Thursday, 19 April 2018

part 25: Defeated in Love (AR ff)

Riddhima got up from the chair and after composing herself she pushed open the door only to see no Armaan or Sameera in sight. She wondered where they could be…perhaps somewhere private with no one to disturb them…

"Ridds....Mac needs you to see the dance steps and start the practice." She nodded her head to the assistant and brushing her hair with her hand she cleared her head and went out to the set.

She saw the choreographer waving at her, she smiled at him and walked towards him.

"Okay Riddz he is going to teach you all the steps which you have to practice and than we'll do them together. Riddhima nodded her head and the music was switched on. She looked around, scanning the crowd hoping to spot Armaan somewhere but he was nowhere to be seen. She decided to focus on the practice and get it over with as soon as she can.

After the practice was over Riddhima went back to her changing room. She saw Armaan sitting inside with his head in his hands. She walked closer and as soon as she placed her hand on his shoulder, his arms went around her waist with his head buried in her stomach….his shoulders shaking and it was than Riddhima realized that Armaan was crying. She brushed his hair and gently pulled his head up..

"Armaan what happened?" But when he didn't say anything she pulled a chair and sat down in front of him and cupping his face she wiped the tears and repeated her question.

"Its Sameera."

Riddhima felt her blood freeze at the mention of Sameera's name and the image of them in each other's arms flashed in front of her eyes and she closed her eyes immideately but opened them with a jerk when she heard Armaan say, "She lied Riddhima….she never was after my money…she was raped."

Riddhima was tired like hell after the hectic dancing session and now all the emotional turmoil was taking a toll on her. She felt her head spinning but she sat erect, waiting for Armaan to continue.

"Riddhima she did all that deliberately to make me believe that she is after my money so that I would break our relation…but the truth is that she was raped and was pregnant. She knew that if she told me than I would force her to marry me….obviously I wouldn't have left her alone at that moment which is why she did all this. Oh God!! I feel so guilty. I even met her daughter. She is a darling little thing Riddhima and that makes me all the more guilty. I don't what I should do? I didn't trust her than…its all my fault."

"What do you want to do Armaan? Correct your mistakes?" Riddhima asked him in a surprisingly normal voice.

"But how can I? How can I make up for these 3 years and all the time when she was suffering so much… can I make up for the troubles that she went through….the humiliation she felt for no fault of hers. Even her father disowned him. I don't know what to do? I want to take away all the pain and give her all the happiness….even my share of happiness to her and god knows she deserves it all."

Riddhima's head was hurting and all she wanted at the moment was to close her eyes and fall asleep instead she felt as if she was going to yell on Armaan.

He was feeling guilty….guilty because he let Sameera go…..guilty because he is with Riddhima….guilty because Sameera still needs him….

And here he is telling her all this….knowing the only way he can correct his mistake is by giving back Sameera what he took away from her 3 years back. What did he expect her to say? She was so distressed that she didn't think twice before getting up from the chair and speaking in an even voice.

"The only way you can correct your mistake, which you so desperately want, is by taking Sameera back in your life…probably marry her. That should put an end to all her misery and humiliation."

Armaan was stunned by her words but they did make sense….yes! Marriage was the only solution to her problems….give a father to her daughter….give her happiness….end all the pain and humiliation. Armaan looked at his cell-phone and clutching it he walked out of the room without looking back…he walked out in a daze and not even realizing that Riddhima had collapsed on the floor behind him.


"Riddhima!!" Riddhima opened her eyes with great effort. She looked towards her hand only to see a drip attached to it and a doctor holding a pad and scribbling something and than she heard the familiar voice.


"Mac what am I doing in a hospital?"

"We found you lying on the floor in your changing room. You were unconscious. So we got you here and the doctor here tells us that you have not been eating properly. He says your very weak."

"Oh god!! I am so sorry for causing such inconvenience. I wasted so much of your time…please for…

"Don't be silly and anyways, what are friends for huh?"

"Where's Armaan?"

"It should be me asking you that question. Where is your fianc? He should be here taking care of you."

It was now that Riddhima remembered everything. Everything that he had told her about Sameera and the 'solution' that she gave him….

He must be with Sameera right now. He left me there lying on the floor because he had to be with Sameera….he is actually going to marry her….does our relationship means nothing to him? Is he even ready to sacrifice our relation and love to get rid of his guilt….or there never was any love….could it be possible that he only loved Sameera always and I was an illusion that he had been living with?

Oh god!!! Why me? How could he just leave me and go to her? I should have known….she is his first love….

"Riddhima you want me to call him for you?"

"No….Mac…can you please leave me alone for sometime?"

Mac looked at Riddhima's suddenly pale face and nodding his head he walked out of the ward. As soon as she heard the door close, Riddhima closed her eyes and the tears that she had been holding back fell out of her eyes. She rewinded the past days in her head and than she sobbed harder realizing just what she was about to loose…she felt so weak… broken….so defeated…..defeated indeed….defeated in love.


Armaan looked at Sameera dressed in a white bridal gown walking down the aisle. He smiled at her and she smiled right back. It had always been her dream to have a white wedding and everything was just the way she had wanted it. He was happy for her. She now stood in front of him…and the radiance on her face assured him…assured him that she was really happy…and he would make sure that that happiness remained with her for the rest of her life…she deserved it but there was an emptiness in his heart as if something wasn't right…something was terribly wrong…and something worst was going to happen. He heard the priest saying the vows….but the vows weren't clear and there was another voice booming in his mind….

"I love you Armaan and want a life with you by my side always." "I am always there for you Riddhima…

He snapped out of his thoughts when he heard the priest say

"…. take Sameera to be your wife? Do you promise to love, honor, cherish and protect her/him, forsaking all others and holding only unto her?"

"I do"

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