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part 28 : Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Suryaban was grumpy since they came back from Mumbai. Gayatri was annoyed by his behavior but trying to calm him down.  Kripa avoided facing her father till next morning. Kripa enquired her mother with her eyes about the situation while made her milk and settled at the dinner table. Gayatri hit her head "humara taqdeer kabhi badlega bhi kya?" The whole conversation went in Telugu. Kripa rolled her eyes as she understood the situation. Surya gave a look at mother and daughter and continued his mumbling though his eyes read the morning news paper.  Gayatri changed her expressions after noticing Kripa's silence. She caressed daughter's head with love and affection, "tujhey pata hai wo kyon itna gussa hai. Angad ney phone kiya?" Kripa shook her head sideway with shadows in eyes. She was waiting for Angad's call since last night. He promised to call her everyday once they reached home.

Gayatri sighed, "yeh donon pariwar ke beech problems jaldi se sulazh jaay, yahin duva karti hoon har pal." She mumbled while taking vegetables from refrigerator.  "Problem humare taraf se hi hai na, mama? Humney objection raise kiya thana?" Kripa checked her father from corner of eyes and enquired Gayatri with her eyebrows. Gayatri exchanged her looks on both husband and daughter, and shrugged her shoulders while cleaning spinach, "sab tumhari wajah se. Meiney Angad se baat karney ko kaha aur tum donon situation ka fayida uthaya. Kya jaroorat thi itni nazdeek jaaney ki?" Gayatri pointed Kripa's mistake while they were in Mumbai Railway Station. Kripa recollected her meeting with Angad in the railway station. Her cheeks became red and tried to avoid stares from Gayatri, "mainey kya kiya. Tum Angad ko jaanti hai." She meant Angad's Telugu learning from Gayatri.

Gayatri hit Kripa's head playfully, "papa ka mann mein wahin sankha rah gayi hai. Meri baat maan ne ko raazi hi nahin ho raha hai. Angad aur tumhari nazdeek unhoney nahin sehpaa raha hai. Galati mainey kiya tha tum donon ko milakey." She repented for encouraging Angad to meet Kripa at train station before their departure. Kripa was embarrassed and lowered her eyes as remembered their last meeting, "Mujhey pata tha yeh Angad ek na ek din jaroor mujhey phasayega. Abb papa ke samney mera image kharab kardiya. Ek baar phone karney do. Iska khabar loongi," she adorably cursed Angad.

What had happened a day before in Mumbai'''Naina offered cloths to all the three and sent off them with all respects after brunch. Devyani separately warned Surya to think once again about his decision.  Angad didn't get any chance to talk to Kripa privately after their meeting night before. He was craving to hold her in his arms and to assure about their reunion. Dilip and Angad dropped Sarma family at train station.

Gayatri noticed Angad's feelings and sent Kripa to buy some mineral water. Surya warned Kripa from leaving as suspected Angad would follow Kripa. But Gayatri managed to send Angad with Kripa ignoring Surya's warnings. Angad thanked Gayatri with his eyes and took Kripa to a distant shop. Surya was impatiently waited in the compartment until Angad brought Kripa back. As if to ignite his anger, Angad kissed Kripa's temples after cuddled her with one hand before bidding bye. Gayatri pretended ignorance and diverted Surya's looks onto Dilip, "Dilip bhai! Aap sab Sankranti pur humara ghar jaroor aajana." Surya forcefully brought smile on his face and seconded Gayatri's invitation. Angad intervened as Kripa walked into her compartment, "sure maami! Hum jaroor ayengey." Surya angrily stared at Gayatri though his face filled with fake smile. ''''

Surya's loud conversation on phone brought Kripa into the world. "Haan, Sastri! Hum aarahey hai. Kal sham hi ghar pahoonchey they. Jaroor! Jaroor Kripa ko bhi le aoonga." Kripa caressed her temples as the last sweet memories filled her heart. She confusingly looked at Gayatri about Surya's phone call. Gayatri pressed Kripa's head as read Kripa's questions, "Jao nahakey aajao, humey Sastri chacha ka ghar jana hai. Aaj uski beti ki sagai hai. Subah subah phone aaya tha. Aur abb phir se yaad dilaraha hai."

Kripa nodded her head and walked into her room as Surya approached Gayatri. Gayatri whispered when Kripa disappeared into the room, "main abhi keh deti hoon. Aap wahan kissi ko Kripa ki shadi ki barein mein vaada nahin karengay." Surya faintly smiled, "haan, pata hai. Tum khud wahan jaakar jaanlegi Kripa ke liye aur bhi kitne achey ristey hai."

Kripa was shivered at their secret conversation and prayed silently for help. "Tum abhi tak gayi nahin?" Gayatri shook Kripa out of her thoughts. Kripa nodded her head, "abhi jaarahi hoon." She took her clothes, "Maa! Yeh papa kya kehraha hai? Kya aap donon merey liye kuch aur rista'." she couldn't finish her question with fear. Gayatri caressed her back, "tujhey kya lagta hai main tumhari papa ki baat maanloongi? Mujhey pata hai tum aur Angad ek dooserey ko kitna chahtey hai. Main tumhari taraf hoon. Trust me." Kripa wiped the tear drops and hugged her mother. "Jao, jaldi naha ke ajao. Papa wait kar raha hai.' Gayatri reassured her as kissed her cheeks.


"Hey, jaanu!" Arman hugged Ridhima from behind and inhaled her fragrance through hair. She leaned back onto him, "Goodmorning, Arman!" He turned her and nuzzled her throat as groaned. She giggled and played with his hair. He noticed shadows in her eyes after enjoying the passionate fresh morning kiss. "kya hua jaanu? Udhaas lag rahi hai kyon?" Ridhima sniffed as tasted her own lips for his touch. "Kuch nahin. Feeling strange. Kuch ajeebsa, darrsa lag raha hai." Arman stroked her nose with his, "darr kyon?" She shrugged and tightened her arms around his neck. He snuggled her as her warm breath soothing his neck closely. "Promise me we never drift away from each other." She whispered. He kissed her lips aloud and bit her lower lip, "kabhi nahin. Yeh wada mujhe tumse lena hoga. Kabhi mujhse door nahin jaana. Not even for a minute. By the way, why don't you join hospital here?" Ridhima looked at him and nodded her head confusingly. He kissed her cheek, "itna kyon sochti ho? Yahan tak aa chuki ho phir darr kiss baat ki? Just join duty here as soon as possible." Ridhima agreed silently. He embraced her patting her back softly to sooth her pain.

"My Love for you is not of a night stand." He whispered in her ears rhythmically and kissed softly there. Sweet shivers ran through her spine lessening her painful fears. She actually didn't mention about the phone call she received from Anjali as soon as she woke up.

Arman, unaware of her inside turbulence, swung along with the music in the radio.

Oh jaana love you miss you har lamha'4

My love for you is not of a night stand

Oh jaana love you miss you har lamha

Oh jaana love you miss you har lamha

Tere bina jeena hai kya

Oh jaana love you miss you har lamha'''''''


Angad kept himself busy after sending off Kripa. He directly went to Bose Company from railway station to discuss about their upcoming project. He was busy in looking after necessary arrangements for the new projects. He called Kripa and spoke for half an hour while Kripa was in Sastri chacha's house. He reassured to take care of the situation before Surya took decision about her marriage.

Naina started pushing Damini for engagement date for Prithvi and Aaliyah. She ignored Aaliyah's and Dilip's requests to hold the matter for some more time. "Matter aaj tak bahut deir hogayi hai. Aur kitna wait karoongi. Ek na ek din yeh shadi toh hona hi chahiye na? Phir aaj hi kyon nahin?" She tried to justify her eagerness. Devyani tried to convince Naina but Naina wanted to settle matters quickly. Angad avoided facing Naina as much as possible when she tried to get information about Sarma family through him. Kartik decided to work on his mission to impress Misthy. Surya's accuse unnecessarily gave thoughts to Anittah and she made Mannan fall for her.


"Ridhima! What have you decided? Are you starting right now or not? Abhi kehrahi hoon, Ridhi! Aaj nahin aa sakey toh phir kabhi aaney ki jaroorat nahin padegi. You probably won't get chance to see papa again." Anjali's throat choked while saying last words. Anjali called Ridhima for third time to inform that Dr.Gupta was in I.C.U. since early morning due to stroke.

Ridhima didn't believe Anjali's first call in the morning as she thought it would be a plot to bring her back home. She got another call after Arman left for hospital. Ridhima had convinced Anjali that time to start in the evening flight. Anjali again called while Ridhima was having lunch to warn her finally.

Ridhima was in dilemma now whether to leave for Mumbai immediately or wait until Arman's decision. "Di! Abhi tak main Arman se kuch kaha nahin. Usse bataya bhi nahin. Give me some more time. Please take care of papa till I reach there."

Meanwhile Arman got the information in the hospital as the senior staff of the hospital sent wishes to Mumbai. Arman called Ridhima to make sure the news was correct. Ridhima informed about Anjali and sought permission to leave. "Ridhima! Mere ghar aaney tak intezaar karo. Main news ko confirm karta hoon." He was also suspected the news as fake. He got Atul on line after an hour. "Bhai! Aise baton mein bhi tum shak kar raha hai? Yeh such hai ki papa ko I.C.U. mein admit kiya gaya hai. Ussey kal raat ko stroke hua tha. He is in critical condition. Dr.Rahul and senior doctors are taking care of his case. Agar aa sakey toh acha hoga." Arman let for home immediately to take care of Ridhima.


Gayatri managed to divert Surya's thoughts from the new proposals at Sastri ji's function. She indirectly informed every important person about Kripa's alliance with Angad. She praised Khanna family and their status in front of everyone. Surya couldn't disagree with her to cover his prestige. Kripa showed attitude to give negative impression about herself among her relatives. Surya was angry on behavior of mother and daughter but controlled himself to save his prestige among the relatives.


"Dilip! Humara Doctor saab ko stroke hua tha. He is in I.C.U. Humey turant wahan jaana hoga. His family needs our support." Naina gave orders and Dilip knew what the support she wanted to give to Gupta family. But he followed her to the hospital to convey his sympathies to Gupta family in person.


"Hi,Arman! I'm Sheetal! Ridhima left for Mumbai just an hour ago. Here is a message for you." The new friend of Ridhima- neighbour -Dr.Sheetal gave an envelope to Arman when he reached home in the evening around 6.

"Arman! Mujhey maaf kardo. Main khud ko nahin roke payi jab Anjali ki call aya tha. Papa bahut bimaar hai.  After all he is my father. Iss halat mein unkey paas rehna mera farz banta hai. 6pm ke baad Mumbai ke liye flights nahin hai. Issi liye main tujhey bataya bina jaa rahi hoon. I wish you join me soon too. I will call you as soon as I reach Mumbai."

Arman crumbled the letter in desperation and settled in the sofa. He rubbed his forehead for few minutes and decided to wait for Ridhima's call.


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