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Armaan lay on his bed'deep in thoughts'the image of Ridhima wearing her wedding gown seems to be unable to be deleted from his eyes and mind'somewhere deep down his heart, he felt a sharp pain tearing his heart, cutting it open, slashing it into thousand of cuts when he thought that she is not his bride'he got up from the bed and pulled open his drawer'there, he took out the little box that was made from wood'he sat back on his bed and opened the box'the rings that were once being put on his finger and Ridhima's were now put inside this box, forgotten by its true owners' Armaan sighed'he had never forget'up until now, he still love Ridhima' 'just like he did went he kept on dreaming about her even when he himself didn't know whether she exist or not' Armaan lay back again'he closed his eyes and Ridhima's image came again'just like it always did'she looked so real and vivid'Armaan held out a hand to touch her but she is untouchable'there is no point going to club just now'he didn't even cry there, even when all of Arashi members persuaded him to cry'he knew that no matter how much tears he shed for this love story, she will never be his again' Armaan pulled his phone from the pocket'he dialed Ridhima's number'not realizing what he was doing of course'and it rang a few times'then'

"Hello'" the voice of his angel greeted him' Armaan gulped'what the hell was he doing??? He debated with himself whether he should answer her or not'after all'he was the one who is calling'

"Hello'Ridhima'" he called out'a long silence filled the line' Armaan waited for her to respond'

"Armaan '" she called his name'so she still remembered his voice'even when he had changed his phone number now, she still recognized him from the voice'

"I'I miss you'" Armaan said'Ridhima continued to be in a mute mode' Armaan closed his eyes'how he wished he could get through the line and came out in from of her'he wanted so bad to hug her'to kiss her'to tell her how much she meant to him'but'

"I miss you too'" Ridhima replied'quickly, Armaan's eyes snapped open'he never thought Ridhima would replied him like that'he had thought that Ridhima had got over him'she is going to get married right???

"Armaan 'I'm sorry you need to see me in that dress'I had no intention at all to hurt you'or'or'anything," she said' Armaan smiled'

"Don't worry'I am not hurt'in fact, I was glad I get to see you there'more glad since you are wearing that dress'even when you are not my bride'" he replied back'laughing bitterly'over the line, Ridhima was battling with herself'she needed to tell Armaan that she was not happy with the marriage'nor did she was all too willing to be with Shaan'but'she did not want to ruin Armaan's career too'so she chose to laugh'

"Hahaha'funny isn't it??? You are wearing that wedding suit too'even when you are not my bridegroom too'o'you look so breathtaking handsome out there!!!" Ridhima said'a little too happy that Armaan knew she was faking it to make the conversation not too awkward between them'it was now time for   Armaan to be in his silent mode'he hated how ridhima seems to be determined to act like she is all happy with Shaan when he knew that she was suffering'he had a feeling he needed to kill Shaan now'he don't even try to make Ridhima   happy'even when he have lots of opportunity to do so'damn that big eyes man!!!

" still there???"Ridhima asked when she realized Armaan had been quite over the line' Armaan sighed'he no longer wanted to talk to her'

"Yeah'listen'I'm a bit tired now'I'll talk to you later okay???" he answered her'he had a mental image in his mind right now that he was beating Shaan to die or worst stuffing him into a big oven and let him get burnt!!! Ugly git!!!

"Oh'okay'" Ridhima replied back'she was taken aback'why did he called when he was not willing to talk to her??? Men are idiot!!! She thought furiously' Armaan then said goodbye and hung up the phone'Ridhima threw her phone away and walked out from her room'she saw the invitation card that were covering her dining table'she walked there and pick up one of the card'seeing Shaan's name and hers was making her sad'how she wish that the bridegroom's name Armaan not   Shaan'Ridhima shook her head'she was being ridiculous'she is going to get married in a few days time and still her mind and heart belonged to Armaan 'poor man'he must have some haunting power to haunt her like that'the image of Armaan wearing the wedding suit came again'Ridhima smiled'handsome man'Ridhima threw aside the wedding invitation card and walked to the TV'she looked for a VCD that was once belong to Muskaan'it is a VCD of one of Armaan's drama'she opened it and watched it'watching Armaan was making Ridhima crying again'she wanted him to stop her from walking to Shaan down the aisle on her wedding day'no'she desperately wanted somebody'anybody to stop her from marrying Shaan'but she was afraid'afraid that Shaan will tried to kill himself again'afraid that she too didn't have the gut to turn away and leave him when he needed her the most'God'please!!! Send an angel to save me!!! Ridhima prayed again and again'until at last she fell asleep with Armaan still acting on her TV'

Rahul walked as fast as his feet could carry him to the manager's room'he had left his sunglasses there and right now he needed it for he was about to leave the company and headed home'he entered the room'nobody was there and Rahul whistling happily when he saw his sunglasses'as he was about to leave the room, he heard someone talking outside the door'leaning closer to the door, Rahul tried to catch the conversation that he believed was belong to his manager'

"I see'congratulation on your wedding'so'what can I do for you then Mr Shah???" Mr Manager said'Rahul narrowed his eyebrows when he heard the 'Shah' name'that name was the sign that something bad is going to happen'after all, the Shah always brought problems to Arashi'particularly Armaan...Rahul decided to go on listening to the conversation'so that he can plan a counterattack on whatever Shaan the evil trying to do'Rahul smiled evilly'

"Oh'so you wants Arashi as the wedding present on your day??? May I ask why??? You see, Arashi never been invited to sing on any wedding days before because they only sing on play back or the conserts and even not the richest person can invite then to sing on the wedding and surely no you '" said Mr Manager'Rahul's brain was racking as he tried to figure out what is happening in the name of heaven right now'well because they knew her so well so they might want to say goodbye too her said Shaan

"Hmm'I'll try to persuade the boys to attend the wedding then'I mean'it is your wedding with Ridhima' Armaan is not going to agree on it I guess'" he said again'this time, the intention of Shaan came clear to Rahul he pushed open the door, took the phone from his manager and said'

"Hello, good evening'I'm Rahul talking'we will be there on your wedding day'no worries at all'"'Rahul tried to control his temper'he smiled sweetly to his manager who was looking all stunned with his sudden action'but the smile vanished at once when he shut the phone shut'his manager looked at him with the expressions I-don't-understand-you'Rahul rolled his eyes and he pushed his manager inside the room again'

"Listen here'I don't want you to interfere in this matter at all'I have a plan for our dear Mr Shaan wedding day and we will be leaving your company in three months when our contrc will be over and we are signing with empire company because they have given us more freedonm..and even if no body will sign us ..we will still leave your company for the day you asked Ridhima to leave Armaan'" he said in a very sweet voice but in the same time, the danger behind the words hinted like a minute bomb that any time can be exploded if someone touch it'his manager blinked but he was horrified but didn't say anything'he nodded'particularly because Rahul and Armaan's aura isn't something that he can tolerated with'Rahul nodded his approval'he turned around to leave the room, putting on his sunglasses, whistling again and walked out'his manager put hand on his chest and tried to breath normally again'

"Gosh'these guys are scary sometimes and what will happen'" he said'blinking a few times'with a blur expression on his face'

Armaan looked at Rahul in disbelief'had he misheard him??? Why did he have to look so happy??? Didn't he realized that Armaan was about to faint when he suggested that they all attended Ridhima upcoming wedding day???

"rahul'are you out of your mind???" asked Aiba'he looked from Rahul to Armaan 'then back to Rahul again'Rahul was playing with his sunglasses with a huge grin on his face'he shook his head a few times'

"Nope!!! Not at all'I'm perfectly sure about it'I have a good feeling about all of us to be there'" he answered Aiba'he smiled more widely'Atul rolled his eyes'Ohno had his mouth wide open due to the fact that he didn't have the energy to put his spoon full with cereal inside his open mouth'Rahul walked to him and helped Ohno to eat his cereal by pushing the spoon into his mouth'Ohno swallowed it obediently but his eyes continued to stare at Rahul'rahul gave him a dashing smile and Ohno choked'Atul patted Ohno's back and he said to Rahul'

"Why??? Why do we have to attend it???"'Rahul looked at Atul'he took the bowl of cereal from Ohno and helped himself to it'ignoring Atul's question'Atul lost his temper, went to Rahul, took the bowl, handed it to Aiba, who was obediently took it, Atul took Rahul's face and held him looking at him'

"Thanks for the bowl'what should I do with it???" Aiba asked stupidly'Atul looked at him and answered it quickly'

"Eat it!!!"'Aiba then started spooning himself with the cereal and Ohno walked to him, looking from the bowl to him, then from him to the bowl again'at last'

"Oye!!!" Ohno yelled'Aiba shook his head'Ohno took the bowl from him and glared at him' Armaan rolled his eyes and he said to Atul'

"Can we just proceed in questioning Rahul??? Throw the bowl away you two!!!"'he added angrily to Ohno and Aiba'Aiba grinned while Ohno held the bowl to his chest, protecting it from Armaan ' Armaan chose to ignore him'Ohno is unstoppable when it comes to eating'

"Yes'yes'we should proceed'so, Rahul'answer me'why should we attend Ridhima's big day???" Atul continued'Rahul blinked innocently'Atul smacked his head '

"That's hurt!!!" Rahul yelled, rubbing his forehead'Atul let go of him and walked away from him, looking at him in disgust'Rahul stuck his tongue at him'then he stared at Armaan '

"Do you want Ridhima to be happy???" he asked, becoming serious again'Ohno stopped eating at once when he heard Ridhima's name'they had never said her name in front of Armaan after the incident of the broke off engagement' Armaan sighed, closed his eyes and nodded'Rahul walked to him and put his hand around Armaan's shoulder'

"Then you should attend it'letting her go and giving her your blessing would make it easier for her to start a new life with that gift'" Rahul said' Armaan opened his eyes'he looked at Rahul and tried to read his face'but Rahul remained expressionless' Armaan had a strange feeling that Rahul was planning something else'after all, he is one of also smartest one among them 'he looked at his Atul, Aiba and Ohno now'trying to see their reaction'

"He have a point there'" Atul said'Aiba nodded'Ohno nodded too and continued with his cereal' Armaan chuckled'somehow, Ohno always helped him to laugh whenever it is impossible for him to laugh'it must be really good to be like Ohno'his life only resolve around singing, dancing, drawing, eating and eating again' Armaan nodded at last'he really wants to see Ridhima in her wedding gown again'he needed to really set her free so that he can move on with his life'but can he really do so when he saw Ridhima  with Shaan walking down the aisle??? The answer remained undefined in his heart'

Ridhima stood in her bedroom'looking at her wedding gown'she had no interest at all in touching it nor did to wear it'she sat down by her bed, leaned her head there and closed her eyes'her hand wandered to touch the place where she had once put on the ring of Ridhika'she had never put on the ring given by Shaan when she is alone'she only wore it in front of him'other times she would keep it inside his drawer'she felt guilty everytime his ring replaced the place where Ridhika's ring supposed to be'a knock on the door made Ridhima opened her eyes'she saw her mother there'

"Hi'can I come in???" the old lady said...Ridhima smiled'she made a gesture like she wanted to hug her'and padma came in and hugged her tightly'Ridhima closed her eyes'

"Ridhima'is this really a good decision to you???" asked her mother'Ridhima sighed'she pulled away from her mother and tried to avoid her gaze'she nodded'

"Don't lie to me'you never wore the ring that he gave you when he is not around right??? But you always had Armaan's ring on your finger when you was with him before'" her mother said'Ridhima looked up at her'she lost for words when she attacked her like that'

"My dear daughter'wedding is not something that you can take lightly'it is your life'it is your dreams'don't tell me that you have forgotten all about your dream wedding'" she said again, this time she squeezed Ridhima's hand, trying to make her see the truth'

"Do I still have the chance to have that dream mum???" Ridhima asked weakly'tears were easily flowed down when she was talking to her mother'no matter how much she tried to act, in front of this woman, everything will leaked out easily'her mother hugged her again'she softly brushed her hair'

"You always have the chance, 'you always have the right to say no to Shaan even when you two already standing in front of the priest'" padma replied'Ridhima cried harder'

"But I can't mum!!! What if he tries to kill himself again??? What if Armaan didn't want me anymore???" Ridhima asked'all the bitterness, the sadness that she felt came bursting inside her body'she could felt herself shaking'her mother hugged her more tighly, trying to give her some of her strength'

"Then let him die'he is the one who didn't value his own life!!! It has nothing to do with you!!!" said Shashank 'he was standing by the bedroom door, listening to his wife and Ridhima's conversation'Ridhima looked up at him'his father walked inside the room and kneeled down in front of her'

"You are my only daughter'I love you more than anyone else'and I hate it when you are crying like this over the matter that you are not responsible for!!! Ridhima'you are a strong girl'you don't have to sacrifice yourself like this for a guy that don't worth it!!! Get a grip on yourself, honey'" he said'Ridhima sobbed'she was confused now'her parents were right'but how about Armaan??? Armaan had acted coldly to her when he was talking to her in that phone'and she couldn't live a life knowing that Armaan had not love her anymore'maybe hang on to Shaan and making his life miserable is a good way to live on if Armaan didn't love her anymore'

"I can't'I'm sorry mum and dad'I just need to do this'I can't take Shaan's life'nor did I have any right to trouble Armaan and his career'" she replied'as she knew if she would marry shaan she will make him see the hell on this earth and Armaan would be able to saty in his career 'you will pay shaan for all the things you did to my Armaan'You will'she thought dangerously and determined 

"So this is all about Armaan huh???" asked her father' Ridhima nodded'Shashank sighed'

"If you love him that much, why can't he do the same to you??? Leaving behind his career just to be with you???" asked her father' Ridhima shook her head'

"I am the one who didn't allowed him to do so'I just adore him as an idol'it will only make Armaan felt worse if he lost his career'he works so hard to gain his name now'and Arashi'they can't go on if they lost Armaan 'I can't be selfish just to have my own happiness'" Ridhima explained between sobbed'her father shook his head'

"Every love stories need sacrificing my ridhima'it's not just you or him'even me and your mum too have it'" he replied'but Ridhima  just shook her head, refusing to agree with his father'frustrated, he left from the room'leaving his wife to deal with the stubborn Ridhima'

"I only want you to listen to this'" said padma'Ridhima looked at her'

"Love knows no reasons, love knows no lies, love defies all reasons, love has no eyes but love is not blind, love sees but doesn't mind'so if love someone, tell them'for hearts are often broken by words left unspoken'" she said to Ridhima'Ridhima blinked'she had no reasons for loving Armaan ' Armaan knew that she lied when she said she didn't love him, Armaan accepted her decision to be with Shaan because he love her and he doesn't mind whom she be with it, as long as it is her decision'and Ridhima love him too'so much that if she didn't tell him that, she will only broke her heart and not just her heart but also Armaan Armaan for he had lost her and Shaan when he realized that she only be with him just because she wanted to save Armaan ' his career' and to make him see the hell

"Good night'sleep well'it's your big day tomorrow'" Mrs padma  said to Ridhima'she got up and walked out'as she walked past the door, she stopped and said'

"Well'that if you still decided to be the bride'"'.leaving Ridhima to battle with her own feeling and thoughts'

Armaan can't sleep'he lay there on his bed, kept turning around on the bed, looking for a perfect spot that can make him drifted to sleep'but'no'his thoughts kept going on Ridhima's wedding day'Shaan that idiot wanted to present Arashi as the wedding gift to Ridhima'he asked them sing on his wedding day'when Armaan asked what song are going to be sang by them, Rahul kept on telling him that it will be a secret'and he didn't want to spoil the fun for all of them'Ridhima' Armaan felt that he is going to die the moment Ridhima say 'yes' to Shaan'now that the wedding is just a few hours to go' Armaan felt his braveness are leaving him, making him sweating and shaking with sadness'suddenly his phone rang' Armaan jumped on his bed'who on earth is going to call him at this hours??? He picked up the phone, not even bothering to check who was the caller'

"Hello'people is sleeping here'" he answered'just as he was about to shut the phone'he heard someone called out his name'and he seems to know that voice'

Ridhima???" he asked'putting the phone back close to his ears'

"Armaan '" she replied her'

"What are doing at this hours??? You are getting married tomorrow'" Armaan said in surprised'Ridhima became silent' Armaan waited for her to say something'

"Will you let me marry him???" she asked' Armaan got up and sat on the bed'

"Only if you want to'" he answered'

"If that mean'mean'you still love me???" Ridhima asked again' Armaan gulped'

"I always do'" Armaan answered'Ridhima became silent again'impatiently Armaan asked her'

"Is there something wrong Ridhima???"'Ridhima bite her lip''everything is wrong Armaan''she wanted to answer him like that'but no'she can't'she won't'

"No'no'everything is alright'well'sorry I bother you slept'night'she replied'quickly she hung up' Armaan still had the phone at his ear'he wondered what had happened to Ridhima'but if she really didn't want to marry Shaan, then what will happen to them???? Can they be together again???

Ridhima  blinked her eyes in disbelief'what was she doing here??? This is the old cottage that belong to them'what was she doing here???

"Ridhima'"Ridhima looked around'she was looking at her own reflection'she was prettier than her and looks more so innocent and pure'

"Who are you???" Ridhima asked'she smiled'

"I'm Radhika'" she answered'Ridhima blinked'

"Am I dead???" she asked her'Ridhika  smiled'she shook her head'

"No'it just that I needed to tell you something'" she replied'Ridhima raised her eyebrows'

"What???" she asked'a little impatient'

"I believe you are looking for an answer about what will happen to you and Armaan right now'" she answered Ridhima'Ridhima  nodded'

"Well'my advice to you is'true love is when everything in the world is going wrong, all you have to do is look at that special person and suddenly, everything in the world is right again'" Ridhika said'Ridhima stared at her'

"I don't get it'" she said to her'but Ridhika  just smiled at her'

"You wonder what happen to Amar when I dead???" she asked at Ridhima, ignoring Ridhima's question on her statement before'Ridhima nodded again'

"Well, he always remembered my look'even when I am no longer with him, he always saw me within himself'that's why he can survive his life alone'until the time for his death came'he looked at me inside his heart and everything that was wrong can be right again'" she said'Ridhima stared at her with a raised eyebrow'

"The Me Inside You Ridhima'remember??? You saw Armaan in your dreams right??? Because he live inside you'so do you inside him'can you really let him go by marring someone else???" she asked her for the how many times, Ridhima didn't know'she let her mind wandered to Armaan and'

"Wake up sleepyhead!!!" someone poked her head'Ridhima blinked'the sun blinded her and she felt a sharp pain inside her head'

"Go get your bath'we don't a smelly bride'" Muskaan said'Ridhima looked at her'

"I would always love you'but I still want to stay away from ridhima'because I don't know but I just can't acpect the fact " Muskaan said, smiling a bit'Ridhima   smiled back at her'when Muskaan left her, she thought about what Ridhika  told her'

"The you inside me'or the Me inside you " Ridhima whispered'


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