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part 21: Lamhe (AR ff)


"Riddhima" whispered Armaan pulling her close to him with jerk which made Riddhima's hand to land on his wet chest

Riddhima gasped out loud as her hand touched his bare skin Where Armaan stuck his head out of the door to see If anybody was coming seeing the stairs and a corridor upstairs empty. He heaved a sigh of relief. Whereas Riddhima who has better access to all his body as he was a foot step away closing the door and Riddhima was beside him but little step behind sideways. She stared at him in a pure shock! He was only wearing a towel around his waist his hang down to his knees, bare chest and his tattoo are shining from glistering water.

He had the most amazing physique in her eyes, built mussel and powerful rock hard chest and magnifies Biceps and on the bonus his six pack. Suddenly she felt her throat dried and turned her face to the other side as she couldn't control it anymore as heart thumped loudly even Armaan could hear it. Deep red color travelled from her head to toe which is easily seen on her neck as she turned back to him.

Armaan was enjoying her reaction toward his body he felt his stomach rumple and he saw her turning back which made him groan as he can see her neck in deep back which was bare to him.

He moved toward her and moved all her hair away from her back where Riddhima let out hard gasped which turned Armaan on

"kya huya sweetheart piche kyu mood gayi pasand nahi ayya jo dekha" whispered Armaan in her ear huskily

Riddhima shake her head as she felt his hot breath on her neck and ear

"mujhe jane'.jane doo please" whispered Riddhima back pleading

"phele mujhe kiss karo na" Armaan answer back

"nahi" Ridhima shakes her head

Armaan grabbed her from shoulder and spines her around facing him and because of this she jammed in his chest and Riddhima's lips touched Armaan's chest which made him groaned hard and he kneeled his head in her neck

As his breath touched her neck she shivered and grabbed Armaan's neck before she could losses her balance but Armaan kissed her neck and nuzzled his nose on her ear "Armaan" she moaned "please"

"hmmm" moaned Armaan in the heat as he was kissing her neck

"Riddhima hum mom ko sab kuch bata dete hai aaj hi" said Armaan still kissing her neck

"Armaan agar tumhe teekh lagta hai toh" said Riddhima in heavey breaths

"tumhe koi problem toh nahi hai na" asked Armaan and here Riddhima shakes her head and Armaan was about to kiss her lips when

"Ridddhiiimmaaa" a voice came from downstairs which made both of the jerk and they came out of the hug

"Bye Princess" kissed Armaan letting her and she blushed and took no time flee from there. Armaan heaved a sigh and went to wear his clothes
Armaan came downstairs it was almost dinner time and saw Riddhima grabbing stuff from kitchen and Kirtti on phone "must be dad" he thought Muskaan were putting the cake away and Rahul were decorating the knife

As their eyes met Riddhima flushed in heat where Armaan rubbed his neck reminding her their "ahem ahem" moment and Riddhima bowed her head down as she couldn't look in his piercing eyes

"Armaan chalo cake kat lete hai then we will have dinner as your dad is not in Mumbai" said Kirtti bringing both Riddhima and Armaan on the earth

"ji mom" said Armaan ad they all have amazing time cutting the cake and now they were enjoying the dinner

"mama" said Riddhima still all were at dinning

"kya huya hai bacha" asked kirtti looking at Riddhima

"who mama main sooch rahi thi ki .."She didn't how to exlain

Armaan looked at her

"Inernship shuru karne ke barre maine sooch rahi ho" asked Armaan looking at Riddhima as he knew

"haan" Riddhima nodded

"arey toh issme ina gabrane ki kya baath hai" asked Kirtti "chalo kal hi anna morning time Armaan ke saath hi aajana Interview karne ke baad I will give you the appointment letter" explained Kirtti where Riddhima nodded and all were happy as everyone was finished

"mom" said Armaan

"mujhe app sab se baath karni hai" all looked at him and as Riddhima looked at him she knew "he was about to tell them that they wanted to stay together and marriage " she shivered as the thought of it

"I mean main aur Riddhima" as he was about to complete the sentence Muskaan butted

"tum donno shadi karna chate ho" said Muskaan in excited voice

"really" asked Rahul

"I am so happy" said Kirtti and walked to Riddhima who was on chair and bowed her head down as the talk of the marriage made her shivered and crimson red and Kirtti kissed her forehead and Riddhima blushed and hugged Kirtti in her stomach as she was still sitting on the chair

"oye hoye" whispered Armaan to himself but even he was flushed as they only decided to tell them about that they are together but hell marriage but he knew he wanted it to happen as soon as it can and looking at Riddhima he knew even she was happy

"hmm" said Armaan

"are wah yeh toh kamal hogya mama kitni sari tayari karni baki hai" said Muskaan excited like child which made Rahul admire her and Armaan chuckled looking at Rahul

"main kal hi pandit ko bula logi aur phir shubhankar bhi toh kal aney wale hai" said Kirtti happy

"ji mom" said Armaan grinning ear to ear

Well it long day and all you have early morning so good night" said Kirtti and left

Whereas Riddhima is totally red and Armaan is looking at her. Rahul and Muskaan also left as they didn't wanted to be there as they knew the love birds needed to be alone

Armaan moved toward Riddhima and picked up in his arms

Riddhima squealed as she felt being picked

"Shhh" said Armaan and Riddhima shut her mouth

And Armaan made his way to his room still having Riddhima in his arms

They made their way to his room and Armaan shut his door with his foot and he place Riddhima on the bed and sat besides her holding on to her hand

"tum khush to ho na" asked Armaan looking at her face which was glowing with happiness

"haan" she whispered quietly

And Armaan pulled her hard in his lap and with one hand in her hair he arched her back up and kissed her honey lips. Riddhima moaned but responded back and her arms made her way to his neck which engrossed him more he came out of the kiss his breath was hard and heavy so was Riddhima's

Armaan moved his Lips to her throat and bit hard their which made Riddhima groaned

Armaan left her hand and pulled her dress down from the front which gave him more access to her cleavage he licked her skin with his tongue Riddhima shivered and she held him tight

Armaan made her fall on the bed and she looked heavenly to him in helpless condition. Armaan came on top of he and undid her dress from her neck which made her dress to fall until her stomach and he could see her B*a he licked his lips seeing her she was lying straight her toes curled and her dress moved up from her knees to her thigh which made Armaan to want her so bad 'Armaan leaned in and kissed on her breast through her fabric of b*a. Riddhima gasped out loud which made Armaan to come back from trance he looked and saw Riddhima had her eyes closed. He knew he can wait until the marriage. Getting up he put the quilt on her body Armaan sat their breathing hard. Riddhima feeling the fabric on her opened her eyes and looked at Armaan who looked guilty.

"Armaan" said Riddhima slowly

"I am sorry" whispered Armaan

"It's Okay Armaan" said Riddhima not wanting to make him feel guilty as she also wanted it.

"Armaan please tumhe sorry bolne ki jaroot nahi hai kyuki main bhi cha'" Riddhima said but stopped as she realized what she was saying and blushed and Armaan instantly turned as he heard what she was saying.

"Really" said Armaan leaning on to her

"Please Armaan" whispered Riddhima turning her face

Armaan kissed her check and he went to sleep on the sofa which was in his roam and Riddhima also slept on the bed as she wanted to stay close to him

"I will finish them how dare they"'.. A man yelled on the phone

"I have to do something otherwise I will be no longer on the same position which I have from all the years"he said to himself

Karan had finally got that he didn't knew it could be that easy but all is left is that to look for that person who has these things similar "I knew it could be business rivalry now I will have to follow the clues" he thought "then I will inform Armaan" he thought again and went to the hotel where the last meeting had held


Armaan came from jog and Riddhima was sleeping peacefully when he entered the room only to see her beautiful face in the morning. As he saw her last night events came back to him he heaved a sigh decided not to bother about it

He went to his closet and took out his clothes and went to the washroom as he turned on the shower Riddhima woke up from the noise.

She got up and went to her room to get ready. She wore a red suit plain. And went downstairs to the kitchen

"Morning Mama" Riddhima said seeing Kirtti drinking coffee and looking at some files

"Good Morning beta" said Kirtti kissing Riddhima's forehead

"Ready for interview Riddhima nodded her head "don't be nervous" said Kirtti as she was about to leave "ok beta see you at hospital" where Riddhima kissed her cheek and said bye and with that Kirtti left

"Morning" said cherry Muskaan

"morning muski" Riddhima wished Muskaan back with a charming smile

"jadaa danth na dikha mujhe pata hai ki toh bahot nervous hai" said Muskaan giggling at Riddhima's condition and Riddhima got angry at Muskaan's behavior

"acha baba don't be nervous" said Muskaan consoling her and left with coffee for Rahul

Armaan came downstairs and saw Riddhima alone in kitchen making coffee

"Riddhima" Armaan whispered making his way toward Riddhima

"Riddhima turned and saw Armaan coming

"Riddhima" saying that Armaan held her hand and he got on his knees where Riddhima was confused

"Armaan yeh kya" said Riddhima

"mujhe kuch kehna hai" said Armaan looking at Riddhima

"Main janta hoon ki hamari shaddi hone ja rahi hai" as Armaan said that Riddhima blushed "Riddhima sharmaoo mat nahi toh keh nahi paoga" whispered Armaan softly looking at her. Riddhima shivered as the way he was looking at her which Armaan also noticed and he tightened his hold on her hand

"Main janta hoon ki sab kuch abb bahot jaldi main ho raha hai par infact I am totally fine with it kyuki abb main tumhe dobara khona nahi chahta hoon so isilye I am fine getting us married now and mujhe pata hai ki tum bhi is baath se khush ho khush ho na tum Riddhima???" asked Armaan where Riddhima nodded as she was speechless

"so isleye main soocha ki pandit ke aney se phele tumhe propose kar loon" he whispered looking at Riddhima who blushed with having a light smile on her lips

"so Riddhima kya tum mujhse shaddi karogi na???? aur main promise karta hoon ki tumhe hamesha khush rakhoo ga" said Armaan looking at her where Riddhima nodded with getting tears but not to much as she was happy

"mujhe sunai nahi diya" said Armaan teasingly he knew she nodded her head but he wanted to listen the Yes word

"haan Armaan" with that she pulled him up and hugged him and Armaan hugged her back

"acha rokko" said Armaan to Riddhima and pulling her out of the hug and he got something from his pocket and which looked jewelry box as he opened the box Riddhima gasped it wasn't the only gasped he heard and as he turned around he saw Muskaan who was standing on stairs with Rahul beaming at them

And Armaan slipped the ring on to Riddhima's finger

And before anything happen Armaan's pager rang

"why now???" said Armaan looking at his pager where other smiled

"chalo nahi toh late ho jaye ge" said Rahul. and Muskaan and rahul left

"Thanks Armaan" said Riddhima and kissed his cheek and Armaan smiled "hmm" hummed Armaan and they to left in their car

Love Heaven

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