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part 45:Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Angad walked into Khanna house along with Ridhima after their discussions. Kartik, Aaliyah, Anittah and his parents welcomed him with excitement. "Beta! Tum wapas agaye hai? Kaisey ho. We all missed you a lot." Dilip affectionately tried to take him in his embrace.

"Mainey kaha tha na Ridhima bilkul theek hai. Tum kamakha pareshan hogaye thay." Naina affectionately received them. Angad ignored them and asked Ridhima to go to their room. "Tum upper chalo, main dadi se milkar aata hoon." He signaled Aaliyah to follow Ridhima. Kartik accompanied the two young ladies while Dilip and Naina became pale at his rejection.

He gave sharp looks at his parents and marched to Devyani's room. Devyani just finished reading her mythological book and were getting ready for her bed. "Dadi!" Angad's voice startled her. She became emotional to see him all of sudden and stretched her hands to reach him "Angad".

He ran into her embrace and stroked her back with great affection. "Kaisey hain aap, Dadi! I missed you." She moved from his embrace and caressed his cheeks, "meri baat chodo tum kaise ho? Aisey achanak gayab hogaya thay humari yaad ek baar bhi nahin aayi kya?"

Angad wiped her tears and took her hands in his, "Dadi! Aap humesha mere khayalon mein hi rehtey hain. Bus mujhey mann nahin kar raha tha yahan aaney ka. I couldn't accept this wedding. Main guilt feel kar raha tha. Himmat nahin huvi Ridhima ki samna karney ki. Dadi! I made a mistake. I made a mistake by obeying mom's decisions. Main badi galati kar bhaita tha. Main Kripa aur Ridhima ka, donon ka gunegar bangaya hoon. Abb mein yeh galati sudarna chahta hoon. Main aapke madat ke liye aaya hoon. I need your support. Please, Dadi! Mana mut keejiye."

Dadi was surprised at his words, "kya hua Angad! Achanak itna asahay ka tarah kyon bholney laga hai? Meri madat toh tumharey saat humesha rahegi. Magar abb main kya kar sakti hoon tere liye?"

Angad hesitated a moment and opened his mind, "Dadi! Main Hyderabad jaa raha hoon. Kuch important kaam ke liye. Mujhey mama ji se milney ka bhi plan hai. Agar aap mere saat chalengi toh.." he paused to read Devyani's reaction. He didn't want to reveal about Ridhima yet until he got contacts with Arman.

Devyani suspiciously looked at him, "Surya se kyon milna chahtey ho? Kya kaam hai uss se? Aur wahan meri kya jaroorat hogi?"

Angad hesitated but decided to convince her, "Wo Dadi! Main akela gaya toh mama ji mujhey ghar ke andar gussney bhi nahin dengey. Agar aap mere saat hongey toh shayad main unsey kuch baat karpaoonga. I need you at any cost, I have to meet them."

Devyani swallowed hard and walked to her wardrobe. She pulled bunch of papers and handed over to him. "Ek baar dekhlo."

Angad twisted his brows and went through the papers as she insisted. Blood from his face drained as he finished reading them. "Dadi! Yeh kya hai. Mujhey samajh mein nahin araha hai. Yeh kaunsi properties ka papers hai?.." He feared to finish as he clearly understood through them that Surya transferred his house and share of other property in the name of Devyani.

Devyani sighed as nodded her head confirming his fears. "Surya ne apne sarey property 'mayka ki taraf'  mer naam kardiya hai. Abb pata nahin wo kahan rehtey hai aur kiss haal mein hain. Yeh kagazein miltey hi mainey Sastry se contact kiya tha. Usney bahut buri tarah baat kiya. Bahut taney mare. Yeh bhi kaha ki humney Kripa ki jindagi ka mazak bana diya. Abb khandan mein unke bahut badnami huvi hai. Main kya karoon iss mamley mein kisko samjhaaaoon? Jo hona tha ho hi gaya hai. Abb wahan janey ka faida bhi nahin hai. Tum kuch nahin kar sakte ho, beta! Mama ji ne mujhey dekhkar tumhey ghar ke andar toh aney dengey magar yeh umeed mut rakho ki tumhey Kripa se milney dengey."

Angad felt drowning as his dreams crashed with Devyani's words. He wanted to talk to Kripa about their reunion after handing over Ridhima to Armaan. Now all plans were seemed to be futile. Devyani patted his back as seen the sorrow clearly in his eyes. "Angad! Tum abb ek shadi shuda admi ho. Kripa ki yaad bhulado, beta. Tumhara naseeb mein wo nahi hai. Ridhima ki dil mut dukhao. Wo achi ladki hai. Jo hua ussey accept karlo. Abb Kripa ki sapne dekhna band kardo. Asliyat ko jaanlo  apne jimmedariyon ko sambhalo." Angad painfully gave a faint look at her and walked to his room.

Kartik noticed his grief and suspected something wrong. "Kya hua, Angad! Tum sabse pehla Dadi se kyon milna chahte thay? Sab kuch theek hai na?" Angad hesitantly explained about Ridhima's pregnancy and her love story.

Kartik empathised with Angad and both discussed how to solve the problem. "Angad! Kripa ki baat baad mein dekhengey. Pehla Ridhima ke liye kuch upay nikalo. She has to be with her child's father as soon as possible. He should know about Ridhima first. Jao, Hyderabad mein jitni hospitals hoga unn sabon mein unke enquiry karo. I guess, it is not a big problem. You can do it. Ho sakta hai unka friend Raj tumhey unke pata de sakta hai. Yahan main aur Aaliyah Ridhima ko sambhalengey. She is safe in our hands." Angad decided to leave for Hyderabad next morning to search Arman. He didn't talk to Dilip and Naina about these matters at all. They also scared to say anything to him with fear of rerun. Ridhima was embarrassed in front of Kartik and Aaliyah when they knew about her pregnancy.

Angad comforted her saying, "ghar mein sabko pata hai mere pyar ke barein mein. Aur wo yeh bhi jantey hai ki mainey pehle raat hi bhaag gaya tha.  Ek na ek din tumhari baat sabke samney akar hi rahegi. We have to face it."


Gayatri got up all of sudden from bed when she heard soft hiccups with a low groan. He checked Surya who was crying in sleep. She shook him to wake him up "Aap kyon rorahey hai? Kya huva? Koyi bura sapna dekha hai kya?" She gave water to him after making him sit with great struggle. She didn't want to wake Kripa up as Kripa was tired with all formalities through engagement. She wiped his tears and asked the same question once again.

He shook his head mumbled something. Gayatri tired after repeating the question couple of more times. She handed him pen and paper to write his problem. He scribbled in Telugu which Gayatri put together with efforts.

"Mainey yeh kabhi nahin socha ki Kripa ko varnanter vivah karoonga. Main apaheez hokar uski gala thod dala.  Main jeekar bhi kya faida? Eklauti beti ki shadi bhi theek se nahin kar saka."

Gayatri sighed aloud after gathered the words together. "Abb aise pachtaney se kya faida. Waisey Iss rista mein burayi kya hai. Aur hum inse acha rista kahan se le ayengey? Pehley bhi toh Bua ka potay ka rista kulanter hi huva tha na? Jab koyi aitraz nahin huva tho abb aise baatein kyon kar rahey hai? Bandhu pariwar toh kuch na kuch ungliyan uthaney ki prayatne kartey hi rahengey. Unlogon ke baaton ko important deney se kya faida jo kabhi humare kaam na aasaka. Kripa ki samney aisa mut royiye. Uss bechari ka dil ko chot pahoonchega." Gayatri kept consoling him for an hour or two until he fell asleep with heavy heart.

Kripa walked into kitchen next morning and straight away started arguments with her mother. "Mama! Mainey kal raat papa ki baat sunliya hai. Abb papa theek tarah reeti rivazon ke mutabit ghanton bhaitkar kanyadan toh nahin karpayenge na. Aur main nahin chahti ki meri shadi kissi aur ke haaton se ho. Iss se behetar hai ki hum register marriage apnaye. "

Gayatri was shocked as she didn't expect Kripa to overhear their conversation. "Tum donon mere dimaak toh khatey jaa rahey hain. Kabhi yeh kabhi wo koyi na koyi museebat kadhi kar rahey hain. Abb tum bhi unke saat zidd mut karo. Sastry apna pariwar ka hi hai aur unhi ki haaton se tumhara kanyadan karayengey. Yeh mera faisla hai aur yeh hokey hi rahegi. Yeh register marriage ka khayal chodo. Na mantre, na saastron ka paath, yeh kya shadi huvi? Mera bhi kuch khwaishein hai tere shadi ko lekar. Unhi ka khayal toh karo." She whined as rejected Kripa's thoughts.

"Maa! Aap kyon samajh nahin rahey hain? Aap Papa ke taraf se sochiye. Unke takleefon ke barein mein sochiye. Abhi wo itna depressive hai, aur meri shadi kissi aur ke haaton se hotey huvey dekh kar buri tarah phigal jayengey. Ghanton bhar bhaitkar takleefein utha payengey bhi nahin. Please, aap Padma ji se baat kariye. Aap nahin maaney toh main khud Misthy se baat karungi." Kripa was stubborn to her decision after last night's turmoil.

Gayatri tried to change her decision by emotional blackmail but Kripa didn't melt to her arguments. "Maa! Main shadi hi nahin karna chahti thi. Aapko chodkar main kahin nahin jaana chahti thi. Aapke zidd se mainey yeh shadi ke liye raazi hogayi thi. Agar aap abb bhi meri baat nahin maney toh main yeh sagai thod doongi." She adamantly declared and turned.

Misthy stood at the door with folded hands and a big smile. Kripa and Gayatri were startled at her sudden appearance and swallowed hard by exchanging looks at each other. Gayatri composed herself immediately and tried to cover up their arguments. "Misthy! Tum kab aayi hai? Kripa ki batoan ko galat nahin samajhna. Wo apne papa ki wajah se thoda pareshan hai."

Misthy softly laughed and dropped hand around Kripa. "Don't worry, Aunty! I can understand what Kripa is going through. Main bhi unki decision se sehamat hoon. Main maussi aur bhai se baat karoongi. Shadi simple tareeke se hojayegi. Aur jald se jald hojayegi. Humare taraf se bhi koyi jayda ristedaar nahin hai shadi dhoom dham se karney ke liye."

Kripa was relieved and smiled as lightened her heart. "Thanks Misthy! Mujhey samajhney ke liye." Misthy hugged her with one hand and turned to Gayatri. "Aunty! Aapke haton ka coffee peeney ka mann kara tha, bus aisi chali aayi. Aur aaj mein Kripa ke saat office jaoongi.. Kyon Kripa! Theek hai na?" Kripa happily nodded her head.


Angad reached Hyderabad by next evening. He tried to contact Sastry first. He took Sastry's address from the wedding card though Devyani refused to give the details.  "Dadi! I want to meet them. I need to. Unhey humse kitna bhi nafrat ho main wo sab mitanay ki khoshish toh jaroor karoonga." He searched for the wedding card despite of Devyani's warnings.

"Abb kya karney aaye ho? Unn logon ko chain se nahin reheney dogy kya? Pehle 60 saal tak jaisey door rahe they ussi tarah abb bhi door raho. Kripa ki baat bhi juban pur mut lana. Bahut dukhaya hai bechari ko.  Tumse milney se pehle wo log bahut kush they. Main unke barein mein ek lafze bhi nahin kehna chahta hoon.  Mujhse milney ka prayatne bhi mut karna." Sastry bitterly warned Angad when he caught him on phone.

Angad roamed on roads aimlessly and decided to enquire in the morning from the school where Surya and Gayatri worked. He planned out how to approach Sanjeevani branch at the earliest in the morning.

 "Sir, Dr.Raju toh dus din ke liye honeymoon pur gaye hai. Pata nahin wahan kahan hongey. Humey sirf yeh pata hai ki wo Darjeeling gaye hain honeymoon ke liye. And we are not allowed to give his contacts to outsiders other than his family." The receptionist informed with apologies when Angad asked for Raju, the first contact of Armaan.

Angad sighed, "I don't want to disturb him too." He further enquired about Armaan for which he got negative response only. "Sir, Humey pata nahin Dr.Armaan kahan join kiye hai. He didn't leave any contacts with us too." Angad understood the reason behind it. He decided to go through each and every hospital starting with Government hospitals.


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