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part 33 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Kartik! Main tumhari pasand ko jald se jald milna chahti hoon. I don't want to delay these things any more. Ho sakey toh Aaliyah ki engagement ke saat saat tumhara engagement bhi karva doongi." Naina affectionately enquired Kartik before bed time.

Kartik was surprised at Naina's sudden approval of his decision. "Mom! Aap yeh keh rahin hai? Are you sure? I'm surprised. Main aaj hi uss sey baat karoonga."

Naina adorably patted his back. "I'm sure, beta! Baat karney ki koshish nahin, Ussey jaroor ghar ley aao; hum sabse milao. I'm sure your choice is good."

Kartik was excited, "sure, Mom! I will bring her home."

Naina walked into her room to see angry Dilip waiting for her. "Naina! Do you know what you are doing? Kyon Kartik ko jhootha dilasa de rahi hai?"

She ignored him, "Cool down, Dilip! Mujhey achi tarah samaj hai main kya karney jaa rahi hoon. Tumhey pareshan honey ki koyi jaroorat nahin hai."

Dilip was irritated by her carelessness, "kaisey pareshan na hoon, Naina? Akhir ye humare bachon ke zindagi ka maamla hai. Main hurgeez tumhey unke zindagi ke saat khilvaad nahin karney doonga."

Naina arrogantly stared at Dilip. "Tumhey itna responsiblefeel karney ki jaroorat nahin hai, Dilip! Aaj tak tumney bahut kiya hai bachon ke liye. Abb jo bhi karna hai mujhey karney do."

Dilip was irritated at her callous behavior. "Mujhey pata hai tum kya karney jaa rahi hai. Wahan Gupta ji ko vachan diya tha aur yahan Kartik ko encourage kar rahi hai, kyon? Uski pasand ko thukra kar Gupta ji ka rista karvana chahti ho? Kyon bachoan ke zindagi ko museebat mein daal rahi hai? You know Kartik is not interested in Gupta's alliance. Phir '."

Naina arrogantly looked at Dilip while combing her long hair into braid.  She interrupted him as warned with her angry looks, "bina jaaney pehchaaney Kartik ki pasand ko haan kardoon? Anyway, why do we argue without meeting that girl?" She called Angad to reach home as early as possible without enquiring about his whereabouts. Angad was surprised for her unusual short conversation and promised to reach home before Aaliyah's engagement.


Next morning around 8 A.M. Kartik in Mumbai and Arman in Hyderabad were excited to reach their destiny.

Angad took leave from his would-be-could-be-in-laws to reach Pune for further preparations of his new project. Surya promised Angad to talk to Devyani about the alliance. He wanted to arrange for Upanayanam followed by wedding in February. Angad nodded his head with a smile though he was irritated in mind at his one track decisions. After all he tolerated Surya so far for sake of Kripa's love.

At the same time in Mumbai, Shashank hurried the hospital staff to discharge him as early as possible.  Anjali and Ridhima tried to control his excitement. "Papa! Don't excite yourself. Itni jaldi bhi kya hai? Pehle aap theek hojayiye."

 "Tum donon jaantey nahin main kitna kush hoon. Main theek hogaya hoon, energetic feel kar raha hoon. Mujhey apni beti ki mangni ki taiyyariyan jo karni hai." He displayed all his excitement by adorably squeezing Ridhima's cheeks.

Ridhima was humiliated inside and filled tears. "Papa! Aap kyon jaldbaazi kar rahey hai? Yeh sab aap ke theek honey ke baad bhi hosaktay hai na? Aap kyon zidd kar rahey hain?" She had reason for her concern. She was praying for Shashank's fast recovery, so that she would inform about her and Arman.

Shashank knew about Ridhima's thoughts and tried to control her with his sentiments. "kal ka kya bharosa, Ridhima! Mujhey kuch honey se pehle main jaldi se tumhari bidaayi karna chahta hoon." He ignored his daughters' pleadings and ordered Rahul to look after his discharge formalities. After all he had his own reasons for his excitement too. He didn't want to give any chance to Ridhima to leave him again.


"Hi! Misthy! Good Morning!" Kartik approached Misthy directly as soon as he entered his cabin. Misthy was surprised at his excitement. She smiled at him with reciprocated greetings. Kartik's face was glowing with excitement. "What are your plans for this weekend?" He didn't want to delay in his confession anymore.

Misthy was still wondering at his unusual conversation. "Nothing special; as usual laundry, cooking, relaxing, that's all."

Kartik untimely coughed to settle his excitement and embarrassment. "Aahemm..I would like to personally invite you to Aaliyah's engagement this weekend. You know Aaliyah, my younger sister?"

Misthy smiled adorably at his stumble though her mind wondered at his special invitation. "Ofcourse, Kartik! I met her before. I'll try to attend. So far I don't have any other commitments."

Kartik interfered immediately with excitement. "That means you are coming. Don't commit anywhere else. I asked you first. I mean I invited you first." He blushed at his own excitement and lenience.

Misthy's cheeks became pink and shyly nodded head approvingly. Kartik was thrilled for things turned in his favour. He tried to speak to her for some more time but was embarrassed to open his mind completely.

He settled his throat once again and stroked back of his head. "Actually the ceremony will be among closed friends and family only, but I wanted to introduce you to my family."

She hesitated to respond for a while and cheerfully looked into his eyes. She was also interested in him but never opened her mind with anyone so far. Kartik felt his own heart beat as waited for her response. She nodded her head shyly approvingly.

He silently thanked for her positive responses. "And please dress up like a bride, I mean traditionally.. I hope you don't mind my suggestions." He expected positive response from her.

Misthy shyly nodded her head as chuckled at his suggestions. She always preferred blouse and trousers. She was not so innocent that she didn't understand Kartik's suggestions. She noticed his coyly looks many times while talked to her before. She thought time had come to confess each other feelings. "Sure! Main taiyyar hokey aaongi." Kartik cheerfully thanked her. Both stared at each other sharing their excitement.


"Dr.Arman! Would you mind to postpone your leave? There is an important patient just now admitted in I.C.U., it is a very Complicated delivery.  Baby's father is highly influential politician. We need your presence for the new born." Dr. Abhimanyu personally requested Arman while he applied for leave. Arman was irritated but politely requested to seek another pediatrician.

Dr.Abhimanyu put Arman in dilemma by explaining about the influence of father. Arman was disappointed for staying back, "Thank God! Mainey Ridhima ko bataya nahin. Nahi toh sambhalna aur bhi mushkil hojaata." He decided to travel as soon as the baby case was solved.

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Next Part: What are Naina's plans? Would Kartik introduce Misthy? What hapens when Arman reach Mumbai?

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