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Part 9 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Kyu Armaan bhaiya ab to aap khush hain na?” Nikki whisper near his ears and he ignores her.

“Wow Riddhima bhabhi, ab aap Delhi chaloge hamare sath” Vansh dance being excited while Riddhima blush.

Armaan look towards her when he hear Billy’s voice “Ha Vansh, Riddhima Delhi chalegi but shadi k baad”

“Matlab abhi shadi baki hai” Vansh said and everyone laughs on his innocent talk.

“Shashankji, ab hui Riddhima officially hamari” Billy said and he smile.

“Riddhima beta, idhar aao” Ananya called her and she went towards her while gents move towards the garden area enjoying time with each other.

“Riddhima, ye apka shagun hamari taraf se” Ananya said handling a basket to Riddhima and she look towards Padma, she blink her eyes in agreement and Riddhima holds it.

“Thanku Mom” she said.

“Khush raho bachha” she smiled.

“Waise Riddhima tumne ye ghar dekha ya nhi abhi tak?” Prerna asked her and she shook her head in no.

“Arey, Armaan ne khud ye ghar design karwaya hai, apni pasand se sabke hisaab se, ise dekhna to banta hai” she said and called Rahul and Nikki.

Prerna ask them to make Riddhima comfortable over there and show her house.

“Chaliye Riddhima bhabhi mai dikhaunga apko ghar” Vansh came from somewhere hold her hand and took her alongwith him.

Rahul and Nikki stood there being shocked and Armaan suppress his laugh but it was uncontrollable for Muskaan and she start laughing.

“Apko badi hasi aa rahi hai" Rahul said and she laugh more.

“ek bachha leke chala gaya Ridzi ko aur tumlog khade hi rah gaye” she said while laughing.

“Not fair Muskaan” Nikki pout and look towards Armaan who was suppressing his smile “Ab apko bahut hasi aa rahi hai Armaan bhaiya aur jab bolna rahta hai tab nhi” she look towards him.

Armaan make straight face and again laugh as they were looking really funny.

Riddhima heard Armaan’s voice turn towards him only to fall in love with him, she loved his laughing face as it was really amazing for Riddhima to watch this side of Armaan, mostly she saw him shy and silent.

“Apko pata hai bhabhi Armaan bhaiya ne mere liye play house bahut achha banwaya hai” Vansh said and show her.

“Woww Vansh, ye to bahut achha hai” she appreciate and he smile.

He was showing him every corner of house when Armaan, Rahul,Nikki and Muskaan joined them.

“Apko pata hai, ye Mom Dad ka favorite place hai” he showed a small garden infront of Anurag and Prerna room.

“Wowww” words came out of her mouth automatically and Armaan look towards her being lost.

“Actually Mom,Dad ko greenery bahut pasand hai aur Armaan bhaiya ne sabke taste k hisaab se sabka room design karwaya hai kyunki ham yaha kuch dino k liye hi aate hain to atleast sab apne tarah se enjoy kare” Nikki said Riddhima smile looking towards Armaan and become nervous as he was looking towards her only.

“Bhaiya ab kahi aur chale” Nikki look towards Armaan and ask teasingly.

“H,,,,,,Ha kyu nhi, lets move” he said moving her eyes away from Riddhima.

“Chaliye bhabhi mai apko is ghar ka sabse best aur Armaan ka sabse favorite place dikhata hu” Rahul said moving ahead and Armaan shake his head on their antics.

Muskaan praised Armaan’s choice as house was best and perfect in every way, Armaan smile and Riddhima look towards his face when he was talking with Muskaan.

Rahul took them to terrace where whole terrace was covered with soft green carpet which was looking like real grass, Riddhima smile atonce when her eyes fall on green grass, Armaan was observing her every reaction and came to know that she like it, he smile keeping his both hands in pocket and looking towards the sky as if thanking God.

Whole terrace was looking like a beautiful garden and slight cold environment making it more perfect, there was a open shade with table chairs and few decorative pieces while small fountain to another end. Riddhima loves the place and move forward to see everything.

“It’s beautiful” she whisper being lost in the beauty.

“Thanku bhabhi, but ye thanku Armaan bhaiya ki taraf se kyunki ye sab unhone hi kiya hai, waise apki aur bhaiya ki thinking kitni same hai na” Nikki kept on blabbering while Armaan smile looking towards them.

Muskaan was lost looking towards the natural beauty with a perfect smile on her face while Rahul forgot to tease her as this smile was making him happy this time.

They sit on the ground talking with each other but our love birds were too silent and talking with eyes every now and then but listen to their talk more.

A servant came after sometime and called them for dinner. They stood up to go but Rahul Muskaan and Nikki rushed downstairs being hungry. Armaan look towards their eagerness and smile.

He look towards Riddhima then towards moon, closing his eyes he smile cutely and look towards her while she was blushing bending her head down “Chale?’ he asked her slowly.

“Hmmm” she nodded her head and they move downstairs slowly.

“Aap chaliye, mai abhi aata hu” Armaan stop near his room and said, she look towards him immediately but bend her eyes down as he was looking towards her.

“Ji” she said slowly and left.

Armaan stood there for few minutes looking towards her retreating figure and smile cutely. 

He loved every moment he spend with her till now, shyness in her talk and respect in her eyes make him feel something special for her.

Riddhima went downstairs and join others for dinner, soon Armaan came there too and they sit for dinner, after dinner Shashank tried to get permission for the night.

“Aaj ka din bahut achha raha aaplogo k sath, ab hame chalna chahiye” Shashank said.

“Arey itni jaldi kyu” Prerna said.

“Pura din ham yahi the aur abhi v apko jaldi lag raha hai Prernaji” Shweta said and she smile.

“Sach kabhi kabhi kuch logo se mil k lagta hai ki waqt ruk jaye ab” she said and they smile while Armaan again watch Riddhima’s smile when Prerna said this.

“Tauji, ham kal kaha ghumne jayenge” Vansh said sitting near Billy.

“Ham soch rahe hain kal kisi waterfall ka plan banate hain” Billy said.

“Wowww, fir to Riddhima bhabhi aur Muskaan v hamare sath chalenge. Aur Nikki di apne kaha tha Riddhima bhabhi hame ghumayengi hai na” Vansh said looking towards Nikki.

“Ha Vansh, to ham chalenge na kal” Rahul said.

“To Riddhima bhabhi wapas kyu ja rahi hain, fir wo hamare sath kaise jayengi” he said looking towards Riddhima.

“Arey to apki Riddhima bhabhi aa jayengi kal” Anurag said.

“Nhi” he said and went towards Shashank “Uncle aap Riddhima bhabhi aur Muskaan ko yahi rahne dijiye na please” he said and everyone look towards him being surprised.

Armaan look towards Vansh and somewhere in his heart he also hope so but he knew that it’s not possible to stop Riddhima there.

“Shashankji, aaplog v kal hamare sath chal rahe hain, ab ye ek parivar hai aur hame bahut khushi hogi agar aap hamare sath chalenge to” Billy said looking towards them and he smile.

“Ye to bahut khushi ki baat hai Balwinderji ki hame mauka mil raha hai apke sath waqt bitane ka, ham jarur chalenge aur hame v to Armaan k sath thoda waqt mile” he said with smile and Armaan nodded in reply.

“Theek hai fir, aaplog kal subah aa jaiyega aur agar koi aitraaz na ho to Riddhima aur Muskaan ko yahi rahne de, inhe koi pareshani nhi hogi” Billy said.

Armaan look towards him being surprised while others were shocked as Billy never said this to anyone in his family. Shashank look towards him in confusion and look towards Riddhima, she was looking down and did’t express her feeling.

“Ye aap kaisi baatein kar rahe hain bhaisahab, hame kyu koi pareshani hogi but Riddhima Muskaan aise rukne k liye,,,,,,,” Padma stop in middle not understanding what to say.

“Riddhima ab hamari izzat hai Padmaji, aap tension free rahiye use koi dikkat nhi hogi” Anurag said getting happy.

“Theek hai, jaisa apko sahi lage, hame izazat dijiye” Shashank said folding his hands.

“Arey ab gale miliye aap, hamare beech me apna tumhara nhi hai kuch ab” Billy said and Shashank smile and hugs him.

“Theek hai fir kal subah milte hain, aap sabko aana hai” Anurag said and they nodded.

“Dhyan rakhna beta” Padma hugged Riddhima and said while she nodded.

“Aur Muskaan tum, koi shaitani nhi” Shweta look towards Muskaan and said while she pouted and Rahul enjoyed her mothers warning.

Gupta’s and Chadhha’s left, Billy called Vansh and said “Vansh ab to apki Riddhima bhabhi ruk rahi hain aaj, lekin koi shaitani nhi honi chahiye” he said and Vansh agreed atonce.

They spend a quality time together watching their old video clips on projector. Billy and Anurag was also present there aand after sometime they left to sleep.

Armaan was sitting infront of his Mom who was oiling his hairs and Riddhima was sitting beside Ananya holding that oil bottle Armaan move his head to other side while holding remote when Riddhima was shaken by his sudden push and oil fall over them.

Both look towards each other being shocked and others laugh on their condition.

“Arey bhabhi to puri oily oily ho gai” Vansh said and she tried to wipe oil from her face.

Armaan saw this and pass tissue paper towards her.

“Oooooooo” Rahul, Nikki and Muskaan hooted when she hold tissue paper.

Riddhima become shy and wipe oil while Prerna gave another tissue paper to Armaan.

“Kya hai tum log har time uske peeche apde rahte ho” Ananya scold Rahul and Nikki and they shut their mouth up.

“Riddhima beta tum shower le lo aur Armaan tum v jao” Ananya said and they get up.

“Aur tum log v chalo ab so jao” Prerna said looking towards them.

“But Mom,,,,,,,,,,” Vansh tried to say something.

“Vansh, no more masti, kal ghumne jana hai ki nhi apko?” Prerna look towards him with an angry face and he nodded in yes “Good then go and sleep” she said.

“Ok Mom” he said and left.

Riddhima was taking shower when she wonder what to wear now, at the same time Nikki knocked washroom and said “bhabhi ham aaj kuch dresses laye the apke aur Muskaan k liye, unhone change kar liya hai, aap v isme se koi pahan lijiye” 

“ok, one minute” she said and slightly open the door to hold dress and shut it down.

She smile looking towards the comfortable clothes and change into it.

She came out wrapping a towel over her head, Nikki and Muskaan went down to bring water, she open her wet hairs and drying them while tapping with towel. At the same time Armaan came out of his room and was about to pass Nikki’s room when his eyes fall on Riddhima, he stop on his spot and look towards the eternal beauty present infront of him, she was drying her hairs with closed eyes and Armaan observe her, water drops were dripping down from her hairs to her face and over her dress. She was looking beautiful and gorgeous in that simple suit and tried to hold himself back but his steps starts moving towards Riddhima, before he can enter inside Riddhima feel his presence.

She was about to open her eyes when towel fell from her hand, she bend down to take it and Armaan hide behind the wall meanwhile. She gets up and look here and there but found no one.

“Mujhe aisa kyu laga ki jaise Armaan” she murmured but again closed her eyes controlling her blush “Stop it Riddhima, tu har time Armaan k bare me sochegi to tujhe wahi dikhega” 

Armaan saw her murmuring and smile on her antics then left before anyone can caught him red handed.

Nikki and Muskaan came while holding a bottle and lay down to sleep, they were talking each other while Muskaan felt asleep and Nikki was talking about Armaan, telling his likes dislikes, his nature and his achievements. Riddhima smile knowing how much he care for everyone and how special he is for each and every person of family.

Nikki too felt asleep after sometime, Riddhima tried to sleep but was unable to sleep due to new place. She gets up and look towards Nikki and Muskaan, they were fast asleep. She came out of bed and automatically her steps move towards terrace.

She came to a side and look towards the sky feeling happy in her life, she open her arms and swirl around inhaling the fresh breeze, she felt relaxed. 

Armaan was also present on the terrace holding a coffee mug as he was also not able to sleep and he don’t know the reason behind it. He was inclined over the railing when he feel someone’s presence, he closed his eyes and think about Riddhima, but why would she come here at this time, putting his thought’s aside he turn around and become surprised, a beautiful smile form on his lips looking towards Riddhima swirling around alone in that place.

Riddhima feels someone’s gaze and turn around, she was shocked to see Armaan there.

“W,,,,,wo mai, I mean mujhe need nhi aa rahi thi to mai yaha aa gai” she said slowly while Armaan smile.

“It’s okay Riddhima, you can go wherever you want” he said and she smile looking towards the ground.

Armaan keep coffe mug aside and came towards her, Riddhima feel nervous and decide to go back when Armaan called her name.


She stop on her place but didn’t turn around.

“If you don’t mind, shall we spend sometime here” he came near her and asked looking towards her.

She nodded in agreement with a shy smile on her lips which make him smile.

“May I” he open his hand infront of her and she look towards him.

Armaan blink his eyes and she forward her hand slowly towards his open hand and place it in his hands. Armaan gave his best smile to her and she looks down.

“Trust me Riddhima, I’ll always think about your happiness before mine” he said and look towards her.

“May be it becomes our happiness instead of your and mine” she replied slowly taking Armaan’s heart away.

He smile and agree on her while holding her hand he move towards the terrace and remove his sleepers before moving over the grassy carpet, Riddhima look towards him with confused expression but he nodded his head to continue. She also remove her sleepers and both kept their steps on moist grass together and smile feeling slightly cold grass under their feet then look towards each other. Armaan knew that Riddhima would surely like it as her smile when she saw terrace was very pretty which shows that she love this kind of stuffs.

They move forward with a perfect smile on their face and sit over the stairs of shade made in between the terrace.

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