Tuesday, 8 May 2018


Sheena drove towards the hospital where Sumit was admitted but just when she was about to take the turn her cell phone rang and Cam was flashing over it.

"Ya Cam?"

"Sheena you didn't give me the recorded confession of Vivek. What am I supposed to tell the chief? I have no evidence."

"Oh cummon Cam stop being a sissy. Just tell chief that I have all the evidence we'll need and also a letter written by Anjali di which clearly says that Vivek had been blackmailing and threatening them with aggressive calls. He had even tried to molest di and she had reported it with the local police but those b******* didn't do anything. The case could have been easily solved than itself but no they were cheap enough to take money from Vivek and shut up. I have interrogated a Bangalore cop and I have his signed testimony. I'll get that as well. Cam you can chill coz I have enough evidences to nail these brutes but I am not going to give them to anyone. I am going to guard them with my life. I have already lost a lot of time and a lot of damage too has been done and now I can't afford a single mistake. I'll be there soon just let me get Sumit. I am outside the hospital so will talk to you later."

She was about to hang up when she suddenly heard Cam exclaim, "Hospital!! You alright? Why are you at the hospital?"

"I am fine but I am here to get Sumit. Duh!!"

"Oh okay but he is not at the hospital. He has just been discharged."

"Where the hell did you leave your brain Cam? You wasted almost an hour of mine. Why didn't you tell me before?" Sheena yelled on the phone.

"Well because you didn't tell me that you were going to the hospital."

"Ugh!! Whatever. Now don't call me okay."

With that she hung up and turned the car around. She didn't like driving cars one bit and now more than ever she needed her bike. She stopped at the hotel her bike was parked at and getting it out she called up the local police station and giving them Sumit's address she asked them to reach his place exactly after 30 minutes.

She reached Sumit's place and walked inside his house without waiting for anyone to show her inside and on being stopped by the guard she flashed her id at him and without any further ado he let her go inside.

Sheena stepped inside the house and asked the house keeper busy in her work as to where her master was.

"Ma'am he must be in his study. Upstairs, 3rd room."

Sheena nodded and ascended the stairs two at a time. Her instincts told her that something wasn't right. She walked to the 3rd room and barged in but there was no one inside it and than it dawned on her that he must have come to know about Vivek being missing and maybe he even had a hint about her knowing the truth or even worse he was out to get Armaan. She ran towards the other rooms and searched them and than her eyes landed on the open window and seeing the way it was left open and the height of it she wondered if he had jumped and ran before she reached him. She ran downstairs and grabbing the male housekeeper she asked him about the cars.

"Ma'am the cars are in the garage. I can show you if you want." The housekeeper knew she was a CBI officer and was sweating, scared as to what was coming.

He took her to the garage at the back and opened the huge door. Sheena saw there was just one car there. And than she heard the driver exclaim "Oh my god!!! Where is the other car?? Sumit sir is at home than who took the other car?"

Sheena's face hardened as she realized that he must have run away knowing that she was on his trail. She took the car number, name, design and color and all the information that would help her identify the car. She ran out of the house and mounted her bike. She raced it and was on the road in no time. She asked a couple of passersby if they had seen the car and when nobody was able to tell her anything she decided to follow her instincts and took a right. She drove her bike like never before. The air was cutting against her skin and her hair were falling out of her band. She was dodging the cars on the road and was praying she'll reach Sumit before being run down by one of those cars. She took out her cell and pressing Armaan's number she placed it in her pocket and placed the hands-free against her ear but the number was busy this just increased Sheena's anxiety. She dialed her house number and was about to press the call button when her eyes fell on the car a little ahead of her. She realized that it was Sumit's car. She increased the speed of her car and tried to reach the car but every time she would be about to reach him some or other car would come between them. She was still following him when she realized that he must have seen her because he too increased his speed. They were driving very fast and Sheena was grateful that no traffic police was following them. Sheena realized that the traffic had lessened and than she saw that they were way out of the city and as her eyes fell on a milestone on the side Sheena realized where she was and her mind was lit with an idea. She increased her speed further and bending down she raced forward and reached Sumit's left and their eyes met. Sheena took out her revolver but Sumit quickly turned left and Sheena smirked as her plan was working now. She kept following him closely and than she was on his right and this made him turn left and her plan was accomplished and as Sumit drove further he reached a cliff and came to a screeching halt. Sheena too reached there happy that she was able to trap him and get him to the cliff because she had known that he would have to stop here but Sumit wasn't the one to loose this easily. He put his car in the reverse gear and drove backwards towards Sheena. Sheena's eyes widened as she realized that he was going to hit her. She jumped off her bike and fell on the side while Sumit's car knocked down the bike and when he realized that she wasn't there he raced forward towards where she was standing but She didn't move instead she took out her gun and lifted it towards him. She was burning with rage and so she knew she wouldn't miss the target. Images of her di and jeeju flashed in her mind and she pressed the trigger. The glass shattered and the bullet went right into the middle of Sumit's forehead and blood fell out of the hole the bullet had made in his forehead. Sheena smirked and spoke loudly "Bulls eyes." But her smile fell as she realized that sumit was dead and the car was out of control. She quickly jumped to her left and the car fell off the cliff and burst into flames.

She stood up brushing her jeans which was covered with dust. She turned around and immediately staggered back as her eyes fell on a gun right in front of her and than lifting her gaze she saw Armaan holding the gun right in front of her.

"What did you do to my brother?" Armaan asked throught gritted teeth.

"Armaan give me the gun. What are you doing with it? Look your brother murdered Atul." Sheena told him keeping an eye on the gun in front of her.

"Oh great!! First its me whom you blame for killing Atul and than its my brother."

"Armaan I have got proof."

"Shut up!! I refuse to believe in any of your so called "proofs"." He hissed at her moving closer.

Sheena looked at the gun and than taking one swift step back she ducked down and she kicked Armaan at his shin making him fall. The gun fell out of his hands but before Sheena could grab it Armaan grabbed her leg and pulled her down on the ground and getting up he pinned her down with her chest pressed against the ground and her arm twisted painfully behind her back.

"Holy c***." Sheena cursed loudly.

"I am going to kill you." Armaan yelled at her.

"Hey that hurts. Armaan get off me. At least hear me out. Okay give me one last kiss and than you may kill me."

"WHAT???" Armaan asked incredulously.

"Ya…I want a kiss cummon. The way you are blaming me makes me feel like I'll be going straight to hell and though they say that devils in hell are better kissers but I don't think they'll be as good looking as you are….you know how they look right….red in color with big burning horns on their head…na wouldn't wanna kiss 'em..

"Shut up!!! Sheena you just killed my brother and you think its funny." Sheena realized Armaan was really angry as he never called her Sheena before he always called her Riddhima. He twisted her arm more tightly making her wince in pain.

"Alright Armaan…I did this because he killed Atul and Armaan you have to let me at least give some explanation. He was in this with Vivek and I was so worried about you and……wait a second where is Harsh?" Sheena suddenly realized that if Armaan was with her than where the hell was Harsh and how did Armaan know where she was. In that one moment she realized that Harsh could actually be in danger and with that realization she pushed Armaan off her and holding his collar she asked him "Where is Harsh? Tell me Armaan."

Armaan looked at Sheena's terrified eyes and it was for the first time he saw terror in the eyes of the very courageous and fearless Sheena Smith but he didn't say anything and this just pushed Sheena to the edge and reaching inside her pocket she took out her gun and pressed it against Armaan's temple and yelled "Tell me Armaan where is Harsh or I'll kill you."

"He is at home with your chief. Cam told me everything about how you have arrested Vivek and than he told me that you were out to get Sumit and I immediately went to Sumit's place and came to know that he left with you following him. I drove a little and than asked a few people who had seen you on your bike driving like a maniac and so I knew where you were but by the time I reached here you had already killed my brother."

"Oh thank god." Sheena sighed in relief and seeing her so relaxed Armaan's anger increased and he gripped her hair and pulled her head back. "You killed my brother Sheena and I am not going to…

He trailed off as he heard a voice coming from somewhere and than his eyes fell on Sheena's hand. She was holding a recorder she had just taken out of her pocket and Armaan heard the whole confession. He let go of Sheena's head and took the recorder from her hands and shook his head violently and spoke "No…he must be lying. How could you just believe him and kill my brother."

"He wasn't lying Armaan. We have more proofs." Armaan and Sheena both turned around and saw Cam walking towards them along with the chief.

"We went to the place he got the gun registered at and they identified him as the person who filled the documents and signed as Armaan Malik. The person who gave him the license has been arrested because he did not run any tests or check the paperwork and cleared him that very day after accepting a hefty amount as bribe. We conducted a sting operation and got him to confess this. Than the person who called us to the mansion you and Sheena were staying at was also him. His house has been checked and the house keeper told us that the day this incident happened and she came to know that you are wanted she ran to Sumit to inform him but instead she saw him celebrating with Vivek. She identified Vivek as one of a regular visitors at their place.

Is that proof enough or you want more?"

Armaan didn't say anything and simply walked towards the cliff from where the car had fallen. He looked at the burning pieces of car still lying there. Sheena handed the recorder and Anjali's letter to them and walked towards Armaan and placing a hand on his shoulder she spoke "He did all this to have sole ownership on your money and property."

"But why Riddhima. He could have asked me and I would have given it all without a question." Armaan spoke choking on his tears.

"I know Armaan but I guess your brother didn't trust you."

She gathered him in her arms and moved her hand on his back trying to soothe him. When he had calmed down and was wiping his tears Sheena spoke "Armaan I know its mean to say this but aren't you happy that your best friends murderer got punished?" Armaan nodded and wiping his tears he smiled with a determined look to not break down and spoke in a hoarse voice "I am."

They all smiled at each other. The chief and Cam were about to leave when the chief yelled at Sheena "Harsh is in our office with the gang bribing him with chocolates to get your secrets out but the kid is smart he didn't spill anything but tricked those so called smart CBI officers to give him the chocolates anyways. I want you at the office. I think you deserve a bravery award for what you have done today but I guess we'll keep the award with us and demote you instead for all the many laws you broke."

Sheena gave him a dirty look while he chuckled.

They left and Sheena turned back to Armaan and spoke "Cummon Armaan lets go."

They walked towards her bike.

Many a parts of it were broken but it still was good enough to take them home. She mounted the bike and told Armaan to get on but Armaan shook his head and spoke "No ways. I am turning into a woman. I play with the kid at home while you play around with murderers, shooting and killing them and than YOU drive this super bike of yours while I sit behind you holding your waist out of fear that I might fall down. What the hell do you think of yourself huh? Get off the damn bike lady and sit behind the way you are supposed to."

Sheena chuckled and getting off the bike she did a salute and spoke "Yes sir."


She increased the speed of her bike and raced forward trying to overtake the other bikers. She was on second position and there was no one she was going to loose this time. All the guys watching the race were cheering for her and were yelling her name but the girls were yelling some other name…as usual their favorite, the very handsoem "Arav Khanna".

She was on his side now and she increased the speed but Arav lifted his bike in the air and was in no time again ahead of her. They were very near the finish line…


Arav crossed the finish line and rolled the bike around showing off his biking skills and than raising his hands in the air he waved to the girls and gave them all a flying kiss. The girls rushed to him and hugged him.

The girl who was just behind Arav in the race came to a halt next to him…second in the race. She took off her helmet and her jet black hair fell in waves on her shoulder. She yelled at the girls "Get off him." The girls immediately backed off giving her way. She moved forward and yelled "I am never racing with you. This is not fair you always win."

Arav chuckled and than pulling her in a hug he spoke "My little sister seems angry huh? Cummon Raima I may be better at bike racing but you are better at all the other things…shooting, basket ball, academics and than of course you are dad's favorite right."

"Ya but you are mom's favorite and also dad….he may not show it but he loves you more."

"I don't know about your mom and dad Raima but i definitely love you the most." Raima and Arav heard somebody say and they both turned around to see who it was and just than Raima's lips curved in a smile and she ran towards the person and hugging him she yelled "Oh Harsh bhai….I am so happy to see you."

Harsh hugged her back and Arav joined them in the hug and they both walked out talking to each other.

"Lets go see massi and Armaan?" Harsh asked Raima and Arav as they all sat down in the car.

They reached the club where Sheena still sang occasionally. They went inside but they saw that the whole hall was empty. They walked inside and Harsh was about to switch on the lights when suddenly the lights were turned on and he heard everyone yelling "Happy birthday to you….happy birthday to you…happy birthday….happy birthday…happy birthday to Harsh."

Harsh smiled as he saw his massi, his buddy Armaan and his kid brother and sister singing his birthday song for him standing around the table with a cake on it. He walked towards them and hugged them all and cut the cake giving them all a piece.


"Thanks so much massi." Harsh told Sheena who smiled at him.

"Anything for you harsh. You parents must be proud of you Harsh."

Harsh nodded his head and spoke "I know and I have worked hard to fulfill their wishes but it wouldn't have been possible without yours and buddy's help and the way he is looking at you it seems that he is growing restless to have his Riddhima to himself. I better go or else he'll himself throw me out."

Harsh chuckled while Sheena glared at him. He took Sheena towards Armaan and gave her hand to him.

"Isn't this all great?" Sheena asked Armaan.

"Uh-huh." Armaan agreed, his eyes on her. Not glancing in any other direction.

"Our whole family is here. Arav, Raima and Harsh….look at them as usual fighting but even a blind person can feel the love between them."

"Uh-huh" Armaan repeated mechanically, saturated with a feeling of privilege as his eyes caressed and possessed her.

"You not paying attention and stop staring as if you have not seen me before."

"I can't help it. You keep looking better with every passing day. People think that you are Raima's sister instead of mother."

"Gosh Armaan you crazy." Sheena chuckled.

"Yup. Crazy but only about you jaan." He leaned forward and pulling Sheena closer captured her lips with his.

The kids saw them locked in each others arms. Their bodies joined together, they radiated love which any body could fell around them. They both were like two bodies and one soul. The kids smiled at them and leaving the hall stealthily to give them privacy they walked out of the hall.

Armaan broke the liplock and whispered against her lips "I love you Riddhima."

"I love you too Armaan."

"And I love you more."

"Hey no I love you….

But before Sheena could say anything further her lips were once again captured by Armaan's lips and she felt his love engulfing her and she forgot everything and lost herself in the arms of the only man she ever loved.

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