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part 36 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Sarma! ji Dil chota mut kijiye. Yeh amir loag aisey hi hotey hain. Bina paison ke kabhi ristoan ka importance jantey nahin. Humari Kripa toh lakhon mein ek hai. Susheel hai, sanskari hai. Uske liye hazaron, lakhon  ristey aayenge. Meri baat suniye aur Kripa ka rishta kisi aur jagah kardijiye. Humare honeywala damaad ka ek chachera bhai hai. America mein kaam karta hai. Agar aap haan kahey toh main baat chalaoonga." Sastry updated the news about engagements in Khanna House as soon as he reached back home. Surya and Gayatri were shocked at hearing about Angad's engagement. Kripa was stunned at the news and clanged to her mother. She didn't know how to react. Her eyes were not dropping tears. Her brain was frozen to react to the news. She couldn't believe her ears to hear the news.

 "Mujhey yakin hi nahin ho raha hai ki Mausi ji ke samney yeh sab hogaya hai.  Samajh mein nahin aaraha hai ki aagey hum kya karein. Kya jaroorat thi Kartik se pehley hi Angad ka mangni karney ki?" Gayatri wiped her tears with edges of her sari after Sastry left. Kripa ran into her bedroom to hide herself.

"Yeh jaroor Naina ki chaal hai. Wo aurat toh pehley se hi humara rista ke kilaaf thi." Surya angrily paced in the hall.

Gayatri accusingly looked at him. "Naina ki baat chodiye yeh toh jaroor apke laparvahi ka hi nateeza hai. Nahi aap itna der kartey nahi wahan Naina jaldbazi karti."

Surya defended himself, "lo ghuma firakey baat mere  hi Uper aagayi. Mujhey kya pata Naina aisi harkatein karengi? Mainey socha Kartik  ki shadi tak Kripa ki baat taloonga. Itni kya jaldi hai humari bachi ki shadi mein? Jaaney do, jo hogaya hai so hogaya hai. Jo humarey nahin hotey kabhi apney nahin hotey. Iss se jada acha rista lekey aoonga humare rajkumari ke liye."

Gayatri furiously accused him. "Haan acha rista laayengey. Magar humara rajkumari uss Rajkumar ko hi pasand kiya tha jo abb kissi aur se shadi karney jaa raha hai. Bechari ka dil thod diya. Jindagi barbaad karkey rakha hai."

Surya tried to hide his depression. "Jao, Kripa ko dekhlo wo kya kar rahi hai. Humein kuch waqt uski saat dena padega. Usse dheerey dheere sab kuch bhulaane ki koshish karni hogi ."

Gayatri sniffed her nose through sari edges and warned him, "wo bhuley na bhuley aap abb usse kuch mut kahiye. Aap sabne milkar meri bachi ki dil tode diya hai."

**Surya sighed, "haan. Humara bhi kuch galatiyan hai. Mainey socha tha ki Angad Kripa se bahut pyar karta hai; Usse apne reeti rivazon ke parichay karadoon; Usse apne jaisay kuch sikhadoon. Kya faida purey ke purey sapne toot gaya hai. Phir kabhi uss khandan ka naam bhi humarey ghar mein nahin sunayi dega." Surya's voice was scratched at the end of the statement.

Kripa overhead the conversation of her parents and her eyes welled up with tears. Her heart had slowly started believing the truth.


"Are you sure? OMG! How come Mom would do this? I can't believe she became so stubborn at her word. But I don't agree for this… I don't…I don't accept this engagement. Kripa hotey huvey kissi aur se shadi? Kabhi nahin. Lagta hai mujhey hi kuch karna padega. Main abhi Dr.Gupta ko ya unki beti ko phone karke bataoonga ki yeh engagement mere decision ke kilaf hogaya hai. I'm not going to marry her." Angad blurted his anger on Mannan who informed the news to him over phone.

Mannan warned him from calling Gupta. "Angad! Cool down first. Thundey dimak se kaamlo. Pehley tumhari mom se nipatlo. Anyway engagement toh ho hi gaya tha. Abb tum rok sakey toh apni shadi ko rokley. Waisey bhi tum kahan ho abb tak? Kripa se mili ya nahin?"

"Aaj pura din kharab hai mera. Mujhey Shyaam mein direct flight mila nahin. Puney se deroute lena pada. Abhi hotel jaaraha hoon. Pehley socha tha seeda maama ke ghar hi chala jaaoon. Abb kya muh lekar jaoonga?"

Mannan tried to console him. "Don't worry buddy! Pyar mein sab kuch chelna padta hai. Tumharay maama ko news milney se pehley hi unse mil-lo aur pura story batado. Phir kuch kaam ban jayega."

"Thanks for all help, Mannan! I hope maama ko  yeh khabar mere jaaney se pehley na miley."

Mannan groaned, "bhagwan se prardhana karo, buddy! Tumhara ek bandhu aaye they na Hyderabad se? Kya naam hai unke? Haan yaad aaya.. Sastry!! Hope he doesn't carry the news as fast as you reach Kripa."

Angad sighed as last hopes were flickering in his mind, "Ho sakta hai. Aaliyah kahan hai?"

"Aaliyah toh gayi sasural," Mannan quipped.

Angad shouted, "WHAT?"

Mannan laughed softly, "itna gabhrao mut, yaar! Wo Damini aunty ne insist kiya tha ki Aaliyah unkey saat chaley. Shayad aaj raat wapas aajayegi. Unhi ne toh mujhey chetawani di thi tumhey khabar bhijwaney ki."

Angad was relieved as Aaliyah knew about his whereabouts.


The whole night Ridhima paced back and forth from her bedroom to Shashank's bedroom. Shashank retired to his bed with overwhelming joy after his return. She wouldn't dare to wake him up to reveal her decision at that moment.  She tried to talk to Anjali but stopped at the door as she heard the argument between Atul and Anjali.

"Mujhey pata nahin tha Anji! Tum itni selfish ho.Tumhara papa to Ridz ki dard ko samaj nahin rahe par kya tum bhi nahin samjh sakti? Mainey samjha Armaan bhi ghamandi hai; papa ki kadar nahin karta; Ridz ki pyar ko nahin samaj tha; Magar abb main samajh gaya hoon wo donon ek dooserey se bahut pyar karte hai. Apne pyar ko bachaney ke liye Armaan yahan tak agaya hai.  Tumne Armaan ki aaney ki khabar mujhey kyon nahin di?  Ridz ki support karney ke badley papa ke baat maan-ney ko kehrahi ho? Agar main wahan hota Ridz ko Arman ke saat bhaagney ko kehdeta."

Anjali shut his mouth angrily, "how could you say this, Atul? Papa ki halat dekh nahin rahey ho? Agar Armaan Ridhi se itna pyar karta to wo papa se uska haat mangleta? He is so arrogant!" She mumbled, "bhaagney ko keh raha tha. Papa ka kya hoga agar Ridhi aisi chali gayi toh?"

Atul grunted, "papa ko kuch nahin hoga. Agar kisi ko kuch hoga to wo hai "Armaan" aur Ridhima ke jindagi mein."

Anjali vetoed his console. "Kuch bhi kaho Atul! Iss waqt main papa ke alawa kuch nahin soch sakti. Ridhima Armaan ke saat nahin jaa sakti. Haan, yeh sab badal sakta hai agar Armaan papa ke samney aaye toh. Why don't you convince Arman to ask papa for Ridhima's hand? Wo itna bhi nahin kar sakta apne pyar ke liye? I don't believe he is your brother."

Atul pouted, "har bhai mere jaisey buddhu thode hi hota hai?" Anjali didn't pay attention and asked him to repeat. Atul sighed and retired to bed, "kuch nahin. Tumsey jo bhi kaho bekar ki baat hogi."

Ridhima sighed and returned to her room without disturbing them as she realized what she would get from them.

Morning she woke up early to pursue the matter with Shashank. But Shashank was still asleep. She joined others at breakfast table awaiting Shashank's arrival. After an hour Nani realized Shashank's long sleep. "7:30 bhajgaye, Shashank abhi tak breakfast per aya nahin?" She ordered the servant to check. "Main jakar dekhti hoon, naani!" Ridhima offered.

Anjali and Atul checked each other silently. Ridhima saw Shashank was still in deep sleep. She was surprised and tried to wake him up. She called Anjali to inform about her concern. Anjali checked his pulse and everything and called the hospital as Shashank was still unconscious. All were worried and immediately took him to the hospital as they were unable to diagnose the reason.


"Tumhey kya lagta hai main pyar mein bhuk se prandaan dedoonga?" Armaan tried to ease the atmosphere when Misthy brought breakfast into his room. Misthy smiled, "socha tha tum packing mein busy ho."

It was already past ten in the morning. Two hours past Arman's deadline for Ridhima from last night. No communication from Ridhima so far. He didn't call her back as it was her turn to make a move towards him. He checked his watch every other minute since he woke up. Misthy noticed him wiping his eye corners occasionally. She didn't disturb him but wouldn't stop observing him. She neither tried to call Ridhima. She saw him packing and unpacking his bags since 8 and thought of initiating to lighten up the tension.

Misthy continued, "khalo jaldi. Mujhey office jana hai." She was eager to meet Kartik to inform about the relationship between Ridhima and Arman.  She hasn't informed Kartik yet about sudden change in her plans to attend Aaliyah's engagement.  She was worried what Kartik must be thinking about her carelessness. First of all she has to solve her brother's problem.  Arman and Ridhima certainly need someone to drive them. Misthy decided to take the responsibility now to bring the lovers together by cancelling the engagement.

Armaan walked to the dining table and Misthy followed, "I need to go back, Misthy! Yahan ruk kar main Gupta ke pairon mein toh nahin padney wala. Agar aana hai toh Ridhima hi wapas ayegi. Tumhey bhi koyi contact karney ki jaroorat nahin hai." He explained his decision while having breakfast. Misthy didn't respond to him. She knew he was humiliating inside though tried to be strong outside. She walked into kitchen in pretext of bringing coffee for him. She called Ridhima on mobile to find out the reason for her not turning back. But she didn't get Ridhima on phone after few redials too.

Misthy paused at the door when heard Armaan talking over phone with Ridhima. "I don't understand how you could you ask me to come there. Main toh 8 bhajey tak time diya tha, tum aayi nahin, kabhar bhi nahin; aur abb tum yeh bata rahi ho ki tumhara papa hospital mein admit hua hai? I don't believe this." He paused a second as Ridhima pleaded him on other end. "Dekho Ridhima! Yeh tumhey taya karna hai ki apne papa ke saat rahogi yah apne pyar ka saat dogi. Main tumhare papa ko wahaan dekhney nahin aoonga, unke aakhri waqt per bhi nahin.. Unkey chaukat pur bhi kabhi kadam nahin rakhoonga. Main toh aaj hi wapas jaa raha hoon. Tumhey jitna waqt chahiye lelo. Mera ghar aur dil mein tere liye humesha jagah bani huvi hai. I wait for you." Arman's voice crackled at last sentence.

Misthy patted his shoulder as he rubbed his eyes after hung up the phone. He philosophically moved his hands, "pata nahin yeh ladki ka dimaag kyon kaam nahi karta. And I don't understand what the problem is with Dr.Gupta. Somehow I don't believe his illness. Kehti hai wo aaj phirse hospital mein admit hua hai. She was stuck there and cannot meet me. Ooper se mujhey wahan aaney ko kehrahi hai. Mujhey lagta hai yeh sab uss pariwar ka natak hai. I'm leaving today for Hyderabad.. Aaney do wo jab aana chahegi." He abruptly walked into bathroom. Misthy relieved as Ridhima communicated though not favorable. She decided to stay at home till Arman left.


Angad called Kripa on mobile several times and got no response. He suspected she got the news already. She never neglected his call. He made the lady at reception called to landline but had no favourable response. Angad understood Surya gave a lame excuse. Angad sent a detailed message to Kripa on her mobile but still didn't get any response. Around 5 in the evening he decided to meet Kripa at home and face the situation come what may in front of him. For his luck both Sarma couple was not at home.

"Bava!" Kripa was welled up on seeing Angad at the door. Angad understood the situation by seeing Kripa's swollen eyes.  He snuggled her in his warm embrace as his heart equally pinned for her too.

Kripa composed herself after few seconds and moved away from him. "Why did you do this, bava? Kya.." He hushed her in the middle, "mujhey kehney do, baavi!  Jo bhi hua tha mere kilaf  huva tha. Mom told me about that alliance just before engagement. And I was not there when actual engagement took place. I ran away from there. Mere gair hazari mein hi engagement hogaya tha. Uske pehley hi main tumse milney wahan se nikla tha. Subah se kitney baar mainey tumko phone kiya tha. But you haven't picked even once."

Kripa tied her lips as tear drops ran over her cheeks. She turned her face with guilt and walked to the coach, "Sastry chacha ney yeh nahin bataya tha ki tum wahan nahin they." She gave explanation for her silence to his phone calls.

Angad walked to her and took her face in his hands. He wiped her tears, "So you got the news from him?" She nodded her head. He smiled and kissed her cheeks, "bahut roya tha na?" She nodded her head again as eyes welled up. He kissed her eye lids, "How can I marry someone else, baavi? Tum kya mujhko itna hi jaanti hai?"

She shook her head, "mujhey pehley se hi darr tha ki humey door karney ke liye koyi na koyi problem jaroor khadi hogi." Angad pressed her head to his chest and tied her in his embrace. "No one can separate us, Kripa! Main ghar chodkar agaya hoon. Abb maama jo bhi kahengey wahi karoonga. Mere dil mein aur jindagi mein tumhare siwa aur kissi ki jagah nahin hai."

They both consoled each other for some more time before Sarma couple returned. Gayatri was pleased to see Angad while Surya knotted his eyebrows. Angad ignored Surya's rejection and updated Gayatri separately in kitchen while she was arranging dinner. Gayatri was happy at his decision but hesitated to accept with a fear of Khannas interference. Surya was silent all the time giving some space for them.  Angad spent time till late night in Sarma house reassuring of his decision.

Next Part:  Would Angad's dreams come true? What would Surya do with AK? Would Ridz join Armu?


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