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part 22: Lamhe (AR ff)


As soon as they enter Riddhima went to the nurse station to know where she supposed to go

'Hello Anjali , hey Atul' Riddhima wished them as she saw them at nurse station with interns

'hey Ridhima tum yaha' asked Anjali as they know that she is fine now and they have already said congratulation to Muskaan who convey it already to her

'haan ajj interview ke liya ayyi hoon' said Riddhima biting her lips

'don't tell me you are nervous' asked Anjali and when Riddhima nodded she laughed with Atul

'please tum bhi muski ki tarah has rahi ho' pouted Riddhima

'nahi Riddhima you already have done that why are you nervous' said Atul

'My My someone has already' hmmm huh!!! Congratulations' said Anjali holding her left hand looking at her ring

'Thanks' Riddhima blushed 'ajj subaha' said Riddhima in whispered

'Congo ridzi' said Atul

Where at interns also looked interesting but Sid licked his lips but he didn't knew where this will lead him too (poor him)

'oye tum log yaha kya kar rahe ho abhi tak' said Muskaan looking at Ridhima and Anji and Atul

'Muskaan chila mat yeh hospital hai' said Rahul who was also standing beside her

'oye kaankhajure mujhe mat bata ki muje kya karna hai' said Muskaan looking at Rahul

'muski shut up aur tang mat kar rahul ko' said Riddhima looking them again fighting

'thanks Riddhima' said Rahul and quickly stood beside Riddhima

'Dr Riddhima app ko 104 room main jana hai' informed a nurse

'Thank you sister' said Riddhima and left but bumped into Armaan who was coming from the corridor

'Riddhima don't worry aur Dr Parakeet tumhara interview legi 'said Armaan and kissed her forehead and she left (one saw that) as it was away from nurse station

Armaan came to the nurse station and saw RM fighting and Anji was trying stop and Atul was repeating the same thing and interns were looking at them speechless

'DOCTORS' said Armaan in harsh voice which made everyone stop and as they saw Armaan they quickly stood in one line even doctor too

'Finally' breathed Armaan. He took file from the desk and gave it to Muskaan and other the cases

'Now Interns you will do duties for 48 hours which included breaks but not leaving hospital' said Armaan

Interns gasped

'48 hours' whispered Naina almost on the verge of getting faint Armaan hid his smile and remained silent

'Yes 48 hours and you all will be working under me' said Armaan

Whereas Dr Kirtti came to the nurse station with Riddhima

'hello interns this is a new interns and she is joining today Dr Riddhima so be respect full toward her and help her through'  said  kirtti and patted Riddhima's shoulder and left

Where As Riddhima get introduce and all and as she came toward Naina

" hello Riddhima main hoon Naina aur aur yeh hai Yuvi " she blushed saying that and Riddhima smiled but as her eyes caught Armaan's eyes he winked at her and she blushed and looked at Yuvi and passed him a smile as she couldn't stand Armaan looking at him in the eye.

"hello flower ji main hoon JP" said JP  smiling at loooking at Riddhima

"hello riddhima and welcome" said Sid trying to be charming but riddhima just nodded and said hello to Yuvi

"Ahem Ahem well ok interns" said Armaan and all stood in line

"Now your Duties Dr naina and Dr Yuvi in childern Wards and Dr Sidhant Path Lab and Dr Jp and Dr Riddhima in Maternity Ward" assigned Armaan duties but  they will change at 4:00 PM your next reporting time.

"All the best " said Armaan to all but winked at Riddhima who blushed but this was seen by Naina and yuvi and they smiled to each other as they figured and also remembered their time

 All went to the duties

It has been some days

And Armaan has went to meet Karan and he was shocked that it was Shashank who was willing to kill someone just because of money because he has been losing the tender because Malik's were getting all the tenders first Aryana and now Armaan was helping in the business to and he didn't knew how to tell Anji and other

Whereas Kirtti has talked to the pundit and the wedding is after 10 days and everybody is excited and Anji and Atul were told to but not others in hospital interns doesn't know that Armaan and Riddhima are in relationship except Yuvi and naina who saw it.


Now Anji and Atul were shocked sitting In mallik's family room as they just came to know that whole family that they are doctors and all are related and now Anji and Atul aren't buzzing from shock so finally Rahul pinched Muskaan on the arm and she yelled which made them come out of the shock

'I don't believe this' said Anjali

'but you see you have too' said Rahul trying to be innocent

'agar hum friends nahi hote toh main tum dnno ko' said Anjali looking at them daggers

'par hum friends hai na Anjali is liye tum' said Rahul again innocently to further irritate her

Which made Muskaan and Riddhima giggle but they held it back

'Rahul Shut up' said Anjali

'but'' only to be interrupted by Atul

'oye Anjali ne kaha na ki chup toh matlab chup' said Atul threatening Rahul and Finally they couldn't take all burst out laughing

'Sorry yaar' said Rahul to both AA

'Its okay' said Anjali

With that all were preparing for the wedding

Whereas Armaan was tensed about Shashank but didn't let anybody know


Armaan and Karan had found out that that person is from our one of the rival as the clues that person is always had been in international companies and all tender places and some parties and so on next tender Armaan had did really hard work and he did and went to the meeting  himself and observed all the coordinators and he listed three top who he saw in anger toward him whenever he passes by so when he went for tender meeting he had won the tender and he was suspicious about Shashank but he became sure when he heard Shashank telling someone that this would be the last tender Mallik would get because they won't be in the position to get tenders and he was shocked to know that it was Anjali's Dad whom he is friends with and he left home but he was somewhere didn't digested the fact and didn't know how to disclose it before  anything happen.


It is the haldi rasam today

Armaan was made to stay out of the house which he didn't wanted to leave but as Kirtti looked at him he left

And Riddhima's Haldi Rasam was fun all girls were having fun. They made Riddhima covered in haldi completely and finally when riddhima was worn out

They made Riddhima to go to her room as she was getting tired

As soon as she entered she was pulled in hug by Armaan who was waiting for her

'Armaan' she hissed 'kya kar rahe ho koi a jaye ga' said Riddhima

'no sweetheart koi nahi aye ga Muskaan ko pata hai she won't let anybody in' said Armaan

And looked at her she was covered all in haldi

"looking sexy" said Armaan eyeing her strapless dress which was until her thighs

"Armaan please aise mat dekho' said Riddhima slowly closing her eyes

"kyu mera haq hai" said Armaan and he held her shoulder and looked her closed eyes

"mujhe kuch hota hai" said Riddhima still holding her eyes tight shut

"kya hota hai" asked Armaan smirked

"Armaan please main bahot thak gayi hoon" said Riddhima opening her eyes

Armaan noticed her tireness so decided to let her go

"par shadi ke baad main koi bahana nahi suna ga" said Armaan frimlly

"main tumhe kuch nahi kaho gi" said riddhima

"main kuch bhi kar lo tab bhi nahi" asked Armaan

"nahi" shaked Riddhima her head

"even if i keep you up all night and every night" asked Armaan naughtily

"please Armaan" whispered flushed Riddhima standing in  his arms

'chalo' said Armaan .

Riddhima knew it was pointless for her to argue with him

He took her to her bathroom where her tub was covered in warm water with rose Patel flowing in the water

'Thanks Armaan' said Riddhima looking at all the candles in the washroom is was great

'come' said Armaan with that he made her stand under the shower and then as the haldi came off he made her sit in the tub and then planting kiss on her forehead tenderly. Lingering on your forehead with his lips, then he left leaving her relaxing in the shower

With that Haldi rasam had gone well and they were doing mehndi today night

Just Muskaan and Anji were here in the room and some beautician with mehndi and Kirtti and shubankar were downstairs getting ready for the preparation as it was wedding day tomorrow

Riddhima Mehendi was done and Anji and Muskaan kept teasing Riddhima and Riddhima dosed off their with Anji and Muskaan they three had came more close in these days

As in the morning they got up Kirtti came with some snack and tea.

'Good morning bacha' said Kirtti to Riddhima who came out of the washroom

'chalo tumhe bangles bhi pheanaanii hai before anyone see the mehndi' said Kirtti and she made Riddhima wore the wedding bangles

This looked really good on her!!

'God bless you beta' Kirtti kissed her head and left

Where as Muskaan and Anji got up too

'ohh' said Anji

 'kya rang chadha hai' said Muskaan looking at her hand

'lagta hai Armaan bahot pyaar kata hai tumse' said Anji

Riddhima blushed and ran to the washroom

After Anji and Muskaan made her sit and did her all make up and made her wore the red lehnga

Armaan wanted to go to the room but as there were alot of guest and he had held strict security so he didn't get the time now he know he would see her in his room at night

Here Armaan was getting impatient sitting in the mandap

He turned his head as he heard the payal noise as he looked at her he forgot to breathe looking at Riddhima in red color which looked amazing on her

He came out of the dream when pandit putted her hand in his and he looked at her and held her hand tighter. Where Riddhima was shying his gaze as she felt unknown feeling in her today she was nervous and excited.

Now they married a lot of teasing from Rahul and Muskaan he was led to his room.

As soon as he entered he groaned seeing her sitting in the middle of bed.

He couldn't wait and he went to her and took her veil out of her face which was glowing in the moon light

Riddhima shivered as he held her shivering hand

'Riddhima' said Armaan and made her look at him with his finger on her chin

She gasped looking at him in shervani.

 Armaan slowly held her hand and looked at her 'May I?' he asked seeing Riddhima nodded he let her veil fall as he pulled out the safety pins. he took out all the jewelry slowly and her lay down on the bed he pulled his shervani in one go and lean on to her and pulled out her dories slowly he covered her

with his body which made her shivered .

They both knew nothing needed to be said as they waited for this day from long time. Seeing her struggling Armaan took her control. And they were getting into the moment

From Armaan's point of view

 Beneath me I could feel her. Her breath such a silk as it caressed my neck, the tender kisses falling from our lips to meet each other's bodies, our necks. She paid close attention to there, just gently letting her kisses touch against my skin and running them up and down my neck. Then she turned her attention up to my face, the kisses, so sweet, connecting with my cheek and meeting my lips in the softest of ways felt like a bliss that shouldn't ever end. Our lips parted and I entered her with such a passion and held her closer so that I could do nothing but close my eyes and feel her as our tongues began to entwine each others. I could tell her eyes were closed too as Riddhima pulled me closer still and my tongue entered into her as Riddhima retreated from me.

I pulled at her Kurti and Riddhima raised her arms so that the Kurti could slide off of her easily. Riddhima lay with an arch in her back as I lay down with her and I could feel that sensuous warmth as our bare stomachs touched and joined with each other. Our bodies began to move in time, a slow dancing rhythm that could stretch on for eternity, an endless satisfaction of peace within us. I reached behind her back and pushed at the clasp that held her bra in place, its soft cotton and flowery design was enticing to touch and feel against my chest; I left one hand to slide down along the side of her body and pull at her waist so that her hips rose up to meet mine. My other hand finally slid the clasp of her bra open and I slipped the supporting straps from her shoulders and down her arms. She gasped as the cotton slid from her and exposed her soft breasts to my caring touch. With the hand that hadn't clasped her waist keeping her body against mine I began to caress the softness of her breast and lowered my lips to kiss the m***ds beneath me. Lips parted, I took her erected n***le into my mouth and began to lightly bite on the tip of it making it harder still and she squirmed beneath me as a little moan escaped from her lips.

"Armaan" she said which made me harder and i captured her lips with an aggressive kiss

Between us we carried on removing each other's clothes, the sound of our breathing captivated me in ways I had never felt before, clinging itself to me like a sweet memory, soft -- silky. She laid in my arms an Unashamed. After hours of love making we slept off in each other's arm.

A sun peeped to see a couple is sleeping peacefully in each other's arm.


Moring dawn to newlywed couple as the sun rays into their room Armaan felt sunshine on his closed eyes he fluttered them open and his eyes felt on Riddhima who was sleeping on his chest and her arm around his chest .

He nuzzled his nose on her forehead which disturbed Riddhima and as she moved her hand to her forehead her bangles which covered her wrist to almost her elbow made noise which Armaan felt heavenly.

He didn't take them off as he knew they were the symbol of marriage. And in fact he liked them.

Riddhima who was sleeping felt that she was being watched and as she opened her eyes and saw Armaan looking at her

"Good Morning wifey!" said Armaan pulling her more close to him.

"Morning" said Riddhima shyly

"hmmm'..sweetheart you are so'.." his statement was left yet to be completed as his pager rang . He grabbed and saw his one of patients whose brain tumor is about to burst needed to be operated.

"Riddhima I am so sorry I have to go" said Armaan. With that he got up and ran to the washroom.

Where Riddhima took no time to dress and went to kitchen to prepare his breakfast. As Armaan came downstairs he quickly gulped down the food

"I am sorry Riddhima that was unexpected said Armaan trying to make her understand

"Armaan I am also a doctor and please I am not a mad now go we have whole life for us" said Riddhima calmly

"Thanks" said Armaan and he pecked her lips and left

Where Riddhima figured nobody is here so she decided to go to the hospital rather than getting bore at home.

She went to her room and had shower with that she was ready looking newlywed ad extremely beautiful. With her arms covered with dark mehndi and bridal bangles '.and all weds symbols.

And left to hospital.

Riddhima felt a fluttering in my stomach when she arrived it the hospital. Looking down at her watch Riddhima saw she was right on time when Armaan's surgery would be done. Riddhima bit her lip looking around when people started to come through the gate at looking at her because nobody knew as she was getting married or got married. Riddhima smiled as people looked at her. As Riddhima came out of the lift Riddhima turned from left to right hoping she would know where Armaan was. Before she could turn back to the door, a pair of strong arms wrapped around her waist pulling her back against a hard chest. Riddhima gasped.

"Hey, my wifey ." A deep husky voice which belonged to Armaan whispered in her ear.

Riddhima shivered slightly. Turning around in his arms she faced him. Riddhima's breath caught in her throat when she looked up at him. His hair was a dark shade of black which he brushed forward and spiked up at the end. Riddhima looked at his blue ocean eyes and full lips which drove her to the edge yesterday night. Pulling away slightly Riddhima took in his short sleeved black shirt, which showed off his muscled arms nicely. His demin pants made him look sexy as hell.

"Armaan" Riddhima whispered "chodo aur yeh hospital hai hamra bedroom nahi" scolded Riddhima

"Please sweetheart bedroom ki jaad math delo nahi toh tummhare liye problem hojaye gi" said Armaan back deeply

Riddhima was confused and looking at her face Armaan admired the innocence she held

"well main control nahi kar paoga so we have to replay last night here sweetheart" said Armaan whispering as he leaned on to her neck

"Armaaannn!!!!" she exclaimed " Armaan behave please aisa mat karo koi dekh le ga" said Riddhima breathless.

"ok i have an surgery will see you at nurse station in two hours mom yahi hai why don't you go see her" said Armaan as she nodded Armaan looked around and pecked her lips and she gasped with sudden touch

Armaan grabbed her sair pallu and whipped his lips which left her lip-gloss on his

"can't let anybody make fun of me" said Armaan winking at her

Riddhima pulled her sari and stomped her foot and turned around to leave "best of luck " Riddhima said and she left

Armaan smile to him self looking at her childish behavior and left to OT

Riddhima made her way toward Kirtti's cabin

Riddhima knocked

As soon Kirtti saw her she exclaimed

"Riddhima beta tum itni subaha aur woh bhi ajj" asked Kirtti as far she remembered Armaan and Riddhima took an day off but due to emergency Armaan had to come to the hospital she thought as the surgery would be done Armaan would leave but seeing Riddhima here ...

"mama koi ghar pe nahi tha toh aur waise bhi Armaan ko bhi emergency thi so we cancelled the plan and came to the hospital" said Riddhima sweetly

"hmm chalo bath jao aur Duties bhi ajj hi join kar lo gi" asked Kirtti which Riddhima nodded

"waise I must say you look beautiful " said Kirtti looking at Riddhima

Riddhima blushed and whispered thanks

"main ek pregnacy handel kar rahi hoon tum chao toh you can assist me " asked Kirtti

"par mama maine kafi der se OT main" said Riddhima getting nervous.

"well you can help me scrub  and then slowly you will become comfortable in Ot" suggested Kirtti

"ok mama" said Riddhima with that she read the file which Kirtti gave her

After some time Riddhima went to the nurse station. Only to met old gang

Rahul whistled as soon he saw Riddhima coming toward them

Riddhima blushed as she saw all looked at her and nurse giggling

But all was stop when they heard Armaan voice

"Go back to your duties" said Armaan loud enough for the staff to make them leave

"yeh ek dum hiter ki tarah behave kar raha hai" said Rahul to muskaan

Muskaan laughed her typical way listening to that

"Dr Muskaan" said Armaan but his gaze was on Riddhima who was also standing reading the same case file. Or we can say that she pretending to be reading as she feels shy

"Please Armaan aur yeh bato ki tum donno yaha kya kar rahe ho" asked Muskaan

"Emergency" both answered same time.

"ohhh" said Anjali

"Mujhe jana hai" said Riddhima and without waiting for someone to answer she ran

"Kya yaar baga diya" whined Armaan

Others laughed at him


Later sometime Armaan pulled Riddhima as she was being held in the nurses asking her about her wedding

As soon as Armaan pulled her he took her to his cabin

"Riddhima I want to talk to you something serious with that Armaan had told her all about Shashank and how he got him and now how would he let Anjali know that .

Riddhima was shocked.

"Armaan yeh tum" said Riddhima

"I know Riddhima even I am unable to digest" said Armaan and he sat beside Riddhima.

Riddhima lean on to his shoulder

But they didn't knew that someone heard this

As that person turned around banged into someone who happened to be Atul

"Anjali yum yaha kya kar rahi ho" asked Atul while getting up from the floor. Where Anjali got up and went home straight as she though she will talk to her dad. Either she succeeds or either she will'as she knew her dad could go to this extends she just knew.

And here Sid saw Riddhima and he was shocked to know that she got married but 'he lost for the first time in his life. He didn't want to admit it but now he thought she was beyond his reach. So did he really back out?????


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