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part 47 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

 "Tum theek kehti thi, Kripa! Lagta hai Khanna pariwar ne Misthy ko pehley se hi chahtey thay. Itna interest dikhayi thi ki humey mangni ki taiyyarian lekar hi jana padega.", Padma informed after two days about Naina's interest in seeing Misthy for Kartik. Kripa was thrilled to hear about it as her wishes were coming true. Arman was equally enthusiastic to look forward with the alliance.

Kripa arranged for dinner gathering with Saxena family to discuss further procedure about the alliance. Padma took Misthy in her embrace affectionately as set her tendrils, "Arman! Jab tumhari bua ji ne yeh rista lekey aayi thi tab hi humey pata lag gaya tha ki yeh rishta pakka hojayegi. Mujhey aur Nishant ko yeh ladka bahut pasand aaya hai. Tumharey Satyavati Bua ji ne sab taiyyariyan karney ki promise kiya tha. Humey turant ladke walon se milney Puna jana padega. What do you say? Subh karye mein der nahin karna chahiye."

Kripa and Misthy looked at him expectantly. Arman seriously watched them for a moment and raised his eyebrows mischievously at Misthy. Misthy smiled hiding her excitement, "as you wish bhai! I already promised you that whatever alliance you bring for me, I accept without any objection."

Arman seriously teased her, "nahin Misthy! Tumhey samjhota karney ki koyi jaroorat nahin hai. Agar tumhey koyi objection hai toh main jaroor doosara rista dhoondoonga. I don't want to force you in hurry. Mujhey tumhey vida karney ki koyi jaldi nahin hai. Take your own time." Kripa was startled at his seriousness and worriedly looked at Misthy.

Misthy was afraid at his hesitation without noticing his teasing. She eagerly warned him, "nahin bhai! I like him. You can proceed further." Arman played his eyebrows at her eagerness. She was blushed at his playfulness.

Kripa sighed with relief. Arman noticed it and pressed her shoulders as reassured. Kripa was surprised at his lenience as it was for the first time he took such initiative.

Arman ignored her astonishment and didn't move his hands off her. He laughed at Misthy as shrugged his shoulders, "Tumhey aitraz nahin hai toh humey bhi yeh rista pasand hai. Kyon Kripa, are you happy now?" he joyfully asked for her concern as indication of her reaction. Kripa shyly nodded her head as his hands still placed around her shoulders. He noticed her embarrassment and took off his hands as warily smiled.

Padma also teased Misthy as couldn't keep the secret to herself, "Mujhey toh shak hai ki Misthy ko ladka pehle se hi pasand hai."

Misthy was embarrassed with shy, "bua! Aap bhi na! Bhai jaanta tha ki main Khanna industries mein pehle kaam karti thi."

Arman patted Misthy's head with love and affection, "haan, main jaanta tha magar yeh nahin jaan paya ki tum tumhara boss per dil khoya hai. Jo bhi ho, I would say he is lucky to get my sister." His eye moistened as remembered Ridhima and Misthy's whispering teases in his presence. Misthy blushed and slapped his arm playfully. Padma and Kripa watched them adoringly.

After dinner Arman, Kripa, Nishant and Padma seriously discussed about the arrangements for the upcoming event. Misthy slowly escaped into her room. She was excited to the proposal with Kartik. She had almost lost hopes when they were shifted to Hyderabad. Suddenly her thoughts moved onto Ridhima. They will be meeting her in Khanna house. She was worried at Arman's reaction on meeting Ridhima. "Bhai jaanta nahin ki yehi Khanna pariwar se Ridhima ki shadi huvi thi. Hope, he won't get upset again. Bhai ne abhi tak apna pyar ke barein mein Kripa ko bataya nahin. Kripa ko bahut sadma pahoonchega." She silently prayed for smooth run of things.

Gayatri shared her worries with Kripa alone that night before bed time. "Kripa! Kya tum Angad ka samna karpaogi? Naina tumhey dekhkar kya yeh rista manzoor karegi?  Agar Arman ko humara rista ke barein mein pata chal gaya toh?"

Kripa smiled as reassured her, "mama! Maami ko humse matlab hai Misthy se nahin. Abb tak wahi hua tha na jo unhoney chahti thi. Phir kyon objection raise karegi. Arman mere barein mein toh sab kuch janta hai. Haan, yeh toh pata nahin ki Khanna pariwar humaray ristedaar hain. Mujhey nahin lagta ki jaanne ke baad bhi unhey koyi problem hojayegi. Wo bahut samazdar hain. Aapko chinta karney ki jaroorat nahin hai, main sab sambhaloongi."

Kripa couldn't sleep though she reassured her mother. "Kya main such much Angad ko dekh kar apni dil pur kaboo rakh paoongi? Angad kaise react karega mujhey dekh kar? Kya Naina maami such much objection raise karegi? Nahin, abb toh unlogon se humara koyi rista hi nahin raha. Jo bhi horaha hai sirf Misthy aur Kartik bava ke liye hi hai. Mujhey dheeraj se sab kuch sambhalna hoga. Abb tak toh Angad mujhey bhula diya hoga."

On the other end of the bed, Arman was flipping pages in a medical magazine. He was excited and nervous to think about going to Mumbai. He couldn't believe that one year passed without meeting Ridhima. "kaisi hogi? Kya wo apna pati ke saat kush hain? Mujhey bhuladiya hai? Main jaroor Sanjeevani jaakar unse miloonga. Dekhna hai mujhse door hokar wo kitni kush hain. Mujhey bhi batana hai ki unke bagair main bhi kushal jindagi jee sakta hoon."  He smiled inside, "kya main such much khush hoon? Kripa ki situation ki faida toh nahin utha raha hoon? Unhey koyi pati ka shukh toh nahin de paa raha hoon. Kushi ki baat yeh hai ki Kripa ne mujh se koyi umeed nahin karti. Misthy theek hi kehti hai, hum donon ek dooserey ke liye hi bana hua hain." He inwardly sighed and rubbed his face to give a break to his thoughts. "Yeh main kya soch raha hoon. Hum donon ek dooserey ke liye baney they? Phir Ridhima kyon aayi thi mere jindagi mein? Main kyon abb tak ussey ek pal ke liye bhi bhula nahin paya? Wo har pal jo mainey Ridhima ke saat bitaya tha, mujhey kyon aaj bhi sataata rehta hai?" He didn't notice when he fell asleep in his web of thoughts.


Ridhima excitedly ran to Angad. "Tum such kehraha hai? Ladki waley ristey ki baat karney arahey hai?" She didn't get any further information from Satyavati bua since she met her in Pune last time. She almost lost hopes in contacting Malik siblings. Now all of sudden Angad informed about the latest development in alliance. Angad smiled at her excitement, "tumhey kyon itna excitement ho raha hai?"

Ridhima composed herself, "kuch nahin. Main Kartik ke liye worried hoon. Aap sab loge toh jindagi mein settle hogaye hain. Wohi ek akela rehgaya." Angad took the baby Arman in his arms as played with him, "tumhey Kartik ka fikar hai! Aur hum kahaan settle hua tha?"

Ridhima was offended and apologetically looked at him. Angad twitched his lips as consoled her, "chalo, hum donon humesha ki tarah kahan se kahan tak pahoonch gaye  hain. Abb Kartik se milo and inform him about your appointment. He will be upset if you won't be there to meet with bride's family." Ridhima smiled and walked into kartik's room.

"You were so excited till yesterday. Abb yeh appointment ka bahana nahin chalega. You have to be there when those people come here." Kartik pouted his mouth when Ridhima explained her prior appointments.

Ridhima promised to reach home sooner after quickly disposing off her appointments. "Please, Kartik! I cannot cancel these appointments. Sheetal bhi out of town hai. I have to attend these patients in her absence. Aur chota Arman ka bhi vaccination karvana hai. He will be with me all the time. I cannot leave him on you also. Acha nahin lagegi na kaam ko ignore kartey? You also don't like careless about work, right? Main sham ko jaroor pahoonch jaoogi, unlogon ke chale janey se pehle. Main bhi dekhloon apni honeywali jethani ko" Kartik smiled at her teasing explanations. "Okay, I give permission to you this time. But you have to be there completely for my engagement."

Ridhima rolled her eyes, "engagement? Baat wahan tak aagayi? I thought this is just a meeting to see you people each other. Pehley dulha pasand aaye, phir mangni ki baat." She mischievously smiled.

Angad intruded, "Ridhima! Mein bhi kabse wahi kehraha hoon. This is just a meeting. Pehla ladki ki pariwar walon ko Kartik bhai ney impress karna hai. Aur humey bhi honeywali bhabhi pasand toh aana chahiye."

Kartik blushed, "Angad! You know her before. Don't act ignorant." Angad and Ridhima broke into laughter at his shyness like a girl.


Padma, Nishant, Arman, Kripa and Misthy headed towards Khanna House along with Satyavati. Satyavati wanted to arrange for a formal meeting on breakfast in her place. But Naina insisted venue at her house to show off her richness to bride's family.

Kripa felt weak at knees while approaching Khanna house. Her heart pounded thunderously. She prayed in mind not to become emotional at sight of Angad or of any others. Misthy was excited and felt nervous while approached the house. Arman suspiciously checked the surroundings as he felt familiarity with the house. He was silent as didn't want to be exposed in front of Kripa.

Naina and Dilip heartily welcomed the group and took them inside. Aaliyah and Anittah surprised to see Kripa with the bride family. Satyavati introduced each and everyone. Naina quickly studied Kripa from head to toe. Kripa greeted everyone embarrassingly at their enquiry looks. She touched Devyani's feet first of all and hugged her with tearful eyes. "Aap kaise hai, Naani!" she greeted in their common language. Arman and other were surprised at their intimacy. Naina explained half heartedly about their relationship with Kripa.

"Mera doosara beta Angad  unki patni ko, yaani humari bahu ko hospital drop karney gaya tha. Wapas aata hi hoga." She explained as she introduced her family to everyone.

Padma expressed her happiness while Arman and Misthy exchanged suspicious looks while Naina went through introduction. Aaliyah hugged Kripa and seated her side while others took seats next to them. Naina sat beside Misthy and asked Anittah to bring Kartik down to meet them.

Kripa took initiative, "Aunty! Main bhi chaloon Kartik bava se milney?" she was excited for the whole event. Naina smiled forcefully and nodded her head approvingly to hide their indifferences in front of the prospective relatives. Kripa followed Anittah to upstairs. Anittah pressed Kripa's hand once walked away from the people in the living room. "Kripa! I'm glad you settled in your life too." Kripa smiled without commenting though wanted to enquire about Angad. She decided to enquire about him later.

Anittah signaled Kripa to keep quiet and calmly walked to Kartik. He was giving final touches to his dress-up and turned at her approach. "Main taiyyar hoon, Anittah! Wo loge achukey hai na? How did you like the girl?" He asked eagerly for her opinion.

Anittah smiled and looked at the door without responding. Kartik frowned at her silence and glared at the way she looked. He was surprised to see Kripa there and excitedly walked to her with thrill filled in her tone, "Kripa! What a surprise. Tum yahan? How did you come here? I'm..I'm really surprised to see you here. How are you?" he paused and suspiciously looked at smiling Kripa, "wait a minute..don't say you brought Misthy." Kartik waited for her response with thundering heart. His mind suspected some unpleasant reply from her.

Kripa laughed with affection at his enquiries and took his hands in hers. "Haan, Peddabava! Mainey hi Misthy ko lekey aayi thi. Mainey kahan tha na? Promise kiya tha na Ki main tum donon ko miladoongi? Main apni vada nibhaya hoon." Kartik had mixed feelings of excitement, happiness and suspicion. His heart somehow had not convinced at her happiness and smile. "How do you know her? I mean, how did you bring her?" His eyes tried to find some clues and searched her from head to toe.

She wore light blue kanjivaram sari with dark blue small border, with simple necklace.  Her hands filled with matching bangles and two fingers on each hand wore diamond, ruby and emerald rings. His eyes didn't miss to notice the 'sindoor' filled her part of hair and long black beads chain hung on her chest. She noticed his search and pressed his hands to bring him into the world. "Misthy meri nanand hai. I brought this alliance after contacting bua ji and maussi ji. I know how much you longed to express your love to Misthy. Kyon, theek kiya na?"

Kartik faintly smiled as he quickly calculated Angad's reaction after knowing this bitter truth about Kripa. "Haan, you did a good thing. Tumney mujhey apna pyar se miladi." His voice cracked and the words came out of his mouth as if he mumbled. Kripa didn't hear him properly and asked him to repeat. Kartik nodded his head unclearly and released her hands. Anittah noticed the commotion inside Kartik and excused herself after reminded them to come down soon. Kripa folded her hands at elbows, "so how is everything? Wo..," She hesitated to ask about Angad for a second and continued, "chinna bava kaisa hai?"

Kartik settled his throat, "Angad? Aata hi hoga, khud hi poochlo." He escaped to answer after seeing Angad entered the room. Angad furrowed his brows and suspiciously looked at the lady in front of Kartik.

Kripa turned to see Angad stood at the door. Both met eyes for a moment as both hearts exhilarated. "KRIPA!" Angad stepped forward and looked affectionately into her eyes. "TUM? Yahan kaise?" His voice filled thrill and excitement. He held her shoulders and shook with excitement. Her eyes filled tears at the sight of her long lost love.

Kartik silently watched them with painful eyes. He wanted to bring Angad into reality before he expressed his longing heart in front of Kripa. "Angad! pata hai Kripa brought Misthy. I mean Kripa Misthy ki bhabhi hai."

Angad's heart skipped at unexpected shocking news and unbelievingly exchanged looks between Kripa and Kartik. He still held Kripa in his hands. Kartik confirmed the news with his eyes. Angad rechecked Kripa from head to toe. His hands loosened slowly as noticed her sindoor and mangalsutra. Kripa smiled as nodded her head while tears flew over her cheeks. Angad swallowed his tears under clench of jaws. He quickly composed himself to hide his pain before Kripa noticed it. He turned to Kartik, "ready to go down? Mom asked to bring you down." Kartik shook his head and patted his back as empathised to his situation. Kripa wiped her tears and grabbed Angad's hand as noticed Angad's intention to remain in the room. Angad followed them as understood Kripa's silent request.

Naina introduced Angad to all guests. Devyani checked Angad's painful expressions. Angad tried to cover his face with smile and shook hands with Arman and Nishant.

Naina and Padma asked Misthy and Kartik to have private conversation. Kartik took Misthy into his room after Arman and Nishant also forced. Dilip took Nishant to show the house. Aaliyah and Anittah went to arrange for lunch at Naina's suggestion.

 Naina forced guests to stay for lunch too. "Hum jald se ek naye ristey mein bandha jaa rahey hai.  Aapko khane ke bina nahin jaaney dengey. Issi bahaney bachon ko bhi batein karney ki thoda aur waqt mil jayegi." Naina encouraged Misthy and Kartik's private conversation.

Devyani took Kripa inside as Naina took Satyavati and Padma for house tour. Angad wanted to follow Kripa through Dadi's room but hesitated as Arman left alone in the living room. Devyani enquired about Kripa's parents but Kripa didn't reveal the truth about Surya's health. She neither told about the circumstances led to her marriage too. Devyani also didn't reveal the truth about Angad's marriage. She expressed her pain about the law suit and Surya's gift of the property.

Angad fell into conversation with Arman. His heart sunk when noticed Arman was the same 'Arman Malik' he was searching for past year.

Naina and Dilip engaged all guests as they guessed what would Angad going through after knowing about Kripa's marriage.

Angad excused himself while everyone gathered for lunch. "I have to make some urgent call, please excuse me. I will join you soon. You carryon." He e scaped into his room without waiting for anyone's response. Kripa exchanged looks with Devyani while Kartik and Aaliyah stared at each other.

Naina engaged her guests to divert their attention away from Angad. "Shayad Ridhima, Humari bahu, ko phone karney gaya hai. He always calls her before having lunch. Ridhima kabhi kabhi apni kaam mein busy hokar lunch skip karti rehti hai."

Arman's heart skipped at the mention of "Ridhima". He looked at Misthy and Misthy turned her looks at Kartik before she was caught by her brother. "I'm sure yeh meri Ridhima hi hoga. I have to confirm with Misthy as soon as possible. Kya undonon mein itna pyar hai?" Arman silently concentrated on having lunch. On the other hand, Kripa realized that Angad still remembered her.

Angad closed his room doors and collapsed on the bed with hands in face. He couldn't believe his dreams shattered in this way. He cursed himself for delaying to search for Arman. "Yeh kaise ho sakta hai. Kripa ki shadi hogayi? Wo bhi Arman ke saat? Abb main Ridhima ko kya jawab doonga? Unhey apni pyar se milwaney ki vada kiya tha mainey. How can I break Kripa's marriage and bring Arman to Ridhima? Yeh kya hogaya hai, bhagwan. Kyon yeh sab humara saat horaha hai? Kripa ko bhi itni jaldi shadi karney ki kya jaroorat thi? Yeh donon kaisey miley they? How does Kripa knew Arman? Yeh sab kaise hua? Where went wrong? Arman ko apna beta se milwana hi hoga. I cannot separate them. Magar main yeh kaam kaise karoon? Kripa ki shadi thodoon? Can I do that? Phir se mama ka dil thodoon? Dadi ka viswas ko thodoon? Why Kripa? Why did you do this? Ek saal mein itna sab kuch hogaya tha?" he questioned himself repeatedly without knowing any solution. He pulled his hair, wiped his constant flow of tears, and banged fists on bed and pillows.

Ridhima eagerly called while Angad was humiliating himself. She was not able to concentrate on her work as her mind was occupied with Arman and Misthy. Angad ignored her first call and disconnected the second call. She called Aaliyah and Aaliyah gave a quick reply to enquire from Angad as Angad would explain her in his own way. Ridhima was surprised at the behavior of both siblings and thought of calling Kartik. Again she dismissed the thought as decided not to disturb him at this moment.

After ten minutes, Angad composed himself and called back Ridhima. He apologised for disconnecting her calls. He lied under teeth that he was busy and was talking to Arman and Nishant. He indirectly conformed through her that he was the same Arman. She admitted that she followed up the alliance through Satyavati bua when she learnt about Kartik's interest on Misthy. Angad silently dropped tears about his ignorance and negligence in following up the matters. He didn't reveal about Arman's marriage but promised to pick her in the night after her work. Ridhima was relieved as Angad met Arman and built hopes to meet Arman soon. She wanted to enquire much more about his meeting with Arman but controlled her excitement.

Naina didn't get any chance to talk to Kripa in person as she was surrounded with either Devyani or Padma and Satyavati.

 The date of engagement was fixed after a week  and venue was decided at Arman's house. "Naina ji! Dilip ji! Yeh visit achanak hogaya hai aur mujhey jada din chutti nahin milegi. Aap bhi toh humare ghar ko dekhna hai na? Sagai humare ghar mein hi honey deti. Reeti rivazon ke mutabik sagai aur shadi donon ladki walon ke ghar se hona hai." He convinced them to meet in Arman's house for engagement.


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