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part 51 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Goodmorning! Kaise mehsoos kar rahey hai abb?" Kripa smiled at Arman as placed the coffee tray on side table." Arman stretched his arms up rested back of his head, "feeling good. Thanks for your moral support."

Kripa adorably smiled, "mainey kya kiya? I just assured you about my support."

Arman stretched his lips with a smile and took her hand in his. "That only helped me to relieve. Kal tak bahut akela mehsoos karta tha. Aaj tum ho mere saat. Thanks once again." Arman knew his decision to move forward in his marital life, relieved him from all kinds of uncertainty.

Kripa guessed that Arman took her support as her conciliation to move forward. After all, he waited all these days patiently for her initiative. She sat beside him and cupped his hands, "main humesha aapke saat hoon." She hesitated a moment and continued, "agar aap bura nahin maney toh main ek baat kahoon?" She continued after his approval through his eyes. "Why don't you contact your brother, Atul?  It is good to have our own family with us through thick and thin. He will be your helper and Misthy would feel happy too."

Arman nodded as agreed, "tum theek keh rahi ho. Misthy Atul se bahut pyar karti hai. Aaj tak wo kabhi apni mann ki baat batayi nahin magar uski shadi mein Atul maujood ho yeh jaroor unko kushi degi. I will try to contact him as soon as possible." He decided to bring Atul back into his life as he already heard about Atul's separation from Dr.Gupta. Misthy's wedding would be the best excuse to build the bridge again.

Kripa was excited, "phir jaldi se taiyyar hojayiye." Arman got up briskly and took bed-coffee. Both went through the arrangements for engagement once again. "Main aaj Ridhima ko lekar unke liye gifts khareedne jaoongi. Her presence would help me decide about the gifts quickly now." Kripa mentioned about her day plan.


"Atul!!" Arman was surprised to see Atul in the lobby, speaking to one of the team members of Dr.Abhimanyu. Arman silently walked to him and dropped his hand on Atul. Atul was startled and turned to him. He  was also equally astonished to see Arman there. "Bhai! Tum? Yahan?" Both hugged each other tightly as emotionally shaken inside.

Arman patted Atul's back, "I should ask you that question. Tum yahan kya kar raha hai?"

Arman asked excuse from third person before Atul replied, and took Atul to his cabin. He ordered his receptionist to hold the patients for few minutes to have private time with his brother.

"Abb batao,  tum yahan kya kar raha hai?" Arman asked as seated besides Atul. Atul was overwhelmed at Arman's affection and explained the reason behind his presence there. "Anjali joined Dr.Abhimanyu's team now. His wife, Dr.Nikita was her junior in Sanjeevani. She recommended Anjali to the team. We came out of Dr.Gupta's house and hospital after learnt about his fake illness. We are really sorry for separating you and Ridhima. We didn't expect that Dr.Gupta played such a cruel drama with his own children. We might move to London once this project is done." Atul explained in detail about Gupta's drama and after effects.

Arman sighed aloud, "I warned you all before, but you didn't trust me. Anyway, bygones are bygones. Kal Misthy ki sagai hai. I request you to attend it. I'm glad you realized your mistakes now. Let's build up our relations once again."

Atul promised Arman to meet at lunch along with Anjali.


"Mujhey nahin lagta Kripa maan jayegi. She is too dedicated to her family. Arman ke ankhon mein tumhare liye pyar dekh raha hoon magar Kripa pyar se jada apni duties ko importance deti hai." Angad disappointedly mumbled as soon as he returned from Kripa's house. Ridhima twisted her brows, "Tum itni subah uski ghar gaya tha? Kya hua tha wahan? Why are you coming to these conclusions?"

Angad explained his visit. "Mainey socha tha ki Arman subah hospital chaley jaaney ke baad kripa se milkar sab kuch bata doonga. Magar Kripa maami ko mera pecha laga di. Kripa wanted to avoid me. Wo khana bananey ke bahaney kitchen mein hi time spend kiya tha aur main akela maami ke saat waqt bitana pada. I don't know how to convince Kripa. Kuch hesitation horaha hai. I think we should solve the problem through Arman only."

Ridhima sighed as understood that Kripa was not comfortable in meeting with Angad. "Mujhey aaj shopping ke liye jana hai. Main Kripa ko help ke liye bulaoongi. Tum bhi wahan ajao. Wahan se main Arman ke paas chali jaoongi. Nikita bhi wahin hai, so I can spend time with her. you can spend sometime with Kripa too."

Angad nodded as agreed with her. "Haan, looks like a plan. Main Kripa ko sab kuch bataoonga. Chahey wo mujhey accept karey ya thukraye. She has a right to do anything. We should not waste any more time now. Kartik toh Misthy ko lekar apne shopping ke liye jana chahta hai. So, we won't get his time today."

Ridhima immediately requested Kripa for help in shopping and scheduled to meet her at the mall.


"What? Arman yahan kaam karta hai? Are sure you met him?" Anjali was stunned to know about Arman.

Atul nodded with a big grin, "guess what! Arman humey ghar bulaya hai. Parsoon Misthy ki engagement hai. Guess who the groom is! Kartik Khanna. Angad ka bhai; Ridhima ka brother-in-law."

Anjali frowned, "Kartik? Hmm . . Interesting! By the way, Does Arman knew about Ridhima and her son?"

Atul shrugged, "I don't know. He didn't talk about them. Anyway iss baat ki jikar karney ka koyi faida nahin hai. Arman ka shadi ho chuka hai."

Anjali was upset, "He is married? I feel sorry for Ridz. Angad aur Ridhima Arman ko kitna dhoonda tha."

"Anji! Arman asked us to meet him at lunch. Chaley?" Atul hesitantly asked for her opinion.

Anjali agreed immediately, "Why not Atul! We should build up the relations now. I don't mind for lunch together." Both met Arman in the canteen.

"Hotel mein rehney ki kya jaroorat hai? You both can stay with us. Misthy will be happy to see you." Arman formally invited Anjali for engagement. Anjali and Atul agreed immediately to move to Arman's house.

"Arman! Actually Angad and Ridhima tried hard to find you.. You haven't left any contacts in your previous job too. Ridhima went through many problems in her in-laws house." Anjali apologetically tried to convey about Ridhima's condition. Atul took the explanation over, "haan, Arman! Ridhima ki pregnancy ko lekar bahut problems hua tha. Uski saas ne papa ko bara bura bahut kehdiya tha. Actually kehna hi chahiye, after all he was the culprit for Ridhima's pregnancy.."

Arman and Anjali startled at Atul's flow of statements. "ATUL!!" They warned him aloud in unison. Atul noticed the mistake in his wordings and apologised, "Mera matlab hai ki Ridhima ki pregnancy ki barein mein jo bhi problems khada hua tha wo papa ke wajha se hi tha."

Arman was confused at their statements, "what are you trying to explain? Ridhima ki pregnancy mein problems? Hua kya tha? Now She looked perfectly normal!"

Atul and Anjali looked at each other, "What do you mean she looked normal? You met her and her son?" They were puzzled in confusion.

Arman embarrassingly paused and replied, "I met her in Khanna house. I met her son too. Actually they both are here in town now, along with Kartik and Angad."

Anjali and Atul exchanged looks, "you met her? Hmm, but you don't know the truth about her son?" Atul slipped his tongue. They spelled the truth out after noticed Arman was innocent. "He is not Angad's son. He is your son." They explained each and every moment happened after Ridhima's marriage. Arman heard everything in shocked state. He couldn't believe his own ears. Great excitement passed through his spine and spread all over his body. Heat waves came out of his nose and ears. Face reddened at embarrassment. He wanted to run to Ridhima and take them in his arms. He understood now Ridhima's unexpected presence. He understood Angad's bigheartedness. Proud smile sparked on his lips as he recollected chotoo's cute face.

Atul and Anjali silently observed him and secretly shook hands at his reaction. Atul settled his throat to bring Arman into the present world, "Arman! We were hesitating to tell you the truth but now we are relieved after seeing your excitement. Ridhima might want to convey you the truth. She doesn't have any normal marital relations with Angad. We heard that Angad had also lost his love too. He ran away from home on their first night. He came back when he heard about Ridhima's pregnancy to save her from embarrassment. We should thank Ridhima's friend Dr.Sheetal. Still Ridhima went through lot of problems in her in-laws house." Arman startled to hear the name Dr.Sheetal. Now he put the pieces together and understood Ridhima's condition.

Atul continued, "We assure you that they both share good friendship now. If possible, talk to Ridhima normally. Forgive her. She was innocent and blindly trusted her father. We are ashamed to support Dr.Gupta too."

Arman sighed and pressed Atul's hands. "Thanks for letting me know the truth. I don't have any repulsion on Ridhima now." He didn't want to tell them about his relationship with Kripa. Atul and Anjali took leave after promised to move to his house in the night. Arman's heart was jumping at the new truth and felt the whole world extremely beautiful. He decided to talk to Ridhima in the next meeting.


After spent three hours in shopping Ridhima took Kripa to studio, where Angad patiently waited for them. "Yeh kahan lekey aayi hai, Ridhima?" Kripa was surprised to check the studio.

"Kartik bhai aur Angad yahan apne kaam ke liye aye huvey hai. They asked us to meet here for lunch. I wanted to show you their work too. Misthy bhi apni kaam khatam karkey aajayegi." Ridhima replied as snet message to Angad. Kripa believed her and watched everything interestingly.

"Hi, Kripa!" Angad met them in ten minutes, "Ridhima! Main chotoo ke liye appointment leliya tha. Tum abhi jaa sakti ho." He signaled Ridhima to leave them alone. Ridhima excused herself when Kripa suspiciously looked at them. "Sorry, Kripa! Chotoo ka abb char mahina chalrahi hai na. I have to introduce him to solid foods. I wanted to take advice from a pediatrician. Angad will drop you at home." Kripa unbelievingly looked at her but agreed as she had no option.

"Kartik aur Misthy kabb ayengey?" Kripa asked as felt awkward to stay alone with Angad. Angad sheepishly looked at her, "Wo donon nahin aarahey hain. Misthy ka kaam khatam nahin hua tha. Kartik held up with her. Kyon, mere saat akela rehney mein darr lagta hai kya?"

Kripa embarrassingly smiled, "haan, lagta hai. Tum pehla Angad nahin raha. Mujhey ghar jana hai. I have lot of work to finish for tomorrow's engagement." She found some excuses. Angad smiled at her open declaration. "Baavi! You know I don't leave you so soon. Shall we go out for lunch?" Kripa refused immediately, "nahin, bava! I have to go. Ghar mein papa aur mama akeley hain. Aur mujhey bhi kuch kaam khatam karna hai."

Angad took her hands in his, "I help you in the work. Abb yeh mauka kabhi nahin milega. Engagement ke baad hum wapas jaa rahey hain. I don't know if I get any chance to meet you again. Please mana mut karo."

Kripa half heartedly agreed to go with him. She was worried about his lenience. She hesitated to stay with him alone but again wanted to him a chance as they won't meet again like this. Angad took her to his hotel before she realized it. "Bava! Main andar nahin aoongi. I have to go home." Kripa bluntly refused to enter the room and turned to leave. Angad warned her politely, "Bavi! Please wait. Agar tumhey andar aaney ki darr hai toh main tumhey dining room lejaoonga. Wahan aur loge bhi hongey, you don't have to worry to stay with me alone." Kripa was embarrassed as he read her mind.


Ridhima rehearsed in her mind about her meeting with Arman. She felt nervous to take any appointment with him for her son. "Ek doctor hotey huvey bhi Arman ke paas kya bahana lekar jaoongi? Wo meri barein mein kya sochega? I should tell him about chotoo clearly now." She finally convinced herself and asked the receptionist for an appointment. The receptionist refused to give appointment immediately and asked to come back next day, "Walk-ins ka waqt khatam hogaya hai, ma'am! Aapko kal ko phir aana padega."

Ridhima couldn't think about another excuse to meet Arman and argued with the receptionist. Arman overheard her argument and signaled the receptionist to send Ridhima inside. The receptionist suspiciously looked at him and sent Ridhima inside. Ridhima was surprised at Arman's generosity and followed him after thanking the receptionist. The receptionist shrugged her shoulders, "what did I do, madam ji. Doctor saab ne khud bulaliya hai?" Ridhima didn't stretch her statement as she was thrilled at Arman's behavior.

"Kya problem tha?" Arman asked business like.

Ridhima rolled her eyes with confusion, "wo..wo.. actually .. actually chotoo ko solids dena hai. I mean he should be on solids now. So.." she cursed herself for the lame excuse, "Cerela ki advice ke liye Mumbai se yahan tak aana tha? Stupid Ridhima kuch aur bahana sochliya hota!"

Arman smiled and looked into her eyes. She lowered her eyes and played with chotoo's hands. Arman checked them as hid his smile behind his lips. He moved to Ridhima's side and took chotoo in his hands. "Solids! Hmm.. interesting. Tum aaj tak wahi stupid Ridhima rehgayi ho!" Ridhima was awestruck at his behavior and watched him without blinking her eyes. He kissed chotoo and embraced him to his heart. "Iska aankhein toh iske papa pur gaye hain. Hope, he won't get his mama's stupid brain."

Ridhima frowned and turned her head, "Haan, mama ki stupid brain ke saat saat , hope, he won't get his father's stubbornness too." Arman understood her underlying meaning and kissed chotoo's cheeks, "Nahin ayega. Kyon ki apna Angad papa ka achayi ka sahara inke saat hongey na."

Ridhima widened her eyes and looked suspiciously at Arman. Arman deeply looked into her eyes, "Apni pyar ko nahin sambhalpayi magar pyar ki nishani ko janam diya tha?"

Ridhima's eyes welled up, "Arman!!"

Arman nodded his head with tears filled eyes. "Bahut der kardi mujhey dhoondney mein. You are late, pagli."

Ridhima couldn't control herself and collapsed in his arms. Arman dropped his hands around her and kissed on her head, "I still love you, Ridhima. Kaise bhulgayi apni pyar ko? Apni pyar ko thukra kar papa ki jindagi ko mainey diyi thi. Itna stupid koyi hota hai?" he tightly pressed her to him. She broke into tears and cuddled him with two hands as hid her face in his neck curve. Chotoo was confused as noticed tension in the air. He twisted his lips and got ready to break anytime. Arman noticed him and hugged him to his cheek with other hand, "I love you, my son!" Ridhima smiled through hiccups and hugged both father and son with her hands.  Arman kissed her cheeks aloud, "thanks for this beautiful gift." Three of them forgot the outer world and engrossed into the emotional moments.


Angad was seriously silent since he dropped Kripa home late evening. Ridhima informed about Arman's acceptance at dinner time. Kartik congratulated her and hoped to receive positive reaction from him. Angad expressed his fears, "I'm glad Arman understood you and accepted his son. Magar mujhey nahin lagta wo Kripa ko manapayega. Kripa won't accept this."

Kartik sighed, "arey bhai! Magar hua kya tha? Jabse Kripa ko chodke aaye ho tum toh muh latka ke bhaitha hai. Share your concerns with us."

Angad faintly smiled, "main usko kuch bata nahin paya. Kripa doesn't know about Arman's past. She is looking forward to strengthen their relationship. She won't bear the truth about Arman's love."

Ridhima reassured, "Let this event go smooth. Main Arman se kehdoongi humare plans ke barein mein." She also had her own fears if Kripa won't agree for reunion.

It was time for receiving the groom party for the engagement. Arman booked the club house of the apartments for the event. Kripa was busy with her arrangements as Gayatri and Padma helped her. Tanya helped Misthy in getting ready in bridal dress-up. Arman and Atul were receiving the guests. Surya and Nishant were chatting aside as waited for the groom party to arrive. Satyavati bua, who arrived previous night, was busy with Anjali to enquire about Gupta and Nani. Misthy was overwhelmed to receive Atul and Anjali previous night.

Khanna family reached the venue in time. Arman and Kripa warmly received them. Devyani broke into tears after met with Sarma couple. She apologised them for Naina's suit and expressed her gladness about Misthy and Kartik wedding. Dilip also apologised surya for his helplessness and expressed his gladness for rebuilding the relationships.

Naina avoided facing Sarma couple and involved in conversation with Padma and Satyavati. Kripa felt bad about her ignorance and silently involved in her duties. "Kyon bura laga? Surya ko bahut gurror tha apna kul-vanse pur. Wo guroor ka kya hua tha tumhari shadi Arman ke saat karate waqt?" Kripa silently dropped tears at Naina's criticism.

Angad overheard and warned Naina to stay away from Kripa further. Naina ignored him and didn't face Kripa again except during the engagement muhurat.

Kripa avoided direct eye contact with Angad and kept herself busy in hospitality of the guests. Ridhima and Kartik noticed the tension between Angad and Kripa. Ridhima decided to handle the situation after the event was over. She expressed her happiness when Anjali and Atul asked for forgiveness. Kripa was surprised when Ridhima introduced Anjali to Kripa as her own sister. She suspiciously looked at Arman if he knew Ridhima before. Ridhima explained the differences between the brothers and thus how they didn't have relationships with Malik's since Atul's wedding. Arman stole secret hugs and kisses from Ridhima and his son while others were busy in entertaining the guests. Tanya called for music event before the muhurat. Angad sang couple of songs as he promised before.


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