Monday, 30 April 2018


Armaan was standing in the corridor totally tensed and worried. He had been waiting for Riddhima from last 5 hours but there has been no clue of her. Harsh had told her that she and Cameron had gone for some work but she could have told him…. He was getting restless and really angry now. How could she be so irresponsible and her cell phone too was switched off…

"Where are you Riddhima?" He spoke out loudly hoping somehow he'll get the answer. He didn't like the fact that Cam was with her as well…. She could have informed him before leaving than why didn't she??

Armaan sighed heavily and was about to go back into his room when his cell rang and Riddhima's name flashed on the screen…. He quickly took the call and spoke

"HELLO!!! Riddhima where the hell are you and why didn't you….

Armaan trailed off when he heard Riddhima sniffing…. It looked like she was crying… "Riddhima are you alright? Tell me sweetheart what's the matter?"

"Armaan I am at this ranch house two blocks away from the hotel can you please come here? I need you Armaan."

"Riddhima what is the matter?"

Armaan was hysterical…. But there was no answer from Riddhima's side and all that he heard was a dial tone… she had hung up. Armaan's heart raced at a very fast pace expecting the worst…. There was no way he could loose Riddhima …. She was his everything now…. He ran his hand through his hair and than he ran through the corridor and reaching the reception desk he quickly asked for a car… .

He sat in the rented car and raced towards the place that Riddhima had told him wondering what the matter could be? Cameron was with her than what could the matter be? Had Cameron done something to her? He would kill that b****** if he had as much as laid a finger on her.

After driving for what seemed like hours to him he finally reached his destination… there was not even a single sound anywhere. He quickly ran towards the house but didn't see Riddhima anywhere… his heart was beating wildly now and he was loosing his calm… he yelled Riddhima's name and after a few minutes he saw Riddhima coming out of the house… she was wearing blue jeans with white shirt and dark black shades with her hair tied in a high ponytail. To Armaan she looked fine but he was still worried…. He ran towards her.

He extended his hand towards her and was about to touch her cheek when she held his wrist and twisting his arm around she kicked him on his knees and in no time he was kneeling on the floor in front of her. She took out a revolver from the back of her jeans and pointed it in the middle of his forehead….

Armaan was shocked with her actions…. He had no idea what was going on… what was Riddhima up to? He could see that she was furious…. Her expressions told him that but her eyes were covered with the dark shades and hence he couldn't read them or else he would have know what she was feeling at the moment…. He looked at Riddhima with questioning eyes… his arm was still twisted and she had a really hard grip on his arm but he was oblivious to any pain he just wanted to know what was going on…. He made no move to get up and simply waited for Riddhima to eventually answer his questions but just than he saw a number of men coming out of that empty house with guns in their hands and than Armaan heard the siren and looking back he saw some cars and he realized that he was surrounded by police…

He looked back at Riddhima and instead saw handcuffs in front of him…. Riddhima grabbed his collar and raised him to his feet… she tied the handcuffs around his wrists at his back and than looked at him.

"Riddhima what's going on here?" Armaan finally asked her… but she did not say anything and just took a few steps closer to him and than to his utter shock she raised her hand and slapped him hard across his face. Armaan's cheek went red and had a clear print of Riddhima's hand over it…. He looked back at Riddhima with furious eyes… he was beyond angry now but things weren't over yet and he was in for even bigger shocks.

Riddhima took a step backward and reaching inside her pocket she took out an id card and flashed in front of Armaan's face and spoke "CBI officer Sheena Smith…. And you Mr. Raj khanna are under arrest. You will be put in Malaysian jail for the day and than you will be transferred to the Indian jail where Atul joshi's murder case will be reopened and this time you won't be able to run away."

Just then one of the men pulled him toward the police car… things were now registering in Armaan's mind….he was now getting what all was going on around him….he looked back at Riddhima and yelled "So you never loved me huh?" Riddhima looked back at him with a sly smile and signaled the officer to stop and than she walked towards him and looking at him she spoke "Seriously are you that stupid? I thought by telling you my identity I gave you all the answers but if you want I can put it in words for you…. I am Sheena Smith, a CBI officer from India and I was on a mission here… mission to get Atul joshi's murderer and what we had was basically a game that I played with you to get some time to find some evidences against you and make sure that you don't run away in the time being… the games over now and this time you'll be finally punished for what you did to Mr. Atul joshi. Good bye Raj khanna or I should say Armaan Malik. You are a fine actor I must say but definitely not better than me… I played a fine game with you… didn't I?.. I can never be in love with a criminal like you" Riddhima had barely finished when Armaan saw Cam walk towards them and his arm went around Riddhima's waist and he spoke into Riddhima's ear but it was clearly audible to Armaan "Common sweetheart lets go." Armaan was shocked to hear Cam addressing Riddhima like that… .and his anger took the better of him and he angrily made a move towards Cam and raising his foot he kicked him into his crotch making him double with pain. The officers quickly dragged Armaan into the car and drove away while Riddhima knelt beside Cam and placed his head on her lap.

"Cam are you okay?"

"I am fine Sheena but make sure that that b****** is punished this time." She nodded her head and spoke "I will see to it that he is punished for all that he did to di and jeeju."


Armaan was pushed into a cell and he fell on the floor of that dark cell. He saw the officer locking the gate and walk away. Armaan stood up and walked towards the gate and held onto the bars…. His face looked like he could do a murder or two… he was beyond angry.

The past few days flashed in front of his eyes and than the images of how Riddhima slapped him and Cam's arm around her waist… he started breathing heavily and his eyes were burning with fury…

He walked to the back of the room and looked into space and than he fell on his knees and yelled Riddhima's name….

He covered his face with his hands and started crying violently…. His body collapsed onto the floor and he brought his knees closer to his chest and bawled loudly…

After 7 long years he had finally felt alive….finally felt loved but now he knew it was just a faade….a game that Riddhima played with him.

"Why did you do this to me? Why Riddhima?" He yelled the questions hoping somebody would answer them for him… his tears flowed incessantly. He remembered all the moments he had spent with Riddhima and had dreamt of a new life… a family with her and how he had seen the same love in her eyes for him…

He had been such a fool… .he never noticed she was fooling him all the time… and there he was thanking god for finally sending somebody in his life, some reason to live but no it was all a big lie….

He suddenly stood up and wiped his tears from his face and he went back to the gate and gripping the bars he spoke to himself "Ms. Sheena Smith the game isn't over yet….. You have played your part… now wait and watch what I am going to do. I will not spare you…. I told you that if you ever leave me I'll kill you and than I'll kill myself and that's exactly what I am going to do but the only difference will be that I will give you a punishment worst than death and you will be sorry that you ever messed with me." Armaan's eyes were full of hatred and pain… he knew he is still in love with Riddhima gupta but at the same time he hated Sheena smith from the bottom of his heart. He was in love with the enemy and was ready to go to any extent to teach her how it felt to be cheated in love.


Krati Mehra 

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