Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Epilogue : And we are made to be one

A Year Later

A baby boy was crying while ridhima was having a bath. Armaan walked in to be welcomed by his crying prince. At instant Armaan took him in his arms cuddling him to his chest, sensing a loving touch he lean on more to his father. He stopped crying at once looking at his father cuddling him he gave his best smile to his father who was in awe at his angelic charming smile.
“How is my little man doing? Kyun ro rahe the aap… hmm” Armaan asked tickling his tummy. In response he just giggle hard making Armaan too smile.

Armaan settle on the bed putting baby on the bed as his mobile was ringing. He kept looking at his baby while talking on call and his prince thought his father is talking to him only, so he was passing a smile.
“Yes Mr. Singh I will just let you the figure wait.” Saying so he looked for the file on the bed side table moving his eyes away from his prince. Baby felt the need of immediate attention of his father so putting his hands on her father’s leg he moved on his knees first tapping on Armaan’s back but as his hands were small and were still fragile so his tapping were missed but when even that didn’t worked he hold on his shirt and tried to stand up with his father support. Soon he was on his feet holding onto his father standing.

Soon Armaan turn around with the touch on his shoulder as according to his knowledge ridhima was in washroom that was in front of him and there prince is smaller who can’t reach shoulder yet. He turn around to see his prince already standing on his feet with the support of his father. And passing smile to him as he finally was able to get all attention from his father.
Happy at his own huge achievement he left his father support to clap his hands and fall back on his booty on the bed bouncing a bit on the bed laughing. While Armaan was in surprise stay but then laugh along with his prince.
Picking him up in his arms Armaan throw him up in the air to catch back he was too happy to say or do anything so holding him back he kissed his baby on head. And the baby boy hold his father’s check with both his hands while his father was kissing him. Feeling ticklish on his palms he withdraw them laughing saying “Teeki teeki” (Ticking ticking)
Soon ridhima was out of the bathroom and saw Armaan and baby laughing to the fullest. “arye wah.. kya baat hain aaj koi bahut kush hai… Kyun Ridhan” ridhima said looking at their baby.
“ridhima Tumhe pata hain aabhi ridhan apne pairon pe khada hua tha.. Can you believe it. For the first time ridhan was standing on his feet. I am so happy ridhima.” Armaan said cuddling ridhan.
“What…” ridhima exclaimed all surprised.
“Haan… Hamar ridhan bada ho raha hai ridhima.” Armaan said all excited.
“Hmm… Ho hi nahi sakta tum mujhe aise hi ullu bana rahe ho mujhe pata hai” ridhima said
“Mein kyun ullu banaunga tumhe.. sachi mein hamara ridhan khada hua tha” Armaan tried to make ridhima believe him.
“Jao Mein nahi manti. Mera samne khada ho toh mein manu” ridhima said challenging him.
“Chal ridhan aapni mumma ko khade hoke dikha” Armaan said putting him back on bed but he never took effort to stand up instead hi just fall back on his back as if he wanna sleep now.
So to prove ridhima that ridhan was really standing Armaan asked ridhima to sit with her back to ridhan firstly she wasn’t proving the idea but then the eagerness to see her son on his feet she settle down with her back towards him. Armaan too settle same as ridhima giving his back to ridhan.
Seeing his both parents giving no attention to him he turn on his stomach so as to come on knees to crawl towards his mother. Tapping on her lightly he waited for her to look at him, ridhima was ready to turn and pick him up but Armaan warn her from eyes seeing which ridhima stay still.
Feeling disheartened that his mother didn’t took him in her arms not even spare a look at him he move to his father thinking he will surely pick him up as he was all loving him few moments back.
Soon he patted his father for the attention but even he didn’t look at him. Seeing both his mother father ignoring him not giving even a look to him he started crying and moved backwards away from them. But soon he heard his father.
He instantly stopped and looked back at his father to see him looking at him with smile. Hurriedly he moved to his father’s way and sat silently wanting his father to pick him up but instead he saw his father getting up he felt sad for once but then saw him extending his hand towards him.
All happy ridhan took hold of Armaan’s jeans and tried his best to stand up taking the support and finally he was succeeded. Armaan picked him up and kissed him all over his face and soon he was in his mumma’s arm being loved by her as well. 
Happily both of them cuddle him while sitting on the bed and shower all their love on ridhan.

Shashank witness this from the door and blessed them from heart. “Bhawgan is choti si family ko hamesha khush rakhna.”

And scene Ends with Armaan ridhima playing with ridhan and Shasahnk joining them in with muskaan and they had a family time with ridhan being the center of attention for all four.

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wiz lots n lots of luv
Aayushi & Anamika

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