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part 10: With U

With U: manofying


Ridhima finds out the bitter truth that armaan and prachi are not a couple but just friends

 It was late at night now

Still the same day

All interns are gone home except armaan who dr kreeti told to stay to take care of riddz

Kreeti let prachi go because she had to do preperation for the engement

So in the specail ward it was ridhima by herself waiting for armaan to come so she could appoligse

"yeh armaan kaha reh gaya, what if his not comming, Omg mein kya karu"

But just then armaan walked in

He saw ridhima deep in her thoughts

"ajj bhi utni hi koobsurat lag rahi ho, jaise pheli thi" armaan said in his head


Ridhima looked up as she saw armaan there standing before her

Armaan now didn't know what he was doing

He went closer to her, he sat down on her bed

Ridhima came up abit and moved closer to armaan, her heartbeat rised

Armaan moved his hand closer to her face, he saw the hairs which was bothering her, he slowly moved them away

Ridhima caressed his hair, ruffling it all over the place driving him krazzy with love

Armaan tried his best to stay away for a bit but his heart took over his mind, he came closer and closer, ridhima layed down on the bed with armaan's face kissing her neck, not leaving a single bit of her neck left our with any of his kisses

Ridhima moaned in love, she never thought she could ever fall in love with a guy like armaan, she jerked as armaan kissed her centre of her neck leaving a love bite right in the middle.

Armaan interlocked his fingers with her, not letting ridhima argue againist him, he started kissing her shoulders, just pulling his lips from the top of the shoulder to the fingers leaving a trail of armaan all over the place.

Ridhima closed her eyes as she felt his lips on hers, passion was rissing from within them. This time no one could stop them not even fate.

          *****************($)******************** ($)********

Armaan looked at ridhima, who was i her own day dream

Armaan: ridhima............. ridhima

*snap*   *click*

Ridhima came out of her trance

She saw armaan standing in front of her, she looked around the place

Ridhima: lekin.................abhi ..........toh.......... woh

Armaan: ridhima what u talking about?

Ridhima: kuch nahi.............

"kya woh sab ek sapna tha, OMG i love him soo much, meine usse kyun kyun.......................... kissmet ne mujhe armaan diya aur meine..............................................meine armaan ko koh diya, kyun ridhima........kyun"

Armaan: ridhima u Ok?????????? (in consern)

Ridhima: I'm fine, armaan mujhe tumse...................

Armaan: nahi ridhima, mein yaha tumhara doctor hoon nothing more

Ridhima: armaan plzzz

Armaan: dekho ridhima, i don't wanna do anything with you, its better if we stay away from each other

Armaan did ridhima check up as normal

Whenever armaan came closer ridhima's heartbeat raised

Armaan: hmmmmmmmmm nurse kaha hai

Ridhima: umm woh..... nurse apne break pe hai

Armaan: OK, well tuhari dressing karni hai,hmmmmm nurse ke liye wait karna padega

Just then ridhima got an idea

Ridhima: ummm actually mein toh bhul gayi, nurse toh ghar gayi hai, uski tabiet teek nahi hai na isliyeh

Armaan: KYA????????? Ab kya karu

Ridhima: armaan ab toh sirf ek opotion hai

Armaan: Woh kya hai?????????

Ridhima: TUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Armaan: mein????????????????? Lekin ridhima mein kaise, i mean

Well guys i bit of info, ridhima's got a bandage around her waist well a bit above a waist so thats what armaan's worried about

Ridhima: pata hai armaan, but tuhme koi aur opotion nahi hai

Armaan stood there thinking for a while

Armaan: teek hai chalo

Ridhima: armaan mein kaise i mean............

Armaan walked closer to ridhima and put her hands on his shoulders and then not wanting to give ridhima more trouble he picked her upin his strong arms and took in a smaal room (same room where ridhima had done armaan's cardiotest)

He slowly made her sit down on the bed

Armaan: ridhima mein woh kaise.................... i mean your top

Ridhima saw how nervous armaan was, she smiled from inside looking at his innocence

Ridhima looked around

Ridhima: phele darwaza band karo

Armaan look at ridhima confussingly


He went and closed the door

Armaan: ab kya

Ridhima: usse taraf dekho, aur piche maat moodna

Armaan: teek hai

Armaan turned the other way round

Ridhima: ahhhhhh

Armaan: kya hua ridhima( about to turn around)

Ridhima: no armaan, don't u dare turn

After a few minutes

Armaan: can i turn now

Ridhima: hmmmmmmmm yeap

Armaan turned around and the sight infront of him was like WOWOOOOOOW

Armaan quickly closed his eyes with his hands

Armaan: ridhima yeh tum (still eyes closed)

Armaan tried to walk closer

Ridhima: armaan sambal ke

Armaan was standing right in front of ridhima

Ridhima slowly put her hands over armaan's hands and slowly romoved them off his eyes

There ridhima was sitting down, with only a tiny top which cover only her top bit after that her whole waist was open

Ridhima: armaan there's no problem, tum mari dressing kar sakte ho, i can trust u this much...................... can't I???????????????????

Ridhima looked into armaan's deep eyes

He just stood there staring into her eyes, like never before

Ridhima slowly carresed his cheek

Armaan: Ridhima.............................

He slowly placed his hands on ridhima's waist

Feeling the ice cold hands ridhima shivered, armaan slowly took the bandage off her waist, exposing every feature of ridhima's waist

Armaan slowly moved his hands around her waist

Making ridhima shiver or giving her goosebumps

He slowly looked up and then remembered how much he had hurt her but then he remembered how much she had hurt him

He remembered what she said few nights ago on the terrace


"No ridhima, i neva wanna get close to you ever again"

Armaan looked over at the other side

Armaan: NURSE.............. NURSE

Ridhima: armaan kya hua?????????? Nurse toh ghar gayi hai

Armaan ingnord ridhima, he went out of the room and got a different nurse

Armaan: (to the nurse) app ridhima ki dressing ki jeye

Nurse: ji doctor

Ridhima: lekin armaan??????????

Armaan: nahi ridhima,bas ab mujhe aur saha nahi jata

Saying that armaan left the room

And the night went on

In the locker room morning

Atul came in then muskaan

Muskaan: ohey atul............ mere yaar

Atul: kya baat hai muskaan

Muskaan: kuch nahi yaar bas asse hi

Just then anjali came in

Atul: Yeh kaun kaha se ahyi hai, kya kudase mill ke ahyi hai???? (singing)

Anjali: Shut up atul

Atul: ok ok sorry

Anjali: well rahul nahi ahya??????

Muskaan looking around the place

"arre yeh rahul kaha hai, woh toh sabse phele atta hai, ajj kaha hai???????"

Just then rahul came in

Muskaan took a sign on relief

Innocement: sab interns nurse station pe report karre

Atul: chalo

Anjali: haan chale muskaan????

Muskaan: nahi mein abhi atti hoon

Atul: teek hai, rahul tum anna ok

Rahul: ok bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Atul and anjali left leavign rahul and muskaan by themselves

Rahul went to his locker

Muskaan: ohey rahul, kaha the tum

Rahul: kyun????????????? Tumhe kya

Muskaan: nahi mein toh bas....................

Rahul pulled muskaan in the changing room and locked the door

Muskaan: rahul yeh kya kar rahe ho???????

Rahul slowly removed the hair falling on muskaan's neck

He slowly kissed her on the neck

Muskaan: R.........................A...............H................U...................L

Rahul: shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Muskaan layed her head on the wall

She stood there still as rahul kissed her neck

Nuzzing her neck and then turned her around

So rahul's chin was resting on muskaan's neck

Rahul: muskaan mujhe aur interzaar nahi hota

Muskaan: rahul plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Rahul: nahi muskaan I LOVE U GOD DAMIT

He grabbed her by the arms and pulled her closer

Rahul: I LOVE U (rahul said whispering in her ear)

Muskaan looked around and hugged him


Rahul: then why can't we tell anyone

Muskaan: rahul................. well because woh kya sochege, that the people who always fought are going out

Rahul: teek hai, but only for a few days Ok

Muskaan: OK baba

He slowly kissed her on the cheek

Muskaan started blushing

Rahul: chale...........................

Muskaan: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Chalo!!!!!!!!!!

They both left the changing room and ran to dr kreeti

Nurse station

Rahul and muskaan came running

Anjali: guys thank god u came

Rahul looked around

Rahul: hitler kaha hai?????????

Atul: ab tak nahi aye!!!!!!!!!

Muskaan: ohey yeh toh ek nayi baat hue

Anjali: haan yaar where is this women hitler

Just then they saw kreeti walking down the hallway with shubanker

The interns stood there with their mouths hanging

Just then armaan came running still wearing what he was wearing yesterday

Armaan looked at them

Armaan: guys what u looking at??????????

Armaan: hey??????????????????????????????????????

Atul: armaan dekho yaar

Armaan: kya dekhu

Muskaan moved armaan's head so he was stood there looking at dr kreeti and shubanker

Now all the interns stood there with their mouths hanging

Dr kreeti was about to trip but the superman dr shubanker caught her back the waist

Asmani rang ho playing in the background

All interns: DR KREEETI.........................(louder so she could here)

Shubanker quickly brought kreeti up

Kreeti looked all around

She fast walked to the interns leavign shubanker really emmbaressed

Kreeti: ummmm doctors

All: ji dr kreeti (innocently)

Kreeti: ok so doctors ajj zayada kaam nahi hai, so dr anjali and dr atul general ward,dr rahul and dr muskaan childrens ward aur dr armaan app ghar ja sakte hai

Kreeti: and dr ridhima????????

Armaan: woh abhi abhi discharge ho gayi hai

Anjali: reallly???????

Atul: haan woh prachi bata rahit hi na kaal

Kreeti: ok toh dr armaan u can go home, app puri raat yaha hi te

Armaan: ji dr kreeti

They all were about to go to their duites but dr kreeti called them back

Kreeti: well doctor app jante hai ki dr prachi ki shadi hone wali hai aur uski engaement kal raat hai

Rahul: haan woh neev ke saath

Kreeti: haan toh ajj app ki duties 6pm ko katam ho jayegi

All looked at each other in surprise

Kreeti: haan shopping karni hai na??????????

Girls: ohhhhhhhhhhhh haaan

Kreeti: now u may leave

Now all the interns left to their duties while armaan went home

The whole day went well, atul trying to talk to anji and anjali just ignoring him

Rahul winking at muskaan and muskaan blushing trying to stop the eye contacting

After the end of the day

They all went home

Anjali took ridhima shopping with her, but ridhima just kept on thinking about armaan, the others went shopping too but in different shops so none of them met

Late at night, anjali was downstairs helping nani with food

While ridhima was upstairs in her room

Sitting there she remembered the time armaan and she spend together

The dat armaan slapped her and the realisation

The wind started blowing really hard the windows were banging againist the walls

Ridhima ran to close the windows and saw that it was raining really beautifully

Back at armaan's house he stood there lookign at the rain dripping

The moon was hiding behind the clouds taking shelter

Then he rememered ridhima how their first date went how close they were to kiss

He slowly closed his eyes

Ridhima slowly closed her eyes


Wo Lamhe, wo baatein,
Koi na jaane,
Thi kaisi raatein,
Hooo, barsaatein,
Wo bheegi bheegi yaadein,
Wo bheegi bheegi yaadein...

Na main jaanoun,
Na tu jaane,
Kaisa hai ye mausam,
Koi na jaane,
Kahi se hai fizaa aayi,
Ghamon ki dhoop sang laayi,
Khafaa hogaye hum,
Judaa hogaye hum,

Wo Lamhe, wo baatein,
Koi na jaane,
Thi kaisi raatein,
Hooo, barsaatein,
Wo bheegi bheegi yaadein,
Wo bheegi bheegi yaadein...


Saagar ki,
Gehraayi se,
Gehra hai,
Apna pyaar,
Sehraoun ki,
In hawaon me,
Kaise aayeee-gi bahaar,
Kahan se ye hawa aayi,
Ghataayen kaali kyoun chhaayi,
Khafaa hogaye hum,
Judaa hogaye hum,

Wo Lamhe, wo baatein,
Koi na jaane,
Thi kaisi raatein,
Hooo, barsaatein,
Wo bheegi bheegi yaadein,
Wo bheegi bheegi yaadein...

hoooooooo hooooooooooooooo
hooooo hooooo, hooo hoooo, hoooo hoo, hoo hoo hoo

Both remembering their lovely moments

Both looked up in the sky and said the same thing



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