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part 24 : Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Next day, early morning everyone got up with new energy with their own reasons for excitement. Angad and Kripa were up to wish their first Deewali together; Anittah and Aaliyah were to handle their new responsibility of hospitality of guests personally. Kartik and Surya were to assist Dilip for arrangements.

All invitations went to the important friends and relatives of Khanna family members for Deewali puja. Angad invited Mannan and was surprised to know that Anittah already invited him personally. Kartik gave special invitation to Misthy when his other employees got invitations as an official order. Naina couldn't wait to share her proposed plans with Damini and Gupta.

Kripa was dressed up religiously in silk long skirt with silk half sari and loads of jewelry as per Gayatri's and Devyani's suggestions. She wore tikka, nose ring, long ear jhumkies, long chains with heavy necklace studded with all precious stones, armlets, more than a dozen pairs of bangles on each hand, rings, anklets with jingles, gold braid with colorful flowers on the top of her long thick braid and paranthas at the end of braid; matthies hung over ear. She was religiously assisting Devyani in arrangements for puja

 "Aali! Is there any fancy dress competition here?" Angad commented aloud as Kripa could hear him from distance. Kripa sharply looked at his comment and turned away. Angad adorably checked her from head to toe. He wondered how her delicate body could bear the weight of all the jewelry.

Aaliyah nudged him, "kyon uski mazak udata hai? Bahut sunder lag rahi hai na. Subah se Dadi aur Mom praising her dress up." Angad chuckled, "Mainey kab kahan wo sunder nahin hai?" he winked at Kripa mischievously. He tried to reach Kripa "hey, Sweety! Deewali Mubarak ho!" She sharply glared at him, "Deepavali subhakankshalu, Baava!" She cynically wished him in Telugu and left him in surprise.  Angad rolled his eyes and tongue, "WaW! Yeh sach much naraz hogayi!!" Aaliyah chuckled, "now pay for it, bhai!" Angad heaved out a sigh.

Since then, Kripa spoke in Telugu all the time especially when Angad was in and around her. She spared Naina and Aaliyah. Anittah and Kartik learnt a few words while she spoke in Telugu for fun. Angad frowned and asked for translation. She turned away with attitude, "shadi karna hai toh pehla meri juban bolna seekho, Baava!"She challenged in Telugu to confuse Angad more. He pouted in frustration, "Ek comment ki itni saza?" He tried to convince her but she had decided to harass him "galati ka saza toh bhugatna hi padega", she replied again in Telugu with same attitude. Aaliyah and Kartik chuckled at their cute fights and made fun of Angad. "Angad! Looks like you should first learn Telugu to understand her," Kartik chided him.  Angad was annoyed and walked to Devyani for help.


"Dr.Arman! Our Hyderabad Branch office needs you very urgently there. Dr. Abhimanyu wired me last night. There is no time now to look for new doctors there. You immediately join them and serve the purpose." Gupta summoned Arman at early office hours. Arman was surprised for the new development and understood that Gupta wanted him to go away from Ridhima. He smiled inside, "Now I can take Ridhima far away from her papa." He planned immediately his next steps in mind.

"What if I don't want to go, Sir?" Arman tried to negotiate. Gupta clinched his teeth to control his anger on Arman's arrogant negotiation. He covered his flushed face with a fake smile, "you have to resign your job here,  Dr.Arman!"

Dr.Arman flushed out with anger and left Shashank's cabin. He immediately checked out the flights and booked a ticket for flight at noon. Misthy was shocked to know about the transfer, "yeh Gupta ji aise kaise kar sakta hai? Why do we have to move to Hyderabad? Why don't you resign to this job? You get plenty of jobs in other places."

Arman faintly smiled, "Gupta needs that only, Misthy! We leave this job and hunt for a job somewhere else. Meanwhile he can fix Ridhima's marriage with Rahul. Main aise kabhi nahin honey doonga. Main abhi Ridhima ko lekar hi Hyderabad chala jaaoonga. Dekhtey hai yeh khadoos Gupta hum donon ko kaise alag kar sakta hai."

Misthy was surprised at Arman's words, "you mean Gupta did this just to seperate you both? How mean! Atul aur Anjali ke relation mein usse koyi objection nahin tha. Phir tumhare saat kyon?"

Arman heaved a sigh out, "wahi toh problem hai yahan. We don't get along with each other. Main Atul jaisa chamchagiri jo nahin harta. He wants me to be obedient like Atul. Aur main, After all I'm a man."

Misthy smiled as patted his shoulder with empathy, "bhai tum bhi na! I'm glad atleast you love Ridhima." Arman smiled, "wo pyar hi toh yahan tak keench aya hai, Misthy! Otherwise, why do I care about Gupta?"

He called Ridhima but couldn't get her on call before he rushed to airport. "Misthy! Inform Ridhima later. I have to leave now. Pata nahin kahan kahan shopping kar rahi hai. She believes her papa for everything."

Misthy reassured, "aakhir papa papa hi hota hai na. I let her know. I will join you by tomorrow morning."

Misthy atlast caught Ridhima by sunset. Ridhima was almost in tears, "main kabki Arman ka mobile try kar rahi hoon, Misthy! He was on the flight. Issiliye mujhey phone nahin lag raha hai. How can I reach him now? Main bhi kal tumharey saat aaoongi." Misthy agreed and booked two tickets for early flight on Deewali day.


Ridhima got ready in new green chudidhar of latest fashions. She was about to leave the house after informing Naani. Shashank stopped her at the door. "Ridhima! Arman ko aaj bhi kaam karna padega. Tum wahan jaakar bhi kya kar sakti hai? I sent her on an urgent work. Wo kuchi dinon mein wapas ajayega. And I have already invited him to attend Deewali celebrations." Ridhima unbelievingly looked at Shashank. He confidently shook his head, "Tumhey yakein nahin hai na? Main abhi tumhari samney ussey invite karta hoon." He dialed Arman's number. Ridhima felt guilty and stopped him in the middle. "It's okay, papa! I believe you. I will wait for him."

Gupta already knew how Dr.Abhimanyu makes his subordinates work around the clock. Shashank shrugged his shoulders after hung the phone without dialing.

Ridhima was disappointed and became upset on Arman for ignoring to inform her about his safe arrival in Hyderabad. She called Misthy immediately and informed her decision to stay back. Misthy already knew about Shanshank's influence on her and didn't mind Ridhima's rejection.


Kripa was still upset and Angad stopped chasing her. Kripa wondered if he was tired off pacifying her. But she decided not to go to him until he pampers her. "How dare he criticized my dressing?" She arrogantly defended her behavior.

Evening for puja she wore orange with green border long silk skirt with mirror and bead work all over and lesser jewelry than the day before. She eagerly looked for Angad all over but couldn't find him anywhere. "Mainey kuch jada hi pareshan kardiya baava ko," she repented for first time. Around 6 the puja started with big chanting.

Guests started walking in after few minutes. Gupta family and Damini family reached around 6:30. Naina was pleased to invite all guests in person. Devyani, Gayatri and Kripa were religiously followed pundit in puja rituals. Kartik and others were running around with hosting all the guests. Kripa found Angad atlast after puja along with Mannan. She wished Mannan and showed attitude towards Angad. Mannan raised his eyebrow at Angad, "kya baat hai, Angad! Tumhari Kripa root gayi? Tum donon itni jaldi ladney lagey hai?" Angad shrugged his shoulders, "haan mera muh sambhalna tha. Pata nahin tha wo itna rooth jayegi." Mannan laughed, "hota hai, hota hai. Yeh ladkiyon ke saat humesha muh sambhalke baat karna padta hai. Wo bhi pyar mein aur jada." Angad chuckled and adorably stared at the way Kripa left.

Devyani introduced her relatives to all guests.  Naina introduced Damini and Gupta to Sarma couple. She suggested Aaliyah and Anittah to take care of Ridhima. The two sisters already knew their mother's thoughts and readily accepted Ridhima. Anjali and Anittah became good friends in short time.

"Peddabava! Aapki Misthy kahan hai? Ayegi na?" Kripa secretly asked Kartik when she sensed Naina's focus on Ridhima. Kartik shook his head, "no Kripa! She is not in town. Uska bhai ka Hyderabad transfer hua tha. She went there to help him." Kripa noticed the disappointment in Kartik's voice and showed her concern, "don't worry, peddabava! Wo Hyderabad hi gayi thi na. Next time better luck. Baat jaldi se aagey bhadav. Yaad hai na tumhara shadi hona jaroori hai humara shadi ke liye." She tried to lighten his mood. She batted her eyelids and smiled naughtily. He laughed, "jaroor, Kripa! I try to speak to her soon as she comes back. Mere liya na sahi tumhare liye jaroor karoonga. Waisey yeh tumhara ashique kahan gaya tha?" Kripa shrugged her shoulder carelessly, "hoga kahin. Kissi ki mazak udhaney."

Angad overheard them and cynically commented, "yahan kaun hai jo humara mazak mazak mein leneywala. Hur kissi se hoshiyar rehna padta hai." Kripa moved her lips sideways, "bura mazak kiya toh manana hipadega apna tareeka se." she threw suggestion in Telugu and left.

Kartik smiled at him, "jao, apni dadi ke paas phir se translate ke liye." Angad scratched his head, "Iss baar dadi nahin seeda apni saasuma ko hi patana padega." Kartik raised eyebrows with wonder at his approach.


"Yeh Shanky pagal hogaya kya? Bachon ke jindagi se khel raha hai? Yeh kya tareeka hai apna honeywala damaad ko insult karne ki?  Apni beti ki jindagi barbad kar dalega kya?" Padma was astonished after hearing the whole story of Arman's love. Padma Saxena was Malik siblings' aunt and Mrs.Malik's sister. She was settled in Hyderabad after her marriage. Arman didn't want to tell anything about his love story to his maassi, but Misthy explained everything in detail after she arrived for Deewali celebrations.

"Ridhima kya kehti hai?" Padma continued to enquire more in detail.

" Apni papa ka marzi ke kilaaf jaa sakti hai magar Gupta ji ko ek chance dena chahti hai." Misthy replied.

"Maassi! Mujhey darr hai ki kahin wo Gupta mera gussa Ridhima pur nikalega. Wo jaldbazi mein aakar  kahin uski shadi Rahul ke saat fix nahin kar dega." Arman shared his fears with them.

"Agar mamla puri tarah bigad gayi toh hum hai na madat karne. Shanky cannot do this to his own daughter." Nishant, Padma's husband, reassured.

Arman and Misthy thanked them in unison, "Thanks maasi! mausa ji! Bua also supported us. Bus kal Ridhima se baat karke humey kuch karna padega."

Padma walked into kitchen to perform Lakshmi puja and Nishant walked behind her, "kahin yeh Gupta tum pur narazgi uss bachon pur nahin utaar raha hai?"

Padma looked at him with worried face. "Ho sakta hai. Wo pagal toh abhi tak baba ka baat yaad rakha hai. Kahin tujhey lagta hai ki hum ussey baat karein?"

Nishant shrugged his shoulders, "I don't think so. He won't change his mind. Hosakta hai mamla aur bhi bigaad jayega. Let's give some more time. Agar wo Rahul ki prastav laaye toh hum dekhlengey" He advised in his usual take-it-easy manner.

Misthy overheard them when she walked into kitchen to help Padma. "Maassi! Kya aap Atul ke shadi se phle hi Gupta pariwar ko jaantey hai?"

Padma and Nishant looked at each other. Nishant shrugged his shoulder and walked out to engage Arman. Padma smiled to ignore Misthy and asked to take lamps into front porch. "Maassi! I want to know the truth.  Kya issi wajah se Gupta ji humare saat aise bartaav kar rahey hai?"

Padma smiled, "Okay, bataoongi wo story baad mein. Pehla hum Deewali manaye?"

Misthy nodded her head as thought not to force her aunt. Both decorated all lamps in a row all over the place. Tanya, Nishant and Padma's daughter, arrived with two bags full of fireworks. "Main agaya bhai! Behena! Let's celebrate our Deewaali!" she screamed with excitement and started playing firecrackers instantly. Padma warned her, "Tanya! Pehle kapadey badallo, Bhagvan ki ashirvad lo, phir wo sab jalana." Tanya ignored Padma's yells from behind. Arman and Misthy forgot their sorrows and joined Tanya in celebration. Padma sighed, "yeh ladki bhi na, college janey laga hai magar itna bhi responsibility nahin nibha rahi." Nishant smiled, Take it easy, Padma! Aaj tum bhi ajao humare saat."

Padma refused with a smile, "na Nishant! Mujhey darr lagta hai. Main aap sabko dekh kar kush hojaoongi."

After an hour Padma called back everyone, "chalo abb sab andar chal kar mithayi khaley?" Misthy walked inside as soon as Padma called. Tanya, Arman continued as Nishant answered some of his friends' phone calls.


Kripa, Angad, Kartik, Aaliyah and Anittah enjoyed fireworks completely while Prithvi and Ridhima joined them occasionally. Anjali and Atul forced Ridhima to join them but Ridhima participated half heartedly. Her heart was aching to hear Arman's voice. He was not responding her calls. She didn't know either he was away from his mobile or busy in playing crackers or he was with his patients. She tried Misthy's mobile also but had no response.

Angad took the opportunity to come closer to Kripa but she took good care to maintain her distance from him. "Ziddi" he adorably cursed her in mind. "Phir kabhi mazak karne ki himmat nahin karna, Baava!" she challenged him with her eyes.

After two hours of wide enjoyment of fireworks Naina and Dilip called everyone for dinner. "Chalo, Kripa! Muh mitha karni hai. Baaki fireworks khaney ke baad." Gayatri took Kripa into the house.

Kripa walked into her room in pretext of changing her dress. She closed the doors and turned. "AAHHH" she screamed and Angad shut her mouth with his hands, "SSssssshhh." "Tum yahan kya kar raha hai, Baava?" she asked in his language forgetting her oath to speak only her language. Angad pulled her closer to lock her in his arms, "tumhari muh mitha karne aaya hoon, Baavi!" he mischievously replied. She rolled her eyes and pouted her mouth. He bent and kissed her lips, "Bahut sataya hai tumney. Tum jaanti hai ki main tum pur fida hoon. Ek chotisi mazak bhi nahin seh sakti hai?" Kripa caressed his cheeks, "seh sakti hoon. Main bhi mazak kar rahi thi. Dekhna chahti thi ki tum mere juban kabhi bole sakega." He kissed her lips again, "you teach me I will learn." He whispered in her lips and locked her mouth with his. Kripa also missed him and couldn't protest him. Her hands circled around his neck and allowed him to relish her mouth.


"Sachayi bataney tak nahin chodegi?" Padma adorably pinched Misthy's cheeks. Misthy nodded her head as 'yes'. "Acha suno. Meri shadi Nishant ke saat honey se pehla Shanky mujhse pyar karta tha. Wo ek din proposal lekar baba ke paas aya tha. Hum tab bahut raiz khandan ke they. Gupta log toh choti oti naukri karte they.  Wo log Baba ki status ke baraabar nahin they. Tub toh mere mann mein koyi nahin tha iss liye main Shanky ka proposal ko inkaar nahin karpaya. Magar humara baba ko Gupta khandan ki status se objection thay. He bluntly refused the proposal and fixed my marriage with Nishant. Main kissi ko na nahin keh saki. Bus uss din se Shanky hum pur bahut gussa they. Baba ne uska status ka insult kiya tha aur wo shanky aaj tumhara situatin ka faida utha raha hai. Magar tum fikar mut karo, Misthy ! Hum kuch na kuch kar ke yeh problem ko solve karlengey."

Misthy sighed and agreed with Padma. After dinner Arman and Misthy stayed back with Saxena family. "Arman! Tum aaj se humare ghar mein hi rahoge." Nishant summoned orders affectionately.


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