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part 25 : Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Kripa moaned when ran out of breath under Angad's passionate encounter. She pulled out her mouth from Angad's grip and shyly caressed her lips with tongue. Angad passionately looked at her as drunk by her sweetness. She blushed at his looks and bit her lower lip. He smiled at her reddened face and released her lip from torture by her teeth, "mainey kaha tha na yeh mere lips ko torture mut karo." She chuckled with shy and hid her face in his chest. He satisfactorily inhaled full of lungs and tightened his arms around Kripa to lock her in his embrace.

"Do din baat nahin hua toh itna miss kiya mujhey? Jab main wapas chali jaoongi toh tab kya karoge, Baava?" Kripa softly asked him as staring into his eyes and scribbling on his chest. He kissed her eyelids, "main bhi tere peechey peechey ajaoonga."

Kripa giggled, "Shadi se pehla yeh sab humare ghar mein nahin chalega. Papa will throw you out." Angad slowly swing along with her, "I'll stay away from your home and meet you every day."

She giggled and passed her forefinger on his chin through throat, "Plans toh acha hai. I will convince mama for you to stay in our house." She sounded as if empathizing with him. Angad kissed her cheeks, "your mama will say 'yes' for me even without your influence. She likes me. Ussey yakein hai ki main tumse bahut pyar karta hoon. Aur tumhey jindagi bhar kush rakhoonga."

Kripa rolled her eyes, "acha! Wo kaise?" He looked at her with pride, "Jab main uske paas kuch Telugu seekha hai. Wo jaanliya hai ki tere liye mera pyar kitna gehra hai." Kripa looked with surprise, "Tum Telugu seekhliya? Wo kaisa? Tab Phir jawab kyon nahin diya? Kya seekha hai uss se?"

Angad thought for a moment and spoke in Telugu with each word stressing lengthy, "jab waqt ayega bataoonga." Kripa broke into laughter, "wonderful baava! Keep it up. Lagta hai shadi se pehle hi tum sab kuch seekh jayega." Angad nibbled her lips quickly and moaned with satisfaction. "sab kuch seekh jaoonga, baavi! Aur pyar ke batein bhi. But you know it is little embarrassing to ask your mom for love words." Kripa widened her eyes, "WHAT! Tum pyar ke batein poochraha hai mama se?"

Angad nodded his head, "After all she is my Telugu teacher and translator. So, I can ask all my doubts, right?  Issiliye toh wo jaangayi ki main tumse behud pyar karta hoon." Kripa reddened with embarrassment, "chee! Tumhey sharam nahin aaya aise baatein poochney mein? Kissi aur se poochleta. Abb main muh kaise dikhaoongi mama ko."

Angad lifted her and swirled, "Jabse tumhari mama humare barein mein jaangayi hai, tab tak tum saikdo baar tumhari mama ko muh dikha diya hai. She knew our fight too." Kripa opened her mouth widely, "tumhara matlab tum sab kuch bata diya? Kab? Kaisey?"  Angad continued swirling, "jab tum pehla baar roothgaya na tab main dadi ke pass chala gaya  tha translation ke liye. Aur wo busy thi. Maami toh wahin thi jab main Dadi se poochraha tha. And she offered me help.  Aur wo dheerey dheerey pura information gather kar liya mujhse. She is a very clever mother."

Kripa struggled to release herself, "utardo mujhey. Mujhey nahin pata tha ki tum itna shameless hai. Abb main kaise mama ke samney jaoongi. Oh God! You put me in an embarrassing situation."

Angad turned her into his arms and kissed her lips aloud, "Don't worry baavi! Jo bhi hota hai achey ke liye hi hota hai. Now we don't have to express our feelings in front of them. Dekhti raho kal tumhara parents daud kar mere parents ke saat baat karengey aur sham tak humara engagement bhi hojayegi."

Kripa mocked him with anger, "tum aise hi sapne dekhtey raho. Wahan mama papa mere barein mein kya sochte hongey?" she was worried about facing her parents now after Angad's stupidity of learning love words in Telugu language.

Angad laughed aloud, "tum kyon itna pareshan horahi hai, baavi!. Aur tum itna sharminda kyon horahi hai?  Wo bhi kabhi iss situation se gujra huva hoga. They can understand us. Sab kuch mujhpur chodo." Sab theek hojayega."

Kripa pushed him with anger, "kya theek karlega? Abb tak mera izzat mitti mein miladee. Abb main ussey kaise  face karoon."

They both heard some footsteps while they were arguing. Kripa begged him and tried to push him out the room, "abb jao. Mera mama ke samney meri image bahut kharab kardiya hai. Agar Mama abb hum donon yahan dekhliya toh main jeetey hi sharam se mar jaoongi."

Angad laughed at her anger, "cool down baavi! Jo tum soch rahi hai wo kuch nahin hua hai. Main aise tumhey embarrass kardoonga? Everything is fine. Abb ek akhri chumma dedo. Main chala jaoonga." Kripa put her hands on her waist with anger, "kabhi nahin. Agar yeh sab batein mujhey pehla maloom hota tumhe mere nazdeek bhi nahin aaney deti. Abb main muh kahan chupa loon. I feel so guilty. Abb toh jao."

Angad sighed and turned to leave. He suddenly turned about when Kripa was inattentive. He kissed longingly on Kripa's lips, "thanks, baavi!" ignoring her little fists on his chest. He jumped out quickly to adjacent room before Gayatri stepped into Kripa's room.

"Tum abhi tak kapade badala nahin? Kya kar rahi hai?" Gayatri stormed at Kripa and walked to her suitcase to take a sari to change. Kripa quickly swallowed her embarrassment and turned towards bathroom to change her cloths, "abhi badal rahi hoon Amma!" She sighed as Gayatri didn't notice her flushed face with Angad's kisses. "yeh Baava bhi na. Main phir kabhi usse nazdeek nahin aney doongi. Thank God amma ne hum donon ko ek saat nahin dekhliya."


Angad peeped into kripa's room for the after effects from Gayatri and Kripa. He satisfactorily breathed as there were no symptoms of yell and scolds. His eyes fell on Anittah and Mannan who were stunned at Angad's sudden barge into the room. "Tum donon yahan kya kar raha hai?" Angad asked them suspiciously.

They both looked embarrassed and exchanged looks from each other. "kuch nahin, Bhai! Mannan wanted something from Aaliyah's room so we came to pick it up." Anittah mumbled something that came in her mind. Angad confused at Anittah's excuse, "Aaliyah ke room se tumhey kya hona hai, Mannan?" he directly cornered Mannan. Mannan swallowed, "wo kuch nahin, Angad! Wo..wo just something Aaliyah asked us to pick up. Chalo, Anittah! We can tell Aaliyah that we didn't get it." He pulled Anittah out before Angad could grill them more. Angad confusingly walked behind them.

He came across Surya at the door outside and greeted him with faint smile. Surya's face was serious as he checked Anittah and Mannan from head to toe from behind while they passed him. Angad caressed his back of his neck with embarrassment. He quickly escaped his looks as followed Mannan and Anittah to downstairs.

"Yeh Anittah kyon wo Mannan ke saat itna closely move hoti hai. Sham se dekhraha hoon donon ko. Abhi abhi mainey undonon ko ek saat bhajuwala kamray se nikalte huve dekha hai. Wo Mannan muslim hai na? Yeh muslim ke saat kya lena dena hai?" Surya started enquiring Gayatri after walked into the room.

Gayatri tried to stop his enquiries, "abb aap jaldi se change karke khaney ke liye niklo. Kyon unlogon ke enquiry kartay hai? Wo Dilip bhai aur Angad ke kareeb dost hai. Janey pehchaney hai. Wo donon ek dooserey se bachpan se jaantey hoga. Aap kyon fikar karnay lage  hai?"

Surya irately looked at her while changing his cloths, "main kyon fikar na karoon. Iss khandan mein meri beti ki byah karne jaaraha hoon. Mujhey iski chinta hogi na? Main kaise aisey pariwar mein apni beti ko sompdoon jahan kul aur gotre ki khayal hi nahin hai?" Kripa heard him from bathroom and afraid if he noticed her proximity with Angad too. She prayed God in mind and walked out in lemon yellow Punjabi suit. Gayatri adorably kissed Kripa, "bahut sunder lag rahi hai, Kripa!" She took a bit of her eyeliner and put behind Kripa's ear. Kripa smiled and walked to the hall where dinner was served.

Surya proudly stared at the way Kripa exited, "khash sab kuch theek ho. Bua toh humara khandan ki naak katwadi thi. Phir bhi hum uski pyar ko izzat dekar Kripa ko iss pariwar mein deney ki soch rahey hai. Main darta hoon kahin humara biradari mein hum par koyi ungli nahin uthaye."

Gayatri patted his shoulder as consoling him, "aisa mut sochiye. Humey sochna hai Kripa ki kush ki. Aap ne nahin dekha-Angad Kripa se kitna pyar karta hai? Mujhey toh Angad bahut acha lagta hai. Mujhey yakein hai ki Kripa uske saat kush rahegi. Hum unn donon ke barein mein sochna chahiye. Aaj tak Yeh biradari ne humay kya diya tha? Hum apna gaon, jameen chodkar city aana pada. Hum kyon un logon ki chinta karein?"

Surya nodded his head as agreed with her, "phir bhi, Gayatri! Baba ka samsakar abhi bhi mera under basi huyi hai. Main yeh kulantar varnater vivah ki kilaf hoon. Kya humara khandan mein acha var hi nahin milta, humey aise logon ke saat rista milaney ko soch rahey hai?" Gayatri felt sad about his thinking but kept quiet for time being.


Arman reached his home next day night. Misthy left for Mumbai in the morning promising to meet on weekend again. He was living in an apartment with his colleague, Raju who was working in the same hospital for two years. Raju was getting married in couple of months and agreed to take Arman as paying guest for a short period till Arman gets other arrangements. He was in Bangalore on Deewali vacation for ten days. Arman was surprised to see the lights on in the apartment, "Raju wapas agaya hai Bangalore se? He said he will be back only on 1st of next month." He opened the doors and stepped inside. "Raju! Are you back home? Aaj dekha nahin hospital mein?" he yelled as put his keys and wallet on the desk in the living room.

"Haan agaya hai. Magar kissi friend ke ghar gaya tha dinner pe. Kal subah ayega."Ridhima replied as brought hot strong coffee for him. Arman was stunned to see her there. He brought a big smile on his face, "TUM?" Yahan kaise? And how do you know I live here? Aur tum andar kaise agaya? When did you come from Mumbai?" He showered his doubts one after one as happiness, excitement, relief, mixed feelings caressed Arman's heart.

Ridhima smiled mischievously and handed the cup, "Where is a will there is a way!!" She proudly moved her big eyes and turned to walk into kitchen. Arman mesmerizingly walked behind her, "Why didn't you come yesterday? We would have spent Deewali together." Ridhima frowned, "aaj aaneyki kushi nahin hai aur kal NA aney ka explanation poch raha hai?"

Arman smiled affectionately, "haan, kal yeh WILL kahan gum hogaya tha?" He placed his cup in the sink after satisfactorily refreshing from coffee. Ridhima hugged him from behind while he was cleaning the cup with tap water, "WILL toh tha magar himmat nahin karpaya." She pulled the cup from him, "main hoon na?" He turned and cuddled her, "abb batao, how did you come here? How did Raju allow you inside?"

Ridhima nodded her head, "I met him in the hospital. He knew my father and Anjali. He immediately trusted me and handed the house. Acha admi hai." Arman nodded and explained his agreement with Raju. "I have decided to move to my maassi's house by weekend."

Ridhima nodded her head, "haan, hum chaar log yahan nahin reh saktey hai." Arman confusedly looked at her, "chaar log? You are staying with me?" Ridhima pouted pretending anger, "What do you think I came here for?" Arman smiled at her mischievous looks and kissed her eyelids, "I'm be the luckiest person, you know!"

Ridhima nodded her head with shy. Arman refreshed after quick shower while Ridhima arranged for dinner. Both finished dinner sharing the missing news between them. Arman explained about his maassi, Misthy and their Deewali celebrations. Ridhima expressed how boredom was her Deewali though she was with a big crowd in Khanna house. "yahan aana tha. Jo inititative aaj liya tha wo kal kar sakti thi." He expressed his opinion. Ridhima nodded her head, "yuh right, but I somehow couldn't refuse papa. I couldn't sleep whole night and realized how much I missed you. Bus subah pehla flight pakad kar yahan agaya tha."

Ridhima relaxed on the bed when Arman was on call with Misthy as she reached back home. He took a medical magazine and settled on the floor with a blanket underneath. "We can share the bed," Ridhima offered. Arman mischievously looked at her, "you want to test my self control?" Ridhima blushed and got up to reach him. She lay opposite to Arman and rested head on the same pillow. He smiled at her and tried to focus on the magazine in his hands. Ridhima moved her head closer to Arman on purpose. He smiled himself but didn't respond to her. She slowly moved her hand around back of Arman's head. She ran her fingers on Arman's cheek. He patted on her fingers as warned. She bit inside lip and caressed his hair. "Ridhima! Sojao. Mujhey padney do." His voice was heavy as his heart beat raised with her touch. Ridhima pulled the magazine from his hands, "mujhey akela chodkar tum kaise padh sakta hai?" He tied his lips and hands over chest. She blew air over his cheek, jaw and ear. He closed his eyes with a smile as mesmerized with her caresses. She ran her lips lightly on his ear. His spine chilled with goose bumps all over his body. He turned head and looked into her eyes. She looked at him with desire. "Mera pehlawala Ridhima wapas agayi?" he asked with intense eyes. "Main kahi gayi nahin," she replied in low whisper and her hand was still caressing his hair. He stared deep into her eyes and turned towards her"Mujhey yakein nahin horaha hai ki tum mere paas agayi hai." Arman's heavy tone affectionately caressed her. He stroked her hair, cheek and chin through throat. Both faces were close to an inch distance. "Kaise nahin aati? I missed you badly." She whispered. He caressed her lips  with thumb. Ridhima closed her eyes with fascination and moaned. Both were inhaling each other's breath.

As if to heap on their status the weather outside was turned into thunderstorms. Their hearts were enthralled to the romantic atmosphere. He pulled her head towards him and kissed on her throat. Her lips feather touched his throat. His hand cuddled her from back and he hid his face in her hair, "Sojao, ridhu!" He softly whispered. Her hand was still caressing his hair slowly. His hand was patting her on the back smoothly. She slowly dozed off in his arms under warm caresses.

Arman got up in an hour when a big thunder hit the ground. He checked surroundings and saw Ridhima cuddled herself with her hand was still into his hair. He slowly moved from her and checked the weather outside. "It is really bad!" he commented in mind and closed the windows. He checked all the windows to make sure the rain was not wetting anything inside. He came to Ridhima to move her to the bed. She was still fast asleep and he decided to lift her to the bed.

She moaned when he dropped her on the bed. He sighed with heavy heave out, "you are heavy, sweety!" he caressed her cheeks adorably and covered her with blanket. She circled her hands around his neck all of sudden, "Thanks Arman!" He smiled and caressed her chin, "tum jag gayi?" she opened her eyes slowly and nodded her head. He tried to remove her hands but she pulled him close, "yahin sojao. Door janey ki jaroorat nahin hai." He kissed her wrist, "yahan mera brahmachari vrat ko bhung hojayega. Mujhey janey do." She giggled, "agar tumhara brahmachari vrat tooth gaya toh mera virginity bhi chala jayegi na. Agar main nahin darti toh tum kyon dar raha hai?" she challenged naughtily. He laughed adorably at her, "Pata chal raha hai tum kya keh rahi hai?" Ridhima nodded her head, "jab do Dil Mil Gaye toh darr kiss baat ki?" Arman chuckled, "Dil Mil Gaye! Toh humara Milan ka bhi kuch waqt aana hai, Ridhima!" Ridhima mischievously asked, "wo waqt aaj hi kyon na ho?" He looked at her unbelievingly. She cupped his face and pulled towards her. His arms unknowingly cuddled her to embrace her. The privacy, rainy atmosphere, longing for each other, the closeness pulled them towards each other. Their lonely hearts wanted to merge with each other. She surrendered herself to him completely.


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