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part 22: Defeated in Love (AR ff)

Armaan got up from his seat and began walking towards Riddhima who was now holding the guys shoulder and moving her body closer to his. He looked at the girl dancing to his right and grabbing her hand he pulled her to himself only to see Riddhima suddenly stop her dance and look at Armaan with her jaw dropped to her knee. Armaan looked down at the girl who was looking at him with shining eyes, obviously too happy to be in the arms of Armaan Malik .He smiled down at her and spinning her he moved her out of his arms and than brought her back in his arms but with her back towards his chest. His arms moved around her waist and Armaan moved her arm around his neck and rubbed his body against her on the music…Riddhima felt the guy moving closer, she gave him a dirty look and pushed him away and looked at Armaan….her insides were burning in anger. She stomped her foot and walked out of the disco angrily.

Armaan looked at her walking out and he quickly extricated himself out of the girl's grip and followed Riddhima. He had to run to reach her and when he did, he grabbed her elbow and turned her around but before he could say anything Riddhima jerked her arm out of his grip and yelled at him "leave me. You can go back to that girl…that nasty and ugly *****….firstly you don't pay attention to me…you refuse to dance with me and than when you do get time from your stupid work you don't come to me instead you go and dance with some other girl…"

"But you started it." Armaan spoke as soon as he got a chance to.

Riddhima advanced towards him and raising her finger in front of his face spoke "So what if I did? That doesn't give you the right to go around getting physical with other girls and that too after telling me that you love me…you are a lier and you know what…

Riddhima was cut off as by Armaan who grabbed her face and sealed her lips with his.

His mouth on hers was so tender and soft that it spoke better than words ever could about how much he loved her. Riddhima protested for a couple seconds but couldn't any more because Armaan's love engulfed her and she forgot everything and gripping his shirt she pulled him closer while Armaan caressed her cheeks. The clouds thundered and tiny rain drops fell on their faces which were united in the act of love.

They both could hear the music of the wind around them and the thunder accompanying it and it felt as if god was applauding the love that they shared.

It started to rain heavily and finally they both broke the lip lock but Armaan didn't move away….he kept their foreheads joined and spoke against her lips "Don't ever say that my love isn't true. My love for you is as true as my very existence. You have bewitched me body and soul and there is no way I can imagine my life without you so don't ever torment me the way you did today. Every time my heart beats it screams your name….I don't have any proofs to offer you for the truth in my words but all I ask for is one chance to prove my love to you and I swear my love is so strong that you too will in love with me…

"I already am." She whispered but Armaan didn't notice what she said and continued.

"…and we'll always be…..what did you say?" He took a few steps back and looked at her carefully..

Riddhima smiled and moving forward she kissed his lips and spoke "I love you Armaan and want a life with you by my side always."

Armaan's lips curved into a smile which got wider by every passing second. He pulled her into a hug and than moving out of it showered her face with kisses…he had no intention of stopping but had to when he heard some whistles and catcalls. He suddenly looked around and found some drunk men giving them suggestive look. He placed an arm around Riddhima's waist pulling her closer and walked towards his car.

They drove out of the parking lot of the disco and to the beach.

Riddhima's face was creased with smiles. She couldn't believe that she had told Armaan that she loved him but she knew from the core of her heart that it was true and she could love no other man as she loved him. She looked at him and saw him focused on the road…her gaze fell on his hands on the steering wheels and she frowned as she noticed his grip was so tight that his knuckles had turned white. She placed her hand over his, "What happened Armaan?"

"Look don't distract me. I am trying to not look at you and keep my hands to myself so that we both safely reach the beach so stay mum now and let me focus."

She chuckled and shaking her head took her hand off his and looked at the sky…it was still raining when they reached the beach.

Armaan and Riddhima stood in the water holding each other's hand. Riddhima loved the feel of the waves against her legs and now feeling it with Armaan on her side…it felt like heaven…nothing could be better than this.

"Oh!! Armaan I am so happy. You would like me like this forever right?"

Armaan looked down at her and smiled and spoke "Till my last breath."

He kissed her forehead.

"Armaan sing for me."


"Cummon Armaan you have to sing for me. It would be so cool….confession followed by a romantic song…it would be perfect….please…"

Armaan sighed and looking down at her innocent face, he agreed.

He picked up Riddhima in his arms and carried her out of the water and placing her on the rocks he looked up at the sky and began….

Kis taraf hai aasmaan
Kis taraf zaameen
Khabar nahi khabar nahi

Jab se aaya hai sanam
Mujhko khud ki bhi
Khabar nahi khabar nahi
Hosh gul sapno ke main baandhu pul
Aankh kab khuli
Khabar nahi khabar nahi
Kis taraf hai aasmaan
Kis taraf zaameen
Khabar nahi khabar nahi

Mere maula maula mere maula
Man matwala kyun hua hua re
Man maula maula mere maula
Mere maula..

He looked at Riddhima whose eyes were filled with trust and a world of love. He sat down next to her and pulling her close to him…. He continued singing but in a very low voice…whispering against her ear…

Jaane kab kahan kaise
Tere ho gaye kaise
Hum to sochte hi reh gaye
Aur pyaar ho gaya
Mere khawaab dil saanse
Mil ke kho gaye aise
Tujko dekh ke aisa to
Kayi baar ho gaya
Tu kahe dil ye tera hi rahe
Aur kya kahun
Khabar nahi khabar nahi

Kis taraf hai aasmaan
Kis taraf zaameen
Khabar nahi khabar nahi

Mere maula maula mere maula
Man matwala kyun hua hua re
Man maula maula mere maula
Mere maula..

He kissed her cheek and ended the song with an I love you in a voice that was so compassionate that Riddhima turned her head and looked at him closely only to be startle for a moment seeing the magnitude of his love for her. She hugged him tightly and Armaan returned the hug, joining his hands behind her back. Their wet clothes sticking to each other's body. The hug was a passionate one with their bodies rubbing.

Armaan broke the hug as he felt Riddhima shiver due to the cold.

He stood up and grabbing her hand pulled her to her feet and they both walked towards the car.

Armaan stopped outside Riddhima's house and Riddhima looked at him expecting him to kiss her goodbye but he just took her hand and kissed the back of her hand, not wanting to loose control again. He immediately spoke

"Good night Riddhima. I'll see you tomorrow morning."

She smiled and got out of the car and waving him good bye she walked back to her house.


"RIDDHIMA!!! RIDDHIMA!!!" Riddhima rubbed her eyes as she heard the loud knocking on the door. She looked out and saw that it was almost afternoon. Her head was hurting and even though she was in her room, she was still feeling cold. She sneezed and staggering out of her bed, she opened the door only to see her mom, dad standing outside her room. Shashank looked angry while Mollie's face was creased with worry. Shashank opened the newspaper he was holding in front of her face….Riddhima rubbed her sleepy eyes and tried to make out what her dad was trying to show her…

She sneezed again and wiping the nose on her sleeve she looked at the picture again and than she realized why her dad was so angry…it was a photograph of her and Armaan from outside the disco, locked in each others arms and kissing each other.

"What the hell is this supposed to mean??" Shashank yelled at her.

Riddhima spoke in a voice hoarse with cold, "Dad I thought you'll be happy. I and Armaan love each other."

"But that doesn't mean that you go around exhibiting it in public…

"Shashank wait." Mollie placed her hand on his nose and walking inside the room she placed the back of her hand on Riddhima's forehead and spoke "Riddhima are you okay?? Baby your body is burning."

"I feel a bit weak mom." Mollie moved her arms around Riddhima and spoke "Cummon move to the bed and Shashank please we can discuss this later."

Shashank nodded…his anger forgotten as he saw her daughter looking so ill and weak. Mollie was moving Riddhima towards the bed when Riddhima's head started spinning and before Mollie could do anything Riddhima collapsed on the floor. Mollie and Shashank rushed to her side.

"Shashank go call a doctor." shashank nodded and grabbed Riddhima's cell from her bed but before he could call the doctor her cell rang...
"Armaan....ya i saw need for explaination though you would have to give them later but for now quickly get a doctor here, Riddhima has she didn't faint because of the photographs silly but because she is having a shut up and get a doctor here."
He hung and picking Riddhima in his arms , he placed her on the bed hoping Armaan would come soon.
"Nothing major...its just a cold and a little fever along with a sore throat." The doctor told Shashank, Mollie, Armaan, Andy, Rahul and Muskaan who were all worried about Riddhima.
"She has cold, fever and sore throat and you say its nothing major....look at her she looks so weak and you say its nothing major." Armaan looked at the doctor disbelievingly and moved closer to Riddhima but before he could touch her Shashank blocked his way and glaring at him he spoke "Why you yelling at the doctor...its all because of you that she is sick."
Armaan lowered his head and looked like a dog who had let a robbery happen in his master's house and was now being kicked.


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