Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Intro & Part 1 : Giving Love A Second Chance(AR)

Dear diary,

I am going back to sanjeevani today, back to what was once my world, my life.. back to who was once my life..

yes i know it will be difficult to face him after 3 long years of separation, but i must show him what he has lost.. well it was not my fault all this happened, to say the least.. well i admit i did have a small part to play, but it was small.. a tiny bit.. but what he did, i can never forgive him for that

yes sid, i am returning to take revenge from you.. to take away from you what you had taken away from me.. my heart.. my life.. and break it into a million peices after that, like you had broken mine..

beware siddhant modi, i am returning, to destroy your life forever.. i know you will not forgive me after this, but i need to do it.. for self satisfaction..

tit-for-tat mr.siddhant modi,

yours NOT-truly or faithfully,

riddhima gupta


part 1 :

" Dr siddhant modi,Dr keerthi, Dr abhimanyu modi and Dr shubhankar kindly report to Dr.padma's cabin immediately"

Padma's cabin

Padma: doctors, maine aap sabhi ko yahan ye kehne ko bulaya ke, meri beti, aek doctor aur neurosurgeon sanjeevani join kar rahi hain.. aur mein chahti hoon ki woh 1 maine tak humare interns ko monitor kare.. woh france se aakar kal duty pe ayengi..

Dr.keerthi: yes dr.padma, that is great news

Padma: i want you to make her feel at home, as she is coming back after 3 years and i want to make her feel comfortable with the people who work over here and all the systems.. so please take good care of her.. i will introduce her to you tomorrow.. you may leave now

" interns muskaan , nikitha, atul and rahul kindly report to the nurse station immediately"

The nurse station

Atul : ajeeb zamana aa gaya hai..hum toh pohonch gayye lekin jisne humein bulyaya woh kahan hain?

Muskaan : tumne bulaya aur hum chale aaye

Rahul : muskaan chup yaar kidhar bhi gaana shuru ho jaata hai tumhara

Nikki : stop it you guys.. where is Dr keerthi?

Atul : oyye angrezi ladki, yeh hindustan hain hindi mein baat karna padta hain

Nikki : whatever

Muskaan : saare jahan se accha.. hindustan hamara.. hum bulbulain hai iski

Rahul : chup yaar muskaan.. chup

Dr.keerthi : INTERNS

Nikki : yes Dr. keerthi

Atul, muskaan and rahul : haan Dr. keerthi

Dr keerthi: aaj maine tumhe yahan tumhare duties dene nahin bulaya, lekin aek bohot important cheez kehne bulaya.. kal Dr. padma ki beti yahan aane waali hain.. woh aek bohot acchi doctor aur neurologist hain.. aap yeh month uske under kaam karenge aur unhiko report karenge

Atul,muskaan,rahul : ji Dr kirthi

Nikki : Dr padma's daughter? What's her name?

Keerthi: woh toh mujhe bhi nahin pata, woh toh humein kal hi pata chalenga.. abhi tak humare paas sirf yahein information hain..

Nikki : ok dr.keerthi...we'll make sure we are at our best behaviour

Keerthi : mujhe nahin pata ke woh permanent ya temporary doctor hain, lekin wo yaha kam se kam 1 maine tak docorship practice karengi.. aur aek aur baat.. woh france se aa rahi hai.. toh please admin ko bol dena yeh hospital thoda clean aur tidy karne.. usse aek accha impression dena padenga.. padma maam ki beti hain woh after all

Rahul : ji dr.keerthi.. hum uska acha dhyaan rakhenge..

Muskaan, atul : haan dr.keerthi..

Nikki : yed dr.keerthi.. we'll take good care of her

Dr.keerthi: dr. nikhita, mein aap ko responsibility de rahin hoon use sanjeevani dikhane ka aur use support karne ka

Nikki: thankyou Dr. keerthi


Muskaan: yeh dosti hum nahin todenge..


Nikki: you guys.. please stay away from the new doctor, she is a foreigner and i dont want her to get a bad impression of sanjeevani as soon as she joins.. so please stay away

Muskaan  :nafrat ki duniya ko chodke... pyar ki duniya mein khush rehna yaar

Atul : yaar muskaan tu toh marwa dengi humein..

Rahul : woh france se aake hum sab ko nikal dalengi tere waje se

Nikki : did you get me? Just STAY AWAY FROM HER

Rahul : oye.. tujhe yeh responsibility mili toh tu to babal mein udd rahi hain.. neche aa ja nahin to plane se crash kar lengi

Atul,muskaan, rahul start laughing at that, nikki just rolls her eyes and leaves the room, to prepare for one of her most important tasks, making the new doctor feel at home, in sanjeevani, that too with her crazy bunch of colleagues as she called them but "yaar" as they called themselves..

 @sanjeevani corridors:

Shubhankar: ke dr.padma ki beti kaun hai?

Sid: kya pata yaar.. france se hain toh achhi lagki hi hogi

Shubhankar: teri acchi ke defination aur meri acchi ke defination mein bohot pharak hain

Sid: yaar mujhe toh aaj tak yeh pata hi nahin tha ke padma maam ki aek beti bhi hai.. nahin toh main itni saari ladkiyon ke piche nahin bhagta.. to the target.. direct

Shubhankar: isse toh chod de.. kuch galat gaya to out of the gates

Sid: yeh ladkiyon ke expert se aisi galti nahin hogi

Shubhankar: kitne glati hue hai yaad dilaun?

Sid: nahin.. theek hai.. i am fine

Shubhankar: waise  tu koi dr.gupta ko jaanta hai kya? Padma maam ke alawa?

Sid: jaanta tha

Shubhankar: kisse?

Sid: aek riddhima gupta aurr uski behen anjali gupta?

Shubhankar: to kya hua? Same thing?

Sid: nahin yaar.. riddhima ko to maine itna hurt kiya ke woh mujhe kabhi maaf nahin karengi

Shubhankar: agar tumne use dump nahin kiya , to kya kia?

Sid: long story.. i'll tell you later

Shubhankar: lekin agar woh padma ki beti nikli toh?

Sid: no chance.. agar woh padma ki beti hoti toh woh mujhe hospital se nikalti.. khud bhaag nahin jaati hospital se

Shubhankar: aur anjali?

Sid: uski behen.. france mein hai..

Shubhankar: sid yaar.....duties ke liye aek ghanta hai.. mujhe bata na kiya hua tum dono ke beech?

Sid: theek hai chal coffee shop mein jaate hain.. batata hoon..

Shubhankar: chal

At ridzy's house

Riddhima was jogging in the huge garden that they owned, when she bumped into somebody and fell down

Person: oh i am so sorry

Riddhima looked to see the person she bumped into and was amazed by the person she bumped into ..

Person: hello sweetheart.. what are you doing here exactly?

Riddhima: uhh? I should be asking you this question.. what are you doing over here?

Person: well any person is allowed to roam in his own garden i guess?

Riddhima: his own? Oh hello? This house is mine

Person : well only me and my mother live over here, so unless you are my mother, which you are not, this house is not yours, even though i'd love to have you over here

Riddhima: excuse me? (turning towards the house)This is...(stopped)

Person : my house..anyway, i am armaan mallik, very much the owner of this house

Riddhima: uhmm.. i'm so sorry.. as far as i remember i was jogging in my own garden.. i dont know how i came here.. i am so sorry

Armaan : that's fine.. and you are?

Riddhima: riddhima gupta

Armaan(surprised) : padma aunties daughter?

Riddhima: err..yes.. how do you know her?

Armaan : she is my neighbour and almost like a mother to me... and she told me her daughter was coming.. anyway, nice to meet you, my new neighbour

Riddhima: ya nice to meet you too

Armaan : by the way, just so that you know, i don't roam around my garden like this everyday... just that i had to take a leave today for some personal reason ..

Riddhima: that's nice to know.. so what do you do?

Armaan : well i am the owner of mallik industries.. naam to suna hi hoga

Riddhima: err.. no.. i just came back from france.. lost touch with india completely

Armaan (smiling): i can see that

Riddhima: excuse me?

Armaan : hmm.. actually padma aunty told me that her daughter used to be a pakka indian cultural girl in salwar khameez and all that.. and here you are in western wear like...

Riddhima: so that's why you were surprised when you heard my name.. what a relief.. seriously.. looking at your face when i told you my name, you looked like you had just seen me murder someone

Armaan : but how come.. i mean from salwar khameez to skirts?

Riddhima: well i can't go jogging in a salwar khameez can i? and anyway, you dont know when you will bump into someone so..(stopped realizing what she had said)

Armaan (grinning): so?

Riddhima: so.. hmm.. modern.. i mean if i bump into someone, they're surely gonna find it weird, if they see in a salwar suit

Armaan : na.. i love people in indian clothes and people who follow indian cultures and all.. i mean we're indians after all

Riddhima: true.. anyway, catch you later

Armaan : i didn't get my answer yet

Riddhima: what answer?

Armaan : so...?

Riddhima: oh god.. please.. this is what i meant

Armaan : sure you did

Riddhima: whatever

Armaan : i like the indian side of you better?

Riddhima: huh?

Armaan : the indian side... anyway,  see you soon

Riddhima: wait.. did you just say that you dont like this western side of me?

Armaan : i never said that.. you look good both ways.. but i'd love to see the indian side of you.. as in what padma aunty had said..salwar khameez and all that..

Riddhima: sure..see you soon

Armaan : you joining your mom now?

Riddhima: no.. i'm joining her tomorrow

Armaan : great then how about a coffee?

Riddhima: ya sure.. i'll join you in 2 minutes?

Armaan : sure

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