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part 42:Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Three months passed by……..

Angad hadn't turned back nor contacted any of Khanna house except Aaliyah. Naina enquired her several times as she knew how close she was with Angad. Aaliyah warned her, "Mom! Aap bhai ko kho chukey hain. Shukre hai wo Ridhima bhabhi se talak nahin maanga.  Agar aap unse contact karney ki insist karengi toh wo bhi hojayega. So, please leave him alone. Maine bhabhi se kehdiya sabar karney keliye. Aap bhi unke wapas aaney ki intezaar karey toh acha rahega." Naina saw Angad's firm decision in Aaliyah's words. She was scared if Angad goes in disguise forever and didn't force Aaliyah anymore.

Ridhima joined Sanjeevani on second day of Angad's disappearance on Naina's encouragement. Shashank was also happy for her resuming work as he felt guilty for first time on Angad's absence for Satyanarayan Puja. Ridhima became silent and hardly spoke to anyone unless absolutely needed. She learnt to live in her memories with Arman. She was pleased in one way for Angad's runaway and for being untouched and thanked God for 'blessing in disguise.'


Surya was taken home after a week after advised by doctor for a physiotherapist to recoup completely. Surya postponed the thought of vacating the house on Sastry's request till he came back to routine after his daughter's marriage. Gayatri and Kripa faced many awkward situations when their relatives and neighbours poured their sympathies. Sarcastic sympathies from Sastry's close family hurt them more when they attended the wedding in Satry's house leaving Surya in Bobby's babysitting. Gayatri busted her anger on Surya after her return. "Sabne humey aise dosh kehlaya ki jaise hum kuch paap kardiye they Mumbai jaakar.  Jaan pehchan mein rista chah-na koyi paap toh nahin. Humey kya pata tha Khanna logoan ne Kripa ko inkaar kardengey? Iss mein Kripa ki kya galati thi? Hum bhi uss Khanna khandan se behatar rista lekar ayengey Kripa ke liye." Surya smiled moving his partly paralysed mouth aside for Gayatri's humiliation. Kripa silently shed her tears remembering Angad. Gayatri also insisted since then to move from the house to faraway place where no one would humiliate them anymore.

 She forced Sastry to help when he visited Surya after ten days. He helped Kripa in getting a job in Film Nagar as a chorus singer which yielded quiet good pay to feed the family. They moved to Padma's apartments within a month and half as Kripa found the job nearby.

As destined to each other Misthy also got new job in the same studio as an assistant art director. Kripa and Misthy met at the common canteen atleast once a week as both bought lunch from home most of the time. Gayatri became friendly with Padma soon as Gayatri became caretaker of both houses, especially in festive occasions. Padma provided physiotherapist for Surya too who would visited home every day. Tannu joined Kripa in music classes on weekends along with few other girls in the apartments. Arman and Kripa never talked to each other directly other than casual greetings such as 'hi', 'hellos.


"Ridhi! Ridhima!" Atul came hurriedly to her one day when Ridhima was heading towards canteen. Ridhima impatiently turned to him, "Kya hai, jiju! Aaj koyi joke woke mut sunayiye. I'm tired. Husney ka bhi mann nahin kar raha hai." she walked fast without waiting for him.

Atul was worried, "Kya hua, Pyari Saali!? Tabiyat theek toh hai na?" he touched her forehead and showed more concerns. "Haan such much thakey huvey lag rahi ho. Kya baat hai? Khane ke liye kuch mangvadoon tere liye bhi?" He ordered some sandwich and hot tea for Ridhima and cold coffee for him with fried chips without waiting for her response.

Ridhima smiled as sipped hot tea, "Jiju! Tum bahut achey ho. Di bahut lucky hai."

Atul grunted his brows, "who cares kaun lucky hai?"

Ridhima wondered at his depressive response. Atul continued ignoring her expressions. "Acha mere baat suno. Tujhey abb toh kuch energy agaya na?" Ridhima nodded her head as took a bite of sandwich.

Atul hesitated for a second and continued. "Tujhey pata hai Rahul is going to take head of department post tomorrow?"

Ridhima widely opened her eyes, "KYA? HOW? Everyone is expecting you to take that post, right?"

Atul's face turned pale. "Haan, sab toh yehi sochtey hai ki main ghar jamai issi liye bana tha. Jo bhi ho aaj pata chala papa such much mera izzat nahin karte."

Ridhima pressed his hand, "Nahin jiju! Don't be depressive. Something is wrong somewhere. Let me ask papa. Wo mujhse kuch chupatey nahin hai. This must be just a rumor. May be papa thinking something better for you." She forgot about her tiredness and consoled Atul. Both walked out after ten minutes. Before left for her rounds, Ridhima reassured Atul to find out the truth and reason behind it.

While Ridhima was having a break in between rounds Atul ran to her in hurry. "Ridhi! Chalo mere saat. Tumhey kuch shocking khabar dena hai." Ridhima tried to match his big steps as silently followed him. She guessed he might have got some more information about the news he shared with her in the lunch time. She knew how upset he was with Rahul's new post.

Both stopped at Shashank's cabin. Ridhima looked at him in puzzle. Atul signaled her to be quiet and overheard the conversation inside.

Shashank was thanking Rahul and other surgeons who attended Shashank in his critical condition. Ridhima enquired in whispers, "Issmein hairani ki kya baat hai? Papa is thanking them for saving his life." Atul hit his forehead, "tum kitni budhu ho. Pehla conversation tum suna nahin. Papa ne Rahul ko issi liye thanks kehraha hai ki wo unke saat diya tha jhootha heart attack mein." Ridhima unbelievingly looked at him and he frustratingly asked her to listen to rest of the conversation.

The surgeons now thanked Shashank, "Sir! Yeh sab aapke kehney per hum kardiya tha. Humara kya hai sab kaam toh aap hi ne script kardiya tha na. Bhagwan ka shukre hai ki doctors hotey huvey bhi aapke pariwar walon mein kissi ko bhi shak nahin hua tha. Bus hum yehi umeed kartey hai ki kissi ko kabhi yeh raaz ka pata na chaley."

Rahul seconded his opinion. "I agree with Dr.Pandey, Sir! Hope, this secret would never be revealed. We respect you and we did this for you only. Badley mein aap ne humey achasa promotion dilaya. Iskey liye hum aapke abhari hain, Sir!" Rahul's voice was excited at his new post for sure.

Atul and Ridhima looked at each other with shocked expressions. Atul composed himself before Ridhima realized the truth and walked her to his cabin. "Ridhi! Mujhey pehley se hi shak tha kuch na kuch kahin toh kahin gadbad jaroor hai. Nahin toh papa ka achanak itne sick hojana koyi mamooli baat nahin thi. Aur wo bhi tumhari pyar ki mamley mein. Hum bhi kitney budhu they ki ek baar bhi yeh nahin socha ki unke file padhley. Humey kya pata tha ki humey itna dhoka diya jayegi? My sympathies are with you, Ridhi! You are the one who was mostly affected with this mess. Chalo, abb ghar jakar kuch sochengey. Yahan rukney ki mann nahin kar raha."

Ridhima was awestricken at the reveal of shocked secret and mechanically followed Atul. Her tiredness turned into numbness all over the body. Her brain was frozen to think. She was just following Atul's instructions till the entire family cross fired Shashank at dinner table.

Naani was uttermost reacted for the broken secret. "Tumhara mati jalgaya hai kya? Kyon kiya tha yeh sab? Arman se Ridhima ko door karney ke liye? Kya dushmani thi wo bechara se? Kyon itna karvahat bhari huva tha tumhara mann mein? Tumhare tabiyat ko lekar hum pur kya guzara tha andaza hai tumhey? Kyon apni beti ki zindagi khud barbad kardala?"

Anjali was equally shocked and dumb found at the table. Atul was fuming with insult both in career and personal life as his dreams about the promotion in career crashed in front of his eyes. And he took it personally as his own brother was rejected by his father-in-law out of past grudge. "Iss khandan ki yehi parampara hogaya tha na, Naani! sab ke sab selfish log hain. Koyi pyar ka matlab samjhta hi nahin." Atul sadly responded to Naani's anger through indirect sarcastic comments on Gupta family altogether.

Shashank was shocked for his big lie revealed so quickly in this way. He sheepishly lowered his eyes as tried to escape his own family's hatred enquiries. Ridhima was still under utter shock and not yet ready to believe the truth. How she wished what she heard at the hospital was not true..

Anjali atlast opened her mouth. She couldn't be harsh on her father but softly asked for explanation. "Papa! Aapne kyon kiya hai yeh sab? Just to take revenge on Malik's family? Pur aapke beti pur kyon. Kya aap nahin jaante ki yeh sab karke aapne apni beti ko kitna zakham diya hai? Kya mila hai aapko? I can't believe you did all this to us. We ran around hospital like fools to save you from death!"

Shashank opened his mouth atlast to defend himself. "Haan mainey revenge ke liya hi kiya tha. Magar isme puri galati meri nahin thi. Maine pehle se hi Malik pariwar se nafrat kiya hai. Atul ko ghar jamai bananey mein bhi main khudkarz tha. Main unn logon ko mere kadamon mein rakhna chahta tha. Aur jab tak main janta hoon main karliya tha. Ridhima toh mere samajh se bahar chali gayi thi. Mere koyi baat ko sun ne ko taiyyar nahin thi. Issi liye mainey yehi rasta chuna tha unko mere taraf karney ke liye. Mera, jhooti hi sahi, par bimaari se ussey control karpaya.

Ridhima couldn't stop her tears and ran out to her car. She immediately drove out of the house despite of the cries behind, from her own family. Atul ran to his car and drove behind Ridhima to check her safe drive to home.

Ridhima's eyes constantly dropped tears as she repented for whatever she did to Arman. She lost him for her father, who eventually betrayed her trust; who fooled her to take revenge from the past. Atul was right; they have no heart to recognize the love in other's heart. She broke the trust of Arman's love. She insulted her own love. She disrespected her relationship with Arman.

After seeing Ridhima safely parked her car in Khanna house front porch, Atul turned back his car as he didn't want to be embarrassed himself in front of Khanna family.

Ridhima stepped out of car in numb situation and walked into the house as if walking in sleep. Her own feet refused to cooperate with her. Atul's words echoed in her mind. She had no heart to respect her own love and disrespected her relationship with Arman. She betrayed her Arman. She couldn't forward another step as she felt her heart heavy and brain was frozen. She lost balance and collapsed on the floor at the door.


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