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All the passengers stepped down. They were in the town Kota Kinabalu and were eager to explore the wonderful city…. Their first destination was the Sabah state museum which was near the queen Elizabeth hospital. Riddhima and Harsh were really excited when they reached the museum but Armaan told them that he wouldn't be accompanying them and has to meet a friend of his… He left immediately before anyone of them could ask him any question. Riddhima was confused but left for the museum when Harsh kept insisting.

They came out of the museum after a couple of hours and saw Armaan standing outside waiting for them. They walked up to him and went to a waterfront (K K waterfront) which features some restaurants, cafes, pubs, and a nightclub.

They sat in a caf and started chatting when Riddhima suddenly asked him "Where were you Armaan and why didn't you come to the museum with us?"

Armaan suddenly grew a little morose and answered her in a low voice "I was at Queen Elizabeth hospital to meet a friend."

"What happened to your friend?" Riddhima questioned him further though she knew Armaan didn't want to talk about it but her curiosity was getting the better of her.

"I had a friend living here and my friend was a drug addict and was in the rehab for a long time but when he finally recovered and was discharged he found out that his wife had married some one else and his kid didn't even recognize him…. He was so depressed that he tried to kill himself and would have succeeded had his father not shown up on time. He had made a deep cut in his wrist and was immediately admitted in the hospital but when he gained consciousness he did not respond to anyone… he is in shock Riddhima. All his senses are fine but his brain isn't registering anything except for the fact that his wife has left him….she is such a b****. I hate her."

"But its not her fault Armaan… she can't possible live with a druggie and that too with a little kid…. He can prove dangerous…."

Riddhima was cut off by a very angry Armaan "Drug addicts are not animals that they'll be dangerous to you and he had recovered anyways… he had recovered completely and…. You know what just forget it… you won't understand."

Armaan got up from his seat and moved out leaving a shocked Riddhima behind who was wondering why Armaan suddenly got so aggressive defending his friend. This is what everybody thought about drug addicts and what she said wasn't completely wrong…. Shaking her head she decided she'll have to call truce because probably Armaan simply grew defensive for his friend and was really hurt by her remark. She, along with Harsh left the caf and looked for Armaan outside and was glad when she found him sitting on a bench outside. She asked Harsh to excuse them for sometime and left him with his governess.

Riddhima went and sat next to Armaan who was about to get up but Riddhima pulled him back on the bench and holding his hand she spoke in an apologetic tone "I am sorry Armaan. That was really rude of me… please forgive me." Armaan looked up and saw Riddhima's sorry face and he melted and gave her a smile and to his surprise Riddhima leaned closer and placed a kiss on his cheeks…. He grinned at her only to see her lower her eyes… but his smile faded just as quickly as it had appeared when he wondered how Riddhima would react when she would come to know that he too was a drug addict once… Would she leave him or even worst would she hate him forever? Nobody knew about his past except his brother but he wanted Riddhima to know everything but was afraid that she would leave him…. He had lost a lot in his life and would die if he lost her as well… his dead life was rejuvenated because of her… he felt like he had a new birth… she was very precious for him and he could not afford to loose her..

"Armaan!!" Armaan snapped out of his thoughts and saw Riddhima shaking his arm to get his attention. He smiled at her and asked her "Yes ma'am?"

"Armaan lets go shopping." Armaan smacked his head when he heard the word shopping but looking at Riddhima's shining face he agreed. All four of them left for the mall.

Harsh left for the game area with his governess to take care of him while Riddhima and Armaan went to shop for some clothes.

"Armaan how would this look?" Armaan turned around and saw Riddhima holding a short peach dress with the midriff exposed…. He shook his head disapprovingly. Riddhima took out another dress but Armaan's response was the same…. This continued for a long time with Armaan constantly rejecting all the dresses she chose and finally Riddhima gave up. She banged her foot on the floor and crossed her arms across her chest, seeing which Armaan broke into a smile and moving closer he handed her a dress…. Riddhima saw the dress and smiled happily. It was a plain red dress with a slit on the side of it and had a collar around the neck area leaving her back area…

"Wow!!! Armaan this is awesome. You have pretty good taste." Riddhima complimented Armaan who replied in a seductive voice moving closer to her "Of course I have good taste otherwise I wouldn't have been here standing with you." Riddhima blushed hard and then pushed him away… she picked a few more dresses and walked into the gents section.

"Armaan lets buy something for you now."

Armaan shrugged and gave Riddhima a 'go ahead' sign.

Riddhima took out a shirt and placing it against Armaan she looked at him tapping her finger on her lips…. Armaan was enjoying hiself a lot… he felt like he was with his wife shopping for clothes… every moment with Riddhima was a confirmation to the fact that Riddhima is the one for him and now he wanted to know what she felt though he kinda knew that she felt the same but he still wanted her to say it.

"Armaan do you like this one?" She held a purple shirt with silver tie in front of him with grey black pants… Armaan gave her an approving nod… he was ready to wear whatever she chose for him even if he looked like an idiot but thank god for him Riddhima had really good taste…

They shopped some more and then they left for the game area where harsh was having a ball playing every game and winning each one of them…

"Riddhima why don't you play this?" Riddhima turned towards Armaan who was signaling a bike race game to her in which she will have to sit on a bike and race… She shook her head and spoke "I can't. I am really bad at this stuff."

"No problem I'll teach you. Hop on" Riddhima looked suspiciously at Armaan but when Harsh pushed her to do it she caved in… not knowing what was coming.

She sat on the bike and inserted the coin for the game to start… she looked at the computer screen and looked to her left side where Armaan had been standing but he wasn't there anymore… she started to panic because she had no idea how the game was to be played and now it was about to start… she decided she better get off but the moment she took her hands off the handle to get off the bike she felt a warm body lean against her and she heard Armaan say "Where do you think you are going? Look the game is going to start within 3 seconds. 3...2...1... Okay here we go." Armaan placed his hand over Riddhima's on the handle of the bike…. His arms touching her bare ones and his body pressed on to hers. He brought his face next to her with their cheeks touching.. Riddhima had frozen to her spot and was finding hard to concentrate as well as breath…. Armaan's eyes were glued to the screen and the moment he saw the turn he moved the bike to the right making Riddhima jerk into his arms… there was no distance between them and Riddhima was growing uneasy but she couldn't move a bit while Armaan was totally oblivious and lost into the game… he saw another biker race ahead of him on the screen and this got Armaan even more focused.. He was determined to win. He tried getting comfortable and for that he moved his legs next to Riddhima's legs around the bike with his thighs touching hers…he bent forward making Riddhima also bend further… His hands tightened around hers…. He increased the speed of his bike and finally they were ahead of all the bikers and after a couple of seconds they completed the first lap with their bike on no.1... Armaan yelled in joy and looked at Riddhima "Look we are winning….." he trailed off when he saw Riddhima's dazed face and realized what their proximity was doing to her… and now he too realized how close they were… he could feel the heat emanating from Riddhima's body … he decided to use the opportunity to the fullest. He rubbed his cheeks against Riddhima's cheek and whispered "Riddhima be a good girl and focus on the game." He smirked when Riddhima still did not respond and heighten her feelings further he rubbed his thighs against hers with his nose rubbing on her ear lobe and his front rubbing slightly on her back… Riddhima straightened quickly trying to create some distance but Armaan moved closer and placed a kiss on Riddhima's neck… luckily the place was too crowded for them to get noticed at all and so the crowd was forgotten and so was the bike race… Armaan left the handle of the bike and moved his hand around Riddhima's waist but the moment he did that they heard the machine say "Game over… they had lost the game and that too pathetically but Riddhima heaved a sigh of relief when the game got over and pushed against Armaan to get off the bike… she so desperately wanted to get off the bike that she pushed Armaan with such force that he landed on the floor with a *thump* pushing a little kid away and his ice cream on the floor and much to his and the kid's disgust Armaan landed onto his butt with the kid's ice cream under him….

Armaan covered his face with his hands while the kid burst out crying… his parents took his away giving a dirty look to Armaan who passed on the dirty look to Riddhima who was standing with her lips pressed together tightly but when Armaan stood up and she saw the ice cream cone sticking out of his butts with the cream on his jeans… she burst out laughing and soon the entire crowd joined in.

Krati Mehra

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