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It's been 3 months since Armaan and Ridhima broke up'after that when  Armaan had let Ridhima go in that raining night, Armaan had became a workaholic'Arashi's manager had made a press conference the day after that raining sad night and announced that Armaan and Ridhima had break off their engagement due to some objection that came up from Ridhima's family'during the press conference,   Armaan  kept his mouth shut'even when the reporters asked for his comment, he remained silent and walked out from the conference when he no longer able to stand hearing all of them asking him questions on Ridhima 'his Arashi members also noticed that Armaan had became other people than the usual Armaan 'before he met Ridhima, even when he is a serious guy at work, they still can make joke around him and he would always play around with them'but now, he was totally a serious man that nobody dare to play around when they were at work him'they were scared that Armaan will suddenly yelled at them or simply walked out of the place leaving all of the staffs to stare at his back'Atul was once being yelled by him for kept fooling around during one of their concerts practice'Ohno was once being told that he is such a jerk when he kept misread the lyrics in one of their new recording song booth'even Rahul was being scold by Armaan when he was late for their TV programme show'but the worst one is Aiba'he is the one who kept doing silly mistakes and all of Arashi knew that'but Armaan found him quite annoying and kept on yelling or glaring at him'they no longer enjoy doing their jobs when Armaan acting like a 'live bomb''one single mistakes and he will explode'

"I think we need to talk to Armaan '" said RAhul one day after they had finished doing their work'today, Armaan had slapped one of the staff when she accidentally brought the wrong clothes that they were supposed to wear during their TV programmed show'the girl cried and apologized but Armaan told her to get lost if she was not serious with her work'he stated that he is so fond of his jobs and he didn't like silly people making silly mistakes around him'that make Atul pissed off and he had said out loud that one people who had being acted silly is Armaan ' Armaan had walked out from the recording studio then and that make the show recorded activities delayed due to his absent'

"What is the use for???" asked Atul, still pissed off with Armaan's jerk action'he gripped his fist tightly and yelled out in frustration'

"Calm down Atul'you know that his emotion wasn't really good lately," said Aiba'he always felt for what had happened to Armaan'and because of that, everytimes Armaan yelled at him he would always back off and apologized to him'

"I am nothing like you Aiba'I can't stand him when he is acting childish and jerk like that'" said Atul angrily'who care if he is not in a good emotion??? Everyone had their own problems'and he should really get over Ridhima now'it's been three months since they broke off for God's sake!!!

"I know but'we should considered he is having his hard time now'trying to get over Ridhima and so on'" said Aiba again'when Atul opened his mouth to argue, Ohno held out a hand and Atul stopped talking at once'
"That's enough'no need to argue among us'the most important thing right now is how we can help Armaan'" said Ohno'Atul rolled his eyes and made a move towards the door'Ohno closed his eyes and sighed'Rahul suddenly stood up, cleared his throat'

"Atul'sit down'" he said in a serious voice'Atul stopped walking but made no effort in sitting down'

"I said'sit down'" said Rahulagain'this time, Atul spun around to glare at him'he glared back at him, giving him a I-don't-care-what-you-are-up-to-just-listen-to-me look'Atul sighed and sat down unwillingly'Rahul then walked to the door and closed it'he pulled out his phone and called someone'the others looked at him'

"Hello'Armaan, where are you right now???" he asked over the phone'then, he nodded a bit'he looked to his other friends and said'

"Listen'we all wanted to go out tonight and have some fun at the club'fancy to join us???"'Ohno raised his eyebrow'Aiba looked in disbelief'they had never planned that before'Atul looked bored but he was listening as well'Rahul nodded again'

"Then we will meet you there'maybe after 20 minutes'you know the traffic right???" he said, chuckling'then he hung up the phone'

"What was all that about???" asked Atul'Rahul sat down in front of them'

"I think, this it the suitable time for all of us to sneak out and have some fun ourselves'" he answered'Ohno shook his head'

"We need to be fit for the concerts tomorrow'we can't drink'" he said'Rahul chuckled'

"I don't say anything about drinking'I just said we are going to club'that's all'" he said'with the ' club' his tone became intense'Aiba laughed'so do the others'tonight, someone will be punished'the person who didn't sing will get hit or drunk'and Rahul was planning to let the that someone be Armaan'he will confessed anything when he was drunk'smart plan'

Ridhima looked at Shaan who was laying on her bed'she didn't like it that way'Shaan was laying on her bed'the bed where she had shared with Armaan before'Ridhima cleared her throat and Shaan looked at her'

"Aren't you suppose to go home now???" Ridhima asked'Shaan got up and sat on the bed'he looked at Ridhima, glaring at her with playful eyes'

"Can I stay here tonight??? Beside, Muskaan isn't home too'" he said'Ridhima knew what was coming and she didn't have the heart to do it'the only person she had ever slept with was Armaan 'and she would like to keep it that way'

"No'I am tired'and I don't want to have someone else on my bed either'" she answered firmly'then she tried to walk out from the room but Shaan grabbed her hand, making her fall on to the bed'he pinned her under her body and started kissing her'Ridhima remained motionless under his body'she didn't responded to his kiss nor did she made any move to stop him from kissing her'Shaan stopped sometime when she realized Ridhima had not responded to him'he unglued his lips from her and stare down at her'Ridhima's face was expressionless'Shaan got up from her and stood by them'still staring at her'

"Are you done??? Can you leave now???" Ridhima asked'the question took Shaan out of surprise and his anger burst up'

"What is wrong with you Ridhima??? You hate me kissing do you???" he asked'Ridhima got up from the bed and walked away from him'she stood near the window and looked down at the road outside her house'she had kissed Armaan so many time on that road'she still remembered the warmness Armaan gave her every times their lips met'that made her not able to share her lips with other man, just like she didn't like sharing her bed with other man'

"I'm sorry'I guess I'm not ready for that yet'you know..and you also know that I don't love you ..and because I only love Armaan and now as he has moved on ..don't expect me to love you ..i am only with you ..so armaan doesn't have tto suffer and if you tried to force me I will call the police '" she answered in a Firm and strict voice'Shaan groaned and he turned to leave'at the door, he stopped and said'

"For your information, there's no need to ready for that'within a week, we will get married'and after that, don't expect me to stop from kissing you or even sleeping with you'" he warned her'then he left'Ridhima looked down at her finger'there is a ring given by Shaan'he proposed to her a week before and decided to marry her in the upcoming week'Ridhima who had lost her will to life, agreed with no objection'however, Muskaan got angry because of her action and she moved out from the house, saying that Ridhima was just trying to destroy her life'she objected to Ridhima's action, agreeing to marry Shaan when she didn't love him at all'but Ridhima kept on her decision firmly'Shaaan had made life so miserable to her'perhaps by marrying a her she would make his life a bit miserable too'Ridhima sighed'she turned away from the window and walked out to the living room'not just Muskaan who didn't want to talk to her, even her parents had acted coldly towards her'they disagree with Ridhima's decision too'they knew too well Ridhima love  Armaan and they hated seeing Ridhima becoming a playing doll to Shaan'following his orders like that'Ridhima turned on the TV and flicked around the remote to see the channel that might attract her attention'her finger stopped flicking the remote when one of the channel got her attention'

"And now, please welcome the guest'it's Arashi!!!" said the MC'Arashi walked into the stage and sat down at the guest's seats' Armaan sat at the middle of his group members, looking handsome as usual'but he no longer have that happy man feel around him'somehow, his aura was making the hair on Ridhima's back rise up just by looking at him'

"Well'today'we are going to ask some love-related question to all of you'how it is then???" asked the MC cheerfully'the others nodded except Armaan who was looking bored'

"The first question is'what did you think of love??? The meaning of it???" asked the MC'Arashi seems to be interested in answering that question'Aiba raised his hand at once along with Atul'the MC told them to answer it in order'starting from Atul to Rahul'

"Well'I think love is beautiful'it is not really just for lovers'it can be a love to your parents, works and friends'" answered Atul or could be plants all laughed except Armaan 'the audiences applauded'Atul bowed and smiled to the camera'

"To me love is something that is unexpected'you will never know when you will fall into someone'for that part, I think it is unexpected'perhaps my love is going to meet me straightaway after this program ended'or I will perhaps meet her only when I had become an old man'" answered Ohno'the audiences laughed hearing his answer'the others apologized for his action but Ohno kept his face blank and innocent'

"How about Aiba then???" asked the MC, leaving out Armaan for some unknown reason'Aiba cleared his throat and looking straight at the camera, he said'

"Love is life'you lived in this world because someone loves you and they live because you love them too'"'the audiences applauded more loudly and shouted his name'Aiba looked embarrassed and he bowed to them'

"In my opinion, love is something that you do all the time'when you at work, you do it well because you love it'when you are at home, you be with your family because you love them'and when you do something for your lovers too, it is also because you love them'" he answered'the MC thank him and Armaan cleared his throat'

"Oh, yes'Armaan  hadn't answer the question yet'well, what do you think about love then???" she asked' Armaan looked to the camera and smirked'

"Love???he chuckled  It is a painful thing'it hurts you'it kept on hurting you until you can't see what is the right to do about it'" he said in a serious voice'the studio became quite'then, a commercial break cut the programme'Ridhima  stunned at her coach' Armaan had said that love is a painful thing'she turned off the TV and covered her face with her hands'tears flowed down on her cheeks and she whispered'

"I am hurt too Armaan 'forgive me for loving you'"'

"What are you doing???" asked Armaan, annoyed with his friends'they kept on asking him to sing when he didn't have the heart to sing'Armaan poured more beer into his glass and made a gesture, daring him to drink it'

"If you don't want to sing, then drink it'it is the rule'and you should do it!!!" he said' Armaan ignored him and he poured down the beer into his throat'the others glanced at Rahul'he nodded' Armaan wasn't an easily drunk man or an fool  but he knew he will fall into their trap this time since it been a long time before they all last drunk'then Atul and Ohno continued on singing'singing the song called L.O.V.E by Nat King Cole'

"L is for the way you look at me'O is for the only one I see'" Ohno sang'

"V is very very extraordinary'.E'is even than more than'" Atul continued but he stopped singing when  Armaan  suddenly yelled at him' 

"Can you please sing another song??? That had anything to do with love???" he yelled'Atul nodded'they had done it'he had started drunk'Aiba took the mic and clicked the remote, looking for the song that he wanted to sing' 'when Aiba started singing, Armaan slumped down on the table'his head felt dizzy from the beer he had drunk'he laughed when he heard the others teasing Aiba and his singing ability compared to the real singer of the song'Aiba tried to defend himself and they all laughing'the mic switched hand and this time in landed in Armaan '

"What do you want to hear me sing???" he asked'he stood up and swaying a bit'Aiba went to support him but he pushed him away'

"Anything that you would like'" said Rahul, flicking the song series' Armaan spotted the song 'What About Now' from The Daughtry and he made thumb gestures telling that the song is good'Rahul clicked on it and Armaan started singing'

"Shadows filled an empty heart as love is fading'for all the things that we are'are not saying'can we see beyond the scar'and make it to the dawn???"' Armaan's thought when to that girl'he missed her so much'part of him wanting to go and meet her but another part forbid him to do so since that he was on top again of his career now'

"Change the color of the sky'and open up to'the reason made me feel alive'the reason I love you'for all the things that never done'to make it through the night'where love will find you'"' Armaan sang his heart out'tears started flowing down his cheeks'it makes all his friends frozen to the spot where they were sitting'looking at him like that was making them feeling sad and heartbroken'

"What about now? What about today? What if you making me? All that I was meant to be? What if our love? Never went away'What if it lost behind? Words we could never find'baby before its too late'what about now???"'Jun suddenly collapsed to the floor'the music goes on but he no longer able to sing'he was crying there, wiping his tears away when he realized that he was crying'Ohno went to him and gripped his shoulders'for 3 months, he had avoided to remember his feeling for Ridhima'for months, he tried to hold back his tears'for months too, he learnt to live a life away from any thought on her'he turned himself into a workaholic, so that when he was stress or tired, his mind won't get to her again'he yelled at people, became a monster so that he will avoided pitying gazes at him or longing to comfort him'he didn't want them to feel sorry for him but that was what he is made of now'

"I am so sick of myself Ohno'I just can't get over her'" he cried'Ohno nodded'tears dropped on his own face'he wanted to help Armaan but he had no idea how'Rahul walked to Armaan and kneeled down in front of him'he gripped Armaan's hand and said, holding back his own tears'

"Then'cry'just cry'if it will make you feel better, then cry your heart out'"'

"I can't'I am a man'and a man isn't suppose to cry'" Armaan said between sobbed'Aiba stood up and walked to him'he smacked Jun's head and said'

"Who say so??? A man is a human being too'and it is normal for human to cry'you did nothing that is shameful'"' Armaan cried harder when he heard Aiba'Atul walked to them too and sat in front of Armaan '

"We will cry along with you'just say it and we will accompany you to cry'so that you won't be ashamed with youself'" said Atul' Armaan looked at him'

"Sorry I called you a jerk today'you weren't a jerk when you are crying," he said, teasing Armaan ' Armaan smiled a bit'then he looked down again'

"Will you guys really cry along with me???" he asked'he no longer looks like Armaan Malik'he looks like a little boy who needed someone to console him'and protect him'Ohno chuckled'he put his arm around Armaan's shoulder'

"Of course we will'we are Arashi right???" he said'smacking  Armaan  lightly on his chest' Armaan laughed'the others laughed too'and that's what they continued on doing'crying and laughing'it makes Armaan jumped into a conclusion that'even when he lost the girl that he loved most'he would always had his four great buddy with him'to laugh, to cry and to walk with him in this life'

Ridhima waited boringly for the workers there to come out with her wedding gown'she felt so misplaced at that moments'when she looked around'all she can saw were happy couples enjoying their moments picking up wedding gown and suits'why can't be one of them??? Her thought went to Armaan 'three months before, she had been daydreaming, wearing a white wedding gown and Armaan as her bridegroom'but now'she sighed'the workers came out from the door and brought to her three wedding gown'Shaan walked happily behind them and he smiled when he saw Ridhima'

"I chose this three for you'go and try put it on'" he ordered'Ridhima obeyed him'she let the workers help her change inside the changing room'when she stepped outside, she stole a glance at herself in a long mirror pasted on the wall there'she saw a beautiful lady with her wedding gown on'but somehow, she didn't know her'that was not Ridhima for she hadn't smiling at all'when she was a little girl, she always dreamt about her wedding day'and her wedding gown'she didn't expect that she will looks like this when she was fitting her gown'she smiled a bit and let out a frustrated laugh'

"Ridhima???" she heard a man calling her'turning around, she was shocked to see Aiba there'Aiba looked at her from head to toe'he smiled but in a weird way'Ridhima gulped'

"I see that you are doing well with your life," he commented'Ridhima laughed'

"Right 'I wish I was What??? This??? Isn't it is the thing everyone do when the time has come???" Ridhima answered'she walked to him and looked up'

"What are you doing here anyway???" she asked'Aiba glanced at his back'looking for someone apparently'

"I am here for a job actually'I am the male model for this shop'" he said'still looking at his back'

"What are you looking at really???" Mao asked, offended when he didn't look at her while talking to her'she stepped in front of him to look at where he is looking and she stopped breathing at once' Armaan 'he was standing there by the door'with a white suit, looking at mirror, checking his looks'he looks just like a male God'too handsome to describe in a word'then came Rahul'he said something to Armaan and Armaan smiled'a tear dropped on to Ridhima's cheek when she saw him smiling'how she missed that smile so much'with just a smile, Armaan can easily make her cry'

"Ridhima'" she heard Shaan calling her'before she was able to run away from her place that she stood to look at Armaan, she saw that Armaan had already turned around to look at voice and saw her'their eyes met and he stood frozen seeing her in a wedding gown'Ridhima wiped the tear away and dropped her gaze'Shaan came and pulled her to face him'

"You look beautiful'" he said, laughing'

"I am proud that you are my bride'" he continued saying'Ridhima felt like she wanted nothing else than to just melt into the air and disappeared between the two man right now'Atul came to them and held out a hand'

"Nice to see you at last Shaan Shah'" he said in a dangerous tone'Shaan looked up at him and took his hand'his eyes wandered to Atul's back and he saw Armaan'he narrowed his eyes when he saw that he is the only one among Arashi that was wearing a wedding suit'he realized that Ridhima wearing a wedding gown too but he didn't in his wedding attire'he chuckled'

"O'it is Arashi then'nice meeting you all..." he bowed a bit to them'they bowed back at him but Armaan continued to glare at Ridhima'he ignored Shaan'Shaan noticed it and he pulled Ridhima to his side'  Armaan Smirked

"We are getting married this weekend'feel free to come to our wedding party if you guys are free'" he said loudly'Ridhima looked up at Armaan 'he didn't made any expressions at all'

"Oh'I see'you are finally getting married to a girl that you love'funny isn't it??? I didn't see her smiling at all when you said it so'" said Rahul'his temper rising up'don't you get it you triple idiot headed??? Ridhima don't love you at all!!! Shaan looked at Ridhima and noticed that she had been looking at Armaan 'he looked at Armaan and noticed that he had his eyes on her too'he cleared her throat and Ridhima looked back at him'

"Sorry'what are you guys talking about???" she asked'then she looked at Armaan again'Shaan lost his temper and he walked away'Ridhima ignored him as she continued to look at Armaan '

"Ridhima'you bridegroom is leaving'" Ohno said'Ridhima turned to look at him'her senses came back to her and realized that she was supposed to be with Shaan now'fussing around, she turned back heading to Shaan'before she left, Armaan called her'

"Ridhima'" she stopped dead'

"Congratulations'you are'you are really'beautiful in your gown'" he said'Ridhima  smiled a bit'she turned to look at him'

"Thanks'and you too'looking stunningly cool in that suit'Don't kill your fan's " she replied, making a joke'the truth is, she will be killed if she saw Armaan on the magazine wearing that suit and looking sexy' Armaan laughed bitterly'

"I won't'I promise'" he said'Ridhima  smiled more widely now'she nodded and left' Armaan sighed'

"Are you okay???" Rahul asked him' Armaan looked at him and smiled'

"I think I need to go for a club right now'" he answered'the others nodded at him'


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