her thaal being sad.

“Arey ye Armaan abhi tak nhi aaya, itna late to nhi hota use” Prerna said.

Anurag knew now they will become tensed so in order save Armaan from their wrath he said “Arey wo nikal chuka hai, thoda time lagega use ek jaruri kaam tha” he said and they look towards him being surprised.

“Riddhima ne pahli baar uske liye fast rakha hai infact khud usne v is se jyada jaruri kaam kya ho sakta hai, dekho kaise bcahhi ka chehra utar gaya hai, aane do aaj ise jyada kaam sawar ho gaya hai iske sar pe”Ananya said getting angry.

“Arey bhabhi, aa raha hai meri baat hui thi office walo se” infact he was also tensed why he was so late, he never did this.

“Chaliye ab puja shuru karte hain” Ananya said and asked Riddhima to join them and open her fast by Armaan’s pic but she said she will wait for him.

They perform puja near water then get up and do rituals accordingly. Ananya touch Billy’s feet and he blessed her.

He took glass from her thali and about make her drink water but she hold his hand having tears in her eyes.

“Kya hua?” Billy asked getting worried.

She hold his hand and make him drink water, gents become shocked and look towards their respective wives. They were having tears in their eyes, that means they knew that, keeping fast kind of thing.

“Tumhe pata chal gaya?” Billy asked.

“Hmm, apko kya laga aap apne itne saalo k routine ko follow nhi karenge to mujhe doubt nhi hoga, apki subah bina coffee k nhi hoti aur aaj aap kaise uth gaye aur wo v bahar jane k liye ready ho gaye, wo insaan jo kabhi bed se v nhi uthta coffee k bina usne aaj ye sab kiya mere liye, thanku so much” Ananya said having tears in her eyes making them emotional.

“Anurag mujhe nhi pata tha aap mujhse jhoot bolenge, aap soch v kaise sakte hain jhoot bolne ka, aur jaha tak mujhe pata hai, shadi k baad se kabhi aisa koi din nhi beeta jab aap jogging gaye ho bina juice piye to aaj ye kaise ho gaya, wo v us insaan se jiske liye ye sabse jyada important ho” Prerna said looking towards Anurag and he bit his tongue.

“Mere liye to sabse jyada important tum ho” he said and she smile.

Padma look towards Shashank and he become curious whether she knew about it or not “ To Doctor Sahab kaha gaye apke logics, weakness ho jayegi, beemar pad jaogi bla bla, aaj khud ye sab karte hue kuch yaad nhi aaya infact dawa v bhool k gaye aap, Dr.Shashank Gupta life me pahli baar apni dawai k liye carelessness dikhaye aur wo normal ho aisa to ho nhi sakta, kam se kam aap us insaan se to kabhi nhi chhupa sakte kuch jo apke sath itne saalo se rahta ho” Padma smile and he laugh how she catch his lie.

“Daljeet, mujhe to lagta tha tumhari life me khana pahli priority hai lekin aaj to kya hi kahna, dil khush ho gaya mera tera pyaar dekh ke, sadke jawa mai. Waise aaplog ko subah sargi (nashta) karne k baad plates hatwa deni chahiye thi room me se, nhi” Shweta said looking towards them and they bit their tongue.

“To aap log k dimag me jitna doubt tha wo inke room me jake confirm ho gaya, kya baat hai ladies too good” Rahul said clapping for them and they smile looking towards each other.

Riddhima smile looking towards their bonding, she wonder whether she and Armaan will share this type of love and respect for each other.

They make each other drink water and have sweet. Riddhima was looking towards moon when Rahul’s eyes fall on her, he become sad and angry on Armaan.

“Mai abhi aata hu” he ran downstairs when Nikki noticed Armaan’s car entering inside.

Rahul open the door while Armaan was about to ring the door bell, till then Riddhima alongwith others came down.

Rahul become shocked to see blood stains over Armaan’s dress. 

“Armaan ye” he just said this and look behind.

Riddhima stood shocked on the last stair looking towards Armaan having tears in her eyes which were rolling down her cheeks, she was just stairing blood stains.

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