Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Arsh OS: you r the best thing that has ever happened To me

Why do u love me so much?", a frustrated Shilpa asked for the infinith time to her husband, Armaan. Armaan, who was busy gazing at the sea, turned to look at his lady love standing with her hands on her hips, fuming red. He chuckled  at the sight of  her little  swollen nose red with anger. "Why does she always  look so cute?", he pondered smiling..

"You are not gonna answer  me right?Fine I am leaving then..Stay here and romance  with the  sea.." The furious Shilpa spat...
"Maat jao na Shona.. plz?"

That is it...This was enough to cool the boiling Shilpa. Armaan very well knew her weaknesses, and the only  way to cool her down was to be her baby..

As she  stopped on her tracks, he quickly grabbed the opportunity to pull her to the  nearest rock. He  knew she wouldnt be comfortable sitting on the bench, so he made her sit in her favorite position..their favorite position...

Sitting between his legs, her back absorbed in his chest, his chin resting on her shoulder,t heir cheeks brushing and hands resting on Shilpa's 22weeks old bloated tummy, Shilpa pouted  again.."You stiil didnt say Armaan..."

"You  actually want to know why I love you so much?" He asked leaning against a rock.

The answer was  just a nod from her side, as  she  pressed her back against his chest.

You remember the day we  first  met?

An enthusiastic Shilpa  replied.."Yes, I hit you with a rod while  saving those  children from the storm.."She smiled proudly at her victory, as if  she  has conquered the world..

Smiling at her childness, Armaan continued.." Yes that day...After I got hit from you, I moved away from there and saw Riddhima and Sid together..I realized it then..I realized  she has actually moved on..She has actually erased me from her heart, from her life..I guess thts what the magic  of  marriage is.."He looked down at her and winked.

Seeing her blushing hi pecked her nose and continued.."As I realised that,I looked up to God  and prayed for someone..someone who would heal me, cure me, love me and most importantly, be with me..And the moment I said this prayer, a twig fell on me and flashes of you started coming in front of me.I didnt understand it then. I took out your bracelet and glanced at it, still I couldnt figure  out why was I having flashes of Miss Bracelet..But today I know.."

As the two pairs of tender eyes looked at each other,Shilpa decided to lighten the situation. She knew Armaan was very much over his past, but still the memories are too painful for him to reminisce.Staying with him for over 3years now, she has learnt one thing. Armaan Mallik, no matter how strong he is, cannot deal with two things, his fear and his anger. And these are the  two things she has to handle for him.And now, going through those memories is scaring him again.. Yes he was scared, what if his beautiful present turns to his bitter past....

Shilpa  quickly brought a micschievous  smile on her  lips, her eyes glowing with naughtiness..Armaan's  fear disappeared, as  he realized the pair of  eyes staring at him are upto something..This was their relation..They never used words to convey their  emotions to each other..Wods faiiled  the love and warmth their eyes provided .

"Why were u having my  flashes Armaan?" an "APPARENTLY" innocent Shilpa asked..

As realization dawned  on him, he gave her a "dont u try and look so innocent in front of me  Shona" look. Yet smiling,h e pulled her closer to him. "Because you are my angel from heaven. You are the angel God has sent for me. And this  is what the twig signalled that day. You know Shona. I loved Riddhima beyond all limits...But  my love for you, it has no limits that I need to go beyond.. I lost Riddhima so that I could have you. You were meant for me. Probably thats why they say marriages  are made  in heaven. I definitely  married you to show her that I have moved on, but I too  fell under the charm of this beautiful bond called  marriage, which failed  all other bonds I shared..And today, Mrs Shilpa Armaan Mallik, I proudly say that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me..I have no regrets over my past, because I believe they have given me you. If I didnt have my past, maybe I would not have you. With youI have realized what it means to Be LOVED unconditionally. I LOVED Riddhima  unconditionally, but she had never reciprocated that. She always had her own terms that kept me restricted.I ts only you Shona... who has ever given me unconditional love. And I promise to bestow you with so much happiness that you will get tired of  them, but those happiness will never grow tired of you..I promise.."

Shilpa  looked at  him with moist eyes, tears threatening to spill. Armaan slowly yet swiftly kissed  them away before the wet maascara could stain her face.

"You are the  best thing that has ever happened to me Shona, and I promise you will always be.."saying this he pulled her closer into his embrace, promising to protect his naive angel from all the cruelties of the world. She was too precious for him to lose..

Shilpa snuggled closer to him and burried her face in the crook of his neck. Placing his hands on her tummy and kissing his neck, she whispered, "and this  is the best thing that has ever happened to us.."

Smiling they both closed their eyes...

"Love is not a decision
Its a feeling
If we could decide who to love
It would be much simpler
but less magical..".......KaSh Magic...

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