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part 26 : Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Surya! Yeh tum kya keh raha hai, beta? Kripa ki baat aaj kyon nahin karna chahta hai? Kripa aur Angad ek dooserey ko bahut pasand kartey hai. Wo jaldi se jaldi ek hona chahtey hai. Kya Angad tumhey pasand nahin aaya tha? Abb achanak kyon tumhara phaisala badal gaya hai? Iski koyi toh vajah jaroor hogi. Batao mujhey." Devyani was astonished at Surya's decision to hold his proposal for time being.

Surya exchanged looks with Gayatri and defended his decision. "Bua! Aap mujhey bura mut maaniye. Angad bahut acha ladka hai aur mujhey pasand bhi hai. Main hi purani khayalon ka hoon. Main aaj ka high society rivazon ko nahin samajhpaa raha hoon.  Main babuji ka diya hua sanskar nahin bhul sakta hoon. Khandan ki khayal rakh kar apni ek lauti behen ke saat babuji ne apna rista thode diya tha. Main wahin khandan ki izzat ko daau pe laga kar, apni beti ka rista aisi khandan mein karva doon jahan kul-varne vivakshata nahin hai?

Devyani was confused, "Yeh kya kehraha hai, Surya? Kaunsi kul-varne ki baat kar raha hai. Abb aakhir hua kya hai?"

Surya was embarrassed to explain his doubts, "Kuch aise ghatana hua hai ki main apni beti ko deney ki himmat nahin karpa raha hoon. Main kulantar (inter-caste) vivah ke liye raazi ho sakta hoon magar varnanter(inter-race)'" he paused as hesitated to reveal the relationship between Anittah and Mannan'. "main abhi aapse kuch nahin keh paoonga. Wapas jaakar main apna raai bataoonga. Abb koyi pressure mut keejiye."

Gayatri was embarrassed in front of Devyani and tried to convince her husband. Surya ignored her, "Gayatri! Mujhey kuch waqt do. Mujhey yahan ki reeti rivaazon ko digest karney do. Main abhi koyi decision nahin lena chahta hoon."

He turned to Devyani, "Bua! Mujhey thoda waqt dedijiye sochney ki.  Aapki pyar ne mujhey yahan tak lekey aayi thi. Maanta hoon aap bada dil waley hain. Magar main itna himmat nahin kar paa raha hoon ki apni beti ko iss ghar ka rista kara doon.."

Devyani was disappointed with Surya's decision. She dreamt of arranging the engagement of Angad and Kripa on the same day once Surya formally offered his daughter to Khanna's. Her expectations were crashed down with Surya's sudden change of decision.

Naina felt insulted to hear Surya's reluctance when she stepped at the door to invite them for breakfast. She was also expecting Sarma's proposal first in the morning. Her ego was hurt when things were not at her convenience. She turned back with insult and walked to the breakfast table with fuming expressions. All her children were exchanged looks at their mother's furious appearance. Dilip enquired her with his eyes but she was silently humiliated herself.

Kripa slowly walked to the breakfast table and sat besides Aaliyah and opposite to Angad, Kartik and Naina. She was feeling awkward since she heard her parents' whispering arguments while she was still in bed. She confirmed her guess after noticing Naina's angry expressions at her.

Dilip and others glared at her with questionable expressions.  They were confused at sudden change in the atmosphere. Angad enquired Kripa with his eyes but she lowered her eyes without any response. Naina angrily looked at Kripa and flared her nostrils when Dilip tried to console her with his eyes. Angad stretched his legs towards Kripa's under the table and pressed them between his. Kripa secretly warned him with embarrassment as Naina's eyes stuck at her. Kripa lowered her eyes with guilt as she guessed what had happened in Devyani's room. Naina noticed Angad's gestures at Kripa though she was not sure about their greetings with legs under the table.

After few minutes Surya, Devyani and Gayatri reached the breakfast table. They seated silently after greeting everyone. Anittah and Mannan walked to them from their jogging. Surya aguishly exchanged looks at them and stared at Devyani as complained. Devyani understood his concern now. She sighed silently and decided to convince Surya after their breakfast.

Surya couldn't hold his enthusiasm about the relationship between Mannan and Anittah. He decided to converse with Mannan, "Mannan! Tumhara parents kahan ki rehney waley hai?" Mannan surprised for his enthusiasm all of sudden. He exchanged Anittah's irate looks and smiled, "Uncle! Humara ancestors Hyderabad ke rehney waley hai. Humara parents toh 30 saal pehle Mumbai move hogaya tha. Magar humara dada, chacha aur kayi ristedaar wahi Hyderabad mein hi rehtey hai." He proudly explained about his family. Surya nodded his head without any further comments.

Naina, Dilip, Kartik and Angad were surprised at Surya's inquisitiveness towards Mannan. Dilip understood Surya's inquisitiveness as his conservative brought up, "Mannan ka family se humara rista bahut puraney hai. We are like own family. Mannan ka parents apne koyi ristedaar ka shadi attend karney Pakistan Gaye they. Issi liye Kal Deewali mein woh log nahin aa paya." Surya's eyebrows twisted at Dilip's explanation and thought in his mind, "Pakistan? Yeh logon ko wahan se bhi relations hai? Hum kahan se kahan tak aa pahoonchey hai?" He was more worried about the alliance now.

Angad enquired Kripa by batting his legs with hers under the table. Kripa pressed his feet with her toes as she had no clue about the whole scenario and hence stop enquiring her. Angad scratched his big toe over Kripa's feet as to meet him later. Kripa agreed as pressing her toes with his.

Naina was busy with Surya's conversation with Mannan and Dilip and ignored Angad's secret conversation with Kripa.


Arman slowly walked into kitchen and circled his arms around Ridhima and kissed behind her ears, "Goodmorning, Ridhima! How are you? Kya kar rahi ho?" Ridhima turned her head at him with a smile in shy, "Goodmorning, Arman! Breakfast ki taiyyariyan kar rahi hoon. Hospital jana hai na?" Arman sighed aloud and turned Ridhima to him, "jaaney ko mann nahin kar raha hai." Ridhima shyly stared into his eyes as caressed his bare chest. He just walked in his boxers alone direct from bed. He smiled at her reaction on his half naked presence. He embraced her closely and slowly moved his hands inside Ridhima's silk night shirt, "aaj chutti leloon humara pehla raat ki subah avasar pur?" She chuckled and circled her hands around his neck, "I'll be happier than ever if you could!" He pulled her head to him and caught her mouth.

"I can't believe IT happened. You really seduced me," he whispered in her lips after passionate mouth tasting. "Tumhey khoney ka darr mujhey door nahin rehney diya," she whispered back. Both shared warmth in their embrace for a while. She rested her head on his chest. "Hum ek hogaye hain. Abb humey koyi juda nahin kar sakta." He secured his arms around her, "it depends on us, Ridhima! Tumhara decision pe sab kuch depend karta hai. Agar tum ijaazat diye toh aaj hi hum shadi kar saktey hai."

Ridhima looked into his eyes, "as you wish mujhey koyi etaraj nahin hai. Main toh tumhara ho chuki hoon. Abb yeh sab society ke liye hoga mere liye nahin. Main tumhey pati maan liya hai. Issi liye apne aapko samarpan karliya hai." He kissed her eyelids, "aaj sham ko dulhan ki tarah sajake rehna. Tumhey mandir lejaoonga. Bhagwan ke alawa abb aur kissi ka blessings ki jaroorat nahin hai."

Ridhima nodded her head as agreed, "magar mere paas koyi sari nahin hai." Arman kissed her cheeks, "one moment." He walked to the living room and brought his credit card. He handed it to Ridhima," you can shop as much as you want to. We have all stores around our apartments." Ridhima flipped his card, "iski kya jaroorat thi? I have enough money with me." Arman hit his head with hers, "aaj se tum mere jimmedari hai. I have to take care of you. Aur tumhara hurr kharcha mere paison se jayega. Samjhey?" Ridhima blushed and kissed his chin, "jee, Samajh liya." He lifted her and walked into the bedroom. Ridhima tried to release herself, "kya kar raha hai, Arman?" He dropped her in the bathroom and looked mischievously, "hospital janey ki time horaha hai. Shower lena hai na." Ridhima understood his intentions and shook her head sideway, "no not at a time." He ignored her rejection and unbuttoned her shirt.


"Hi Arman! How are you man?" Raju greeted Arman as soon as he entered the lobby of the hospital. Arman thanked him for helping Ridhima. "Ismein thanks kehney ki kya baat hai, Arman! Anjali toh mera batch mate tha. I never met Ridhima but I know about her. I'll be happy to help you man!" He gave his car keys to Arman after understanding that Ridhima would stay for some more days, "enjoy Arman! I come back after a week. Till then you can use my house and car." Arman thanked him again.


Angad, Kartik, Aaliyah and Kripa walked upstairs when elders had started deep conversation. Anittah walked out to send off Mannan. Angad pulled Kripa into his room and shut the door before others noticed. Kartik and Aaliyah exchanged looks, "something really serious is going on!" both commented in unison and disbursed into their rooms.

"Yeh kya horaha hai, Kripa! Why were your parents and Dadi serious? Mom kyon itna gussa hai? Is there any serious matter that I don't know?" Angad pinned Kripa to the wall.

Kripa hesitated to reveal the fears of her father and stared at him with fearful eyes when Angad demanded her. Angad sighed as realized his mistake of unnecessarily getting anger on Kripa. He softly tried to convince her to spell out the truth. "Dekho Kripa! Mom was furious when she came out of dadi's room. Wo kuch suna hai wahan. Your parents are serious too as if something happened against them. Aur achanak tumhara papa Mannan pur enquiry kyon kar raha hai? What's going on? You are not yourself today either. Kyon udhaas ho? Batao, kya baat hai'." He suddenly became mischievous, "kahin tumhara parents humari intimacy dekhliya kya?"

Kripa shyly shook her head, "wo baat nahin hai." "Phir kya hai?" He demanded again. He walked her to his bed and seated her. He settled beside her. She hesitantly spilled the matter out when he looked expectantly at her. "Papa Anittah aur Mannan ka rista ko lekey pareshan hai. Tujhey maloom hai na papa bahut conservative hai? Shayad aunty ney unke baatein sunliya hoga jab wo Naani maa ko bataraha tha."

Angad sighed as relieved. He didn't take the matter seriously. "Humara rista toh pakka hojayega na?"

 Kripa shrugged her shoulders with confusion, "Pata nahin, baava! Wo mera rista iss ghar mein karne se jhijhak raha hai." She slowly spelled one by one word. Angad stunned at moment.

He startled at her statement, "This is not fair, Kripa? Mannan humara acha dost hai. Anittah ki friendship se kya lena dena? Aur undonon ka rista ko lekar kyo tumhara papa pareshan horaha hai? Wo toh humara problem hona chahiye. I think your papa needs some excuse to take you away from me. Mujhey nahin lagta wo tumhara mama jaisa friendly hai. Main abhi kehraha hoon, Kripa! Agar tum tumhara papa ka saat diya toh mujhse koyi bura nahin hoga. Main tujhey kissi aur ke nahin honey doonga. Samjhey?" He slowly but firmly declared his decision.

While Angad and Kripa were discussing the matter aloud, Anittah overheard them when she was heading to her room. She was fumed and walked down to the elders' meeting.

 Next Part: comes soon...stay know... Problems arised in AK about AR? will Gupta sleep in peace??


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