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Sheena sat down on the couch in her living room. They had decided to go back home and not take the cruise any further. For Sheena it was a great relief because going back to the cruise meant going back to Armaan's memories which was the last thing she wanted to do. Harsh had been mighty pissed at her but eventually had agreed to go back to Chicago as it was his last year there and then he was coming back to India to live with his massi. Sheena had decided to join the force and take up the cases once again though she was still not sure if she would be able to handle the deaths, murders and stuff but she had decided she'll give it a try. After Atul and Anjali's death she had never gone to a crime scene instead she would stay back at the office and do the investigation and interrogation work of the cases.....Cam had joined the same year and was given Atul joshi's murder case. He used to work with Sheena till she was dismissed from the case for her aggressive and unprofessional behavior but the working together on the case had helped them build a very good friendship with each other.

Sheena looked at the files in front of her and skimmed through the pages.....she wasn't really interested in reading those files or do anything else. She tried distracting herself from Armaan's memories but it seemed impossible to her.....she was missing him more and more with every passing moment.

Sheena heard a cell ringing and saw Cam flashing on it. She picked the call and heard Cam's frantic voice in it....."Sheena I want you here right now...there is something very important we have to discuss. it's a very important case Sheena so please forget everything and be here within an hour." Cam hung up without waiting for a reply.

Sheena sighed heavily and getting up from the couch she went to the washroom to change.

Sheena wore a blue rough denim jeans along with a tight black shirt and took her revolver along. She was not excited about the cases....everything seemed so different. Earlier the very talk about a new case used to set her pulse racing but today it didn't matter. She cleared her head and sitting down in her car she drove towards her office.


Armaan saw the officers approach him. They opened his cell door and grabbing his shoulder roughly they pulled him to his feet. They pushed him out of the room and hancuffed him.

He saw the blue jeep outside the airport. He was in India and was being taken to an Indian jail. As they walked towards the car parked in the parking lot one of the officers went to the washroom leaving Armaan with two other officers. One standing on his each side. They had guns in their hands and Armaan was formulating a plan in his escape plan.

As they were walking towards the car Armaan scanned the whole area around him. The cars were coming and going out of the parking lot.

As they walked closer Armaan staggered a little drawing the attention of the officers.

"Hey what are you doing?" One of the officers asked Armaan

"Sorry sir. I am just feeling a little weak. Its probably because of that."

"Oh! Okay but you are not going to get any food now. So try and walk properly."

Armaan nodded his head solemnly and kept walking but as they advanced closer Armaan saw a car approaching them and in a swift move without loosing any time he pushed the officer on his right side in front of the car with his shoulder. The driver wasn't prepared for this obviously so couldn't apply the brakes on time because of which the car ended up hitting the officers body which resulted in the officer lying on the floor with blood gushing out of his mouth.

The other officer rushed to his friends side. The friend in his taking the better of the officer in him. He totally forgot that he was holding a criminal by his side and to worsen the situation a huge crowd had gathered around the officers trying to know what the commotion was about.

"Hariprasad!! Vinod!!" The senior officer came running in their direction and yelled for the officers.

Just than a stretcher arrived and the injured officer was taken away in it. Hariprasad, the other officer faced the inspector who quickly asked him "Where is Raj khanna?"

Hariprasad now remembered about the criminal he was supposed to take to jail and they both started looking frantically for him.

"Was he still handcuffed?" The inspector asked his junior who nodded positively.

"Than he must have walked out of the airport. He can't drive a car that way....lets check all the areas and alert the rest of the team to also start looking for him. Be careful. We have to find him or else Sheena ma'am will kill know what this case means to her. Cam sir too is involved and he hates any kind of inefficiency so hurry up."

They all looked everywhere for him but failed to find him anywhere and than they had to report the case to their seniors.


"WHAT!!!! Armaan has escaped?" Sheena asked Cam not believing what she heard.

Armaan had fooled the officers with him and had run away. A part of Sheena was happy knowing that wherever he would be he'll be safe but at the same time a part of her was angry that Atul's murderer is roaming around free"

Cam saw the play of expressions on her face and knew exactly what she was thinking. He decided it would be better if she handled some other case instead of this one.

"Sheena this is your new case." Cam handed her a file.

"But Cam I want to handle jiju's case."

"Sorry Sheena...I am handling that case and the orders are that you have to handle this case. it's a very important and dangerous case so be careful."

Sheena knew why Cam was taking the case away from her and in a way it seemed good for her. She nodded and took the case to her cabin. She sat down on her chair and closed her eyes. She decided to go through the case later. For now she wanted to go to her club and sing.....that would do her good.


Armaan stopped the car just near the cliff....he was at a hilltop and right ahead of him was a huge dead end.

He took a deap breath and pressed the accelerator and just when the car was about to fall off he jumped out of the car and landed on the ground safely while the car soon burst into flames. Armaan brushed away the dust from his jeans and smirked....he was once again a free man. He felt sorry for injuring the police officer but it had to be done. Armaan knew that the officers were wondering how he could have escaped so far with his hands tied but what they didn't know was that when Armaan had staggered towards the officer while walking he had taken out the keys to his handcuffs from his side pocket. They were not alert and he had used it to his benefit.

He had taken the car from one of the cabbies on the airport.....pushing him out of the driver's seat and taking his place he had driven away at a very fast pace.

He turned around and walked towards another car parked there and as he advanced closer a guy jumped out of the car and they both hugged "Hey dude how have you been?" the guy asked Armaan who simply nodded in return and sat down in the passenger seat.

The guy came and sat in the driver's seat and started the car.

"Relax Armaan. Everything will be fine but you know what I am going to find that Sheena and punish her for what she did to you....that ****** b****.'

"SUMIT!!! Mind your language." Armaan yelled at Sumit while he stared at him totally shocked.

"Armaan but she...."

"I know she is responsible for my problem but I don't want a word against her. Do you get it?" He spoke rudely to his brother Sumit who was too scared to say anything and simply nodded in response. He knew very well that when Armaan got angry its better to stay mum and not anger him further.

After a few minutes he spoke again "Armaan you are alright na? I got really worried when you called me and asked me to get this car here for you."

"I am fine Sumit but I have some stuff to take care of."


Sheena walked on the stage to sing in front all the people. She was missing Armaan badly and since she had no one to share her feelings with she wanted to pour out her feelings through the song.

The musicians had the music they were supposed to play. Sheena took her place behind the mike and began in her beautifully melodious voice...

"Tum juda hokar humein

Aur pyare hoooo gae

Tum juda hokar humein

Aur pyare ho gae

The kareeb to door the

The kareeb to door the

Ab humare ho gaeeeee

Tum juda ho kar humein"

Sheena paused as the background music continued to play....she felt her tears sting her eyes. She blinked a couple of times to prevent the tears from falling. The audience was as usual listening very she continued..

"oooooo door ho.... to laga meri aankhoin ki tum pyas theeeeee..

Hooooo...tha pate ye kahan tum mere iskadar paas the

Darr nhi raat ka.....meri palkoin pe jugnoo to hai

Saath tum ab nahee mere saathi ye aasoin to hain..

Tum juda hokar humein

Aur pyare hoooo gae

Tum juda hokar humein

Aur pyare ho gae

The kareeb to door the

The kareeb to door the

Ab humare ho gaeeeee

Tum juda ho kar humein"

Sheena was singing when suddenly all the lights went off....there was total darkness in the room. The mike too was not working anymore....Sheena turned around to go inside and check what was wrong when she froze on her spot as she heard HIS voice....singing the same song that she was singing a moment back...

"heeeee....ek ek saans mein yaad banke mehekti ho tummmm..

Ho gae ho khafa fir bhi Mujh mein dhadakhti ho tum......

Dhoondta hai humein pyar ka rasta aaj bhi..

Aa rhiiii hai Yahiiii.....dhadkanoin se sada aaj bhiiii...

Tum juda hokar humein

Aur pyare hoooo gae

Tum juda hokar humein

Aur pyare ho gae

The kareeb to door the

The kareeb to door the

Ab humare ho gaeeeee

Tum juda ho kar humein"

Sheena knew where the voice was coming from...Armaan was here....she had to meet him.

She was Riddhima once again. The girl who had fallen head over heels in love with Armaan.

She ran to the room upstairs where a mike was located and was connected to one of the speakers in the club below but he wasn't there. She ran inside and looked around and saw a note next to the mike

'want to meet me. Come to the parking lot now.'

The tears that she had been trying to keep away finally fell and she ran towards the parking lot as fast as she can. She wiped the tears while running.
She finally reached there and looked around for him but he was nowhere. She walked a little more but was disappointed when she still didn't see him. She turned around and when she had turned around completely she felt a cold metal against the skin of her temple and looking up she saw Armaan standing there with a smile on his lips and a revolver in his hand joined with Riddhima's temple.

"So Ms. Smith?"

Krati Mehra

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