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part 46:Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

One Year Passed by'''''''.

"Bhai! Mere liye alagsa ghar dhoondna chahti hoon.  Meri wajah se aap donon apna enjoyment chodkar mujhey entertain karney ki koshish kar rahein hain."  Misthy whined as soon as she freshened up. She didn't like to be forced to accompany Armaan and Kripa to watch a movie every time.

Armaan smiled as he got used to this type of complaints often from Misthy. Misthy continued, "Kab tak tum donon ye chupa chupi kheltey rahogey? Why do you always include me in your outing? Aap kyon Kripa ko samjhatey nahin?"

Arman smiled at her in his usual manner. "You know very well that she doesn't listen to me. Aur ussey darr bhi rehta hoga mere saath akele bahar janey mein? Wo toh apni mama papa ko kush rakhney ke liye mere saat program banati hai. Ek saal uske saat raha phir bhi ussey samajh nahin paya aur humesha complaint karti rehti ho."

Misthy pouted her mouth, "Kripa ki past ko aap jantey hai na phir aap khud kyon uske kareeb aney ki khoshish nahin kartey? Aap kyon pehla kadam uthatey nahin? Kab tak ek dooserey se door rahengey? When will you move forward? Ridhima se alag hokar pura ek saal beet gaya hai.  Aisa kab tak chalega, bhai?" Misthy advised in her routine way. He shared every bit of his life with his sister now. She knew about his married life very well too.

Arman got used to her implied elderly advices every day in one or other context. "Tum aisey hi roze mere sarr khati rahogi na, ek na ek din tumhari shadi karake ghar se bhejdoonga."

She smiled as rolled her eyes, "haan, I think that would be a great idea. Atleast, issi bahaney tum donon ko kuch privacy milegi. Aur tum donon bhi door rehney ke liye mera sahara lena chod dogey."

Arman pinched her nose teasingly, "tho aisey kaho na. Kyon ghuma firake baat karti ho? Hum donon ko akela chodo. We are absolutely fine where we are. Hum donon mein kissi ko koi shikayat nahin hai. We understand each other very well. Jitna Kripa ke dil ke andar dard hai, utna hi dard mere andar bhi hai. It takes some more time to heal and move forward."

Gayatri performed Kripa's wedding in a week as per Kripa's request. Arman was relieved as he didn't have to go through all the long process of wedding. "Lagta hai tumhey samajhney wali patni milgayi hai. Jo tum chahta hai wo bhi wahi chahti hai. I can see your happy life further, bhai." Misthy commented when she saw Armaan relieved at the decision.

He smiled, "donon ke liye acha hi hai na. Wo bhi pyar ko khochuki hai aur main bhi. Farak itna hi hai ki wo mere barein mein kuch jaanti nahin hai. But I promise, I support her in all matters and I don't bring my past between us." Misthy hugged him affectionately as she thought sympathetically in her mind. "You are so nice, bhai! Khaash yeh maturity Ridhima ke saat bhi nibhaleta."..

He moved to a big house after two months of marriage to reduce Kripa's travel from his house to her parents' every day; and convinced Sarma couple to move with him though Surya refused to go to daughter's house. Kripa always took Misthy as excuse to stay in distance to Armaan. Armaan already comforted her on first night to take her own time to move forward in her life. He wanted some time for himself to accept her too. Both became good friends because of Misthy's presence in the house.

 "Aap donon ke baatein khatam hogaye toh khaney ke liye aa saktey hai!" Kripa interrupted the siblings' affectionate chit-chat. Both followed her obediently to the dining table.

"Kyon Armaan beta! Kaise raha movie?" Surya asked in broken words. Arman replied with respect, "Nothing new, same usual story hai, papa ji!"

Gayatri affectionately served dinner to everyone. Armaan was offended for them waiting till their return. "Aap kyon takleef kartey hai humare liye wait karke? You could have finished your dinner, mama! iss umar mein itne der se khana theek nahin hai aapke shehad ke liye."

Gayatri proudly shook her head for his affectionate warnings. "Aap logon ke bagair raat ka khana acha nahin lagta hai, Armaan beta! Pichle ek saal se tumhare saat khana itna adat padgayi hai."

"Armaan beta! Ek baat kahoon agar tum bura nahin maney toh." Gayatri hesitantly paused. Armaan encouraged her to continue. "Misthy ki baat karna chahti hoon, beta! Aaj sham ko hi kuch khayal aaya tha. Sastry bata raha hai ki unke janey pehchanon mein ek achasa ladka hai. Unhoney kaha hai ki wo America mein rehta hai."

Misthy immediately interrupted, "aunty ji! Main koyi America ka rista nahin karoonga. Main toh bhai ke aas paas hi rehna chahti hoon." She warned Arman with her eyes when he puzzled at her instant rejection.

Kripa interfered as supporting Misthy, "kyon nahin, Misthy! India mein dulhe ke kami hai kya? Koyi na koyi yahin India mein jaroor puja kar raha hoga."

Misthy slapped her playfully and both broke into laughter. Armaan smiled at their friendly banter, "jaroor atta!(mother-in-law/bua/maama's wife--Gayatri insisted him affectionately to address her 'atta' for her mother-in-law status) Aap jaroor enqiry keejiye. Main bhi Sastry chacha ji se baat karta hoon."

Kripa supported Arman, "Phir humey ek photo chahiye Misthy ki. Chacha ji toh unke horoscope bhi maangte hai."

Misthy gave her picture to Kripa when Kripa followed Misthy to pursue the matter seriously without delay "you want to pay back your deeds? Mainey tumhari shadi mere bhai se karvayi aur abb tum wo karz chukana chahti ho?"

Kripa smiled, "karz nahin, farz samjho. Bhabhi hoon tumhari. Mera farz hai ki tumhari haat peeley jald se jald karna." She stared at the picture seriously and suspiciously, "Misthy! Wo' tum kahan kaam karti thi Mumbai mein?"

Misthy wondered at her sudden enquiry and realized that she never knew about their past. "Mumbai mein. Khanna Art Studio mein. Bus kuch hi din kaam kiya tha." Kripa noticed shades of sorrow on her face.

Kripa confirmed her suspicions as she saw the same photo of Misthy on Kartik's table. She thought, "So, Misthy bhi Kartik baava ko pasand karti hogi. Issi liye shayad America riston ko thukra rahi hai. Magar pedda bava ne kyon propose nahin kiya hai? Aaj bhi hesitate kar rahey hai? Shayad Angad ki shadi ko lekar kuch batein agey nahin bada huva hoga. Aaliyah ki shadi toh hogayi hogi! Misthy  ka rista pehle pedabava se hi karadoongi. Main jaroor yeh rista ko aagey badaongi. Shayad inn donon ko milaney ki punye agley janam mein mujhey mere bava se milvadegi." She wiped her tears silently as settled on her bed.


"Ridhima! Kya tumhey kuch kuch nahin hota jab bhi hum yeh pyarasa bundle ko 'Armaan' kehkar bulaye to?" Kartik chided Ridhima in his usual manner as he pampered the three month old little baby.

"Kartik bhai! Apko mujhey chedna bahut acha lagta hai na? Mera Armaan mere paas nahin hai toh kya huva, yeh chota Arman hi mera armanon ko pura kardega. Meri baat chodiye. Abb aapke baat keejiye. Humesha mere baat ko taalte aaye hain. Aap hum se badey hain. Aaliyah ki shadi bhi hogayi hai. Anittah ki shadi bhi tai hogayi hai. Abb koyi excuse nahin chalega. Aap kab bhabhi ko lekey ayengey?"

"Acha yaad dilaya hai, Ridhima! Hum baki kaam pur itna ulazh gaye hai Kartik bhai ke baat ko nazar andaaz ki gaye hai. Kartik bhai excuses ke peechey wajah hai. Wo apni assistant pur dil lagaya tha. Magar wo toh batein banne se pehle hi mera bhai ko chodkar chali gayi thi. Pata nahin wo abb kahan hai." Aaliyah and Prithvi entered. Aaliyah grabbed 'chota Armaan' into her hands as kissed his chubby cheeks.

Kartik warned Aaliyah from revealing the facts about his secret admiration. "Aisey kuch nahin hai, Ridhima! Haan yeh such hai ki mera dil usper aagaya tha. Magar batein kuch ban ney se pehle hi wo yeh shehar chodkar chali gayi thi. Bus phir kabhi unse mulakat aur agey batein bhi toh nahin huvi."

Ridhima suddenly remembered her chit-chat with Misthy and her teases about her boss. "kya naam hai unka?" she asked thoughtfully. Aaliyah replied immediately while Prithvi took 'chota Armaan' in his hands. "Misthy". Ridhima's eyes sparkled at the sound of the name. A sweet shiver went through her spine as remembered her happy days with Misthy and Arman. She immediately planned in her mind about reaching Armaan as thought, "how did I forget about this? Armaan ki bua se unke pata toh chal sakti thi. Aur maussi bhi hai Hyderabad mein. Main kaisey yeh sab bhulgayi thi? Haan, shayad mom ki pareshaniyon se yeh sab bhul gayi thi. Main bhi toh Armaan pur naraz thi yeh sochke ki, mere saat saat wo bhi inn museebaton ka karan hai. Abb main jaroor in donon ko miladoongi. Shayad in punye karmon se mera paap ke prayashchit milega. Aur mera Armaan se mulakhat bhi toh hosakti hai." She recollected Angad's trials to reach Armaan and Naina's anger after knowing her pregnancy.

Angad vigorously enquired for a month at all famous Government hospitals like Gandhi, Mahavir, Kamineni,and universities like Osmania, Gandhi, Chaitanya Medical colleges for every possibility to find Arman. He tried City Group Hospitals recognized branches too. Many of them refused to cooperate with Angad where on the same hand he could able to gather some useful information. Armaan visited some private children hospitals and treated many new born babies in the first month during Angad's initial search. But he couldn't locate him at right time. No one gave him his home address. After three months Angad forced to return to Mumbai as Naina made Ridhima's life miserable. She suspected Ridhima's status during her 5th month pregnancy when she showed significant changes in physical appearance. Kartik and Aaliyah supported Ridhima but Naina accused Gupta's family for this. She fought with Gupta who was already abandoned by Anjali by then.

Atul left Sanjeevani as soon as he found out about Gupta's cheating on his own daughter and ill-treatment towards him. Gupta promised to give him the dean status and pleaded him to stay back. But Atul refused to work with him anymore and forced Anjali to leave her father's house. Naani left for extended 'theerthayatras' with strong decision of not returning to Shanshank. When the news of Gupta's fake illness spread over the hospital as gossips every employee of Sanjeevani started giving hatred looks at Shashank. Rahul left the hospital after two months when his father came to know about his deeds along with his boss. Ultimately after 9 months, Sanjeevani lost the flow of patients significantly.

Naina apologised to Angad for marrying him with Ridhima without enquiring her past life. "Mom! Jo hona tha wo ho gaya hai. Naa aap ne apna farz theek se nibhaya sake na main apna nibha saka. Ridhima ko uske apni pyar se milaney thak wo meri jimmedari hai. Agar unn donon ko nahin milwa saka toh Ridhima ke bacha ko mera naam dene ko main taiyyar hoon. Aur yeh baat aap sab yaad rakhey toh behatar hoga." Devyani hugged Angad with affection and thanked for taking the responsibility of his wife.

Naina performed the due rituals to Ridhima to keep her prestige in her society. She didn't want anyone to raise doubts about her family. Ridhima joined Sheetal's clinic on Angad's encouragement.


"Bua! Aap Armaan ka pata jantey hai na. Ussey mere barein mein mut batayieyega. Main chahti hoon ki wo khud mere paas chalkar aaye. Magar main Misthy ki bhala bhi chahti hoon. Kartik ke dil mein Misthy ke liye bahut unche respects hai. Aur main chahti hoon ki aap yeh rista ki baat meri sasuarl se aur Misthy ki ghar walon se karey." Ridhima pleaded after explained about her past and the circumstances behind the separation. She didn't inform Angad about Bua as she wanted to know about Arman's whereabouts before took any further steps and reveal about her child.

Bua sighed, "mujhey shak tha wo Shashank kuch na kuch aisa hi kardalega. Khud ki beti ka jeevan balidan kardiya hai. Suna hai Armaan bhi jindagi mein agey badgaya hai. But I'm not sure about this. Meri baat unsey abhi tak hua nahin. Phir bhi rista ko lekar koshish karti hoon." Ridhima's heart sank at the unconfirmed news about Armaan. She composed herself instantly hoping she heard wrong.


"Aao, Kripa! Bahut din hoagey tumse milkar." Padma received with affection. Kripa informed about Misthy's alliance. "Maussi! Main Kartik ko bahut achi tarah jaanti hoon. Wo humare ristedaar hi hain. Aur mujhey shak hai ki Misthy bhi unse pyar karti hai. Bus undonon ke beech kuch hesitation hai. Aur main chahti hoon aap yeh rista ko agey badhayiye."

Padma patted her back as praised her pursuance of the responsibility. "Main khud Armaan se baat karney wali thi. Aaj subah hi Satyavati di se phone aayi thi. Iss rista ko lekar. Lagta hai yeh rista jaroor pakka hojayega."

"Phir kyon hum kal hi Mumbai chaley jatey. Shubh karya mein der kiss baat ki?" Nishant joined them as soon as entered the house. Kripa took blessings from him and he praised her responsible nature towards her family.

 Next: AK-AR meeting!!!!! let's see if any fireworks would appear.. Embarrassed


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