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part 20: Lamhe (AR ff)

All looked at Kirtti she looked in very angry mood. Rahul gulped and quickly stood up and Muskaan helped riddhima get up to and where as Armaan who stood up easily his face was expressionless

"woh ...woh ma'am meri hi galti thi main hi dekh ke nahi chal rahi thi aur pata nahi kha se Dr Armaan and Dr Rahul agaye aur yeh sab ho gaya" said riddhima in one breath fastly before even Dr Kirtti ask them where as Armaan sighed because he knew mom was diverted from the real topic while rahul was looking at riddhima as she was fine and Muskaan was shifting uneasy in her spot.

And Dr Kirtti stood gaping at Riddhima she didn't knew whether it was dream or reality she was just shocked to see Riddhima talking like she was fine she was about to ask her when she noticed the staff was staring at them

"don't waste your time get back to your duties" said Kirtti dangerously to the staff where all four who held their breath sighed in relief

"cabin now" said Dr Kirtti looking at all four of them and where they took no time getting into the cabin

As soon as they reached inside the cabin they stood in line but Dr Kirtti just pulled riddhima in hug and other smiled where Armaan sat on Kirtti's chair and rahul on the sofa there and Muskaan overlapped Kirtti and riddhima with difficulty which made Armaan chuckled and rahul sniggered

All three looked at them in tears their were no words to say or expressed their feelings all their eyes conveyed it

"Riddhima beta tum ...yeh sab...i mean ..."Kirttti didn't know how to tell that was she really alright???????

"main appko abhi bhi mama hi bula sakti hoon na" asked riddhima innocently

"of-course" said Kirtti and again pulled her in hug

Their was alots of things to talk about but (opps) Dr Kirtti's pager rang

"mere wapas aney par ghar chalte hai" said kirtti and boys were about to ran to hug Kirtti "but only girls " said Kirtti strictly and left where Rahul and Armaan's face fell and Riddhima and Muskaan laughed but Armaan suddenly smirked

"Excuse Me!!!!!"said Armaan while getting up from chair and he moved toward Riddhima before anything can happen Armaan pulled riddhima out of the cabin by her elbow and they were out in the corridor before they knew it

Armaan took Riddhima on terrace

"Armaan mujhe mama ka wait karna tha waha" said Riddhima breathless as they almost ran to the terrace

"shhh" said Armaan while turning her toward him

sensuously he moved his one arm across her waist which made her front part of the body to arch in his direction which made her cleavage visible as Armaan's eyes moved toward her cleavage Riddhima shrugged and closed her eyes which made Armaan more turned on...Armaan with his free hand held her hand and pull her hair back which made her face more near him and her long naive neck more visible...

"Ar...maa.aaa..aan' she whispered as she felt his hot breath on her lips she didn't knew whether she wanted or not but all she felt that she was scure and protected in his tight hold but she didn't feel suffocated

Armaan moved his nose on her cheek and held there "Riddhiima" whispered Armaan. He slowlly traced his nose on to her jaw and then slowly he went through her neck . Armaan slowly pulled her in his arms and which lead them to sit on the floor. Riddhima ending up sitting in his lap she didn't move neither he let her move as he held her tight

Riddhima reached up and looped her hands around his neck which made Armaan smile

"bahot dard saha hai in teen saal main abb aur nahi seh sakta "Armaaan expressed himsefl infront of Riddhima

"iss darad ki koi dwaii bhi nahi hai Armaan" she answered back " sari zindagi bar jelhna parega" said riddhima looking in his deep blue eyes which were piercing through her sole Unable to look in his eyes she looked down

Armaan made her look in his eyes again using his fingers under her chin while her lips quiver

"ek dawa hai" he groaned in her neck as he move his lips on her throat

"kya" asked Riddhima un-conscious

"pyaar bas pyaar karti raho mujhe" said Armaan biting on to her throat

He moved his fingers on her face he gently touches her and cares her cheek

"tumhare yeh hoonth inhe dekhte hi dil karta hai ki..." He reaches his finger and thumb on her lips and touches them

"tum sirf mere liye bani hoo" said Armaan it was not a question it was more of statement

Riddhima who was in dazed slowly open her eyes only to see passion in blue eyes which made her feel bliss around her "sirf tumhari" said Riddhima moving her hand in his hair

"haan sirf meri" said Armaan with authority

with that Armaan reaches close to her and slowly let his lips go near her lips and as he touches her lips it passed a current in his body and Riddhima shuddered with pleasure. Armaan put more pressure on her lips until their lips met completely. The kiss deepened as they were still continue to sit on the floor in each others arm. they came out of the kiss as they were short of breath and Riddhima rested her head on his board chest where he hugged her tight with his arms lapping around her and they both breathed uneven and the scene fade

beautifull song by Cascada


I still hear your voice when you sleep next to me
I still feel your touch in my dreams
Forgive me my weakness, but I don't know why

'Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling
And everytime we kiss, I swear I could fly
Can't you feel my heart beat fast?
I want this to last
I need you by my side

?Cause everytime we touch, I feel the static
And everytime we kiss, I reach for the sky
Can't you hear my heart beat so?
I can't let you go
I want you in my life

Your arms are my castle, your heart is my sky
They wipe away tears that I cry
The good and the bad times, we've been through them all
You make me rise when I fall

'Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling
And everytime we kiss I swear I could fly
Can't you feel my heart beat fast?
I want this to last
I need you by my side

'Cause everytime we touch, I feel the static
And everytime we kiss, I reach for the sky
Can't you hear my heart beat so?
I can't let you go
I want you in my life

'Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling
And everytime we kiss, I swear I could fly
Can't you feel my heart beat fast?
I want this to last
I need you by my side


Anjali was sitting at cafeteria with rahul and Atul when her phone rang

"hello" said anjali

"ji dad" said Anjali looking at Atul and rahul who was also looking at her

"kya phir se" said Anjali on the phone

"abb kya hoga" asked Anjali

"ok Dad" with that she hung up

"is everything ok anji" asked rahul

"yep just dad...anyway leave it" said Anjali and all started to chat normally but Anjali was thinking this was the forth tender dad has lost. Just one company is taking all the tenders. if this continue we will even loose the house where she has spent some time with her mom ...she didn't knew how to help her dad and dad had been saying that he is doing things to get it prevent losing their money and the tender but nothing seems to prevent they were in huge looses...

she came out of the thought as her pager rang and with that she left to her duty

Where as Rahul and Atul noticed that she was  lost

"tujhe kya lagta hai Rahul " asked Atul

"pata nahi Champ par kuch toh problem hai" said rahul coming striaght to the point

before they could think more their pager also went off so they left to their duties


Evening time Armaan and rahul were still at duty but other have came home (only Mallik's)

At mansion

All were working in kitchen kirtti and Muskaan wouldn't let Riddhima work at all

Riddhima was standing near the kitchen but outside pouting still fumming for not letting her work

Riddhima sat on the sofa with THUD!!!After few minutes she sat their going through the magazine when it was snatched

"heyy meri magazine" said Riddhima irritatly as she looked up she felt her selt getting vibe as she saw Armaan so close to her

"tumhari hai par mujhe lag tum sirf meri hoo so bascally the magazine belongs to me right?????whisperedArmaan against her lips but backed out quicklly as he heard footsteps and looked toward and saw rahul coming toward them.

whereas Riddhima sat their lost in the fragrance of Armaan which is driving her mad she felt herself driven by his strong appearance but her thoughts were shaken by Muskaan's scream

"Rahul khotte apne kandhe shoes leke agaya " yelled Muskaan who was coming with juice to give them "delk kankhajure Armaan ne gande kiye hai " said Muskaan looking at Armaan's clean shoe

"Muskaan woh bahar uttarana bhool gaya" said rahul pleading

"kya matlab hai bhool gaya" asked Muskaan standing infront of him with her hand on her hips

Armaan made himself comfortable near Riddhima "to near" and held her hand tight in his grip and Riddhima moaned almost if she didn't held it back by bitting her lips but Armaan heard it before she could held back

Where Muskaan and Rahul were still fighting

Armaan leaned a little close to her ear "aise karogi toh main piche nahi hatt paoga" said Armaan kissing her ear before moving back

"Armaan " she moaned his name "please haath choddo" requested Riddhima

"nahi" said Armaan moving his head in NO NO

"please " whispered Riddhima as she felt he held her hand more tightly

"Ek shart par" said Armaan grinning

"kya" asked riddhima while tugging on her hand

"raat ko mere kamre main milna" said Armaan flatly

"kya" said riddhima in shocked but lowered voice

"ha manjoor hai toh bollo nahi toh" said Armaan making himself comfortable beside her but held her hand in his lap

"please sab hai" said riddhima desperately looking at everyone

Kirtti was in kitchen where rahul was gone to remove his dirty shoes and muskaan was mopping the area where Rahul left his foot prints

"Riddhima tumhe manjoor hai" asked Armaan looking at Riddhima straight in her eyes

"haan" said Riddhima as she couldn't denied him even if she wanted too

"Good" said Armaan with that he left Riddhima's hand to went to his room for freshen up

Where Riddhima sighed and saw that Muskaan and Rahul were still fighting over something she decided to make them spot

"muski yeh tu kya kar rahi hai " said Riddhima looking at Muskaan who was about to strangle Rahul to death  "muski chod ussey" with that Riddhima pulled Muskaan letting Rahul free

"Thanks Riddhima" said Rahul taking a deep breath where Muskaan was still struggling in her hold

"main khush hoon Riddhima ki um teekh ho" said Rahul patting her shoulder where Muskaan also calmed down listening to his words

"me to Ridzi" said Muskaan turning around and grabbing her in a hug

"Thanks Rahul" mouthened Riddhima over Muskaan's shoulder

"chal cake banate hai issi khushi maine" said Muskaan breaking from hug and with that she pulled Riddhima to the kitchen

"kya hua Muskaaan beta tum Riddhima ko aise kyu" asked Kirtti who was helping the cook's in kitchen

"arey mom maine soch rahi thi ki Riddhima ke theek honee ki khushi maine cake banaye" said Muskaan to kirtti

"well baneye ki jarrort nahi hai kyuki it is already baking "said kirtti raising her brow

"Thanks mama" said Riddhima hugging Kirtti when she felt overflowing with love

"Muskaan beta tell Rahul to come downstairs soon" said kirtti

"kyu" asked confused Muskaan

"arey cake nahi katna" said kirtti smiling "and Riddhima tum bhi Armaan ko kaho ki who bhi neeche aa jaye waran wahi koi file maine busy hoga" said Kirtti

Muskaan left and Riddhima took small steps to the stair and her heart beat was running over 100 speed /per second

 She slowly made her way to his room

She knocked but no respone then a bit of louder but stil no response

 Then she peeped into his room and suddenly felt herself being pulled

Where as Armaan knew she was knocking but he didn't opned so just as she was to step into the room he pulled her in his embarce

"Armaan" she hissed as she saw him in towel water dripping


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