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part 38 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Naina! Tum jo bhi kar raha hai uss se main hurgeez sehmut nahin hoon. Kyon Angad ke peechey padi huyi ho? Kyon Gupta pariwar ko bhi chot pahooncha rahi ho? Angad ke bina engagement toh karhi liya hai magar shadi kaise karoge, Uske photo ke saat? Sarma se tumhari dushmani kya hai? Bechari Kripa ki dil kyon thodna chahti ho? Yeh case, property ka hissa, yeh sab ka kya mutlab hai?" Dilip irately scolded Naina after the conversation with Surya over phone.

Naina ignored his warnings. "Abb main kuch nahin kar sakti. Mainey taya karliya hai ki yeh shadi jaroora karakey rahoongi. Abb peechey hutna namumkin hai. Aur case ke barein bhi main ab nahin baat karna chahti hoon. Pehla Angad yahan pahoonchney dijiye, tab main case wapas leney ko taiyyar hoon.  Abb yeh shadi jitni jaldi hojaye utna hi acha hai sab ke liye." She mumbled and walked away to contact Shashank.

Devyani was stunned at Naina's conversation and collapsed in the couch as numbed at the developments. Dilip tried to console his mother while warning Naina on other hand.

Dilip showed his concern as consoling Devyani after Naina's departure. "Mujhey maaf kardo, Maa! Pata nahin Naina kyon Sarma pariwar ke peechey padi huvi hai. I'm so confused. Kuch bhi nahin karpa raha hoon. Kabhi lagta hai Gupta ji se hi directly baat karoon. Magar wo toh aaj kal bahut beemar pad gaye hain.Pata nahin kaise react karengey.  Kiss se kya kahoon samajh mein nahin araha hai."

Devyani silently wiped her tears helplessly. Both became mere audience while Naina talked over phone in distance.

"Gupta Bhai Saab! Yeh kya kehrahey hai? Itna sa hogaya hai aur humey khabar tak nahin di? Abb lagta hai yeh shadi ki jaldi karna hi hoga. Ageley hafta hi date fix karayengey.  Subh karye mein deir kaisi? Kya rai hai aapke?" Naina showed concern at Shashank's sudden hospitalization.

Shashank was over thrilled as she took word from his mouth. "jaroor karengey, Naina ji! Main hi aapko phone karney wala tha. Pata nahin kab mera bulava ajayega." Both hurriedly fixed date in four days after consulting pundit together.


"Angad! Tum apne maa ke paas chaley jao. We can't do this wedding without her approval. And I don't think she would ever give permission to this alliance." Surya advised Angad when she dropped Kripa at home. Angad was shocked at sudden change of decision from Sarma family. Gayatri explained about the file suit and supported Surya. Kripa and Angad exchanged stares helplessly.

"Maama ji! Aap jantey hai main Kripa ke bagair jee nahin sakta. Main kissi aur se shadi nahin kar sakta. I can't do this. Please aap mujhey wapas janey ko nahin kehiye. Aap jo bhi kahengey main karneyko taiyyar hoon. Bus janey ko mut kahiye. "

Surya faintly smiled at Angad's determination. "Agar itna hi pyar karta hai toh apni maa ke baton mein aakar suit kyon file kiya tha? Kyon unn papers per sign kiya tha?  Yeh sab tumlogon ka natak hai. Abb yeh bhi keh dena ki tum innocent ho, case ke barein mein kuch jante hi nahin. Jao apni maa se kehdo yeh pyar ke batein. Humney kya bigada hai tum logoan ka, yeh sab harkatein kar rahey ho? Humey yakein hai ki Kripa ko us ghar mein kabhi izzat nahi milega. Humey itna himmat nahin hai ki yeh court ke chakkar kaatey. Iss se acha hai main Kripa ko hi manaa loon."

Surya and Angad argued at the same topic for long time but no conclusion on either side. Surya was irritated and yelled at Angad to leave them alone without any further problems.. "Abb yeh argument yahin khatam kardo, Angad! Donon pariwar ke liye yehi acha hoga. Jo bhi kehna hai jaakar apne mom se hi kehdo. Humey humarey haal mein chod do."

Gayatri pleaded Angad to leave for time being as Surya was completely exhausted with tension since morning. "Beta! Mama ji ki baat maanlo. Jaakar ussey manaalo jo iss sabka jimmedar hai. Hum toh tumhey accept karliye hain. Abb Naina ki baari hai sambandh jodney ki."

Kripa also repeated her parents' words. "haan bava! Hosakey toh Naina aunty ki rai badal dalo. Yeh case, file suit, yeh saari hungama khatam kardo. Main bhi nahin chahti meri wajah se mama papa ko koyi takleef pahoonchey."

Angad was in tears and sought for Kripa's support. "Magar Kripa! Tumhey pata hai main tumse kitna pyar karta hoon…" Kripa interrupted him with tearful eyes, "wo sab theek hai baava! Jo bhi  kehna chatey ho wo sab Naina aunty se kehdo. Ussey humare shadi ke liye raazi karado. Tab tak tum humse door hi raho. Yehi behetar hai sabke liye."

 Angad came back to Mumbai after rejected by Sarma family another time next morning.


Angad angrily paced in the hall with big strides. "Aap bilkul pagal hochukey hai, Mom!" He screamed at Naina about whatever happened for Sarma family as soon as he reached home. Naina was adamant at her decision.

 "Angad! Yeh kya tareeka hai maa se baat karney ki?.." Naina equally fumed at him.

Angad interrupted immediately by showing his forefinger at her. "Aur kaise baat karsakoonga? Mom! Yehin theek hoga aap jaise maa ke liye. Aap se yeh umeed nahin thi, I just can't believe, aap ne mere jindagi ke saath aisa khel khel rahey hai." He blurted out his anger on her as he rubbed his forehead with irritation.

Naina was irritated at his madness, "Kiss ke batoan mein aakar tum engagement chodkar chala gaya tha? Kya hai uss Kripa mein? Humara status ki barabari wo kabhi nahin kar payegi. Aur uss Sarma mujhey bilkul pasand nahin hai. Tum jo bhi karlo agar yeh shadi nahin karey toh main uss Sarma pariwar ke anth dekhoongi. Ussey sadak per lakar rakhoongi."

Kartik interfered after listening to the arguments between Naina and Angad. "By the way, how did you file the suit with our signatures? Humey toh kabhi aisey papers dekha hi nahin. Aap humse kabhi yeh baat pehla discuss kiya hi nahin!"

 Angad replied to his doubts before Naina would defend her deeds. "She took the advantage of our signatures on white papers. You remember we always sign the white papers for Bose Company? She used them for her selfish acts. I can't believe she would stoop so low."

Naina silently clenched her teeth.  Angad walked closer to her and threatened. "Agar aap itna zidd kiya toh main bhi kuch kum nahin hoon, Mom!  You will lose me forever. Main yeh ghar chodkar humesha humesha ke liye chala jaoonga."

Naina carelessly challenged his threatens. "Tum aisa nahin kar saktey, Angad! Agar tum yeh ghar ya yeh pariwar ko chodkar jana chahtey toh jaroor ja sakta hai. Magar shadi ke baad. Agar tum such much uske bhala chahta hai toh tumhey yeh shadi hur haal mein karna hi padega. Main toh uss Sarma pariwar ko itni asani se chodney wali nahin hoon.."

Angad aggressively responded back, "Mom! Aap ussey kuch nahin kar saktey. Yeh case hum bachon ke naam se kiye they na? Abb Hum sab milkey yeh case wapas lelengey."

Naina cruelly smiled, "Tum case wapas nahin le saktey, Angad! Sarma itna asani se yeh apaman nahin sehpayega. Wo kabhi tumhey apnayega nahin. Abb tumhari shadi ke liye char din baaki hai. Tum soch raha hai ki yeh sab char dinon mein rok sakta hai? May be!! Magar meri khudkushi nahin. Gupta ji ko diya hua  vachan ko thodkar apmaan se main jee nahin paonga." All audience including Angad was shocked at Naina's last resort.

Angad welled up at Naina's warnings. He looked at her with hatred.  Naina informed him before he stepped out, "shadi chaar dinon mein hai, tumhey yahin mere ankhon ke samney rehna hoga." Angad carelessly left without looking back at her. Kartik, Aaliyah and Anittah confusingly exchanged looks at each other. Dilip and Devyani helplessly covered face in hands with pain.

Naina called her lawyer immediately for arranging all sorts of grounds to her plans.


Many changes came in everyone's life in next four days.

Angad wouldn't contact Kripa as confused to talk anything. Surya would never allow him to speak with Kripa  before he would convince Naina.

Ridhima was tied under emotional circumstances due to Shashank's ill health. Arman didn't give any support to her anyway.

Surya was asked to submit all details of his property including bank accounts and house, to the court in a week. He engaged a lawyer, Shabbir Ahluwalia, with help of Sastry. The entire relative circles of Surya came to know about the trauma and sympathized at them. He couldn't tolerate the humiliation and tension and was affected with stroke just before Angad's wedding day. He was admitted in primary care center with the help of Sastry. "Humara samdhan ke ek achisi dost wahan kaam karti hai, Dr.Padma Saxena. Wo aapke khayaal rakhengi. Aur hospital ka kharcha ka bhi dyan rakhengi."  Sastry reassured the traumatized Gayatri and Kripa.

Gayatri was totally shaken at Surya's paralyzed state. Kripa hid her depression and helped her parents with support of Sastry. She was pinned to inform Angad but stopped as recollected the file suit and Naina's warnings.

Misthy wouldn't talk to Kartik as Kartik was busy with Angad as his empathizer. Kartik also forgot about his love in sympathizing with Angad's status.

 Next Part: Angad and Ridhima wedding!!!! Will it be performed?


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