Monday, 16 April 2018

Part 6 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Riddhima went inside with Muskaan while Armaan came alongwith Rahul, Nikki and Vansh.

Billy look towards Armaan and he went to a side ignoring others while Padma went inside to ask Riddhima.

Billy went towards Armaan as he was busy tapping his phone to one side of house.

“Armaan, kaisi lagi Riddhima tujhe?” Billy asked.

“Us se kya puch rahe hain bhaisahab, smile se hi pata chal raha hai” Anurag said.

“Nhi Chachu aisa kuch nhi hai” Armaan said instantly.

“Matlab tujhe Riddhima nhi pasand?” Billy asked.

“Nhi maine aisa kab kaha” Armaan replied instantly.

“Matlab pasand hai?” Anurag asked.

“Ha, matlab nhi, I mean it’s fine if you all want this alliance, I don’t have any problem” Armaan said controlling his shy smile looking towards another side.

“Armaan, I know Riddhima tujhe pasand aa gai hai, I’m happy beta coz she is perfect for our family” Billy hugs him and he smile while Anurag shows thumbs-up to Armaan.

Billy came towards others and smile happily “Armaan ko Riddhima pasand hai” 

“Wow,,,, Congratulations Ammy” Rahul shouted and rush towards Armaan.

“Thankss Buddy” Armaan said.

“OMG! Armaan bhai, I really wished Riddhima bhabhi apko pasand aa jaye kyunki wo hame bahut pasand hain” Nikki hugged him being excited.

“Riddhima hai hi itni pyari, kaise pasand nhi aati Armaan ko” Ananya kissed Armaan’s forehead.

“Arey pahle koi unse v to pucho” Vansh said getting attension.

“Ha Shashankji, hame Riddhima beti pasand hai pahli jhalak se hi ab Armaan ne v ha kar di hai, ham chahte hain ki ab aap us se puch lijiye, uska jo v faisala hoga hame manjur hai” Billy said and Shashank happily went inside.

“Riddhima beta, kaisa laga tujhe Armaan” Shashank asked Riddhima.

“Uncle, ye to kuch bol hi nhi rahi hai” Muskaan said.

Shashank look towards Padma and then moved towards Riddhima “Beta, kya hua Armaan tujhe pasand nhi hai kya? Unhone abhi bataya ki Armaan ne ha kar di hai but agar tujhe koi problem ho to koi kuch nhi kahega, bol tu kya chahti hai?”

“Dad, wo bahut achha hai, mujhe bas itna chahiye tha ki wo sabki respect kare sachhe dil se aur wo quality uske andar hai” she smile looking outside.

“Matlab teri ha hai na?” Padma asked.

“Hmmm” she said shyly and turn around.

“I’m so happy beta” Shashank and Daljeet hugged her side wise and left.

Padma took sweets and enter in lounge alongwith Shweta and feed sweets to everyone as both Armaan and Riddhima agreed on alliance.

“Wowww, matlab ab mai Riddhima bhabhi bolunga” Vansh said being excited and Riddhima smile controlling her blush as she heard whatever Vansh said from her room.

Armaan control his smile and look towards other side, Padma come towards him and feed sweets to him.

“Thanku beta, hame itni khushi dene ke liye, I know tum Riddhima ko hamesha khush rakhoge kyunki tum bahut achhe ho” Padma said.

“Thanku Aunty” Armaan gave his cute dimple smile and Padma kissed his forehead.

“Chalo bhai, ab hame chalna chahiye, kafi late ho gaya hai” Billy said getting everyone’s attention.

“Tauji itni jaldi?” Nikki pout.

“Ha aaplog dinner kar k jaiyega, hame v achha lagega” Shweta said.

“Ab to milna milaana chalta rahega behanji, don’t worry, ham jarur khatirdari karwayenge apse” Billy said and laugh, he was very happy as Armaan’s marriage got fixed. 

Billy always wanted a simple decent girl for Armaan who could handle him properly with love and found Riddhima best for him.

Armaan look here and there coz he knew now Billy would be ready to go home but he wanted to see Riddhima once. She was nowhere to be seen when Nikki notice his eagerness.

“Armaan bhaiya aap bolo to Riddhima bhabhi ko bula lau” Nikki said slowly and Armaan glared her.

“Muskaan, Riddhima ko bulana beta” Armaan smile looking towards Shashank when he called Riddhima as if he heard his hearbeat.

His eyes were fixed at the point from where Riddhima enter shyly, Armaan smile looking towards her blushing face.

“Bhai mere ghoor mat, teri hi shadi ho rahi hai us se” Rahul whisper in Armaan’s ear and he start looking here and there to deviate his mind and Rahul laugh on his nervousness.

“Riddhima, sab taiyaar hain beta, ab aaram se baat hogi shadi ki, ye log jane ki baat kar rahe hain” Shashank said and Riddhima look towards them.

“Ab to hame jaldi se Riddhima ko apne sath leke jana hai bhaisahab, ab achha nhi lagega iske bina” Ananya said kissing her forehead.

Billy smile how easily Ananya and Prerna get attached with Riddhima.

Armaan look towards Riddhima when she was talking with Nikki, Nikki watch Armaan’s action and smile. Rahul too joined Riddhima and Nikki while Muskaan come towards Armaan and talk with him.

“Thanku Armaan, aap Riddhima k sath bahut khush rahenge and you both look best together” Muskaan said and Armaan smile.

“Apse mil k bahut achha laga Muskaan, you are so nice” Armaan smile and she laugh.

“Jab aap mujhe achhe se jaan jayenge tab ye nhi bolenge” She said.

“Mai apko achhe se hi samajh raha hu kyunki apki aur Rahul ki aadatein ek jaisi hai” he laugh lightly and Riddhima’s eye fall on him.

She smile looking towards him coz she saw him first time laughing beyond his adorable cute dimpled smile.

"Hunh, mai kyu hone lagi us kankhajure types, i tell you ye apka bhai kahi se nhi lagta" Muskaan said glaring Rahul and Armaan smile.

“Ab ham chalte hain” Anurag said getting up.

Riddhima took everyone’s blessings and they blessed her and ask her to join their family as soon as possible.

Armaan smile and took Riddhima’s family blessing, Gupta’s were proud to get Armaan for Riddhima.

They were leaving while Armaan tried to see Riddhima and she also steal gazes hiding from others, once she found him looking towards her she smile shyly and went to a side hiding her blush.

They were about to sit in car when Nikki said “Oh! Mai ek cheej bhool gai” and rush inside while Padma and Ananya smile on her.

Nikki rush towards Riddhima as she was standing alone, she get startle looking towards Nikki.

“Kya hua Nikki, kuch bhool gai kya?” she asked holding her.

“Ha, kuch le jana hai” she said looking towards her.

“Kya?” she look towards her in confusion.

“Ye” she said and capture her picture in her cellphone and peeped behind phone saying “Armaan bhaiya k liye” Riddhima become shy on Armaan’s name and turns behind but Nikki click her pics till then and hugs her smiling “Thanku so much Bhabz” and left.

Riddhima’s heart beat was fast on her act, how she click her pics, she imagine Armaan’s reaction on this and cover her face shyly with her palm.

Mallik’s left Gupta Mansion, Armaan was sad as he wasn’t able to meet Riddhima after that meeting. Nikki look towards him and said “Armaan bhaiya, itna sad mat ho apke liye ek surprise hai” 

“Wo kya?” he look towards Nikki with not so interested look.

“Bataungi” she said casually and enjoy looking the weather.

They reached Mallik Bungalow and relax for sometime before dinner. Armaan was lying over his bed but his mind was covered by Riddhima, the way she appear infront of him behind duppatta , her bend eyes, her smile and their fast heart beat. He was not able to understand his condition, why he was feeling attached to Riddima. His face was covered with a beautiful smile, he closed his eyes and Riddhima’s smiling blushing face came infront of him. he was not getting whats going on?, what was that feeling?, why he wanted to see Riddhima before leaving her place. He was not getting any answer but her thought made his mind relax.

Riddhima was lying on her bed after dinner, she was hell tired as Muskaan keep on teasing her by taking Armaan’s name and she was not able to control her blush. She don’t know whats all these and why she was getting this feeling. She left after dinner and lie down on her bed but not getting sleep, twisting and turning she look towards moon, coz she was not getting her answers but today moon was also not able to help her. She just smile as she get lost thinking about Armaan and a beautiful smile adore her face while she slept thinking about Armaan.

Maillk’s were having dinner in a light atmosphere talking about Riddhima and her family, everyone was impressed by her values and simple nature. Billy was relaxed feeling he chose best girl for Armaan. 

Armaan had his food suppressing his dimpled smile trying to concentrate on food.

“Bhaisahab, mai kya soch raha tha, ham yaha aaye hain vacation k liye hi aur hamara main moto v pura ho gaya kyunki Riddhima pasand aa gai sabko. Mai kya kahta hu ek outing plan karte hain yaha k aas paas ki jagaho pe and why not we invite Gupta’s and Chadhha’s for this.” Anurag said gaining everyone’s attention.

Armaan become shocked on sudden announcement and start coughing while having his food. Nikki pass him water and murmur “Apke liye hi baat ho rahi hai bhaiya control” Armaan drink water while asking her to shut up.

“Ha sahi hai lekin uske pahle hame Panditji se v baat karni hai, sari baatein v clear karni hai” Billy said and they agree.

“Dad, mera ho gaya, good night” he said left towards kitchen to take a water bottle ignoring their gaze on his back.

“Ammy, kitna sharmata hai Mom, kispe gaya hai ye” rahul said.

“Wo sabse samajhdar hai, use pata hai kab kis baat k liye bola jana chahiye” Billy said praising him.

“Bhaiya apka surprise” Nikki text Armaan.

Armaan glared her from kitchen while opening the fridge.

Ignoring his glares she send Riddhima’s pics to Armaan, he casually look towards his phone and become shocked while water bottle fall from his hand making noise. Anaya rush toward kitchen “Kya hua Armaan, tu theek hai na?” she asked.

“Ha Mom, I’m fine” he instantly took his phone from table keeping it in pocket while nikki laugh on his nervousness.

She came towards him “Oh! You are too cute bhaiya” she pinched his cheeks and gave him water bottle.

“Ye kya mazak hai Nikki, tujhe pic kaha se mili Riddhima ki?” he asked.

“Ohoo! Bahi getting possessive” she teased him.

“It’s not like that, kaha se mili tujhe pic, bina baatye to nhi li na tune?” he asked getting serious while both walking towards their room.

“Nhi, chupke se nhi bata k li but ye baad me bataya ki apke liye hai pics tabhi to blush kar rahi thi wo last pic me, maine mauka hi nhi diya unhe chupne ka, thanku nhi bolna to mat boliye but jake apni hone wali wife ko jee bhar k dekh lijiye waha baith k chhup chhup k dekh rahe the” Nikki said teasing him.

“Nikki tu,,,,,” he was about to hit her when she rushed inside her room shutting the door shouting “good night bhai with bahbz pics”

Armaan smile on her nautanki and smile looking towards his phone’s screen ans said good night to Nikki while moving towards his room. His eyes were fixed on his screen where Riddhima’s pic with shy smile making his dimples more deeper. he again remember her words, her beautiful face, her talking her views everything make a circle around him bot allowing him to think about any other thing. Looking towards her pic don’t know when he fall asleep with a perfect smile on his face.


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