Wednesday, 25 April 2018


Riddhima yawned loudly and stretched her body and pushed the covers aside….she had come back from the deck to take a nap. She placed her foot on the ground in order to get out of bed but the moment she placed her foot on the floor she screamed when she felt a hand holding her leg and she heard a very scary laughter…..she looked down only to see the hand covered with blood and loads of cuts over it….

"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Riddhima shouted trying to get her leg out of the hand's grip but then her eyes widened when she saw blood coming out of her leg as well…. "HELP SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!!!!!… ARMAAN!!!!!! …. HARSH!!!" before she knew it she fell on the floor and her eyes went to the ceiling where she saw Harsh hanging with a rope around his neck…..her body froze and eyes widened…..her breathing got heavier and then she felt a hand crawling to her neck and she saw a hand…….just a hand with no body with it crawling on her neck and then it gripped her
neck and started strangling Riddhima…..Riddhima screamed loudly and then she heard somebody call her name and she looked to her right from where the sound came……she saw the huge brown cupboard open and to her shock Armaan's body fell out of it and right over hers…….his body was covered in blood and was not moving…..the hand on her neck wasn't moving anymore nor was the blood in her veins………she was really scared and had no idea what to do…..slowly a tear ran down her eye and Riddhima started sobbing looking from Harsh to Armaan and back to Harsh trying to process what had happened and what was all was happening now when she felt Armaan's body shaking over hers and even before she knew Armaan rolled to the other side laughing hysterically….he banged his hand on the floor and kept laughing clutching his stomach and then she saw him pull a thread from under the bed and Harsh's body fell on the bed and he too was in splits…..laughing like a maniac…..

Riddhima had no idea what was happening…..she was scared out of her wits and then she heard Armaan say "OH MY GOD!!! Look at you… were so scared…MAN!! I haven't have this much fun since ages…."

"Me neither." Harsh replied and gave a hi-five to Armaan who had sobered a little now.

Harsh's eyes fell on the very angry Riddhima and he instantly knew what was coming…

"I …….I guess I'll see you guys later.." With that he ran out of the room when Armaan looked at him confused and then he realized what might have happened……he too looked at Riddhima and was expecting her to get up and hit him but instead he saw her crying……okay she was crying and now Armaan was really scared. They both were still lying on the floor…..Armaan moved closer to Riddhima and asked her "Riddhima common it was just a prank…..we are sorry….I definitely did not want to make you cry…" Riddhima looked furiously at him and started hitting him on his chest while Armaan giggled looking at her trying her best to hurt him but then he was shocked when she picked up her sandal and started hitting him……..and now that did hurt…he gripped her arms and pinned them over her head when she didn't stop and covered her body with his…..Riddhima struggled against his grip but Armaan was way more stronger then she was and he, in no time succeeded in getting the shoe out of Riddhima's hand and chuckling he looked down at her "Now that was a fi….." Armaan trailed off when his eyes fell on Riddhima's beautifully angry face and then his glance shifted down to her heaving chest and then to her creamy white thighs bared because of the skirt being raised above…..

Riddhima noticed his look and she struggled even harder but Armaan tightened his grip and looked into her eyes with such intensity that she stopped all protests and stared back…..Armaan moved his lips closer to Riddhima's ear and spoke "you look beautiful when you are angry…" Riddhima was getting nervous with the proximity she and Armaan were sharing and suddenly her stomach lurched when Armaan bit her ear lobe….her breathing once again got heavier…..Armaan moved down to her neck and left a trail of wet kisses there………Riddhima gasped "ARMAAAANNNN!!!"

Armaan looked up to see her writhing helplessly….Armaan spoke "I am sorry….please forgive me?" His lips were very close to hers…..she nodded positively and spoke "Now please get off me." Armaan smiled and placing the lightest kiss on her lips he moved off her….Riddhima was still trying to get out of the shock of the prank and then Armaan's sensuous kisses on her….She quickly got up and straightened her clothes and was about to move when Armaan caught her wrist and pulled her back towards himself….He pushed back the strands of hair falling on her face and lifting her face he spoke "Riddhima are you alright?" Riddhima looked up and saw genuine concern in his eyes and she broke into a smile and shaking her head she spoke "I am fine Armaan but that was a nasty trick you played there….. Don't ever do that again please. I am really scared of deaths…..even if its some kind of a joke…you guys gave me a heart attack….I would have di…..

Armaan placed his finger on her lips and stopped her from speaking any further….he pulled her into a hug and placed a kiss on her head….letting her know that he was sorry and was there for her now….Riddhima placed her head on his chest and felt good…she closed her eyes and remembered Armaan's kisses….she could feel the tension in his body and just to prevent things from getting out of hand she spoke "I'll see you on the deck…." Armaan nodded his head but just when he was about to move out Riddhima asked him "How did you guys do all that?"

"Oh it was Harsh's plan… see that?" Riddhima looked at the ceiling where he was pointing and she noticed a hook….. Armaan told her that Harsh had a rope very loosely around his neck but at the same time he had a rope around his waist under his shirt which was preventing him from falling and was coming out of the same hook….the other end of the rope was left loose pulling which made the whole rope to come loose….and the hand that had gripped her leg and later her neck was controlled by a remote which Armaan was operating from inside the cupboard…..

Riddhima couldn't believe how smart her little Harsh was…..Armaan left the room and when Riddhima looked at the fake blood her anger returned….

She clearly remembered Anjali di's body covered with blood…..she would never be able to get the image out of her mind and then later her father to had died with a heart attach and Riddhima had to see her father's pale, listless body…..

She felt really angry at both Harsh and Armaan……she looked up towards the sky and spoke "Di your son is totally spoilt….he is a world class brat and this guy Armaan….he is bad influence for him…" then she remembered what all had transpired between them and she turned a crimson red but she had felt good…..

But Riddhima decided to stay in control and give both the boys a hard time…..


Armaan saw Riddhima come out on the deck wearing an off-shoulder baby pink dress looking gorgeous….she had to change because her dress was stained thanks to the fake blood Armaan and Harsh had used. They too had changed and Armaan was wearing a black shirt with dark blue jeans…..

Riddhima walked past them to the drinks counter and sat there sipping onto her glass of Orange juice….

Armaan looked confusedly at her when Harsh spoke "She is mad at us."

"But Harsh she told me herself that she has forgiven us."

To which Harsh replied shrugging his shoulders "She might have forgotten that she is supposed to be mad at us……that happens to her. She forgets for a moment but gets back to her grumpy self when she remembers that she is supposed to angry."

Armaan chuckled hearing that and then stopped remembering all that had happened between them…..he smiled slyly and thought 'maybe I can work my charm on her again' he had enjoyed every moment he had spent with her and he didn't know why but kissing and touching her felt different and divine…….was it love at first sight???? Armaan smiled and felt truly happy something he had not felt from a long time…..

He told Harsh not to go anywhere and moved to the bar and sat next to Riddhima….

Riddhima acted as if she hadn't noticed him and continued drinking her juice…..

When Armaan did not get any response from her he moved his knuckles over her bare arms making Riddhima gasp….Armaan turned her towards himself and was about to say something when a hand came in between them and they heard a masculine voice speak "May I have this dance please?" Riddhima turned her head only to see a tall, broad and a sexy guy standing there grinning at her…..Riddhima looked at Armaan who was frowning at the guy and she knew what she had to do…..she placed her hand into the guys arm who took her to the dance floor while Armaan gaped at them…..

He saw the guy place his arm around Riddhima's waist while Riddhima placed her hands on his shoulder….they were swaying to the light music when suddenly the music stopped and Riddhima was shocked to see Armaan on stage with a microphone around his ear talking to the musicians on stage……

Krati Mehra

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