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part 48 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Driver! Ek baar yahan roko. Kuch dawayiyan leni hain." Armaan stopped their Toyota Innova near a pharmacy on the way back from Khanna house. Misthy and Kripa worriedly asked in unison. "Dawayiyan? Kiske liye? Kya hua?"

Armaan smiled at their anxiety, "Relax ladies. kuch khaas nahin, sirf severe sar dard hai. I get some on counter medicine for relief." Kripa and Misthy were relaxed and continued their conversation with elders about the evening event. None of them noticed that it was the place where Sanjeevani was located.

Armaan looked around for familiar faces.  He had no idea about the developments of Sanjeevani in the past one year. He saw many new faces except some lower grade employees around Sanjeevani. He again checked surroundings if he was in the right place. He walked to the familiar pharmacy and asked for some pain relievers.

The shop owner recognized him and greeted him affectionately. "Namaste Doctor Saab! Kahan gaye they? Aapke janey ke baad Sanjeevani bilkul suna sunasa hogaya hai. Koyi Dr.Gupta ke kadar nahin kartey. Patients ki aana jaana bhi kum hogaya hai. Aaj kal aap kahan rahtey hain? Aap phir yahan wapas agaye hain kya?"

Armaan was surprised at the little information he got from the shop owner. "Kyon, patients kyon kum hogaye they? Kuch hua kya hospital mein? Dr.Gupta ji kaise hai?" he feared if he really got sick again or any worst happened to him.

The shop owner carelessly blabbered. "Kya kahein Doctor saab! Wo Dr.Gupta ji ne jhuta heart attack ka natak kiya tha apni sagi beti ki shadi kissi aur se karaney ke liye!" He hesitantly lowered his voice as whispered, "suna hai wo aap per dil lagaye thi!!??" He defended himself when Arman sharply looked at him. "Haan, haan, gussa mut hoyiye Doctor Saab! Mainey jo suna hai wahi daura raha hoon. Bus sab logon ko yeh pata chalgaya tha. Unke sagi beti Dr.Anjali aur damad Dr.Atul bhi unhey chodkar chaley gaye they. Dr.Rahul ne bhi resign kardiya. Sunaney mein aya hai ki unhi ka haat hai pura natak mein. Kyon nahin jayengey, jab itna bada Doctor khud apni beti ke saat aisa jhoota natak  kiya toh wo patients ke saat kuch bhi kar sakta hai na!!"

Arman couldn't believe the unexpected information. "Jhoota Natak? So, I was right about Dr.Gupta. Tab Ridhima toh mere batoan pur yakein hi nahin karti thi. Atul sasural chodkar chalagaya? Kahan? Rahul bhi Sanjeevani chod diya? Itna sab kuch hua pichle ek saal mein? What happened to Ridhima? Wo yahin kaam kar rahi hai? Apne papa ke cheating maloom honey ke baad bhi? Main toh yahan sirf ussey dekhney aaya hoon. Magar yeh kya sunraha hoon? Ridhima abb kahan kaam kar rahi hai? Where would I get her now? Kya unki sasural waley 'khannas' hai? Kiss se pata karloon? Misthy se hi pata karna padega. She knew everything; phir bhi chup bhaithi hai."

"Doctor! Doctor! Kahan kho gaye hai aap?" shop owner's loud voice brought Armaan into the world. He faintly twitched his lips and shook his head, "Kuch pani milega?" He swallowed a pain killer immediately and enquired about Ridhima. "Wo Doctor toh kabki chali gayi thi. Wohi pehli doctor thi jo apna papa ko chodkar chali gayi thi. Baad mein yeh sab hua tha."

Arman sighed aloud and thanked the shop owner for all the information that unexpectedly gathered from him. He turned disappointedly webbed with the thoughts around Ridhima. "Abb wo kahan kaam kar rahi hogi? Apne papa ka dhoka jaan-ne ke baad bhi usko realize nahin hua kya? Mere paas wapas ajaney ki prayatne bhi nahin kiya? Why I'm unnecessarily worrying about her? She must be happy with her husband." He sighed aloud to dismiss the thoughts and reached his taxi.


Arman paused from getting into the car and looked at the way the yell came. His heart skipped to look at the precious scene he was searching for. "R..I..D..H..I..M..A." His brows twisted before he enjoyed her presence. "…her…hands" !!!!

Ridhima carried a cute little baby and hurriedly crossed the road to reach her car just a few yards behind Arman's taxi. A similar aged woman came running behind them and took the little baby in her hands before Ridhima warned her.

"Ridhima!!" he mumbled; "Ridhima with a little baby? Wo aurat kissey 'armaan' kehkar bula rahi hai? 'chotoo'? wo baby ka naam hai? Ridhima ka beta? Apne bte ko mera naam rakha?" His mind again filled with plenty of doubts. His eyes keenly searched for the familiar traits of the baby. His mind eagerly recorded the prettiest scene in front of his eyes.

Armaan never met the other lady before. She had quite a big voice and was enquiring about their welfare.  All the three chuckled and enjoyed the meeting. The lady bid goodbye to Ridhima as Ridhima said something to her; probably she was in hurry to leave soon. The lady gave back 'chotoo' aka 'Armaan' to Ridhima and left. Ridhima cheerfully waved hand to her and got into her car. Arman stood still without blinking his eyes even once as he memorized the whole scene. He wanted to run to them and talk to Ridhima but his legs didn't cooperate with him. His heart felt heavy after the car passed their taxi. "Ridhima ka beta? Kitni kush lag rahi hai. Shayad unke sasural waley unse bahut pyar kartey hai."

Misthy pulled Arman into the world hurried to get into the taxi. "Armaan! Engagement ka shopping yahin karletey hain. Phir hum kal subah flight lekar wapas jaasakte hai. Jaldi chalo." Padma's words didn't record in his brain.

His mind was roaming around Ridhima and the cute little baby in her hands. "Where did she go? Apna papa ke paas aayi thi? Shopkeeper ne kaha tha ki unhoney Sanjeevani chod di thi. Phir wo apna papa ko maaf kardi? Atul aur Anjali toh Gupta ji ko chod diya tha. Kitna kush lag rahi hai? Mere yaadoan ko bhula diya tha? Nahin, ussey sab kuch yaad hogi. Apna beta ko toh mera naam rakha hai Itna yaad toh karhi rahi hogi!! Ek baar bhi mere taraf nazar uthakar dekhi nahin. Dekhegi bhi kaise; she wouldn't expect me here at this time. She was not worried about her surroundings. Kahin dreams mein kho gayi hai. Apne pati ke saath wo bahut kush rehti hogi. Main hi uski yadoan mein diwanon ki tarah jindagi barbaad kar raha hoon. Uski yadon mein ulazh kar apni patni se bhi alag raha."

All others were engrossed into their discussions about shopping and future preparations while Armaan humiliated inside until they reached the shopping center.


Ridhima hurriedly looked for Angad as soon as she entered the house. She didn't even wish Kartik who was waiting for her outside of his room.  Angad asked her to refresh when she demanded to explain the whole event. "Pehle tum refresh hojao phir main sab kuch batoonga." He took the baby in his hands to change his clothes.

Ridhima changed her dress and refreshed with thundered heart. She was puzzled when Angad was delaying to explain about Arman. "Shayad mujhey tease karna chahta hai. I'll wait till he explains."

She sat on the bed patiently while Angad finished work with chota Arman. Angad put him in cradle after gave him some milk. Angad sat beside her and took her hands in his. "Ridhima! Listen carefully whatever I tell you now. Koyi jaldbaji nahin karna aur na koyi depression. This is very serious matter. And we have to handle this carefully." Ridhima looked at him suspiciously as her heart pounded with unknown fear.

Ridhima gathered her heart and slowly questioned him. "Kya hua, Angad? Tumney kaha sab kuch theek hai. Armaan se mulakat bhi huyi. Phir yeh hesitation kiss liye?"

Angad searched for words to present the situation in her front. Ridhima shook his arm, "baat kya hai batao, Angad. I can't bear this silence. Mera dil dhadak raha hai." Angad looked into her anxiety filled eyes.

 "Arman is married now." He spilled the suspense out. Ridhima was shocked and remained still to memorise his words. "Armaan is married". Is this he just said? Did I hear correctly?" she moved her stares from Angad to the floor while digested the truth. Slowly tears escaped from her eyes and started flowing over her cheeks. She didn't feel like wipe them. Slowly hiccups were built. She gripped the bed sheet with both hands and tried to stop her hiccups. She failed in her attempts and broke down on the floor with her hands in face. Angad left her alone to cry out her pain hidden inside for past one year.

Kartik knocked the door when he heard Ridhima's hiccups cooled down. He overheard the whole conversation as expected Ridhima's reaction. He signaled Angad to calm down Ridhima now. Angad settled besides Ridhima after handing over a glass of water. "Ridhima! Abb roney se koyi faida nahin hai. Jo bhi hua tha usmein humari galatiyan jada hai. Actually tumhari fault jayda hai. We couldn't succeed in our search for Armaan. I couldn't meet him in one month I stayed in Hyderabad. Tumhari wajah se kaam adhura chodkar wapas aana pada. You couldn't face Mom's taunts. You should have been strong enough, Ridhima! Itni kamjor bangayi thi ki sab kuch abb khatam hogaya hai." he closed his eyes with pain as his dream were also scattered along with Ridhima. He continued after swallowed his tears, "Why do you give up things so easily? Abb Armaan ka shaadi ko tho hum thode nahin sakte. Kripa thodne nahin degi. She strongly believes in marriage and relationships. Come what may she won't agree for separation from her husband. Magar main bhi chup chap bhaitney walon se nahin hoon. I will convey him the news about his son. He must know about it. Chotoo ko aise apne pita se anjana nahin honey doonga."

Ridhima wiped her tears and sniffed to swallow her hiccups. "Bataney se kya faida, Angad! Abb sab kuch khatam hogaya hai. Sab mere hi galati hai. Main maanti hoon."

Angad was irritated at her 'given-up' attitude. "Itna kamjore mut hojao, Ridhima! Pehle uss ko apne bte ke barein mein sun-na hi padega. Phir wo apnaye ya thukraye uski marzi. He should know about the truth, first of all."

Ridhima fearfully questioned. "Tum yeh sab kaisa karoge, Angad? Ussey kaise bataoge? Agar wo nahin maaney toh? I mean what if he doesn't believe it?"

"Next week we all are going for engagement. We meet them in a week," Kartik, who remained as silent spectator, opened his mouth.

Angad sharply stared at Kartik and noticed the fear in Ridhima's eyes. "He has to believe it and accept his son. I will make him do it. Agar undonon ke divorce karna hi padega toh main kadam peechey nahin uthaoonga." He firmly confirmed.

Kartik intervened, "Iss mamley mein Kripa hurt hogaye toh?"

Angad shook his head as agreed with him, "mujhey bhi yahi darr hai. I don't hesitate to accept her. On the same hand, I don't hesitate to remain as chotoo's father for my life too."

Ridhima looked at him as tears of gratitude filled in her eyes. Angad patted her shoulder with concern. "Ridhima! We have to be strong and determined now. Jo bhi ho ussey hassi se apnaney ke liye taiyyar hona hai. Agar Arman apni patni ko chodkar tumhey apnaye toh main Kripa ki saat doonga whether she accepts me or not. Agar Armaan is dedicated to his wife and family, you have to be ready to remain like this forever. Main tumhari hur kadam pur saat doonga." Ridhima broke into tears to face her worst fears in future.

Angad sighed and mumbled aloud. "Now we have to think how to convey this news to Arman."

"Through Misthy," Kartik gave an idea, "Let's go couple of days before and make sure Arman interacts with his son direct or indirect. Misthy would help us in this matter. Before we go I'll call her for a date here. I could explain her everything." Angad clapped his hand and both decided to invite Misthy for a date with Kartik on next day.

"Agar Misthy milney se inkar karey toh?" Ridhima put her doubts as she knew her very well.

Kartik sighed, "tum bhi na Ridhima! Humesha negative kyon sochti ho?"

Angad teased her, "yeh uski adat hai."

Ridhima moved her mouth sideway, "funny. I know Misthy very well. She and Armaan won't agree for these things so easily. Both siblings don't like these modern things. She is too conservative too."

Kartik adorably smiled as remembered how reserved Misthy was with him too. "Haan, wo toh hai. She maintains her privacy. But I'm sure she won't say no to me now."

Angad rolled her eyes, "Conservative? Tumhey dekh kar toh aisa nahin lagta!! Chotoo Arman ka beta hi hai na?"

Ridhima slapped his shoulder, "stop teasing me, Angad! Misthy nahin ayegi. I know it for sure. You can confirm now itself if you don't believe me."

Angad and Kartik shook heads in funny way as teased Ridhima and called Misthy for a date. Misthy politely rejected as they were heading back home to make arrangements for engagement.

Ridhima smiled for the first time after the broke down. "Abb mere batoan pur yakein karenge?"

Angad and Kartik shrugged shoulders, "do we have any other choice?"

"Abb kya karengey? Do we have to wait till engagement?" Ridhima hesitantly expressed her doubts.

 "Nahin. Pehla galati abb phir nahin daurayengey. No more delaying things. We need to act fast. He has to learn about the truth as early as possible. As I said before, humey turant Hyderabad jana padega."  Angad firmly decided.

"But, Angad! We are, anyway, going there in four days. Dad, Mom object karey toh. Aur wo Malik pariwar bhi kya sochengey?" Kartik raised his doubts.

"Chaar din tak kyon hum rukengey? Jitna jaldi hosakey utna jaldi hum baap bte ko miladengey. And you know I don't care about Mom and Dad. Actually we don't have to inform them too." His intentions were different. He somehow prayed for the same distance between Armaan and Kripa as he had from Ridhima so far. His heart didn't accept Arman and Kripa's marriage. He didn't like Arman forgetting Ridhima. If necessary he was not going to hesitate to create differences between Armaan and Kripa so that he might get his love back. "Kripa kissi aur ki patni..galat baat hai!!" He finally confronted in his mind after lot of humiliation in his mind since morning.


"Shukre hai ki Kripa ki shadi hogayi hai. Kitna bhoje utar gaya hai dil se! I'm feeling so relieved. Abb Angad ka shadi kissi achi ladki se kara sakti hoon." Naina relieved as settled on bed after refreshed both physically and mentally.

Dilip lifted his head from the business magazine in his hand and quizzically looked at his wife. "What do you mean Angad ka shadi kara dogi? Abb tak jo bhi hua tha uss se kuch seekha nahin? Aur Kripa ki shadi se tumhari kya matlab tha? Unse chutkara toh kabka milagaya tha na?"

Naina turned his side and leaned back to head rest. "Angad toh Ridhima ko uski pyar se milwaney ke baad Kripa se phir rista jodeney ka soch raha hai. I really dislike her return in this house. Bhagwan ka shukre hai ki uss pariwar se humey chutkara milgaya hai.  Mujhey wo log bilkul pasand nahin hai. Abb wo problem solve hogaya hai. Iss baar wo galati nahin dauraoonga jo mainey Ridhima ke barein mein kiya tha. Koyi achisi ladki dhoondloongi."

Dilip seriously condemned her thoughts. "No, absolutely you are not!! I'm warning you, Naina! Iss baar tum koyi aisi kadam nahin uthaogi jiss se humara rista hi Angad se toot jaaye. I don't allow you to do this. Ridhima ki pyar miley ya na miley, uss se mujhey koyi vasta nahin hai. Mujhey toh Ridhima bahut achi lagti hai. I hope they both reconcile and accept each other. Undonon ke beech bahut achi samajh hai. Jab bhi wo donon haste huvey nazar aatey hain main toh bhagwan se dua mangta hoon ki undonon ke Jodi salamat rahey. Agar undonon mein koyi understanding nahin hua toh Angad khud apna pasand se milney tak hum wait karengey."

Naina flared her nostrils at his commanding opinion. "Mujhey toh wo donon ke Jodi bilkul pasand nahin hai. Kissi aur ke bachey ko apnaney ka durbhagye mera beta ko nahin hai. Bhagwan kare wo bachey ka pita jaldi se miljaye aur humey Ridhima se chutkara miljaye."

Dilip angrily threw the magazine and closed his eyes as turned other side. Naina carelessly glanced at him once and resumed her dreams about Angad's remarriage


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