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Sheena looked into Armaan's eyes, the love that she always saw there was replaced by anger and a want of revenge. She wanted to hug him and never let go but she seemed frozen to her spot and than suddenly in a flash Armaan removed the revolver from her forehead and like a lightening he slapped her hard across her face….her lower lip got bruised and there was blood oozing out of it. And then just as quickly as he had slapped her his arm went around her waist and he pulled her body towards his….their bodies were touching each other. Sheena looked up at Armaan's face and saw his jaw tightened with fury and than she heard him speak "If I ever see that Cam b****** lay a finger on you again I swear to god I'll kill him." she had never seen him this angry. Armaan's eyes fell on the blood coming out of Sheena's lower lip…..he raised his thumb and wiped the blood and than cradling her head in his palms he placed his lips on the spot that was bruised…he heard Sheena gasp as he sucked at her lip.

"Armaan!!!" Sheena finally spoke.

Armaan raised his eye brow and spoke in a mocking tone "huh? Aren't you gonna call me Raj-the murderer or perhaps prisoner no.107 or better 007.…I have always been a fan of James bond." Armaan chuckled at his own joke.

Sheena looked at his totally calm and composed demeanor. He was actually cracking jokes with her….she didn't know how to interpret it. She just wanted one thing at that moment and that was to kiss him. She kept looking at his face and the mocking expression on it. She cupped his face and Armaan turned serious instantly. She closed her eyes and moved her lips closer and was about to kiss him when she suddenly winced with pain. Armaan grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her back and with a dirty sly smile he spoke in an insinuating voice "You are some s***. I remember how you seduced me at the cruise and now again you are trying all those dirty tricks of yours. Are you planning something again or your just plain horny." Armaan smirked at her while Sheena closed her eyes as she felt something break inside her but what was she to expect. She had badly hurt Armaan and had broken his trust so this is how he will behave with her…..Sheena really wanted to turn back time but than realized that it wouldn't change the fact that Armaan had murdered Atul. Realization dawned her that she was a CBI officer and a sister….these roles were more important than her happiness. Armaan was still looking down at her as if trying to decipher the play of expressions on her face. Sheena took advantage of the situation…..

She knew Armaan was holding the gun in his right hand. She moved her hand nearer to his hand holding the gun and very swiftly she went for it and she had just grabbed it and almost taken it out of his grip when Armaan let go of her and slapped her once again but much harder this time and Sheena landed on the road with her hair all over her face. Armaan gripped her arm in a painful grip and lifted her to her feet and dragged her to her dressing room. He pushed her inside and turned around to lock the door and turned around towards her only to see her holding a gun in front of his chest.

He heard her speak "Just because you were able to escape from the clutches of the police a couple of times doesn't make you smarter than us. You are a murder Armaan Malik and you will be punished accordingly and if you dare make a move I promise I will kill you here itself and the whole story will be over once and for all."

Armaan looked straight at her and moved forward. Sheena narrowed her eyes at him wondering what he was up to. She tightened her grip on the gun in her hand and now Armaan had moved really close to the gun and it was jammed into his chest.

"Go ahead shoot me. I am sure I can deal with death…it's a lot better than being heart broken and cheated in love. Common riddhi….oh I mean Sheena….shoot me."

Sheena felt her eyes filling and she had no idea what she was supposed to do now and just than her cell rang. She was about to pick it up and when Armaan twisted her arm behind her back and the gun fell out of her hands….he pinned her to the wall and spoke in a mocking tone "Who the hell made you a CBI officer when you can't handle a single criminal here." Then he grabbed her cell phone. He saw 'Cam' flashing on it and his expression turned nasty. He cut the call and keeping it in his pocket he turned Sheena around and picked her up caveman style.

He opened the dressing room and went to his car. He threw her inside the backseat and taking her gun with him he sat in the driver's seat.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?"


"Armaan where the hell are you taking me?"


"Look Armaan I'll jump if you don't tell me."


Armaan kept driving ignoring Sheena completely. She tried opening the lock of the door of her car but failed completely. She gave up the attempt and looked outside to know where he was taking her but the moment she looked out her anxiety grew as she had no idea where they were headed. It was a lonely road with jungle on both sides and it seemed as if they were headed out the city. Sheena got up from the back seat and went and sat next to Armaan. She looked at his totally expressionless face and her gaze fell on her revolver lying on the dashboard next to his. He had left it just like that…Sheena had no idea what Armaan was upto so she decided that it would be better to wait now.

After driving for nearly 20 minutes Armaan stopped the car in front of a mansion. He looked at Sheena who had fallen asleep now. She was his Riddhima once again….carefree and trusting. He opened the door and Sheena who had been leaning onto it fell out but landed safely in Armaan's arms, her head resting on his shoulder. Armaan smiled and picked her up in his arms and closing the door he walked into the house.

"Bhai!!!" Armaan stopped as he heard Sumit calling him.

He signaled Sumit to be quiet as Sheena was sleeping. He took her into his room and placing her on the bed he came out of the room.

Sumit stood in front of him and his eyes fell on the girl he just placed on his and after a couple of seconds his eyes widened and he looked at Armaan with shock written all over his face "BHAI!!! This is that CBI officer Sheena Smith…..what the hell is she doing here and that too in this condition?"

"Chill!!! Just take the car and leave. I want the house totally empty and ya tell that Siya girl to be here tomorrow morning right on time."

Sumit nodded and than spoke "Bhai I don't know what you are up to but please stay out of trouble and if anything goes wrong please call me immediately."

Armaan smiled at his brother "Sure kid. But you don't spoil your mood unnecessarily fretting for me. Trust me I'll be fine."

Sumit smiled and left.

Armaan took off his t-shirt and came and sat next to a sleeping Sheena. He looked at her angelic face and his heart filled with warmth. He caressed her face and kissed her forehead. He stretched himself on the bed next to her and fell asleep within minutes.

Sheena opened her eyes and her eyes fell on the clock on the wall in front of her. It was 12 at night. She looked at the room around her and then she realized that she was at Armaan's place who was sleeping next to her. Sheena was confused as to what was Armaan's intention. He was sleeping so peacefully as if everything was as good as it could get. She got out of the bed and walked out of the room.

She looked at the house. It was well furnished and very nicely done. She remembered Armaan had told her about his brother having a chain of hotels and she wondered who this brother could be.

Sheena looked at the door of the house. She could easily escape now. She peeped into the room once more just to make sure that Armaan was still asleep. But when she looked inside he wasn't there….Sheena looked around the room but when she didn't find him anywhere she turned around and banged straight into Armaan's chest.

"What do you think you are doing?"

Sheena looked at Armaan standing in front of her with his arms crossed in front if his chest and an angry look on his face. He raised his eye brows to get some answer.

"Where the hell have you brought me? What do you want Armaan?"

Sheena asked getting irritated. Armaan gave her a lopsided smile and walking towards her he spoke "You want to know what I want…..I want you Riddhima." He brushed his knuckles against Sheena's bare arm.

"I am not Riddhima……….I am Sheena you fool. I used that fake identity to arrest you."

"Why do I don't believe you. No.1 you could have arrested me straight away without putting that pretense. No.2 the reason you gave me is not good enough coz I wasn't carrying any evidence with me. No.3 You had Harsh along with you and I am pretty confident that had you been on a mission involving a CRIMINAL like me you would have never allowed Harsh to be there and many a times you had allowed the two of us to go out together alone. I don't think you knew about me being a drug addict. Cam told you didn't he? When you had proposed to me I was telling you this and I think he heard me instead of you."

"I don't care about any of those details. I told you that I don't have any feelings for you…..I hate you coz you are a f****** criminal and I hate criminals. And anyways I and Cam are together and will be getting married soon." Sheena lied once again.

Armaan looked angrily at her and advancing towards her he pinned her against the wall and gripped her shoulders tightly.

"So you don't love me huh? Lets see how true that is."

With that Armaan jammed his lips over Sheena's lips. Sheena froze….her circulation stopped. She felt his arms go around her and bring her body closer to his…..her mind asked her to push him away but her body didn't coordinate with her mind and she found her arms going around Armaan's neck bring him more closer and she than started responding to his kiss. Armaan smiled inwardly as he felt Sheena responding with equal fervour.

He broke the lip lock and looked at her face. She had her eyes closed and her face was still tilted upwards, still under the effect of that kiss. Armaan caressed her lips and then bending down he kissed her bare shoulders….his hands moving all over her body with an urgent need. Sheena too was overcome with the same passion and she whispered to Armaan "Make me yours Armaan. I want to belong to you forever."

Armaan looked at Sheena and without wasting anymore time he picked her up and placed her on his bed and in no time he was making mad, passionate love to her with their clothes lying on the floor in a pile.

Krati Mehra

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