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part 52 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Kripa! Ruko! Mera galatiyan kya hai, tum iss tarah bhaag rahi ho? You are behaving as if I'm stalking you. We loved each other, itna toh yaad rakho, yaar! Itna bedardi mut bano. I don't bother you if you want me to stay away from you. Ek do pyar ki batein bhi nahin ho sakti? I'm missing you so much, bavi!" Angad escaped from the event and fan crowd to catch Kripa alone when she was heading to her apartments. "Bava! Mere haat chodo. Koyi dekhlega. Kyon mere peechey padey huvey ho." She hurriedly checked the surroundings to find if anybody was watching them.

Angad noticed her fears and dragged her to a shady side. "Humey Koyi nahin dekh raha hai, bavi! Itna daro mut. Everyone is busy in the function. Kyon mujhse bhagna chahti ho. Please, atleast be friendly to me. You don't see me from tomorrow. I'm missing you, yaar!"

Kripa welled up at his last words. He would leave for Mumbai tomorrow. The only time she could see him again would be Misthy's wedding. She composed her heart quickly, "Abb humarey beech kaunsi pyar ki baatein hogey, bava! Hum donon shadi shuda hain, tum mujhse kya expect kartay ho? Tumhara khud ka acha ghar sansar hai, phir bhi kyon mere peechey padey ho? Why do you want to spoil our lives? Kyon itna sata rahey ho?" she scolded him in lower voice.

Angad sighed, "Tumhey kaise bataoon, Kripa! Main manta hoon ki mera shadi hochuki hai, aur ek bacha bhi hai. Wo sab baatein chodo. Main tumhey kabhi bula nahin paya. I still love you, bavi!. Main tumhara kareeb aana chahta hoon. I want to spend some precious time with you. Please, mujhey ek aur mauka do tumse akeley mein milney ke liye. Main tumhey apna mann ki baat samjhana chahta hoon."

Kripa nodded her head negatively, "kya kehna chahtey ho? Tumhara muh se aise baatein shobha nahin dete hain. Main tumse kahin bhi akela jaaney ko taiyyar nahin hoon. Aur mujhey kuch sunaney ki jaroorat bhi nahin hai. Mujhey kissi baton pur  dilchaspi nahin hai. Mujhey mere haal pur chod do. Haan, ek baat jaroor kehna chahti hoon. Jaise tum kehraha hai ki aaj bhi mujhse utna hi pyar kartey ho, uss pyar ke vastey, please, phir se tumhari mom ki chaya humpur nahin padney do." She recollected Naina's words and decided to stay away from Angad.

Angad sighed at her rejection and stubbornness. He hinted her many ways about his intentions during lunch yesterday. He took a morsel from her plate without her permission; he kissed her cheek while having dessert. He explained the circumstances of his marriage with Ridhima and indirectly conveyed the relationship with his wife. But he couldn't directly inform about Ridhima's son as he was unaware of Arman's acceptance.

Kripa walked away while Angad was recollecting the day with Kripa.  He longingly stared at the way she disappeared, "I need to explain everything to you in detail now, bavi! I don't leave this place until I explain to you about the whole condition."

Angad was startled when Arman patted his back suddenly. He smiled embarrassingly when Arman raised his brows at him to enquire about the situation. "Arman! Tum yahan? Do you need anything?"

Arman funnily played his eyes and smiled teasingly, "Yeh ghar mera hai, Angad! I should ask you if you need any help. Tum meri biwi ki peecha kyon kar raha hai?"

Angad was startled and swallowed as he was caught red-handedly, "Nahin, Arman! Main peecha nahin kar raha tha. Actually Kripa was upset by mom, so, I was just  trying to console her'and '. I'm apologizing her." he immediately found excuse for his presence there.

Arman patted his back, "kyon jhoot bole rahey ho? I know what you were doing with my wife. Haan, She is still my wife.  Uski jimmedari abhi bhi mera hai. Jo console karna hai wo main karloonga. Leave the matter to me. Wahan saarey fans tumhara intezzar kar rahey hai." Arman hid smile and seriously warned Angad.

 Angad was embarrassed, "sorry, Arman! Mera aisa koyi iraada nahin tha. Don't take me wrong. I was just concerned about her." He took steps ahead to leave.

Meanwhile Ridhima hurriedly approached them from behind and suspiciously exchanged looks at each other. "Kya hua Angad? Arman? Tum donon yahan kya kar rahey hai? Arman! Misthy is searching for you. Aur Angad! Dadi is calling you."

Angad nodded and excused himself to leave. Ridhima and Arman stared at the way he left. "Kya hua, Arman? Why Angad looks upset?" Ridhima asked as pitifully stared at dejected Angad.

Arman checked her once and pulled her close, "Mainey Angad ka test liya tha. He still loves Kripa. I think he wanted to communicate that, but Kripa ussey mauka nahin derahi hai. Deti bhi kaisey, she has no clue about his life."

Ridhima nodded, "haan, wo Kripa se bahut pyar karta hai. He loves her a lot. That's the reason he never accepted me. When he heard about my love story he thought he would settle me first before reuniting his Lovelady. He was completely broken when heard about Kripa's marriage. I was totally shaken by hearing your marriage. We are lucky that she married to you. Now you are the only source to solve our problems."

Arman shook his head thoughtfully, "I have to take an opportunity, Ridhima! Itna asaan nahin hai Kripa ko sab kuch batana. Main kubul karta hoon ki main aaj bhi tumse utna hi pyar karta hoon jitna pehla karta tha. Magar mere liye Kripa ki taraf bhi utna hi responsibility hai. I don't know how would she going to take this."

Ridhima fearfully looked at him, "Sab kuch tumhey bataney ke baad tumse door rehna mere liye mushkil hojayegi, Arman! Please, mujhey sambhalo. I can't stay with Angad anymore. Abb mere liye Angad ki patni banker rehna bahut mushkil hojayegi. I want to come back to you. Aur chotoo bhi bada horaha hai. I don't want to keep him away from you anymore. He needs his father with him."

Arman kissed her forehead, "Mujhse zyada Angad pita ka farz achi tarah nibha raha hai. I'm sure he becomes a good father."

Ridhima welled up, "aisa mut kaho, Arman! Tere bagair abb main jee nahin sakti. Aaj tak tumse milney ki umeed lekar jindagi kaatli. Abb main ek pal ke liye bhi tumse alag nahin reh sakti. You have to do something. Kripa se such batadena hi chahiye. I know she gets shock of her life but Angad promised to take care of her. Angad uski barein mein bahut umeedein lekar bhaitha hai. Now, she has to know everything. Tum donon ke decision pur hum donon ka jindagiyan adhar hai."

Arman tightened his lips to sigh inwardly. "I'm really worried about telling the truth to Kripa. Let this event end, I try to convey the situation to her. It's her right to take any decision. I can't go against her decision. I admit that we don't share any intimacy too, but she respects me as her husband. And she blames herself for the distance between us. She doesn't know about my past. Inn sab cheezon se zyada mamaji aur  papaji ke chinta karna jaroori hai. Wo buzarg hai, purane khyalon ke hai. Ussey manana asaan baat nahin hai. I cannot hurt them at any moment."

Ridhima cuddled him, "we are leaving for Mumbai tomorrow. We could meet again only in Misthy's wedding."

Arman kissed her wet eyes, "you are not going back tomorrow, Ridhima! Kal Misthy ki birthday hai. I request Kartik to stay. Meanwhile we can find some way to convey the message to Kripa. If not, we have the last resort to bring everyone under one roof to discuss openly."

Ridhima was surprised, "Misthy ki birthday!! Right, main toh bhul hi gayi. It's a good idea to stay one more day here. And, Angad won't wait till you convey the message. He was just waiting to get a chance to gain Kripa back."

Arman laughed softly and hugged her to kiss her cheek, "I'm also in the same state." she chuckled and kissed him back.


Arman invited whole Khanna family to his house to celebrate Misthy's birthday. Naina and Dilip left along with their daughters and other relatives, for Mumbai by the first flight in the morning, as they felt awkward to face Sarma's. Devyani insisted to stay some more time with Sarma couple to rebuild her relationship. Padma took Satyavati Bua and Devyani to her house direct from the function and promised to join Misthy's birthday celebrations in the evening.

Kartik, Angad and Ridhima reached for breakfast after sending off rest of Khanna family from airport.

 "Many many happy returns of the day, Misthy!" Ridhima hugged Misthy as soon as she walked into dining room. Kripa was busy in kitchen along with Gayatri to arrange food for the guests.

Kartik and Ridhima took blessings from Gayatri and greeted Kripa and Arman.

"Angad kahan hai?" Gayatri asked as took chotoo in her hands.

"Mamaji se milney gaya tha," Kartik replied and hurried for breakfast. "maami! Bahut bhuk lag rahi hai. Aapke haaton ki nasta karney ke liye hum subah se khali peth raha."

Ridhima patted his arm, "Such maami ji! Aapke khaney ke barein mein Angad ne itna tareef kiya tha, aur humey rastey mein kuch bhi nahin khaney diya."

"Why are you complaining about me, Ridhima? It is your decision to starve. Main toh maami ki cooking ki tareef kiya tha. Ek bar khakey dekho, ungliyan chaat-thi rahjaogi." Angad entered as settled besides Arman. Gayatri smiled affectionately and served the breakfast to everyone.

Angad made big sounds as burped the food, "maami! You are an excellent cook. Phet bhar gaya hai. I don't need any more food till tomorrow. Bheetey huvey din yaad agayen hain."

Gayatri lovingly patted his back, Gayatri took it in positive way, "abb hum phir se ristedaar bangaye hain. Jab chahey tum humara ghar aasakta hai aur khaney ki demand bhi kar sakta hai.  Waisey, Yeh sara credit Kripa ko jayegi. Aaj ka khana usney banayi thi. Main toh uski madat kar rahi thi."

Kartik interfered, "I know, maami! Kripa is also a good cook. Cooking ke saat saat wo achi gaati bhi hai. We still remember her stay in our house." Angad and Kripa painfully exchanged looks as recollected olden days. Arman and Misthy seconded Kartik's comments on Kripa's cooking and singing.

Misthy was excited, "Humara sangeet mein Kripa jaroor gayegi. Aur Kripa ke sung Angad ka gana bhi hojayegi. We want to hear duets from you both." Angad deeply observed colors on Kripa's face. She turned her looks to him as his stares sent vibes to her. Both locked eyes for a while. Angad imagined Kripa singing alongside him. Kripa had no clue about his dreams but noticed a spark in his eyes.

 "I know Angad always told about Kripa's singing. But I haven't heard till now," Ridhima commented. Misthy pressed her hand and took Kripa's hands in hers. "Then here is a deal.  Kripa aaj sham ki party mein mere liye ek gana gayegi." Kripa faintly smiled and softly refused the idea.

Angad lovingly stared at Kripa, "Kripa aaj bhi, aur Kartik ki sangeet mein bhi jaroor gayegi, Ridhima! You can enjoy her singing." Angad decided to make Kripa sing along with him tonight.

Kripa walked into kitchen in pretext of cleaning, hiding her pain behind tears. Angad noticed her tears and wanted to take her in his arms.

Kartik took a seat opposite to them, "so what is outcome?" He raised his brows. Angad showed thumbs ups and gave hi-five to Kartik, "mama liked the idea."

Kripa glanced at him from corner of eyes and wiped her tears. He turned to Gayatri, "maami! Kal subah hum gao jaa rahey hain. Programme is fixed. Mama ji is very excited. Aap janey ki taiyyariyan kardijiye."

Kripa wondered, "gao? Kaise gaon? Aur yeh taiyyarian kiss baat ki?" Gayatri responded before Angad replied to her. "Humarey gaon. Angad wants to show the village to Ridhima."

Kripa didn't like the idea as every villager expected Angad to marry her. She didn't want to embarrass Surya in front of the village. "Papa aur mama kahi nahin jayengey. Papa cannot travel now. Agar jana hai toh tum khud jaasaktey ho." She firmly ordered Angad.

Angad felt offended at her rude rejection and helplessly looked at Gayatri. Gayatri reassured him with her looks and tried to convince Kripa. "Kripa! Angad gaon mein kisko jaanta hai? Aur Maasi bhi jaana chahti hai. Agar papa inke saat rahey toh inhey wahan koyi takleef nahin uthana padegi."

Kripa disagreed with her, "Agar dadi jaana chahti toh wo bhi Angad aur Ridhima ke saat jaa sakti hai. Tum donon ko wahan jaaney ki jaroorat nahin hai. Agar tum chahti toh tum jao. Main papa ko sambhaloongi."

Angad interfered before Gayatri tried to defend Angad. "Then you come with us instead of maama and maami. They stay here."

Kripa angrily looked at him as she guessed what his intentions would be. Angad immediately noticed it, "If you want, Arman bhi humara saat ayega. Kyon Arman?" Arman immediately replied in his favour. Kripa didn't like the quick plans. She tried to stop Arman and Angad warned her, "Misthy aur Kartik bhi aana chahtey hai. They never visited any village till now. I will arrange all conveyance. Hum sab saat chalengey. It would be great fun." Ridhima was excited and voted for his plans. Misthy and Ridhima started planning immediately.

Chotoo started whining, Ridhima excused herself as it was time for feeding. "Ridhima! Tum humare kamerey main jao. Wahan A/C hai. Chotoo ko acha lagega. You can feed him there. Feeding ke baad chotoo ko wahin sula dena," Kripa offered her room.

Angad continued once Ridhima left the scene. "So, I will arrange an A/C mini bus. We all can go together. Misthy bhabhi! You can invite Padma massi too if she is interested. Let's all start in the early morning."

Gayatri immediately offered her help, "Main Sastry se kehdoongi ki wahan reheney ki aur khaney ki intazaam karein." She walked into hall to take the phone receiver. Kripa followed her immediately to warn her, "mama! abb chacha ji ko beech mein mut lao. Why do you want to trouble him? Main nahin aaoongi. Papa bhi mere saat yahi rahengey. Ho sakey toh aap bhi rukjao. Naani khud sambhal sakti hai. Aur Angad bhi wahan ek baar papa ke saat gaya tha. He could handle everything."

Angad followed her and understood her fears.  "Kripa! Jab Arman bhi humare saat chal rahey toh tumhey kya aitraaz hogi? Why don't you agree for this trip?" Kripa angrily looked at him as tears filled her eyes. "Papa nahin ayengey. Jaanti ho unke tabiyat ke barein mein? He cannot stand the heat there and the villagers enquiries." Gayatri understood and consoled Kripa, "Kripa! Jo beet gaya wo bhul jao. Papa apne aapko  sambhalengey. Main bhi saat hoon na. Aur Arman Ridhima bhi humarey saat hai. Do do doctors hai na papa ki care karney ke liye." She really showed interest to visit her old village.

Kripa still hesitated to agree for the plan. "Mama! you are not understanding. Wahan ke loge tarah tarah ki batein karengey."

Gayatri pressed her hands to console her, "Angad bhi hai na sab sambhalney ke liye. He promised to take care of papa."

Kripa angrily looked at Angad and mumbled, "haan, sab sambhalega; aaj tak kiya kya tha unhoney?" She wanted to discuss with Arman before anything would be finalized.

"Main Arman se baat karoongi. Till then don't make any arrangements." She walked to dining room to speak to Arman.

Arman was missing there and she enquired with Kartik. Kartik who was seriously chatting with Misthy replied without second thoughts that Arman was in his bedroom. Angad realized immediately that Arman must be with Ridhima and tried to divert Kripa from going to her bedroom. "Kripa! Hum aram se discuss karengey. Itni jaldbazi mein decision mut lo." But Kripa ignored his advices and walked to her bedroom. Angad signaled Kartik and Misthy about Ridhima being in Kripa's bedroom. They were worried and followed Kripa.

"Chotoo ke paas main rahoonga, Ridhima! Let me play with him for some time." Arman tried to take chotoo in his hands after Ridhima finished feeding him.

Ridhima warned him, "abhi godh mein mut lena. Let him settle down the milk first." She gave peck on chotoo's chin, "papa se khelte raho, main abhi aayi," She laid him on bed after placing pillow on his side. She turned to Arman and gave instructions as how to deal with the baby who was fed just a few second ago. "Be careful, Arman! Abhi tak burp nahin kiya. Ulti kardega."

Arman pinched her cheek and kissed her forehead, "I'm a pediatrician for you kind information, Ridhima! I know how to handle the babies. Khaas kar mera apna bta ka saat." He settled on the bed beside the baby.

Ridhima smiled and kissed his forehead and turned to leave. She was stunned to see tearful Kripa at the door. She mumbled with shock, "A..R..M..A..N.." Arman turned at her shaken voice and shocked to see astounded Kripa at the door.


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