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He turned around only to see Riddhima nowhere in sight but Cam standing where she was standing just a second back…. Armaan noticed Cam looking at him with his eyes narrowed and Armaan was wondering if he had heard anything…before he could ask anything he heard Cam say "Harsh dragged Riddhima to the buffet table….so you were saying something?"

"Did you hear something?" Armaan asked Cam hoping that he hadn't and to his utter relief Cam spoke "I just came as I saw Harsh dragging Riddhima and thought to tell you to join us." With that Cam walked away while Armaan wiped the sweat that had gathered on his forehead and walked towards where Riddhima and Harsh were standing.

Riddhima saw Armaan walking towards her and didn't know how she was supposed to behave around him…. He was about to say something when Harsh dragged her away. She was desperate to know Armaan's feelings and when he smiled at her she lowered her eyes and he walked closer and whispered in her ear "Meet me in my room after dinner." Riddhima looked up in his eyes but did not notice any mischief so she nodded her head. They ate their dinner silently and Riddhima took Harsh to his room and once he was asleep she told his governess the plan for next day and walked back to her room…. She was about to walk inside when she remembered that she was supposed to meet Armaan.

She knocked onto his room and entered inside. They both stood in the middle of the room facing each other and then Riddhima spoke "Armaan I did not mean to make you uncomfortable so if you don't feel the way I do than its…." Armaan silenced Riddhima by placing his finger on her lips and cupping her face he spoke "Riddhima you have no idea what you mean to me and I am not good with words really so I'll say it simply….. Riddhima I love you and there is no way I can even imagine to live my life without you by my side…. If someday you change your mind and try leaving me even than I won't let you go and will keep stalking you till you give in but I really hope I don't have to do all that because I really don't like wasting time….." And with that he joined their lips telling her exactly what he meant and today for the first time Riddhima did not feel his fiery passion instead she felt herself being pulled herself into a world that contained only love….

They both loved each other and she could see that her life is not going to be lonely anymore….she will spend the rest of her life in the arms of the only man she ever loved.

Armaan felt his past and the uncertainty leave his mind and there was only one thought in his mind that he loved Riddhima and wanted a happy life with her with his past forgotten….. He wanted to make love to her and make her his in every way possible and tell her just what she meant to him and there is no other man who could make her feel the way he can….. Bring down the world to her feet and take away whatever sorrow or sadness she had within her and fill her world with enough happiness that her beautiful face keeps smiling for eternity….

They finally broke the lip lock and Riddhima saw a tear escape Armaan's eyes… she was confused to see it… she raised her hand to wipe it off when he stopped her and taking her hand in his he kissed it and spoke in a cracking voice "Riddhima you have no idea what this means to me….. What you mean to me…. I have lived a lonely life for a time long enough to make me feel that no love really existed but the moment you came into my life you changed it and your love has given me a new life something that I can't thank you enough for…. I can kiss your feet and even that won't be enough to express exactly how grateful I am but just please promise me that you'll never leave me Riddhima because if you do than I would kill you and than I would kill muself." Riddhima was startled to hear his words but then she thought that maybe its just the emotional moment having its effect on him…. She smiled and kissing his tear away she spoke "Don't ever even think about me leaving you Armaan… I am going to stick to you and bug you to no end and you will regret ever saying all this to me.." she chuckled but Armaan did not… and the intensity with which he was looking into Riddhima eyes was beginning to scare her and suddenly he took walked away from her towards the window and looking out he spoke "Riddhima you know nothing about my past…. You don't what kind of a person I was and am afraid that someday if you ever came face to face with it you'll hate me for the rest of my life…. You'll be repulsed…" He stopped when Riddhima gripped his arm and turned him around with great force and spoke "Armaan I can see how much you love me but that does not give you any right to underestimate my love for you… Armaan I love you enough to face every hurdle that comes my way and still love you with the same intensity so stop talking nonsense and worrying about something that is never going to happen." Armaan looked at her angry face and smiled at her and was growing sure that Riddhima would really not leave him no matter what.


Riddhima stretched her body and got up from her bed and smiled remembering how last night after talking for a really long time Armaan had picked her up in his arms and had dropped her in her room and she had slept in the same clothes savoring his touch and smell of his cologne on her body and clothes….

She opened her eyes and got out of bed and the moment her feet touched the ground she did not feel the marble instead her feet touched something extremely soft and on looking down she saw that the whole floor was covered with rose petals. She smiled and getting up from the floor her eyes fell on the gift on the table…. She opened it and to her surprise it had another sari in it…. It was plain and pink in color. She knew it could be only from Armaan …. She knew his choice pretty well now.

As she took out the sari and placed the packet back on the table her eyes fell on the glass table and she saw that it too was covered with flowers and in the middle of it was written 'I LOVE YOU' in bold capital letters…. She smiled and placing the sari on the couch she walked towards her cupboard and opened it only to get covered by a number of heart shaped balloons… she moved them aside and looking at them her smile got even wider and just when she was about to turn around she felt somebody's lips on her cheeks and even before turning around she knew it was Armaan and then she heard him speak "You look beautiful when you smile and I will make sure that that's the first thing you do every morning." Riddhima turned around and looked into his eyes…. She was overwhelmed by all the things that he had done… she placed a kiss on his cheek and spoke "Thank you so much Armaan but tell me one thing why do always hide in the cupboard?"

Armaan chuckled "This is where I used to hide every time mom would get angry. And I guess this is the place I am going to use whenever you would get angry." He grinned and moved his lips closer to hers but she ducked out of his grip and ran into the washroom only to stop and widen her in surprise….. She saw the tub filled with water with bubbles and flowers in it and it smelled great too.. She looked back at Armaan who gave her a warm smile and just when she was about to thank him he walked in pushing her further inside the washroom and closed the door behind himself and taking off his shirt he spoke cheekily "This isn't only for you…… you know what I mean?" He winked at her and was about to unbutton his pants when Riddhima yelled at him "NO WAYS!!! Get out right now" with that she pushed him out of the washroom and threw his shirt on his face and slammed the door on his face.

Armaan laughed loudly and shaking his head he left her room but the moment he closed the door to her room and turned around he saw an angry Harsh and Cam standing there…. He looked at both of them with his eyebrows raised but to his surprise Cam simply walked away after giving him an angry and hateful glare and Armaan wondered if he had finally accepted his defeat and admitted to himself that Riddhima belonged to him… he smiled but when his gaze fell on Harsh his smile disappeared and he sobered up… he heard Harsh yell "You are so mean… you played a prank on massi without me… I heard her yelling at you."

Now Armaan wondered what was he supposed to tell the little boy… he can't possibly tell him that Riddhima had yelled at him for his offer of taking a dip in the tub together so instead he spoke "Oh that was a very stupid prank….. Way below your standard so I didn't involve you thinking about your reputation." Harsh narrowed his eyes at Armaan and then smiling he spoke "Fine but at least tell me what the trick was or better let me see it myself." He was about to move into Riddhima's room but Armaan picked him up and carried him into his room and throwing him on the bed started tickling him making him forget about the prank that he had according to Harsh played on Riddhima.


Riddhima came out of the bathroom feeling fresh and rejuvenated thanks to Armaan's love and his pampering…. She changed into the sari and looked into the mirror and smiled to herself and whispered "I love you Armaan." she moved toward the balcony and looking upwards at the sky she spoke "Di, papa I am very happy today. I feel like I have just got a new life… just the way you two felt when you guys were in love… it feels great and now am going to spend the rest of my life with Armaan and Harsh and am sure that I'll be happy forever. I love him so much and I know that you two must have convinced god up there to send him in my life….. Thank you so much." she blew a kiss towards the sky and walked back into the room only to see Cam standing on the threshold of her room with his arms crossed over his chest and face twisted with hatred.

Krati Mehra

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