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"Harsh…" Riddhima shouted and ran towards her nephew and picked him up in her arms while Armaan gaped at them. He and Harsh had become really good friends and he could see a little of himself in harsh. Harsh had told him that he was here with his governess and was also going to meet his massi since she too was here on the cruise but she didn't know that he was coming as he had told her that he got some last minute school work to do and wouldn't be able to make it because he wanted to surprise her but more than anyone it was Armaan who was surprised to see that Harsh's massi was none other than Riddhima Gupta.

"Armaan meet my massi Shee…" Riddhima quickly placed her hand against Harsh's mouth stopping him from telling Armaan her real name and then she frowned at him..

"How do you know Armaan?"

"I and Harsh met last night and Harsh I have already met your massi and you are absolutely right your massi is indeed a hitler…..she scolded me on our very first meet….

"You deserved it." Riddhima retorted not angry but amused and then she turned to Harsh and pinching his little nose she spoke "and this is a fine surprise you gave me kid."

Armaan looked at them with adoration and suddenly felt something empty inside him……he was a lonely man….no doubt he went around with loads of girl but no one could fill the void inside him but standing here with Riddhima and Harsh filled him with warmth and he so wanted to be a part of this cute family and Riddhima would be just the girl for him. Armaan frowned at his chain of thoughts and unknowingly he spoke aloud "Woah! Dude you just met her.."

"WHAT???" Both harsh and Riddhima asked Armaan in unison….he replied quickly visibly embarrassed "Oh uh no…na…nothing…… at all. I am just hungry so how about if we go to the restaurant?"

All three moved towards the restaurant but Riddhima pulled Harsh back and bending down to his height she spoke "Harsh don't tell Armaan my real name….I told him my name is Riddhima instead of Sheena." Harsh narrowed his eyes and spoke "Are you playing a prank on him?" Riddhima was thoughtful for a while but then she quickly nodded her head…..while Harsh was delighted on hearing that his hitler massi was actually playing a prank…..he agreed immediately and hi-fifed with Riddhima sealing the secret deal with Riddhima.

They were seated in the restaurant when suddenly Riddhima asked Harsh

"Harsh where is your governess? I got so excited when I saw you that I forgot to ask you about her." Riddhima waited for Harsh to answer her but when he didn't she spoke pulling his ear "Harsh where is she? What did you do with her?"

Harsh got defensive and whined "Why do you care so much about Miss. Numb nuts?"

Riddhima looked at him angrily and spoke "Mind your language Harsh. Give me the keys of the room you guys are staying in."

Harsh handed her the keys and all three left to see what condition Harsh's governess was.

Riddhima opened the door of the room only to see the whole room in a huge mess and the fat governess roaming around in a towel….

"SHIT!!" Armaan exclaimed and quickly left the room after seeing the sickening sight…of a half naked Ms. Joanne Harsh's governess….

Harsh followed Armaan eager to share his prank with Armaan. He had hidden his governess's undies so that she would have to stay back in the suite provided she didn't come out without wearing one….

While Riddhima stood in front of Ms. Joanne waiting for an explanation….

"Ma'am actually….uh I am sorry but…..um actually all my under wears are missing… and don't mind me saying but I think…Harsh can be responsible for this."

Riddhima was horrified at the extent to which her nephew can go to trouble people….she moved her hand through her hair and spoke "Ms. Joanne you are right and am really sorry about this. I'll just get them." Riddhima moved out of the room totally embarrassed.

While in the corridor

"Oh my god I don't believe you stole all her undies…..dude you are a master prankster…" Armaan smacked his hand against Harsh's and burst out laughing.

"I know….but now massi is going to blast me completely."

"You are absolutely right." They both turned around only to see Riddhima standing in front of them boiling with rage and then she continued "I can't believe that you will do something like this…..stealing somebody's ….and that too a lady's…..I am really disgusted with you Harsh…."

Riddhima looked angrily at the boy who retorted back "You make it sound as if it was fun for me…..even I had a hard time picking up her dirty stinky undies…"

"SHUT UP HARSH…"Riddhima shouted on him "That's enough…..and here I am expecting you to turn out a perfect gentleman just like your father but no you are not even close and….."

Riddhima stopped when she saw the upset expression on Harsh's face and then he spoke "How would I know what kind of a gentleman my pa was?"

Riddhima got down on her knees and spoke "He was a perfect gentleman Harsh….a perfect guy….everybody loved him and he was a very sensitive person. In fact he was so sensitive that he treated his plants like walking talking beings and took so special care of them…he was the nicest human being ever born….and if you want to be like him you should give up these pranks." Riddhima ended with a stern look on her face and raising Harsh's face she commanded him "Now tell me where have you kept her stuff?"

"Its in the fridge."

Riddhima's eyes widened "You placed all that in the fridge….no wonder she never found them." Riddhima went inside the room shaking her head disapprovingly while Armaan burst out laughing with Harsh a second time.

Riddhima told the governess as to where it was and told her to take the day off as she will herself take care of Harsh.

All three went back to have their breakfast and Riddhima sent the miss. Johannes's breakfast in her room….

All three had a fun breakfast and went and sat at the pool side….

"phweeettttt" Armaan whistled at the sexy blonde that passed him by.

"Men I tell you." Riddhima spoke giving a dirty look to Armaan but before Armaan could even say anything they both heard the little Harsh say "Its not his fault if the blonde is hot." Riddhima looked at Harsh with her jaw dropped and eyes wide while Armaan gave a lop sided smile and hi-fifed with his partner in crime…

"Harsh seriously what kind of education are they giving you in Chicago? it's a good thing that I decided to keep you with me in India from next year."

Harsh jumped in joy and hugged his massi tightly and kissing her cheek he spoke "Thank you so much massi. I love you and I hate Chicago. It would be so much fun to stay with you and I'll go to the same school my dad went to. Right massi."

Riddhima ruffled his hair and nodding her head she spoke "Yes and then you won't need a governess also."

They both smiled at each other and chatted for a few minutes but when they stopped to ask Armaan something they saw him standing next to the blonde near the pool and then they saw the blonde hugging a girl and introducing her to Armaan who said a quick hello and came back muttering something under his breath….Riddhima looked quizzically at him and when she couldn't take it anymore she spoke "Seems like she turned you down?" Armaan snorted at that and spoke "Look babe no girl can ever ever turn the amazingly irresistible Armaan Malik down okay and as for that oh-so-hot blonde…..she too wouldn't have…had she not been a……l*****n"

Riddhima slowly smiled and then burst out laughing and spoke in between her laughter "well still she is HOT….you shouldn't give up on her because of such a SMALL thing " Harsh was puzzled and for a change did not understand what the adults were talking about. Armaan looked angrily at Riddhima but the angry expression changed to a dazed one when he saw her laughing so freely…..it was for the first time he had seen her laughing like that and was blown away with how innocent she looked…..

Krati mehra 

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