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"Armaannnn!!! I said am sorry." Riddhima had been running after Armaan from a long time begging for apology. He had left the game area when she had been laughing her head off at him…. and was pissed at her now.

"Do you have any idea of how embarrassing it was? How could you do that?" Armaan yelled angrily at Riddhima when they were standing right outside the mall.
Riddhima held Armaan's hand as he hailed a cab "Armaan it was an accident…. I didn't do it deliberately…. Please am sorry." She wanted to say that it was his fault as he was the one who started everything by sitting behind her on the bike and getting so close to her but she decided it would be better if she did not anger him more but what she did not know was that Armaan had a bit of a temper and an attitude problem making it really difficult to pacify him….

Armaan jerked his hand out of Riddhima's grip and sat in the cab and left for the hotel. Riddhima knew where he was going… all the cruise passengers were staying in the same hotel and there was a party today for the 25th anniversary of the hotel they were staying in…. just then Riddhima's face brightened with an idea to pacify Armaan….

She went back to the mall and after taking Harsh and his governess along she left for the hotel.


Armaan paced in his room feeling guilty about giving Riddhima such a hard time but he couldn't help it…… he felt so angry at that time and he could still see the faces of all those crazy people laughing at him… but it wasn't all Riddhima's fault… the things that he was doing with her had to make her a little jumpy and she pushed him accidentally…. He smiled remembering what all had happened on the bike. He decided he should talk to Riddhima immediately.

He opened the door and was shocked at what he saw….. He felt his anger rising inside again… as he saw a guy holding Riddhima by her waist and Riddhima smiling indulgently at him… he saw the red dress he gave her on the bed along with a few wrapped gifts…

"Oh! Armaan… hey come on in.." Riddhima saw Armaan standing of the thresh hold of the room…. He still looked angry and now she just hoped that her plan would work.

Armaan did not step inside and just looked at the tall, broad guy and then at his arm around Riddhima's waist as if demanding an explanation. Though there was no proper relation between Armaan and Riddhima but he still felt that she belonged to him and he had this whole possessive feeling taking over and had the urge to punch the light out of the guy and advanced towards him but even before he could do anything he heard the guy say "Hey…. I am Cameron…. Riddhima's friend." Riddhima smiled warmly at him and then looked back at Armaan and spoke "Ya he is my friend and Cam this is Armaan…. We guys met at the cruise itself and became pretty good friends." Armaan and Cam shook hands and they both sized each other head to toe….

Cam was a tall, well built guy…. A sexy face with all the features perfectly shaped and deep blue eyes along with a killer smile. He had the face of a Hollywood star but was a plain business man helping Riddhima run her chain of hotels and was her best friend and had been with her through thick and thin and she loved and adored him for that.

Armaan could sense the connection between the two and didn't like it one bit…

"So Armaan you are coming to the party tonight right?" Riddhima asked Armaan who frowned and spoke "What party?"

"you don't know? The hotel is celebrating its 25th anniversary and all the guests are invited. So you coming right?" Armaan nodded his head positively at her and then saw Cam was about to say something when his cell rang and he left the room to attend the call….

"Armaan are you still angry at me?" Riddhima asked Armaan who was busy glaring at Cam's retreating back… he looked at Riddhima and moving forward took her face between his hands and kissed her hard on her lips…. Putting the stamp of his ownership on her… Riddhima was startled with the rough kiss and didn't respond but when the kiss intensified she gripped Armaan's collar and kissed him back but Armaan withdrew immediately and looking into her eyes he picked up the red dress from the bed and spoke "Riddhima I want you to wear this tonight." Riddhima looked at Armaan and smiled nodding her head she turned around towards the mirror but instead she banged into Cam who dropped his can of beer over the dress she was holding and in no time the fine fabric was spoiled with the content of the can over it and Riddhima yelled "CAM!!! Look what you did…. You spoiled the whole dress."

Cam shook his head and took the dress from her and spoke "Oh! Am sorry but Riddz this is a very plain dress…. Not your type anyways. I have brought something for you… here… you can wear this." He handed her a wrapped dress while Armaan stood there watching everything and fuming to himself, he can bet on his life that the guy spilled the beer deliberately… he saw Riddhima opening THAT guy's dress which was really short and s***** at least according to him it was and he didn't want Riddhima wearing stuff like that but before he could say anything he heard her say "Thanks Cam…." That's it. She was thanking the guy who had spoiled his gift for her and was ready to wear the dress that he gave her…. He was beyond furious, jealous and was now getting insecure… he did not let her complete her sentence and grabbed the dress from her hand and threw it on the floor and walked out of the room giving Cam the nastiest look possible. He went to his room which was right in front of Riddhima's and slammed the door hard.

Riddhima didn't like this aggressive side of his… she knew that he too felt something for her but they hadn't said anything to each other… he did not know about how she felt and still he was sure that she would comply to all his wishes and if it did not happen he would get angry like this…. He had never gotten angry in the period she had known him so today was a shock for her… she decided she'll talk to him but for that she knew she'll have to pacify him which she knew won't be easy but she still had the plan that she had made though when they kissed she had started to think that maybe she won't need it but now it looked like she would with something added new to it.

She decided at that moment that she'll bring the plan in action tonight….. She would go to any extent to get Armaan to forgive her… the distance between them was killing her.. She had spent a lonely life from so many years so now that she had him she did not want to loose him and at that moment she knew that Armaan is THE guy for her.

She looked at Cam and mumbled an apology on Armaan's behalf and picking up the dress she placed it on the dresser and took Armaan's gift with her to the laundry.

Cam smirked to himself as there was no way that she'll be able to get the dress cleaned today as the party was going to start in 2 hours. Armaan was indeed right… he had done it purposely… he had seen the kiss they shared and then Armaan's request to her…

The moment Cam and Riddhima had met… Riddhima had been constantly talking about him and was all praises for him… she had not told Armaan her true name so initially he thought that it was just some fun that she was having but then she had told him that she is in love with Armaan and that was a huge shock to him… he had always thought that he was the closest to her and if she would ever fall for a guy it would be him but no this Armaan guy came out of nowhere and she says she is in love with him and after seeing Armaan he could say that the feeling was mutual but there was no way he would let Armaan steal HIS girl from him… somebody he had been in love with from past so many years. He had been there for her whenever she needed him and would always bring a smile on her face and that according to him was enough to fall for someone and so now he was busy thinking about how he would get Armaan off Riddhima's brain and was not ready to believe that it was love from her side… maybe it was just a crush that she had over that guy and with this he smiled and looked at the dress on the dresser happy that she would wear HIS dress and not Armaan's….


Armaan was pacing to and fro in his room and was trying his best to control the boiling anger in him…. He knew that he was over reacting but he couldn't help it. He had been living a lonely life and now that he knew that the only person who could take away that lonliness is Riddhima he could just not loose her and the very thought of that Cameron guy coming between them made him murderous… he was insecure as hell but it wasn't his fault, anybody who had found the most precious thing in his life after waiting for so many years would be insecure to loose it and so was he….

He calmed himself and looked at the clothes placed on the bed… they were the ones that Riddhima had selected for him… he was in two minds whether to wear it or not but as he remembered their shopping trip he smiled and felt a little secure and sure that Riddhima wouldn't leave him for that guy and so he decided he'll wear it and would also apologies to Riddhima for loosing his cool.

He quickly got dressed and left for the party.


The moment he entered the party he saw Cam standing in a corner along with Harsh who didn't look very happy with him and this just improved Armaan's mood and he happily made his way towards them but when he did not see Riddhima anywhere in sight he got worried that maybe she was mad at him and was not attending the party to avoid him…. He asked Harsh who spoke "Oh! Massi just takes a little time in getting ready and stuff…. Don't worry she'll be here soon and by the way you look great." Harsh patted Armaan's back like he was his older brother but Armaan smiled at him and with a smirk directed towards Cam he told him "Oh! Thanks for the compliment Harsh but the credit goes to your massi as she was the one who selected this for me." Cam narrowed his eyes at Armaan after listening to his remark and wasn't pleased…. Riddhima had never shopped for him but she was buying clothes for the guy she knew nothing about but he dismissed the thought and told himself to calm down and he was about to retort back when the lights went out and they saw a figure standing on the stage and the fluorescent light fell on her….

Cam and Armaan saw Riddhima standing there looking like a dream in a red sari… Armaan looked at Riddhima and was mesmerized by her beauty… he liked the fact that she wasn't in one of those dresses which exposed her body more than needed and gave all the men a sight to watch… he hated men eyeing her but even today though she was wearing a sari he knew men were still looking at her and were loving the sight of her but just by the way she was smiling at him he knew that it was for him that she was dressed like that…. He smiled back

All the men in the hall were stunned by the beautiful sight and so was Cam but when he saw the exchange between Armaan he was really pissed and knew that Riddhima who never wore saris was wearing one for Armaan alone.

His thoughts were interrupted by Riddhima's voice

"Hello ladies and gentleman… I am here to congratulate Mr. lee on the success of his hotel and its 25th anniversary and I am going to be singing a hindi song for all of you here which I really hope you guys will enjoy…." She said all that with her eyes glued to Armaan making It known to him that the song was for him alone….

With that Riddhima walked down the stage holding the mike and was standing in front of the crowd….and started the song…

Tu mile, dil khile Aur jeene ko kya chaahiye

Na ho tu udaas, tere paas paas Main rahoongi zindagi bhar

Saare sansaar ka pyaar maine tujhi mein paaya

Tu mile, dil khile Aur jeene ko kya chaahiye

Hume kise

Ooooo….saara jahan chahe dushman ho

Kya chahiye….ohohohoh….hathoin mein jo tera daman ho

Tu hai jahan, manzil vahan

Dhadkanoin ki tarah aapne dil mein mujhko chupalo

tu mile, dil khile Aur jeene ko kya chaahiye

Pyaar kabhi, ho marta nahin hum tum marte hain

Hote hai voh, ho log amar pyaar jo karte hain

Jitni adaa, utni vafa - 2

Ek nazar pyaar se dekh lo phir se zinda kar do

Tum mile, dil khile Aur jeene ko kya chaahiye

Na ho tu udaas, tere paas paas Main rahoongi zindagi bhar

Saare sansaar ka pyaar maine tujhi mein paaya

Tu mile, dil khile Aur jeene ko kya chaahiye

Riddhima ended the song and the hall thundered with wild applause…. Half the crowd had not understood the song but Riddhima's beautiful voice had left them stunned and they had lost themselves in its beauty.

Riddhima looked at Armaan who looked into another world but throughout the song she had not taken her eyes off him and she had seen the love in her eyes mirrored in his… she walked towards him../

Armaan had been craving to hear Riddhima's voice but now that he heard it…. He noticed the love more than the song and fell even deeper in love with her but just when he decided that he'll declare his love to her he saw his past flash in front of his eyes and he realized that there were some things that Riddhima needed to know and his heart broke when he realized that after knowing them she would probably hate him for the rest of her life…

He saw her advancing towards him.. A number of people stopped her and complimented her voice but her eyes remained on him and finally she reached him…. Everyone was now busy in their own thing … Riddhima stood in front of Armaan and taking his hands in her she took him to a secluded corner away from everyone's eyes and when they were there she spoke "I have meaning to tell you this from some time Armaan …. I… love…you…. Armaan." She wasn't nervous but just wanted to make sure that Armaan felt the intensity of her love when she said that and she saw him smile with his dimples deepening on his cheeks but suddenly the smile fell and he turned his back towards her and spoke "I was a drug addict Riddhima."

Krati Mehra

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