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part 21: Defeated in Love (AR ff)

'Armaan here is your shi'..' Riddhima, who had come to give Armaan his shirt which she had taken from him to remove the stain of the ketchup on it, trailed off mid-sentence as she saw him standing there with his buff chest exposed. She walked towards him and giving him a lopsided smile she spoke 'Dude!!!!' she let out a low whistle while Armaan blushed while Riddhima was completely at ease seeing him standing without a shirt. She continued, 'What the hell are you doing in business world? You should be walking the ramp with me'.you have everything to be a model.'

She walked closer and grabbing his arm she took him towards the full length mirror in the corner of the room and placing his arm around her waist and hers around his waist she nodded approvingly. 'We'll make a good pair.'

Armaan who had been looking down at her, looked at the mirror and smiled. Riddhima turned him around and poking his dimples she exclaimed 'Damn!!! How come I never noticed these? You have every accessory to kill a woman. No doubt all these girls are crazy about you, 'the most eligible bachelor.'

'I know all that but I wonder is the girl I love, crazy about me or not.' Riddhima looked at him, her face getting a serious expression. Armaan moved closer to her and looked straight into her eyes. When she didn't say anything Armaan spoke 'Answer me Riddhima.'

'How can I when I don't know who that girl is??' She spoke in a low voice.

'What would you do if it were you??'

She bit her lower lip and tried pushing Armaan away but he pulled her back and this time closer to him than she was initially. 'Tell me Riddhima.'

'I would '..I don't know. Armaan please let me go.' She pleaded with him to let her leave. Armaan bent down closer to her and his lips were very close to hers when he spoke 'Riddhima I am afraid that its not something you need to imagine'.I think I am actually in love with you.'

Riddhima's head jerked up and she looked at Armaan shocked at his blunt confession. She turned red and lowering her eyes spoke 'And I am afraid the feeling is mutual'.'

Armaa's lips curved into a huge smile which slipped off as soon as it appeared when he heard her say ''.but nothing is confirmed. What's the rush? We can wait.'

'I can't.' Armaan spoke, trying to stop himself from shouting out loud how much he loves her and making her confess the same.

'You have no other option.'

'I know but'..

Armaan stopped abruptly mid-sentence as the door opened and they both moved away and saw Andy standing there. Riddhima quickly walked out of the room while Armaan resolved mentally that the first thing that he would do is get Andy his camera so that he would stop making his life a living hell'.he just interrupted the best moment of his life.

Andy walked towards Armaan while Armaan was looking longingly at Riddhima's retreating back. When she was totally out of sight, Armaan turned towards Andy and saw him grinning like an idiot. Armaan gave him a weird look and Andy spoke 'You love her.' Armaan smacked his head and decided he would have to wear a mask to prevent everyone from knowing that he was in love with Riddhima. Suddenly Andy jumped in front of Armaan and asked excitedly with laughter in his voice, his broken camera forgotten for the time being, 'When are you going to tell her?' Armaan looked at him and thought that he hadn't even confirmed that he loved Riddhima and here he was already asking when he would confess it.

'I would have done it but you interrupted at the wrong moment.' Armaan told Andy, annoyed now. Andy suddenly turned morose and looked at Armaan apologetically and spoke 'Oh Armaan I am so sorry but you know what I'll help you out. We can take her to a secluded place and than you can tell her or we can book a hotel and decorate it beautifully or maybe we can''..'

He went on and on not even bothering to see if Armaan was even interested or not. Armaan decided he liked the angry Andy better than this crazily excited one and so he spoke 'Andy you remember I broke your camera this morning and I have still not given you a new one.'

'I know all that and just because I am helping you doesn't mean I have forgotten all that'I love my cameras but I love Riddhima more and though you are a camera breaker, I still like you and know that you will keep my friend happy. Anyways so ya what was I saying we can take her to a beach, she is crazy about beaches and she'll'.'

He was cut off as Armaan suddenly jumped and hugged him tightly and spoke 'You are a total kid Andy'.you know why because only kids have a heart as pure as yours'.. Dude I love you.' Armaan smiled at him and hugged him again.

'Whatever but for god sake stop getting physical with me'I am not that kind of a guy. Leave me.' Andy pushed Armaan away and walked out of the room while Armaan giggled to himself and picking his cell called up his assistant to arrange for Andy's camera as soon as possible.


'What the hell? These girls take so long to get ready.' Rahul paced the room getting irritated.

He saw Muskaan coming downstairs wearing a yellow strap dress with Riddhima following closely wearing a short black low V necked dress. The dress came around her body tightly. The boys looked at the ladies wide eyed. They were totally stumped while Riddhima and Muskaan exchanged conspiratorial winks.

'Lets go.' Riddhima brushed her hair with her hand and spoke. Both the girls moved towards the door with the boys following them. All of them sat down in Armaan's car and left for the disco.


Shashank was going downstairs when he suddenly stopped outside Riddhima's room. He heard Mollie yelling at someone.

'No I don't care. I want Kevin out of that campaign. Look just tell them that if they want Riddhima working for them than they'll have to get Kevin out because there is no way that I am going to let Kevin work with Riddhima. Lily do whatever it takes to get him off the campaign or else we'll have to break the contract and I'll pay the price but I don't want Riddhima to get disturbed because of Kevin again.' She hung up and turned around and saw Shashank standing at the threshold of the bedroom.

'I am sorry I heard your conversation but is there some problem? I mean between Kevin and Riddhima.'

Mollie sighed and decided it would be better if she told everything to Shashank since he had a right to know.

'Kevin and Riddhima were dating each other but they just had a nasty break up and Riddhima is still recovering from that and so I don't want her to see Kevin anytime soon but as they have been a real life couple people want to see them together and that is why they are so much in demand.' Shashank nodded

'I knew something was going on between them.'

Shashank suddenly turned thoughtful and wondered if he should tell Mollie that he was planning to get Riddhima married to Armaan after all she had a right to know.

'Mollie I am planning to get Armaan and Riddhima married. Armaan is a really'

But he was cut off mid-sentence as Mollie walked closer and spoke excitedly
'you are? Even I want to see them married. Armaan really loves Riddhima. He'll keep her happy.'

Shashank smiled at her and spoke 'That's great but how do you know?'

'A mother's instinct you can say. I know Armaan is a famous business man and all but I don't really know much about his family.'

'Cummon I'll tell you everything about him over dinner.'

Mollie nodded and followed Shashank. The awkwardness forgotten as they discussed about their daughter they both loved more than everything else.


Armaan was fuming with anger as he followed the gang to the disco. He noticed how all the men were looking at Riddhima who was walking a few steps ahead of him. Armaan walked closer and wrapped his arm around Riddhima's waist claiming his ownership and letting the guys know that she was taken.

Riddhima spoke in a low voice 'Armaan what are you doing. Remove your hand. There can be some journalists here and our photographs will be splashed all over the papers.'

'I don't care. For me it would be the best thing to have the world know just what we share.' Armaan spoke with a smile looking ahead.

'And what do we share Armaan?' Riddhima asked him raising her eyebrows at him, trying to tease him.

'That's for you to decide. I have already told you what I feel.' With that they entered the disco and Armaan tightened his grip around Riddhima's waist.


'Who is that girl Rahul is talking to?' Riddhima asked Muskaan.

'How the b***** hell would I know?' Muskaan snapped at Riddhima.

'Hey relax. Why are you snapping at me? I was just curious. He has been talking to her from such a long time.'

'I know. That b**** is just not ready to leave him alone.' Muskaan hissed while Riddhima looked at her in shock. Muskaan looked as if she was ready to kill.

They both saw the girl place her arm around Rahul and Muskaan stood up abruptly shaking the table they were sitting around. She walked towards Rahul and the girl and pulled Rahul away from the girl and onto the dance floor.

'Whoa!! What was that all about?' Rahul asked a very angry Muskaan.

'What?? I just wanted to dance.'

'Ya but you could have taken Andy or Armaan along with you.'

At that Muskaan pushed Rahul away from her and spoke angrily 'fine you don't have to dance with me. You can go back to that girl.' Muskaan was about to walk away when Rahul grabbed her hand and pulled her back on the floor and she banged into his chest. He lifted her face with his finger and looking deep into her eyes he asked her, 'Were you jealous?'

Muskaan didn't say anything and just looked away. Rahul took her hand and rolled her out of his arms and than brought her back to himself. Her back towards him. He moved his face closer to hers and whispered in her ear 'Tell me Muskaan were you jealous?' Muskaan turned around and spoke, 'I don't know. Lets not talk Rahul.' Muskaan placed her arms around his neck and looking into his eyes she brought her body close to his and they both swayed to the music, the crowd forgotten. They continued slow dancing even after the song was changed to a fast one.

'Riddhima look at them.' Andy elbowed Riddhima and signaled towards Muskaan and Rahul. Riddhima sighed and spoke 'Finally some progress.'

'What do you mean?' Andy asked her quizzically.

'Rahul has been in love with Muskaan from college days but just when he thought he would tell her, Muskaan announced that she was seeing Vivek. This really crished him but his love never decreased instead it has grown into something stronger. He has always been there for Muski after her break up. He was the one who took care of her and that made Muskaan fall for him. I noticed the love in her voice when we were talking about Rahul today and than when she saw him talking to a girl she grew livid. I hope everything works out between them. They both are made for each other.'

Andy nodded his head and just than a girl approached him asking him to dance with her and Andy was being a complete gentleman, went with her.

Riddhima turned towards Armaan and spoke, 'Armaan cummon lets dance.'

But Armaan was totally lost in his cell. Riddhima shook his arm and whined 'Armaan stop working and dance with me.'

'RIDDHIMA!! Let me sent these files first.' Armaan spoke a little rudely to her. She pouted and crossed her arms across her chest. Just than a guy approached her and extending his hand towards her spoke 'Can I have a dance with you?' Riddhima looked at the tall, broad and handsome guy standing in front of her and than looking at Armaan still engrossed in his work she smirked and gave her hand to the guy and walked away to the dance floor.

'Ya now tell me'.

Armaan trailed off as he saw no Riddhima sitting next to him. He looked around and spotted her on the dance floor dancing with a guy. Her face was glowing and it was evident she was enjoying herself while the guy was staring down at her constantly pulling her close to him. Armaan's face hardened and his hands tightened around his cell which he was still holding.


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