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part 12 : with U

Part 12 - How close


The engagement is about to start

As the girls walked in staring at the guys

Prachi was standing with neev both holding hands

Prachi: awwww thanks for comming guys

Riddz huggs prachi but from the back she was staring right at armaan

Armaan turns around giving ridhima a nasty glare as don't talk to him ever again

Neev: i'm so happy that u all could come

Anjali: ofcourse hum atte

Muskaan: hmmm rahul kaha hai

Prachi: ohhhhhh woh armaan aur atul ke saath hai

Riddz  looks around to find armaan

"oh god yeh armaan bhi na, kitna gussa karta hai. God plzzzzzzzz mujhe mere armaan se phir se ek kar do" ridhima stood there wondering where she could find her armaan.

Anjali: ridhima?????? Kisse dond rahi ho???

Riddz: woh, atul rahul aur armaan ko dekh rahi ti

Anjali: oh ok

Riddz: hmmm meain dekh kar atti hoon

Anjali: hmm ok, mein jaa ke muskaan se mil leti hoon, pata nahi kaha kho gayi hai woh

Riddz: hmmm teek hai mein abhi atti hoon

Riddz went to find the boys, but they were no where in sight

Just then riddz bumped into someone and she was about to fall down, when a hand crept to her waist and took hold of her and got her up, she looked at and found herself gazing into 2 beautiful gazingful eyes

Riddz: armaaaaaaaaaaan

As soon as armaan heard riddz say his name he came out of his trance and let go of her really quickly. All the magic was wasted all gone

As soon as the moved out. They looked into each other's eyes.

Music started covering around the whole room

Everyone was dancing around and having fun now as they danced around the place

Imagine KASH on sapna's wedding

ishq hai...

(teri aankhon ke matvaale kaajal ko mera salaam

zulfon ke kale kale baadal ko mera salaam) - 2

ghayal kar de mujhe yaar tere paayal ke jhankar

hey soni sone teri soni har adaa ko salaam

salaam-e-ishq ishq ishq salaam-e-ishq - 2

(ho salaam-e-ishq salaam-e-

salaam-e-ishq salaam-e-) - 2 ishq hai....

ho teri mastaani anjaani bataon ko mera salaam

rangon mein doobi doobi raaton ko mera slaaam

khwaabon mein kho gayi main deewani ho gayi main

soney soney aisse soney har adaa ko salaam

salaam-e-ishq ishq ishq salaam-e-ishq - 2

(ho salaam-e-ishq salaam-e-

salaam-e-ishq salaam-e-) - 2 ishq hai....

ho teri hathhawitch mehandi ka rang khila hain

tujhe sapano da changa mehboob mila hain

meri banno pyaari pyaari sari duniya se nyaari

ise doli mein tu leja doliyaan, doliyaan...

teri meri nazar jo mili pehli baar

ho gaya ho gaya tujhse pyaar

dil hai kya dil hai kya jaan bhi tujhpe nisaar

maine tujhe kiya aitbaar

ho main bhi toh tujhpe mar gayi

deewanapan kya kar gayi

meri har dhakan betaab hai

palkon vich tera khwaab hai

ho jaan se bhi pyaari pyaari jaaniya ko salaam

salaam-e-ishq, (salaam-e-ishq ishq ishq salaam-e-ishq) - 2

(ho salaam-e-ishq salaam-e-

salaam-e-ishq salaam-e) - 2 ishq hai....

main tere ishq mein do jahan vaar doon

mere vaade pe kar le yakeen

keh rahe hai zameen keh raha aasman

tere jaissa dooja nahin

ho aisse jaadoon na daal ve

naa aaon tere naal ve

jhooti tereefein chodh de

ab dil mere dil se jod de

ho jo abhi hai dil se nikli uss dua ko salaam

salaam-e-ishq ishq ishq salaam-e-ishq - 2

(ho salaam-e-ishq salaam-e-

salaam-e-ishq salaam-e-) - 2 ishq hai....

rab se hai iltija maaf kar de mujhe

main toh teri ibaadat karoon

aye meri soniye na khabar hai tujhe

tujhase kitni mohobbat karoon

tere bin sab kuch benoor hai

meri maang mein tere sindoor hai

sanson mein yehi paigaam hai

mera sab kuch tere naam hai

ho dhadkanon mein rehnewaali soniye ko salaam


teri aankhon ke matvaale kaajal ko mera salaam

zulfon ke kale kale baadal ko mera salaam

khwaabon mein kho gayi main deewani ho gayi main

soney soney teri soney har adaa ko salaam

salaam-e-ishq ishq ishq salaam-e-ishq - 2

(ho salaam-e-ishq salaam-e-

salaam-e-ishq salaam-e-) - 3 ishq hai....


they all danced around to all the songs that came up but then it was time for the ring ceremony

neev: armaan where's my ring?????

Ar: welll small twist!!!!!!!!!!!!

All: twist???????????

Neev: armaaaaaaaaaan what u up too

Ar: well the twist is that, the rings are hidden in this place, and i don't know where it is cause bee-jee hid it

P& N: noooooooo, bee-jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Riddz: ha ha, sooo where do we go searching for then

Ar: everywhere

They all got started everyone in the room was trying to find the rings

The first ring which was prachi's ring was found by anjali

Prachi: ohhhhhhhhh thank u anji, tumhe toh mil hi gayya

Ar: abbbbbbbbbb neev's ring

Ridhima was busy thinking where it could be, and then it rang to her. No one was busy going up and checking the floor which you could see the whole view of the beach

Riddz: hmmmmmmmmmm i'll check

Ridhima went really slowly trying not to make anyone notice her, but it went unnoticed by armaan

He saw her walking up to the room, and now he knew something was veryy fishy so he decided to follow her

Riddz: hmmmmmmmm its has to be somewhere in here

Riddz said as she was looking around the room and then it caught her eye, the ring looking as beatiful as it could sitting on a plants leaf

Riddz: yesssssssssssss got it

Ridhima took the ring as was going to turn around and leave when she bumped ridhima into armaan again. They both couldn't take their eyes off each other, armaan took a step forward as riddz took one back. He came even more closer and closer, ridhima move back again and again

There was no escape now, she was backed against the glass wall, no turning back on. Ridhima felt armaan's hands go around her bare waist. They were too close now. His left hand went into her's, she had the ring in that fingure and this could be it ridhima thought to her self.finally we might have a change together but as i that lucky could he be mine agaian, ridhima's mind was racing really hard.she could feel his breath on her neck, it might change now but could it? Could the be together finally??? But then she felt him come apart, the ring wasn't in her hand anymore. It wasn't with her at all.some things couldn't change even if we wanted them to

Ridhima looked up into his eyes, they were shinning with glimmer

Ar: got cha (he whispered right on her lips)

Armaan said and then ran down stairs, as quick as he could

Ridhima's breathing was fastened up as they were so close

'why did he move, why? He always does this. I want him back, i want every bit of him, why can't he understand that for godsake' ridhima said to herself

Ridhima looked back

She closed her eyes as she she left the cold glass on her back. She came crushing down on the floor, tears were streaming down too fast, no it couldn't be stop cause the person who made this occur wasn't with her and this could be it, the end of their relationship

'why can't he give us a try, did i hurt him that much. No i couldn't have, his hurting me now. What about that pain? Why couldn't he sense that? Instead of being a jerk and getting my feeling's hurt everyday....' ridhima closed her eyes

As he ran down

He wasn't going to stop now, it was close, closer then anything. No one could understand how he left. Being so close to her again, feeling her breath on his chest again. It felt like a part of him just came back to life but no he had to leave, he wasn't letting her hurt him again, she could never understand him. Never ever


Anjali: have u guys found the second ring yet?

Muski: anjali, agar milli hoti toh ab saggai hoti hogi na

Rahul: excatly

Everyone was busy searching down stairs that no one realised when rahul and muskaan dissapered in the middle

Rahul pulled ridhima in the balcony and locked the doors

Muski: Rahul?????????? Kya kar rahe ho (scared)

Rahul: dance kar raha hoon, join karna chati ho (scacasticly)

Muski: urggggg annoying jerk (she said turning away from him)   

Rahul grabbed her arm and twisted her around and backed her against the wall

Muski: rahul kya kar rahe ho? Koi ah jayega (shy)

Rahul: anne do

Rahul kisses her left cheek, muskaan was blimming blushing really badly

Muski: rahul koi dekh lega (she said turning her cheek the other way)

Rahul: dekha do

Rahul brushed his fingers on her right cheek and kissed it sloppily

Rahul: i love you muskaan (he said as his hands dripped her sides tightly)

Muski:huh!!!!!!!! Rahul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Koi sun lega

Rahul: muskaan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Koi nahi ayyga, koi nahi dekhe ga aur koi nahu sunne ga Ok. Tum sirf aur sirf meri ho got it

Muski: yes SIR

Rahul: ha ha, muskaan.............(he said sedusively)

Rahul lifted her chin up and looked deep into her eyes

They were lost int he momment no one could come in now, muskaan's hands went around rahul's neck and rahul's hands around her waist. He pulled her closer and closer, his hands were skimming under her dress. Muskaan gasped as she left rahul's lips right on her's, it was tooo passionate to stop as the made their kiss even more passionate as they went along

They slowly parted and gazed into each other's eyes

She looked around to see where he went off too

Anjali: atul???? Atul kaha gayye????

Her eyes ever skimming for atul, for the first time, it wasn't like atul to leave without telling her and it wasn't like anjali to worry about it but what's happening to this world these days.

As anjali's eyes left a place she came back to it before, her face was in total shock

'What?????? What's he doing with her??? And who is she????, why do i care??? Anjali something's wrong with your head get it checked soon' anjali said as she looked at atul hugging a hot and skinny girl

Anjali walked to atul

Anjali:hmmmmmmmmmmmm atul????????

Atul parted away from the girl. She had dark curls, wearing a mini pink dress and lush high heels pink shoes. Everything showed her off, her curves and her personality.

Atul: oh anjali tum? Oh haan yeh nikki hai (he indicated to the girl)

Anjali hesitated for a while but then put her hand out and botht he girl's shook hands

Nikki: hi!, mein atul ki dost hoon nikki

Anjali: nice to meet u nikki (bit envy)

Atul: mein aur nikki bohot ache dost hai (he said as he gave nikki a side hug)

'HE HUGGED HER!!!!!!!!! Omg what the hey!!!!! This is not atul, what happened to MY atul????? My???????? What's going on with me??? Bhagwan ji yeh sab mere sath hi kyun?? Kyun???????????' anji thought to herself

Atul: anjali kaha koh gayi? (snapping his fingers in front of her eyes)

Anjali: ummm kahi nahi sorry

Nikki: ha ha, its k, atul chale mujhe woh ring dundni hai

Nikki didn't wait for atul's reply she just linked her arm with atul's and lead him away from anjali..............

Anjali looked at them veryy annoyed more annoyed at atul then at nikki for once

'yeh mujhe kya ho raha hai?????????' she engaged her brain again to thinking

As ridhima ran downstairs she saw everyone

Armaan was with neev laughing now cause they found the ring

Neev: yeh le, ridhima kaha thi tum, tumhara hi interzar kar rahe te

Riddz: woh mein................

Prachi: chodo na, ab chale

As everyone went back to the place they were at the start to put the rings back on. Ridhima stood back as tears came streaming down her face and she trying quickly to wipe them off and get them unnoticed. But unfortunately it was unnoticed by everyone except armaan...................................

'Ridhima ko kya hua???? Yeh ladki bhi na!!!! Aur mujhe kya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate her, joh usne mere saath kiya mein usse kabhi maaf nahi karungi. KABHI NAHI!!!!!!!' he said worried worst but then turning into anger

He looked around as neev and prachi exchanged rings and everyone was clapping but where was she??????????? Where did ridhima go????

As armaan looked around gazing the whole place, when did ridhima leave god women, finally he noticed the balcony door open. He went to it and saw ridhima staring at the water which was flowing gracefully

Ar: yaha kya kar rahi hoon???

Ridhima turned around in shock

Riddz: hmmm kuch nahi, woh bas asse hi

Ar: andar chalo!!!

Riddz: mujhe nahi anna

Ar: its quite cold out here riddz, and what your wearing now it doesn't help

Riddz: i don't care and niether should you. NOW JUST LEAVE (angrily)

Armaan was overpulled by ridhima's anger, this was the second time his has ever seen her so angry before.

Armaan didn't bother to answer her he just walked towards her and put his hand on her shoulder. As he did that ridhima snapped away

She looked at him with tears streaming from her face, she didn't talk to him, she just left the place and went back into the hall leaving armaan annoyed behind

The whole engagement when well, nor armaan or ridhima spoke to each other

At night in ridhima's house she and anjali both were sitting down on their beds

Anji: hmmmmm ridhima have you ever been in love

Riddz: di????????? Pata nahi (unexpectedly)

Riddz: kyun di??

Anji: woh bas asse hi??? Ummmm ridhi wat if u fall in love with the person that u wouldn't expect too

Riddz thought about armaan

Riddz: woh sacha pyaar hota hai di (didn't know why she said that)

Anji: sach mein ridhi (excited)

Riddz: haan di!!!! Pyaar sirf ek bar hota hai

Riddz : Dunya bohot ajeeb hai

         Na janne kya ho sakta hai

         Pyar sirf aur sird ek bar

        Dunya badlegi lekin woh pyar nahi

         Woh pyar hamesha kinda rahe ga

         Humhare dill mein

Ridhima said as she closed her eyes and remembered her and armaan's days

  Anji: wah riddzie kya baat hai?

Riddz: he he, di ab sone chale kal prachi ki mehendi ceremony hai

Anji: oh haan chale sone

But right when they were about to sleep ridhima's phone rang

It was prachi

Riddz: prachi es waqt

Anji: utalo

Ridhima picked the phone up

Prachi: hey ridhima

Riddz: hi prachi kya baat hai?

Prachi: kya anji bhi tumhare saath hai

Riddz: ummm haan

Prachi: ok tumhara phone speaker pe rako and make sure no one else heard

Riddz: hmm teek hai

Ridhima put the phone on speeker

Anji: prachi kya hua?

Prachi: well tumhe pata nahi na ki meri mehendi kal hai right??

Riddz: haan

Prachi: well parso, i'm sure neev and the boys will have their bachelors party

Ridhima started thinking about armaan and with the other girls, her anger was boiling a bit too much

Anji now started thinkign about atul and that nikki girl

Prachi: well i thought that maybe we girls should ahve a henz party (she continued)

A&R: henz party??????????

Prachi: haan, i'll tell u all about it tommorow.

Before they were about to cute the phone out



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