Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Part 1 : pyar ke mod pe (ss)

"Pyar ke mod pe chodoge jo rahen meri
tumko dhundegi zamane main nigahen meri..
pyar ke mod pe……....."

riddhima was looked at the taxi driver with a jerk from the back seat,and got he was shaking his head and humming the song which was playing on the player.the driver also noticed her from mirror and uttered : “sorry ma’m,if you don’t like ,I will off the player.actually I like to listen music while driving.”

Riddhima smiled lightly and uttered : “its ok john,but how you like hindi song?”

John uttered excitedly : “actually my mother is from india and dad is from Canada.”

Riddhima nodded and looked at the crowded road of Boston.john once turned at riddhima then again kept his eyes on the road and uttered : “actually ma’m,I love this song so much..i always sing it for my wife..but unfortunately she don’t understand it as she is born and brought up here…”saying he laughed a little.

“I always sing it to my wife” that word stuck in her mind..she was also used to sing for someone..and he understood its meaning but left her alone....

Riddhima jerked her thought and asked john : “do you know hindi?”

John replied excitedly : “yeah..haan ma’m..mujhe aata hai kyonki mummy se mai hindi mein baat karta hun.”

Riddhima nodded only. John has appointed as driver last week and riddhima liked his nature.john also liked and had a respect for this girl ,who is his ma’m… ….dr.riddhima Gupta… the famous doctor of ‘Brigham And Women’s Hospital,Boston’. 

John asked looking at the road : “ma’m,aapse ek request tha.”

In some days riddhima understood john was very talkative but he didn’t talk much with riddhima before.today he was looking happy so riddhima didn’t want to spoil his mood and asked : “haan bolo john..

John uttered happily: “actually mujhe next to next month 20 days ki leave chahiye.”

Riddhima uttered surprisingly : “kyon?”

John uttered : “mere cousin ki shadi hai india me,hum sab jayenge..first time i am going India...so so excited..”he paused and again uttered : “don’t worry ma’m,mai aapko achcha driver dekar jaunga,mere uncle ka beta hai.aapko koi problem nahi hogi.”

Riddhima nodded and opened a file and tried to make busy herself in it as she understood john wouldn’t stop his talk but again she heard john’s voice: “congrates ma’m.i saw you in news..aapne kuch research kiya hai na..usme aap successful hui hain.”

Riddhima smiled once and uttered : “thanks.”

John kept quiet for sometime then asked again : “ma’m,aap india toh jati hongi? Aap miss karti hongi na india ko?”

Riddhima looked at him with a jerk.the same question she had heard from someone,who was very close to her heart… “india ko miss karti hogi na tum riddhima?”

But didn’t getting answer that person had left a long breathe and uttered : “I miss my india..i love india…”

And in a while he had gotten reply from riddhima’s mouth : “and I hate india…”

“Zindagi main jo kahin aur main kho jaunga
tumse milne ke liya laut ke phir aunga
Ai meri jaan e wafa dekha rahen meri
pyar ke mod pe.................”

she looked at the road and lost in her thought...

how many years passed after arman leaving her alone to struggle with life.exactly 6 years...11sep 2012..and today is 12 september 2018..every year she tried to make herself more busy on that day cause that day was a curse for her..on that day she had lost her two beloved person...one is her little brother..ridhan and second was arman...riddhan didn’t want to leave this world..didn’t want to leave his shona di ,mom-dad...had wanted to live in this world but god had snatched him from them...it was 11 sep,2007 and after 5 years on the same date, arman had returned india leaving her alone here. she always tried not to remember that day making herself busy and this year surprisingly she got award from “American medical association” on that day for the medicine,about which she was researching and discovered successfully .....yesterday was that day and she was so busy yesterday ,she forgot to remember them whom she couldn’t miss to remember each and everyday of her life.

Her chain of thought broke hearing john’s voice : “ma’m,maine suna aapne koi rare bone desease ka medicine discover kiya hai?”

riddhima smiled and uttered : “tumhe toh bahut kuch pata hai john..haan,ek beemari hai..its rare...50,000 bachchon me se kisi ek ko hota hai par jise hota hai wo jyada din survive nahi karta..and you know na,chahe 50,000 ya 1 lakh me yeh disease ho,jiska koi apna cheen jata hai is beemari se,unke liye yah duniya hi suni ho jati hai..

john nodded and stopped the car in front of riddhima’s house and uttered smilingly : “maine sare news padhe hain ma’m..you are right and i know aise feelings only indians ke hote hain.”

riddhima smiled,moved down from the car and came inside her house and saw papa and mumma was discussing about something.seeing her,they stopped and looked at her with a smile. riddhima asked looking at mumma...”sonu so gaya?”

padma nodded and asked : “khana garam karva dun beta?”

riddhima nodded in na and uttered : “no mumma,bas shanti (maid) se hot coffee bhijva do ..i am very tired mumma...”

padma nodded and riddhima came in her room.in a while shanti came with a full mug hot coffee.riddhima took it from her hand and uttered : “shanti,please door band karke jana,i want to sleep now.”

shanti nodded and closed the door from outside. riddhima finished her coffee and laid down on the bed but sleep was far away from her eyes...she felt that she was tired with her life.she turned and looked at the photo which was kept on the table beside her bed...a 14-15 years boy’s pic it was..he was smiling in it.riddhima uttered slowly : “ridhan...tu khush hai na? teri shona di ab kisiko is beemari se marne nahi degi...ab koi bhai apni behan ko chodkar is duniya se nahi jayega...wo sath rahenge...har pal...”
her eyes went on next photo and she mumbled : “ i did it arman...tumne kaha tha na ki humare pyar ke kimat par maine yeh rasta chuna tha...you are right arman,par ekdin tumhe bhi pata chalega maine apne pyar ki kimat par kya paya hai...and i miss you arman...tum jahan chod gaye the wahin hun par janti hun humara rasta kabhi ek nahin ho sakta...but i really love you...par tum to ab apni duniya men khush hoge,kisi indian girl se shadi karke apni family ke sath haapy hoge....

"Aisa na ho eh sanam jao toh phir aa na sako
meri yeh tamanna hai tum mere paas raho
kyon tumhey bhati nahin aaj panahey meri
pyar ke mod pe..............."


love u all

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