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Sheena opened her eyes as the sunlight hit her face. She stretched her arms above her head and as she felt her body ache with a sweet pain, last night came rushing back to her. She wondered if it was all a dream. She looked to her right and was startled to not find Armaan there but than her gaze fell on the pillow which was still pressed down and she knew that Armaan had been there… to her. He really had made love to her last night. He must be outside doing something. She got out of the bed and walked into the washroom. She stood in front of the mirror and her eyes fell on the love bite on her neck. Sheena blushed and she touched her neck, lips and body to feel Armaan's touch again. Sheena felt so complete…..she felt beautiful, loved and wanted. She wanted the day to last forever but she knew that it was not possible. She has to face the reality…..the reality about who Armaan really is.

Sheena knew she can never hate Armaan. She had sworn next to her di's dead body that she would kill the man who ruined her life but today she knew that asking her to kill Armaan was like asking her to kill her very soul and existence. She wanted to turn away from the reality but it wasn't possible and the facts were glaring at her. The fact that Armaan was her worst enemy and she was in love with the enemy…..the fact that he had killed Atul…..the fact that he ruined Anjali di…….the fact that he turned Harsh into an orphan…..the fact that he was a criminal and she a CBI officer.

The reality was way too harsh to forget. She decided that she will have to talk to Armaan about this and maybe she can convince him to accept the punishment and once he will be released they will start a new life and that way she won't be betraying anyone. Sheena smiled with a determination…..a determination formed out of her love for Armaan and the conviction that Armaan too loved her equally.

Sheena walked out of the room in the same gown. She looked everywhere but he was nowhere to be found and than she looked at the rooms upstairs and she thought that maybe he was in one of those rooms. She walked upstairs and the moment she reached there she heard a low moan….a female voice. She walked towards the direction it was coming from and she found herself standing in front of a room. She opened the door slightly and peeped inside.

Sheena froze as she felt the life draining out of her bit by bit. In front of her she saw the man she loved more than her life was lying on the bed naked with his arm over the naked breast of some woman. Sheena staggered back and she suddenly felt very limp.

She gripped the railing of the staircase and she slid onto the floor. The determination and love that she had been holding a moment back was completely wiped out of her eyes and the only thing that could be seen was hurt. Slowly the tears slipped out of her eyes as realization slowly dawned onto her. Armaan had called for this woman after making love…….no having sex with her for their was NO love involved. After being with her he had gone to another woman. She remembered how he had called her a s*** last night….she had been just a source of entertainment for him, a s*** indeed.

And here she had actually decided to forgive him for something as big as a murder and that too of her own family.

Sheena wiped the tears falling from her eyes and once again her feelings took a complete turn. She was hurt no doubt but the hurt was pushed back in her heart and now her mind, logic and wounded ego took control. She got up and went down stairs and went into the room once again….she avoided looking at the bed or the crumpled sheets fearing that they would remind her of last night and her resolve would weaken.

Sheena looked everywhere to find her revolver but she didn't find it anywhere. She opened the cupboard in the room and saw that it was totally empty indicating that Armaan didn't live here. Sheena who was already very bitter wondered if the house was, for Armaan, a little w**** house of his where he brought his conquests and pleased himself and she was now one of them.

She forgot everything and started searching for her revolver.


Armaan got out of the bed when he was sure that Sheena had seen him with the woman next to him and had also left. He was in his pants and out of the back pocket he took out his wallet and taking out a stack of notes he spoke "Here take your payment but don't leave the room till I tell you to. And thanks for your help."

With that he left the room. He had hated himself for touching the naked flesh of that woman even if it was for just a moment but he had to do it as he wanted Sheena to know how it feel every emotion that he felt when she had very ruthlessly broken his heart. Armaan knew that sheena………no his Riddhima loved him, he could tell by the way she had responded to his every touch last night but he still wanted her to know just how badly she had wounded his heart. He owed himself this sweet little revenge but now he will also have to make her believe that it was fake but not before he makes her confess her love for him. Fine she was a CBI officer and he was a much wanted criminal but she can forget her duties for sometime and be just a normal human being. As Armaan was standing outside the room upstairs lost in his thoughts he heard something fall and crash on the floor.

He quickly went downstairs and ran into the room and heard Sheena muttering to herself "Where the hell has he kept my gun?"

Armaan's eyes widened and he wondered if she was planning to kill him. He walked out of the room stealthily and walked to the bar where he had placed the gun and he was about to reach for it but before he could do so he was turned around and punched into his face. Armaan staggered back saw sheena advancing towards him "Stop it Riddhima."

But when Riddhima didn't say anything he spoke "Look don't make me hurt you."

"You have hurt me enough but not anymore and with that she closed the distance between them and grabbing his collar she punched him in his abdomen making him double with pain and than raising her knee she hit him once again at the same place and a lot of blood fell out of Armaan's mouth. She clenched his hair and raised his face and punched him once again on his jaw and more blood fell out of Armaan's face and he fell on the floor. Sheena's heart beat stopped as she saw the blood on the floor.

'No Sheena you can't hurt him.' She heard a voice inside her but immideately after that she heard another voice much stronger and that was the sound of her di sobbing in the hospital for her dead husband….it was the sound of Harsh wailing for his parents and it was the sound of her heart breaking when she had seen Armaan with that woman.

With that she placed her foot right above Armaan's crotch and spoke "You make a single move and you'll regret it for the rest of your life."

Armaan looked at Sheena and saw the murder in his eyes. He smiled a painful smile and touched his mouth which was still gushing blood.

"No I know why you are a CBI officer….I have no doubts about your capabilities."

He chuckled while Sheena gave him a nasty look.

"This time you won't be able to escape. I will personally make sure that you don't. You will have to pay for every pain that you gave me… will have to pay for every pain that Harsh went through because of you..and…

"Hold it!!!" Armaan spoke abruptly cutting her off…

"Harsh….What are you talking about? I have never done anything to hurt him."

"You did Armaan. The man you killed, Atul joshi is Harsh's father and my brother-in-law."

Armaan's breathing stopped…he spoke after a long pause hoping that whatever she said would somehow be wrong. "You mean Harsh is Atul joshi's son….the psychiatrist Atul joshi."

Sheena nodded her head and she was about to say something when she heard Armaan spoke "That mistake ruined his life as well. Oh god! I wish I could have stopped all that somehow."

"What rubbish? What mistake are you talking about? You did all that deliberately."

"No I didn't…..I didn't believe me." Armaan pleaded but just when he was about to continue they heard police siren. Armaan stood up with a start. He looked at Sheena but he wasn't angry instead he touched her cheek and spoke "I am sorry Riddhima for all the pain that you had to go through… lost your family because of me but I didn't kill them."

Armaan realized that the sound of the siren was a lot closer now. He dashed towards his gun and picking it up he ran upstairs. Sheena ran after him and she saw him go to the terrace from where he jumped into the terrace of the empty building next to the mansion and within seconds he was gone.

Sheena went back into the house and saw Cam walking towards her. As soon as Cam saw Sheena he ran towards her and hugged her.

"Oh! My god I was so worried about you. We just got a call and were told that we can find Raj khanna here and also that he kidnapped you last night from the club. The person had seen him at the club and reported that he got violent with you and so he followed him. OH GOD!!! I was sick with worry. You okay right?"

Sheena nodded her head positively and spoke "I am fine Cam."

They both turned around to leave when they saw an officer approach them.

"Sir he isn't here. I think he escaped again."

"You all are absolutely useless….damn idiots." Cam pushed the officer away but than turning towards Sheena he spoke "Any idea where he could be?"

Sheena shook her head mechanically. Cam narrowed his eyes at her and than spoke angrily to the officer. "Go search the house upstairs and the terrace also."

"yes sir."

The officer walked upstairs while Cam offered his hand to Sheena which she took quietly and followed him out.

Sheena was standing outside when she saw the officer dragging the same woman she saw with Armaan and instantly the anger returned in her.

The officer spoke to Cam "Sir I found her in one of the room."

Cam walked closer to the girl and looked at her with his eyebrows questioning her presence at the house. The girl spoke really nervously.

"Sir I don't know what is going on here. I am a student in a university and I came here because my mom is suffering with Cancer and Sumit sir told me that if I come here and do a little acting he will pay for my mom's operation. He had already paid and just a little bit of the money was left which his brother gave me."

Sheena was shocked at what the girl told him but her shock soon changed into a smile and a rush of relief in her. Cam dismissed the girl but took the necessary details about Sumit and other things that he wanted to know.


I am sorry Riddhima for all the pain that you had to go through… lost your family because of me but I didn't kill them. I am sorry Riddhima for all the pain that you had to go through… lost your family because of me but I didn't kill them.

The words played again and again in her mind. Sheena was getting restless to know the truth. She wanted to believe Armaan but if than she wondered if he wasn't the murderer than who was? She needed to know who killed her jiju…..She was more than desperate now to know the entire truth.

"Massi!!!" Sheena turned around and saw Harsh running towards her. She stretched her arms and picked him up.

"So finally your session is over huh?"

"Yup I have successfully qualified another grade and now I will be living with you. Right?"


Sheena smiled at Harsh and after telling the servants to place his stuff in the room next to hers….she took him out for dinner.


"WHAT!!!? Are you sure Cam."

"Absolutely sir. We investigated the neighborhood again and one of them has told us that he had seen a man in black clothes running out of Atul Joshi's house. That man is here only. You can talk to him if you want." Cam informed the head of their investigating team.

"But why did you interrogate the neighbors again? I mean what made you doubt that Raj khanna is not the culprit?"

"Sir I have traced his history. He was a drug addict but was also a patient of Atul Joshi and was living with him in his house. They were friends and Atul was helping his friend recover. And as you know sir we never had any motto for the murder…..there is no way in which Raj Khanna would be benefited by the murdering Atul Joshi."

The head nodded his head thoughtfully.

"Get Sheena back on the case and lets investigate that man….the neighbor again and we will have to look for some suspects."

"Right sir."


Sheena walked up the stairs to her room. She was about to enter her room when she suddenly stopped and moved to Harsh's room to see if he was asleep properly or not.

She moved towards his bed and saw him sleeping peacefully. She placed a kiss on his forehead and was about to leave when her eyes fell on a book lying on the floor. Sheena picked it up and looked at it. It was Anjali's diary that she had given to Harsh so that he would keep reading it and would miss his mother a little less. A tear dropped down her eye and she was about to place the diary back when she felt something weird at the back of it. She ran her fingers on the back of the diary and she felt something uneven…after a couple of seconds she realized that there was something beneath the cover which was done really well.

Sheena knew that if Harsh would come to know that she had damaged his mother's diary in anyways he will be beyond furious but she had to know what it was. She went back to her room and taking it out her nail filer she very carefully tore the side of the cover and when she raised it to examine a white colored paper fell out of it. She picked it up and looked at it. She saw her name written over it in her di's handwriting.

Instantly a scene flashed in front of Sheena's eyes….

 "She….sheena….. Sorry….. Papa…..I…am going… Atul…..but Raj……." Anjali closed her eyes while Sheena's breath stopped expecting the worst but suddenly Anjali opened her eyes and continued with great effort…"letter…. Harsh…. Book…….

Now it dawned on her that Anjali had actually tried to tell her about some letter which was what the paper was.

Krati Mehra

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