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part 50 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Ridhima aakhir yahan aayi kissliye? Did she really want to meet Misthy? Phirse purani rista jodney ki koshish kar rahi hai? Ya mujhey dikhana chahti hai ki wo kitni kush hai? Wo akhir sab kuch kaise bhulgayi thi? How could she even forget our relationship? Kya ek aurat aisa kar sakti hai? Mera galati kahan thi? Dr.Gupta ka natak mein Uski saat nahin dena? Asliyat jaan ney ke baad bhi wo mujhmey hi fault dekh rahi hai? How could she blame me?" Arman was upset after meeting Ridhima and her son.

Ridhima's mind was with Arman though she physically present with the new team of Dr.Abhimanyu. Nikita engaged Kartik all the time after she knew about his musical field.  Misthy thought to take chotoo to Arman while everyone was busy in sharing the medical information. Misthy slowly escaped the scene along with chotoo and entered Arman's cabin. "Arman! Bhai!" she checked the whole cabin to find it empty.  She wondered at his disappearance and turned to leave. She met Ridhima at the door.

 "I think he left for home," Misthy commented as guessed Ridhima's entry. Ridhima silently stared at Arman's desk. She shook her head with a smile and took chotoo in her hands, "that's ok, Misthy! He takes some time to know about his son." She put him in Arman's chair, "I'm sure chotoo will bring us together." She kissed him and turned to Misthy. "Abb chaley?"

Both crashed into Arman at the door. Arman was surprised to see them in his cabin. Misthy composed first of all, "Hai, bhai! Where were you?"

Arman didn't respond to her and seriously stared at Ridhima and the little boy. Both Ridhima and Arman lost in their stares. He slowly walked closely to Ridhima without blinking his eyes. Ridhima's heart raced at his closeness but stood still with wondering eyes. Misthy silently watched them without disturbing them. Chotoo yelled in excitement at Arman's closeness. Arman's attention diverted onto him. He caressed chotoo's back, "how old is he?" He broke the silence between them as tried to show her that he was not affected by her presence.

Ridhima was happy for his first converse to her, "theen mahina." She slowly spelled. He looked into her eyes as thought in mind, "theen mahina. Itni jaldi? Ek saal bhi nahin rukpaayi? Ya Angad loves her so much??" He painfully stared into her eyes. Ridhima constantly checked his feelings without blinking her eyes too. He heaved a sigh out and took the baby in his arms. He hugged him to his chest and closed his eyes as the touch of the little boy unknowingly soothed his inner pain. Chotoo comfortably rested his head on Arman's shoulders.

Arman's eyes moistened, "Mera naam rakha hai? Kyon? Itna pyar karti ho? I wonder you still remember me!" he cynically expressed his pain.. Her face changed colors at his cynicism but kept quite. "Tumhara papa ke asliyat jaanney ke baad bhi mere baton pur yakein nahin hua? Mujhse milney ki koshish nahin ki?"

Ridhima was surprised at his words. "Arman! Hum, I mean main tujhey dhoondney ki koshish ki thi Magar…" he interrupted her explanation, "Magar mera pata nahin mila. Strange!! Jahan dil hai wahan rasta bhi miljata hai, Ridhima! Tum kyon koshish karogi. Tum toh kush ho apna pati ke ghar mein."

Ridhima couldn't stop her tears anymore, "you are mistaken, Arman! Main tujhey dhoondney ki bahut koshish ki thi. Massi ka pata mujhey nahin maloom tha. I heard you left Sanjeevani. You haven't left any contacts there too. Aur main.." she wanted to explain about her problems with Naina and her pregnancy but paused as her throat stuck with pain.

Arman misunderstood her silence, "aur tum apni life mein samjhota karliya hai!! Good!! Good for you. Apni jindagi mein agey badhna achi baat hai. Main bhi kush hoon apni jindagi se." Chotto started crying as afraid of their harsh and loud arguments. Ridhima patted his back to console him and Arman handed him back to her. Ridhima wanted to tell him the truth about their son but stopped to give him some time. She was not sure about his reaction on hearing the truth. Misthy took Ridhima out as Arman got some patients.


Saxena family and Khanna family met in Malik's house after Kripa changed the venue for meeting. Padma, Misthy and Ridhima helped Kripa in cooking while all men exchanged conversation in the living room.

Tannu was excited to the gathering, "mom! Abhi se shadi ka mahol mehsoos honey lagi. I will enjoy Misthy didi's engagement. Pichlay baar Arman bhai ka shadi pur main itna enjoy nahin karpayi mere exams ke wajah se."

Ridhima joined her, "jaroor enjoy karengay, Tannu! Iss baar toh ek fantastic musical night bhi hojayegi. Tujhey pata hai Angad is a good singer. And he will sing for his brother."

Tannu showed her excitement, "I know, Ridhima bhabhi! Inke albums ke barein mein suna tha. Magar kabhi inke gana sun-ne ka mauka nahin mila. Abb jaroor milegi. Aur Kripa bhabhi bhi bahut achi gaati hai. We can have a blast this time."

Angad and Kripa exchanged looks at their conversation. Arman's stares stuck at Ridhima. "Yeh itna kush kaise rehti hai? Kitni asani se apni pyar ko bhula di?" he wondered at Ridhima's carefree attitude at that time.

Angad noticed the feelings of Arman and Kripa. He decided to boost up their jealous. "Tujhey aur ek secret batana hai, Tannu! Ridhima ki barein mein."

Tannu widened her eyes, "Ridhima bhabhi ki barein mein?" everyone turned their heads to Angad. He mischievously winked at Ridhima and whispered aloud in Tannu's ears, "Ridhima ki dance ke barein mein. She dances so good, you know?"

Tannu was surprised and raised her eyebrows at Ridhima. Ridhima slapped Angad's arm playfully, "aisi koyi baat nahin hai, Tannu! He is teasing me."

Tannu added the dances to the musical night, "then, you have to definitely dance, Ridhima bhabhi!"

"Aur Ridhima ke saat saat Arman bhi nachega."

Arman was startled at Angad's statement and stared into Ridhima's eyes. Angad brought the little boy who just woke up from a nap. Arman was relieved as Angad mentioned about the little boy. Ridhima sheepishly looked at Arman as took her son into lap. Arman walked into his room as couldn't stay there anymore.

Kartik signaled Misthy to join him in the balcony. Nishant engaged Surya while Padma discussed with Gayatri about the preparations for engagement. Tannu and Ridhima immersed in talking about the upcoming event and their outfits. Kripa was busy in giving finishing touches for her cooking. Angad slowly approached her in the kitchen.

Kripa appreciated his help but warned him as they both left alone there, "Tum Arman ke saat batein karlo, main yahan kaam sambhal-leti hoon."

"Kyon, kahin tumjhey darr toh nahin lag raha hai ki hum phir se ek dooserey ke kareeb hojayengey?" Angad whispered closely to her ear in Telugu.

Kripa was astonished both at his language and thoughts. She stared into his eyes as widened her mouth. Angad moved his tongue to cheek inside and winked at her, "hairan toh nahin horahey ho, mere basha ko dekhkar?" he continued in Telugu. Kripa shook her head as mesmerized, "haan, ho toh rahi hoon. Magar tum yeh basha kahan se seekhliya?" she wondered in Telugu.

Angad softly laughed, "Sochta tha tumse shadi honey ke baad tumse tumhari juban ke do-chaar pyar ki batein kar sakoon. Magar tumse milney ke baad pata chala mera sara efforts waste hogaya hai."

Kripa was still in trance, "magar tumhara shadi toh kabki ho chuki thi. Phir bhi humare sapne dekha? Kyon?"

Angad longingly stared into her eyes, "sapna dekhta tha ki mera shadi ek sapna banjaye aur tumse mere asli shadi hojaye."

Kripa was reddened and turned to continue her work, "tum bilkul pagal ho, bava! Aisa kabhi hosakta hai kya? Ek bte honey ke baad bhi aise baatein kaise karsaktey ho?"

Angad tempted to spill the truth in front of her. But he decided to shut his mouth until Arman admits his love to Ridhima. He didn't want to embarrass Ridhima in front of anyone.

"Mera pagalpan ka dawayi tumho, bavi! Kya karoon mera mann ko sambhal nahin paa raha hoon." He continued in Telugu.

Kripa sensed danger and checked if anyone else listening to them. "Good knowledge of Telugu, Bava! Magar, Tumhey yahan se chaley jana theek hoga. Please don't embarrass me in front of my in-laws. Main Arman ki patni hoon, ussey cheat nahin kar sakti. Hum humarey hud mein rahey toh acha hoga. Tum bhi dhyan se sochlo, agar Ridhima ko humarey barein mein pata chal gaya toh?"

Angad mischievously rolled his eyes, "agar pata 'nahin' chala toh? You won't have any objection?"

Kripa showed the spatula in her hand to him, "ek thappad mardoongi agar tum apna juban nahin sambhal sakey toh." Angad checked her from head to toe and burst into laugh, "tum such much Kali Maa jaisa lag rahi ho. So cute. Tum such much mujhey thappad dogi?" he pulled her close and kissed her hand, "tumhari thappad bhi mere liye kiss ki barabar samajhloonga."

She pushed him away angrily, "tum yahan se jaoge ya nahin?"

Angad shook his head negatively, "nahin jaoonga. Tum akela pura kaam kar rahi ho. Let me help you."

She angrily pulled work from his hands, "tumhara madat ki koyi jaroorat nahin hain. Main akeli sambhal sakti hoon."

"Kya hua, Kripa bhabhi?" Tannu entered at her yell. Ridhima followed Tannu and guessed Angad did some mischief with Kripa. She consoled Kripa, "Kya main tumhari madat kar sakti hoon?" and warned Angad with her eyes "Angad! Tum bahar jao, hum ladies sambhalengey."

Kripa was embarrassed if the two ladies noticed their closeness. Ridhima took Angad's work and sent him out. Tannu went to call everyone to join at dinner table on Kripa's request.

Ridhima checked Kripa's reddened face, "yeh marad loge bhi na kitchen mein aakar bahut pareshan kartey hai. They think they help us but won't realize they rather spoil our work. Hain na!"

Kripa embarrassingly smiled. Ridhima continued hiding her smiles, "Angad toh aisa hi hai. Humesha mera peecha peecha ghoomta rehta hai. Kya Arman bhi aisa karta hai?" She had her own reason behind this enquiry.

Kripa's face turned beet red, "nahin, …. mera matlab.."she paused to control her embarrassment, "let me serve food" she escaped Ridhima's enquiry looks. Ridhima chuckled behind Kripa, "Now I know Arman and Kripa didn't forget their love. Thanks, Angad! For your confidence."

Everyone enjoyed food and Saxena family took leave after agreed to let Tannu have the sleepover at Malik's house.

Kripa saw Arman covered his face in hands on the bed as rested his elbows on knees. She noticed Arman's absence behavior throughout the dinner. He couldn't enjoy the presence of the guests. "Kahin shadi ki pareshan toh nahin hai? Aakhir behen ki shadi hai.  Akela sab kuch sambhalna hai." She walked to him, "Arman! Aap theek toh hai na?" she touched his hands as settled at his side.

"I'm alright, Kripa!" Arman removed hands and turned his face other side to hide his moistened eyes.

Kripa didn't believe him. She moved closer to him and cupped his cheek to turn his face to her. "Nahin aap jaroor kuch tension mein hai. Main hoon na aapke saat deney ke liye. Mujhse share nahin kar saktey? Ladke walon ko all of sudden dekh kar pareshan hoagey kya? Misthy ki shadi ko lekar pareshaniyan hai? Kartik bahut acha ladka hai. Wo Misthy ko bahut kush rakhega. Trust me."

Arman smiled as shook his head, "I know, I can see his love in his eyes."

Kripa demanded to reveal his problem, "phir aap kyon khoya khoya lag rahey hai? Jabse ladke waley aaye they aap kuch pareshan hi lagrahey hai."

Arman stared into her face. His heart ached at her concern. How could he tell her about Ridhima? How would Kripa understand his pain? He lost his love and now that love was in front of his eyes with some other man. He sighed and rubbed his face to put a stop to his thoughts.

Kripa felt sad for not sharing his pain. She compared herself with Ridhima and Angad. "Bava toh jeevan mein samjhota karliya hai. Apni wife ko accept karliya hai. Main kyon apni past ko bhulakar Arman ke saat nahin de paa rahi hoon. I should help Arman. I should behave like any other wife." She affectionately caressed his back.

Arman's heart skipped at her care. He compared himself with Angad and Ridhima. "Ridhima apni jindagi mein agey bad chuki hai. Mere saat itni door kadam agay badney ke baad bhi apna pati se kitni kushi lag rahi hai? Main kyon Kripa ko door rakha hoon. Why can't I adjust in life? Kyon unhey ek patni ki darza nahin de paa raha hoon? I should dismiss all these thoughts and accept Kripa. I should not punish her for my failure in love-life."

He stared into Kripa's eyes. Both looked at each other with concerns on each other. Arman took Kripa's hands in his and pressed. "Main ek din jaroor sab kuch batadoonga, Kripa! Mera pareshaniyon ke barein mein sab kuch batadoonga." He thought in his mind and hid his face in her hands. Kripa's eyes moistened at his pain. She decided to take care of him as any normal wife does. She pulled his face and touched to her chest. Arman relaxed and immediately dozed off in her lap.


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