Sunday, 6 May 2018


Sheena parked her bike in its usual place outside the cemetery and getting down she took off her helmet and placing it over her bike she walked inside the cemetery and taking out the white tulips she had inside her jacket, she placed them over her father's grave.

She moved to her di's grave and placing a few Orchids there she touched her di's grave and her palm stayed there for some time with the tears flowing down her eyes and her shoulders shaking while she cried silently.

"I have….been the….worst sister ever." She broke down into violent sobs crying a little loudly. "You tried to tell me the truth but I never understood. I….couldn't unde….rstand….your parting….words di." Sheena spoke in between her sobs.

"You always used to understand everything I wanted when I was a little kid without my telling you. You sheltered me from every difficulty when mom died. You gave me so much love and I couldn't punish the man who took away your happiness. Di I am sorry….I am so sorry…."

Sheena kept on sobbing and than as she felt the cold wind touching her cheeks she wiped her tears and looking at her di's grave once again she spoke with a lot of determination "But di now I promise you that I will punish that man who ruined your life. I read your letter and I will now collect all the evidences against him and I'll punish him. He will regret doing this to you guys."
Sheena moved to the next grave and placing a tiny plant of Roses she spoke "See I got you a different plant today. Lets name him….ummm…..Armaan….your best friend right. I know Atul I have behaved like a total jackass not just as a friend, sister but also as a CBI officer. I have always been very careful while handling my cases but this is for the first time I took the wrong decision and punished the wrong person but now I know the truth and I'll work day and night till I don't catch that b****** and punish him. And I'll also find Armaan and I promise I'll take away all the pain Atul. I'll mend all the wrong I have done."

Sheena stood up and wiping whatever tears were left she walked back to her bike and mounting her bike she stopped when she felt her cell vibrate. She picked up the call immediately when she saw 'home' flashing on it.

"Massi!!!" Harsh spoke from the other line.

"Harsh bacha why are you not sleeping?"

"Massi when are you coming home?"

"I'll come soon but now I have to go to the club and do some work there and one the work is done I'll be home….no wait…I am coming now itself and I'll take you along to the club. Where is hari?" Sheena asked for their servant and when she heard him on the other line she quickly spoke "Hari sit with Harsh and don't leave him alone even for a minute. I am going to be there within 10minutes till than stay with him and keep all the doors and windows closed."

"Yes ma'am."

Sheena placed the cell back in her pocket and she started the bike and drove as fast as she could. She didn't want Harsh to land in any trouble. He was all she had so she will have to be extra careful and she can't let the murderer use Harsh against her in anyway.

"Harsh be a good boy and keep sitting here till I don't come back."

Sheena made Harsh sit on the first seat in front of the stage so that she could keep an eye on him while she sang on the stage. Sheena could have avoided coming to the club but she had a feeling that Armaan will come and see her there. She was confident about it.

Sheena went back to the changing room to change her dress. She walked to the chair where her dress was usually placed. She looked at the dress placed there and her eyes widened. Placed on the chair was the same dress that Armaan had given her on which Cam had spilled the drink. She had sent it to the laundry but after everything that happened she never collected it from there. Sheena smiled and picked up the dress. She went inside and changed it. She came out and stood in front of the mirror and than she closed her eyes trying to imagine Armaan's expressions when he would see her wearing this dress.

As Sheena had her eyes still closed she felt someone's lips on her shoulder and without opening her eyes she whispered "ARMAAN!!!"

Armaan kissed Sheena's ear and neck and than turning her around he placed a very light kiss on her forehead and spoke in a low voice "you look great."

And after a couple seconds Sheena opened her eyes but Armaan wasn't there but she knew that it wasn't her imagination…he had been there and she knew it. But she wondered how would she face him when she would tell him that it was her lack of trust because of which he suffered so much…..would he forgive her? She knew that he would but what about the guilt she felt.

Sheena shook her head trying to get the thought out of her mind and focus on her song. She would sing for Armaan today make him feel what he means to her.

Sheena took her place on the stage and gripping the mike she looked at Harsh to make sure he was fine but she froze when she saw Harsh wasn't alone…he was sitting with some man with a French cut beard and glasses on.

She narrowed her eyes and just than the man turned towards her and their eyes met….Sheena gasped as she saw who the pair of eyes belonged to….Armaan…. And very slowly a smile reached her lips and than she saw Harsh's glowing face….he was happy to be with Armaan again. As she saw them together she felt the sudden rush of happiness inside her. She felt complete as she saw Harsh laughing with Armaan. She could once again dream, dream of a happy future with the two men in her life she loved the most.

She turned towards the crowd of the people and she told the musicians the song she wanted to sing and than she started her song…

Woah woahh

Have I been blind?

For the first time in my life I feel I've opened up my eyes

Since you've arrived like an angel from the sky

I'm on a spiritual high

So don't you ever go away

I could never face

Losing you would give my faith

In a higher place

What kind of world

Would it be without you

I couldn't breathe without you here

What kind of world

Would I see without you

I can't dream without you here

Sheena could feel Armaan's gaze on her…she dare not turn to him or else she would forget the song. The one thing that she was craving to do was run into his arms and stay there forever. She kept her eyes glued to the guests in front of her and focused on the song.

Yeah woah yeah

Beautiful boy

How on earth did I do something worth deserving you?

My better half

How I cherish through and through every part of you

I do

Loving you's made me hope

Now I belong

I found my heart

Promise me we'll always stay

The way we are today

What kind of world

Would it be without you

I couldn't breathe without you here

What kind of world

Would I see without you

I can't dream without you here


Sheena with great courage turned towards Armaan and their eyes met and Armaan blew a kiss at her and Sheena smiled at him and resumed her singing…

I can't ever imagine

If this never would happened

I thank God everyday

Almost lost you forever

But I always remember

That you're my saving grace

What kind of world

Would it be without you

I couldn't breathe without you here

What kind of world

Would I see without you

I can't dream without you here…

She ended her song and bowing to the audience she signaled to Armaan and went back to her dressing room.

Sheena stood with her eyes closed trying to compose herself. She opened her eyes as she heard the door open. She turned around and saw Harsh run towards her. She picked him up and heard him say "Massi look Armaan is back and he seems to be playing a prank on someone with his new look. See.." Sheena smiled at Harsh and turning towards Armaan she spoke "Whoever you are playing the prank on doesn't need this. You can take them off." Harsh squirmed out of Sheena's arms and turned to the instruments placed in her room and soon got busy with them.

Seeing Harsh no longer paying attention he moved closer to Sheena and pulling her closer from her waist he asked her "What do you mean?"

Sheena took off his fake beard and glasses and caressing his chin she spoke "You don't have to be scared of the police."

"I am never scared of the police. But I can't afford to be thrown in a cell again because now I have you and I don't want to be away from you and trust me Riddhima I didn't kill…." Sheena placed a finger on Armaan's lips and spoke

"Shhh…I know you didn't kill Atul and whoever did will be caught in next 24 hours I promise but for that you'll have to help me."

Armaan looked into her eyes and decided that he'll save the questions for later…

"What do I have to do?"

"You just have to be with Harsh and take care of him every moment. I am going to be out and I don't want to leave him alone. I am scared the murderer might try to reach him as well."

"Okay fine I'll take care of him but don't you think its absurd…I mean you being a girl going out and find the murderer with a gun in your hand while I the man stays back home and babysit the kid." Armaan chuckled while Riddhima gave him a stern look and spoke "No its not absurd because I am a CBI officer while you are a suspect besides you are Harsh's buddy and he has been missing you like crazy. He'll love to spend time with you."

"Oh alright but just take care of yourself."

"I will Armaan. Now you guys go." She placed a kiss on Armaan's lips and turning towards Harsh she kissed him on his cheek and saw the two leave in Armaan's car.

Sheena came back to her dressing room and after changing into a tight black jeans, white shirt along with long black leather boots which came around her leg like second skin not leaving any space…..very carefully she slipped a sharp knife inside it and than taking a jacket she wore it carefully placing the gun inside and her recorder and cell phone next to it. Inside her jeans she carefully placed a blade against her belt making sure it didn't fall or in anyway slid inside or even worst, pierce her own skin. There was no room for mistake and she'll have to be careful. Everything will be over today. She took out a bag in which she had placed a small revolver, she took it out and slipped it too in the inside of her long boot and closed the bag containing the file of Atul's murder and the other documents that she'll need. She slid the back on her shoulder and moving out she started her bike and left for her destination.

Krati Mehra

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