Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Part 7 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Billy informed Panditji about their acceptance and he was very happy, he blessed both of them and ask them to spend sometime together coz they were staying there only.

Anurag called Shashank and invite them at Mallik House, Shashank told Padma that they had to go at Mallik House for lunch and inform Daljeet and Shweta also.

Riddhima was sleeping with a beautiful smile imagining Armaan in her dreams. 

Riddhima was sitting somewhere on a small rock in between water and looking towards the horizon when Armaan appears from don’t know where and smile looking towards her. He forward a rose to riddhima and she look towards him, they lost in each other orbs without realizing where they are, suddenly rain start and they came back to reality, Riddhima smile controlling her blush and hold flower from Armaan’s hand. Armaan came forward closing the distance between them and lean towards her holding her face in his palm. Rain was pouring over them and he came deadly close to her when her eyes got fixed on his lips, he was about to kiss her when Riddhima’s eyes got open and she came out of her dreams.

She instantly sit on bed being shocked and remember her dream. She was not able to digest whatever she saw.

Suddenly Padma enter in her room and ask her to get ready.

“Kyu Mom, subah subah kaha jana hai?” Riddhima asked.

“Subah nhi hai beta, aaj tum late ho 9 baj rahe hain, ready ho jao Shashank ji ka call aaya tha unhone hame Mallik House bulaya hai aaj” She replied.

“Kyu?” Riddhima was confused.

“Beta ab tum unke ghar ki bahu ban ne wali ho, unka haq hai tumse milne ka, tumhe jan ne samajhne ka” she said and Riddhima smile.

She get up and went towards washroom, she remember her dream while taking shower and shiver runs down her spine. 

“Riddhima, kya soch rahi hai tu v, ye bas dream tha, Armaan aisa kuch nhi karega don’t worry” she murmur to herself and get ready.

She was wearing a beautiful red suit unaware of the fact that Armaan loved red color, she get ready with light make-up and smile coz remembering Armaan her face color changes, she had that natural blush whenever Armaan came into her mind.

Muskaan came in her room to ask whether she was ready or not but start teasing her “Kya baat hai Riddhima tum to aaj badi jaldi ready ho gai? Armaan se milne ka itna dil kar raha hai?” she said teasing her.

“Stop it Muski, aisa kuch nhi hai” she said hiding her blush.

“Mujhe na batane se kya hoga, tumhara face sab kuch bata deta hai aur ye baat Armaan ko v samajh me aa hi jayegi” Muskaan said and she hit her playfully.

“Chal ab” she darg her to outside.

Chadhha’s and Gupta’s left for Mallik house, they reached soon coz it wasn’t far away from their house.

Riddhima’s mind was struck in Armaan with a beautiful smile. Muskaan nudged her and she glared.

“Muskaan stop it” she said.

“Kya hai, dekh kitna achha ghar hai yaar” Muskaan look around.

Riddhima also watch the house which was really big and beautiful, she smile looking towards the entrance as Billy and Anurag were coming alongwith their wives. Riddhima took blessing of them and they smile, Ananya hugs her. They welcome them inside.

Only thing was that Armaan was unaware of the fact that Riddhima was coming and he was doing his exercise in gym while Vansh was busy talking with him sipping juice from Armaan’s bottle.

Being fitness freak Armaan made a gym also near poolside.

“Armaan bhaiya, bas ho gaya na ab let’s do push ups” Vansh said.

“Okayyy” and he start doing push-up’s when Vansh junp over his back.
“Ab karo” he giggle.

“nautankii” he replied.

“You know what Armaan bhaiya, ye mera favorite work isliye to mai wait karta hu apke saath exercise me, and apke bottle me se juice v peeta hu” Vansh keep on blabbering and Armaan smile while resuming his push-up’s.

Rahul knew that Armaan would be in gym and smirk with his deadly plan. He whisper something in Nikki’s ear before meeting Riddhima and Muskaan. Nikki laugh on him but show thumbs up.

They went downstairs and met everyone. 

“Hiee Riddhima bhabhi, we missed you so much” Nikki hugs her.

“Hie,, miss you guys too” she smile and replied.

“Kya baat hai Ridzi, aaj tak mujhe kabhi miss nhi kiya” Muskaan said being shocked.

“Kyunki miss karne layak logo ko miss kiya jata hai, ainvi kisi ko nhi” Rahul poked his nose.

“Tu chup kar, kankhajure” Muskaan replied greeting her teeth coz she can’t shout on him being with others.

“Muski, please” Riddhima urged her and she pout.

“Mom ham Riddhima bhabhi ko leke apne room me jaye, aap log baatein karo” Nikki said.

“Ha bhai jao, ab to tum logo ko yaha achha hi nhi lagega” Prerna said “And Riddhima Muskaan feel free beta” 

“Ji aunty” Riddhima smile and they left.

“Bhabhi idhar aao” Nikki drag her towards pool area.

Rahul whisper something in Nikki’s ear and she went towards Muskaan.

“Muskaan mai yaha pe apko apni favorite jagah dikhau” Nikki said.

“Ha chalo na” she said and Nikki took her.

Riddhima tried to go with him when Rahul said “Riddhima bhabhi, aap please udhar pool side se mera phone leke chalo inke sath mai aata hu, Tauji ko ek important baat batana bhool gaya” Rahul said and she nodded.

“Ok, mai leke aati hu” she said.

Rahul smirk and left towards another room.

Riddhima walk towards an area where she saw water, thinking of it as pool she went towards it, the moment she open the glasswall her eyes automatically get closed feeling Armaan’s presence.

She smile thinking Armaan is getting on her nerves but why he haven’t met her yet, where was he?

She move forward controlling her heart beat and look for Rahul’s phone. She feel Armaan is here but avoid her thoughts whereas Armaan feel riddhima’s presence too but why would she come here, coz he don’t know that his Dad invited them as place and timing was not decided in yesterday’s talk.

“Armaan bhaiya aap ruk kyu gaye” Vansh said Armaan smile and resumed.

Riddhima heard Vansh’s voice and move towards the place where he was. She enter in gym wondering what was Vansh doing there.

Riddhima enter and get shocked coz Armaan was doing push-up’s only in his trouser and his upper body was naked sweated badly and Vansh sitting over his back. Before she can turn around and leave Vansh saw her.

“Hey Riddhima bhabhi” Vansh shouted being excited.

“Kya? kaha?” Armaan look towards Vansh and then back to the direction where he was looking.

Vansh get down from his back and rush towards Riddhima while Armaan gets up looking towards her crimson red cheeks, he wonder how could she look so beautiful and gorgeous in her every way.

“Maine apko bahut miss kiya” Vansh hugged her.

“Maine v apko bahut miss kiya Vansh” she kneel down to his level and replied while he smile. 

Riddhima gave him chocolates and he kissed her cheeks.

Armaan smile and wonders why Riddhima was not looking towards him then suddenly he realized he was not wearing any t-shirt. He feel embarrassed and hurriedly look for his t-shirt and wear it watching her shy smile.

“Armaan bhaiya dekho bhabhi mere liye kya lai” Vansh showed him.

“Kya baat hai Vansh, lucky you” Armaan said looking towards Riddhima.

“Yess, that I am” he said opening chocolates.

“Hie” Armaan said coming towards her keeping his both hands in pockets and sighed smiling not believing she was there for real.

“Sorry wo work out kar raha tha to pata nhi chala ki aap log aa gaye” he said.

“Koi baat nhi, w,,wo mujhe Rahul ne apna phone lene k liye bheja tha” she replied slowly with a shy smile.

Armaan look towards her smile and feel happy all of sudden, not getting why his mind his mood changes by Riddhima’s presence.

“Rahul ne?” Armaan asked registering her voice.

“Ji” she replied looking towards Vansh, she was not able to look into Armaan’s eyes.

Armaan smile getting it was his and Nikki’s idea to send Riddhima into gym as he was there. 

Although he don’t like their pranks but this time he totally loved them. She was standing infront of him looking beautiful like ever making him loose his sense, he was not feeling any other thing.

“Wo Rahul ne koi mazak kiya hoga” he replied and Riddhima look towards him.

“Oh! Achha fir mai jati hu” she said.

“Baki sab log v aaye hain?” Armaan asked.

“Ji, wo sab neeche hain” Riddhima replied.

“Okayy fir mai shower leke aata hu jaldi se” he said and move forward before Riddhima then stop at his place.

Riddhima was about to walk but stop feeling Armaan stood infornt of her, she look towards him but he was showing his back as his face was towards the door. Armaan control his cute smile and closed his eyes breathing heavily he turn around and look towards her.


“Hmm” she look towards him then bend her eyes as he was gazing her.

He move little closer and said slowly “Aap bahut khoobsurat lag rahi hain” .

Riddhima was not able to look into his eyes as she was feeling shy and her cheek color start changing while Armaan wonders why she look more beautiful with that red blush which appear on her face by his words.

“Thanku” she replied slowly playing with her duppatta.

“Mai abhi aata hu, tab tak aap chahe to Nikki ko join kar sakti hain, Vansh take Riddhima to Nikki’s room” Armaan said looking towards Vansh but he was not there, he left after taking chocolates.

“Oh! Lagta hai Vansh bahar chala gaya”

“Its okay, mai chali jaungi, aap ready ho jaiye” she replied.

Armaan feel nice when she ask him to get ready, he wish she could be with him every time and get surprised on his own thought.

“Nhi ek minute, I’ll leave you till there” he asked moving out of room when he saw Rahul moving here and there.

“Rahul” Armaan called him.

“Oh! Hie Ammy, tu yaha tha kya?” Rahul act innocent.

“Yess RAHUL , mai subah me yahi rahta hu” Armaan replied sarcastically and Riddhima smile on their talk.

“Achha theek hai, umm Riddhima bhabhi apko mera phone mila kya?” Rahul walked towards Riddhima and she look towards him being confused then look towards Armaan.

Armaan smile and took out Rahul’s phone from his pocket and handed him “Lo tumhara phone tumhare hi pocket me tha” Armaan said.

“Oh! Ha maine to dekha hi nhi, thanks Ammy” Rahul treid to make words.

“Rahul stop this nonsense,,,,,,,” Armaan tried to say something but Rahul cut him in middle.

“Kya hai Ammy, exercise kar k khada hai jake shower le na warna tere sasural wale tujhe aise dekhenge to shadi v nhi karenge” Armaan glared him and Riddhima look towards him being surprised.

“Aap chaliye, surprised hone ki jarurat nhi hai, ye hamara roj ka hai” Rahul look towards Riddhima and replied while she smile.

Armaan observe her smile and move towards his room to take shower while Riddhima move towards Nikki’s room.

Before entering inside his room Armaan turn towards them to see Riddhima was about to enter in Nikki’s room, she stop for a moment and look towards Armaan’s side.

Armaan pass a smile and she enter inside the room bending her eyes shyly controlling her blush while Armaan closed his eyes placing his head on the opposite wall with a beautiful smile.

He don’t know why he have a different feeling being around Riddhima, remembering why he was there he jerked open his eyes and rush to take a shower.


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