Wednesday, 18 April 2018

part 24: Defeated in Love (AR ff)

Armaan looked towards Riddhima who was fast asleep in her seat. The flight was about to land in New York. Armaan smiled as he saw her frowning because of the strands of hair falling on her face. He tucked them behind her ear and moved his knuckles on her cheek and the past few day came rushing back to him. He remembered how they had announced to the press that they were both
engaged and there were loads of questions raised, knowing how Riddhima was dating Kevin and his playboy reputation but Riddhima had refused to answered any of the questions and had simply told the press, "We are engaged and being public figures I wanted to make this news known to the public, the rest of the questions I don't feel any need to answer. More of my responsibility is towards my fans which I am sure are happy about this development and are not interested in the details…and that's all I care about. We'll be getting married pretty soon and now coming to the fashion show that we are going to have…."

And she had not waited for any further questions or replies and had simply rattled on to tell them about the show and when she was done she had abruptly stood up and had gracefully walked out and on reaching home they had received loads of good wishes and flowers from her fans. The fashion show was an absolute success and they had thrown a party to celebrate and he had….

"Armaan…are we there?" A drowsy Riddhima asked him.

"Yes ma'am…

The words had hardly left his mouth when they heard the announcement to fasten their seat belts.

"Armaan did Andy tell you when he is going to come see us?" Riddhima opened the door of her mansion and Armaan followed her inside. They were finally home but since Mollie was staying with Shashank, it were just the two of them.

"Ya he said he'll come tomorrow. But what made him leave so abruptly?"

"It was about his girlfriend. Her landlord had thrown her out so Andy came here to help her."

"Okay. Where do I keep all this luggage?" Armaan frowned looking at the suitcases.

"Place them in my room. Upstairs, the first room."

Armaan carried the luggage to her room. He kicked open the door and placed the luggage down. He switched on the lights and his mouth fell open as he saw a huge portrait of her and Kevin on the front wall. He had his arms wrapped around her waist and his face touching hers…Riddhima looked divinely happy in that photograph…Armaan shifted uncomfortably on his feet wondering exactly what the equation was between the two. They had never discussed Kevin between them but now he wanted to know what exactly did the two share and how close they were to each other?

He looked around and saw a lot of Riddhima's photographs from her fashion shows and some articles on the wall and one of them with the caption "THE MUCH IN LOVE COUPLE SETS THE RAMP ON FIRE WITH THEIR CHEMISTRY"

It was about one of the shows where Kevin and Riddhima had worked together. Armaan wanted to tear the piece of article but he controlled himself.

"Armaan!! I have ordered dinner. Go and change. Its going to be here in 15 minutes."

Riddhima entered her room and saw Armaan staring at the wall where hers and Kevin's photographs were hung. She kicked herself mentally for not remembering to remove them. She walked closer to Armaan and wrapped her arms around his waist from behind and placed her chin on his shoulder.

"Armaan I know I should have removed these photographs but I never came in this room after I broke up with Kevin. It had too many memories and I used to get depressed every time I would come here but now those memories don't make any difference in my life and I want to create new memories with you which will remain forever." She kissed his shoulder and tightened her grip around him. Armaan turned around and cupping her face he spoke, "Riddhima I…er…don't get me wrong but seeing these I just want to know more about you and him…if you don't mind."

Riddhima looked at him closely and then realizing that he was feeling insecure she decided she'll tell him everything that he needed to know, hoping he would realize that its just him now in her life. She dragged Armaan to her bed and sat down with him.

"Armaan I and Kevin met at the fashion show…as you already know he had saved my costume from Claire's hands or else I would have landed into serious trouble. I was really grateful to him for that and so when he asked me out I agreed. He seemed like a really nice guy after all he had helped me. We started dating each other and Kevin and I grew really close. He used to pamper me like a princess….like I meant the world to him. He would make me feel so special that I started to dream about our future and I was so convinced that he is the guy for me….the one I want to spend the rest of my life with but suddenly things took an ugly turn and Claire, as usual couldn't see me being so happy, tried making friends with Kevin. They both were working on a show together where Claire tried getting closer and making friends with him and Kevin finally agreed. They used to hang out together and I tried to avoid Claire's topic between the two of us knowing that we both will not agree and will end up fighting which was the last thing I wanted. But one day when I found Claire at Kevin's house…in his bedroom I couldn't take it and I stated my dislike for their growing intimacy but he yelled at me and told me that I was being insecure and jealous…I didn't like it and avoided Kevin for sometime. It was Kevin's birthday a few days later. I called him up and we patched up on phone. He had thrown a party but I had to go to some other place for my shoot so I told him that I'll be late but will stay with him for the rest of the night and we will celebrate, he agreed. But at the last moment the shoot got cancelled because of bed weather and I decided to surprise Kevin. I went to the party but didn't find him there…I looked around the place and found him on the terrace with…Claire. They were kissing each other. I just left the place and the next day when Kevin came to see me I confronted him about this but he lied that nothing of the sort happened and when I told him that I had seen them myself he tried to twist the truth by putting the blame on Claire. And that was it…the next day I left for India and rest you know everything. I would have forgiven him but he blamed me of having an affair with Andy, got aggressive with me and tried to force himself on me. He insulted me in every way possible and than I saw the selfish…the ugly side of him and decided to break all ties forever. That's it. Anything else you want to know?"

Armaan looked at her eyes which held no emotions in them. She had spoken as if she was reciting an essay from a history book and Armaan realized then that it indeed was a part of her past that no longer mattered to her. He pulled her closer to himself and kissing her forehead asked her, "Just one more thing. I know its mean of me to ask this but…er…did the two of you…I mean you know…you two ever…

"Shared a physical relationship?" Armaan nodded his head.

"Of course we did." Armaan was shocked to hear that. He lowered his head, cursing himself for asking that question. He was better off staying in the dark. Riddhima who was trying to control herself suddenly burst out laughing. Armaan frowned looking at her. After a couple of seconds she spoke in between her laughter, "Oh my….oh my god….look at your face Armaan." She laughed harder and than clutching her stomach she fell back on the bed and grabbing his hand she pulled him down and when he was lying next to her with the same upset but more confused expression, she placed her chin on his chest and smiling she spoke "Relax… never happened between us. Kevin tried to get me into his bed but I was never very comfortable with the idea. I might be a super model and living in an English country but I guess I am still very much an Indian….and very much a virgin still."

Armaan's lips curved into a smile which got bigger and bigger. He gabbed Riddhima and pinned her down under himself and showered her face with kisses and spoke in between, "I am so happy….


"Its so beautiful here." Armaan stood on the terrace of the mansion and spoke looking at the sky of New York city.

"Hmmm…I know." Riddhima nestled her head in Armaan chest and unbuttoning the top buttons of his shirt she pressed her lips against his skin, soaking in the musky smell of his cologne that was his trademark and trying to soak it inside her.

"Ri…ri…riddhima!!" Armaan stuttered with the effect of her wet lips on his skin. But it didn't stop Riddhima, she kept kissing his chest sending him into a frenzy. Armaan, with great efforts, moved her a little away and spoke, "don't do this Riddhima or I'll loose control."

"That's exactly what I want." She leaned closer and pressed her body against his.

"What happened to the Indian side of you?"

Riddhima chuckled. "Left in India I guess." Armaan frowned but before Riddhima could make a move he picked her up in his arms and walked towards her room.

Armaan placed her down on her bed and kissed her forehead he turned around to leave but Riddhima grabbed his hand, "Where do you think you are going?"

He turned around and sat down next to her and placing his hand over hers, he spoke "Riddhima lets not do this now. I want the day when we unite to be special…..I want to take you as my wife….and not just posses your body but your soul, mind and heart as well."

"Oh whatever!! But at least you can sleep here….sleep as in just sleep."

Armaan smiled and kicking off his slippers he got into the bed and under the sheet next to her and Riddhima snuggled closer while he wrapped his arms around her.


"Hey Mac!!" Riddhima and Armaan reached the sets of the shoot and Riddhima waved to the singer with whom she was going to star in the video.

"Riddhimmmaaaa!!!" Mac came running towards her and wrapped his arms around her and pressed her body hard against his. Armaan frowned as he saw that while Riddhima rolled her eyes realizing that Mac was back at his old, nasty behavior.

"Its so good to see you Riddhima."

Riddhima smiled at him and then linking her arm with Armaan's she brought him closer and placing her hand on his she spoke, "Meet my fianc Armaan. Armaan this is McGuire Winston."

They both shook hands and Mac breaking the handshake turned towards Riddhima, "Didn't know you would get engaged this soon. I thought you were more career oriented." Riddhima knew what Mac was trying to do.

"What has my getting engaged to do with my career? And just so that you know, Armaan is very supportive of my career and I don't think I could have ever gotten a better life partner than him." she kissed Armaan's cheek and giving Mac a 'got it' look…she walked to her make up room with Armaan following her, smiling to himself.

"That singer guy is a mighty *******." Armaan spoke once they were sitting inside Riddhima's green room.

"I thought you were a fan." Riddhima tried teasing him but got a cold look from him in return that made her laugh and she pulled his cheeks.

"Ma'am here is your costume." A girl in her mid-twenties walked inside the room and handed Riddhima her costume. Riddhima took the costume from her and thanked her.

When the girl left the room Riddhima spoke to Armaan, "Armaan you'll have to go out. I have to change."

"So what. I am your fianc… can change in front of me." Riddhima raised her eye-brow as Armaan got himself comfortable on the chair he was sitting in.

Riddhima shrugged and placing the costume on the dresser she reached for the zip on her back and opened it. Armaan stood up straight as he saw Riddhima was actually going to change in front of him, He had expected her to yell at him and push him out of her room but here she was actually ready to strip. As he saw Riddhima open her zip and now pulling off her shirt he got up abruptly and ran out of the room seeing which Riddhima burst into laughter and shaking her head she spoke to herself, "I knew my plan would work….poor Armaan, messing with the best."


Riddhima applied her make-up and when she was done with her hair as well. She walked out of her room and was shocked when she saw Armaan holding a girl in his arms. The girl had her head on Armaan's chest and was crying while Armaan was moving his hand up and down on her head. She heard him say, "Sameera how could you?"

Riddhima quickly closed the door and turned around. Her whole body was shaking as the name Sameera rang in her head over and over again and than it struck her that Sameer was the same girl who Armaan had been in love with. The girl who had changed him so much and had effected his life in such a painful way and here Armaan was holding her in his arms.


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