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Sheena parked her bike outside the back of a hotel. There was a press conference going on. She went inside from the back door and climbed the stairs to reach the balcony of the hall where the press conference was going on. On stage she saw the man she was here for. The press conference was being held for a merger between two chains of hotels. And the owners were on stage to talk to the press. The owners were none other than Sumit, Armaan's brother and Vivek, her father's friend's son….the guy who was supposed to get married to Anjali but Anjali had turned him down and he had tried to take revenge on them but the story wasn't as simple as it looked because she still couldn't understand as to why did he frame Armaan. But shaking the thoughts away she decided to focus on the mission. She was standing behind a curtain, hidden to the people in the hall. She took out a blade from her belt and positioning it between her fingers she aimed at Sumit. She was getting nervous because she didn't want to harm him but if she missed her target he might die. She squinted her eyes to focus harder. She gripped the pillar she was standing against and was about to throw the blade towards Sumit when she decided that the chances of the her achieving her target were very slim. She walked out of the balcony and went downstairs but the problem was that if she went inside the hall she won't be able to do her job without being seen. And there was a lot of security inside. She went
around the hall and than it struck her that she could accomplish her job through a window and hoping that she would find an open window she ran out and than walking around the walls she came across a window which wasn't locked. She took out her knife and inserting it inside the small space under the window door she opened the window slightly and than smiled as she saw that Sumit was right in front of her. This would help her as after doing her job she would have to run before anyone sees her. She took out her blade and aimed for Sumit's forehead and than moving closer to the window she took the blade between her fingers and threw it towards Sumit and ran. Sheena was very confident that the blade would hit its target and so it did. The moment the blade pierced Sumit's skin on his forehead he yelped in pain and his hand went to his forehead and in no time it was covered with blood. The security rushed towards him and there was total chaos in the hall. The press people pushed others out of their way trying to get the photographs before other reporters did and due to this the hall went wild and Sheena walked inside the hall without getting noticed as all of them were busy in getting Sumit out of the hall and to the hospital safely. She walked towards Vivek who was standing trying to get a view of Sumit. She gripped her revolver which was still inside her jacket and than when she was right next to Vivek she took it out and placed its mouth on his back getting closer to him so that the revolver would not be visible to anyone. Vivek felt the push of the hard metal and was about to turn around when Sheena gripped his arm piercing his skin with her nails and than she hissed "Don't move or I'll shoot you. Look to your right, there is a guard walking towards us, tell him that you are fine and I am your girl friend so you don't want him to follow us and will be leaving alone with me. Don't try to be smart or else you know what I'll do." As soon as she ended her instruction the guard walked towards them and while Vivek was telling him whatever she told him Sheena had her head lowered so that the guard won't see her face. As soon as the guard left Sheena moved forward and linking her arm with Vivek's arm she guided him towards the door with the gun now on his side between his and Sheena's body positioned by her free hand. It looked like they had their arms linked and Sheena had just placed her other arm over their linked ones. Nobody suspected anything and they left the hall and in the same way they moved out of the hotel.

By the time they reached out Vivek was covered in sweat, scared for his life. He knew he was a criminal and criminals always live in fear and today he was walking arm in arm with his death. When they were in the parking lot Sheena took away her arm and got in front of Vivek and placed the gun right in front of him and spoke "Where is your car?"

Vivek signaled towards a black Mercedes. Sheena extended her hand and Vivek understood that she wanted the keys. He shook his head and spoke "The keys are with my chauffer." Sheena smirked at him and than moving forward she slapped him hard across his face with the back of her hand and a tooth fell out of Vivek's mouth along with some blood. His lower lip was bruised. He looked back at Sheena shocked at the sudden blow and also at the strength of it. He gulped as he looked at her murderous expression. She spoke through gritted teeth "Trying to be smart are we? I know you and Sumit came together today without a chauffer, celebrating the merger. Look sweetheart I have done my homework so now don't waist my time and give me the keys." Vivek nodded and placed the keys in her hand. Sheena signaled him with her gun to walk towards the car's passenger door but as he saw Sheena walking away he broke into a run. Sheena turned around and saw him running. She shook her head and than pursing her lips she fired a shoot towards his leg and within a second Vivek was on the floor gripping his leg. Without wasting anymore time Sheena quickly sat down in the car worried that somebody might have heard the shoot being fired and might come. She drove towards Vivek and than dragging him by his collar she threw him inside the car. She drove out of the hotel and when they were away from the hotel she stopped the car and looking around she saw a cloth on the back of the seat. She reached for it and taking it she tied it around Vivek's injury who was still writhing in pain.

"I am not to be messed with Vivek and I hope you have realised that by now so you better don't try any trick or I sweat the injury will be worst the next time. Is that clear?"

Vivek nodded his head and spoke reluctantly "Why are you doing this? Who are you?"

"You'll know that soon but for the time being shut up." Sheena turned back to the road and started driving again. She stopped the car outside a farmhouse and locking the car she dragged Vivek inside the house. There was no furniture in the living room. Sheena threw him on the floor and than placing her leg over his chest with the gun positioned above his face she switched on the recorder inside her jacket in one swift movement without getting noticed and than spoke "Why did you murder Atul joshi?"

Vivek's eyes widened in shock but gaining his calm he spoke "What are you talking about?"

"You know what lets make this more interesting. Lets play a game. Right now your chances of surviving are….um….0% on the scale of 1 to 100. So with every question I ask you get to increase your chances of surviving by being a good boy and answering the questions correctly and as you must know that I know all the answers so obviously you won't be able to fool me and with every wrong answer you get punished. And there is just one rule which is…..that if you move or try doing anything stupid you'll die. Fair enough? I know it is after all I am a very honest player. So lets start. I repeat the same question why did you kill Atul Joshi?"

Vivek looked at the revolver in Sheena's hand and with fear written all over his face he stuttered "I….I…didn't kill…him." hoping against hope that she would buy that.

Sheena smirked and fired a shot right next to Vivek's head on the floor. Vivek shook violently with the shock and looked at Sheena's now angry face. Sheena looked at him. She knew he hadn't killed Atul himself but he had hired someone to do it. She just wanted to get the truth out of his own mouth so she growled at him "You did kill him and I know that. I have photographs of you killing shooting Atul."

Vivek looked at Sheena incredulously thinking that she must be crazy and than when Sheena didn't get an answer from him she fired another shoot which was aimed to just hit the floor but unfortunately for Vivek it pierced his side finger and he shouted in pain.

"Answer me. I saw the photographs of you shooting…." but before she could complete her sentence she was cut off by a frantic Vivek who spoke loudly

"That's impossible because I didn't shoot him instead I sent Sumit to shoot Atul. It was him who did that and not me." The blood in Sheena's veins froze with his confession while he looked back at his injured finger trying to ease the pain.

Sheena was glued to her spot trying to process the information. Sumit was Armaan's brother why would he kill Atul….what motive and why the hell did he frame Armaan…she needed complete answers or she would go crazy. Sheena looked back at Vivek and was about to shoot a new tirade of questions when she realize that he needed immediate care or the chemicals from the blood would spread in his veins.

She bent down and taking out her knife she pulled his jeans exposing the injury. She reached inside the bag she was carrying with her and took out a dettol and cotton. She had carried them for herself but was now nursing a criminal. She cleaned the knife and then taking out a pair of forceps she got looked at his injury and than opening the wound wider she searched for the bullet and once she had found it she took it out with the forceps and cleaning the wound she wrapped a bandage around it. She bandaged his finger as well and than giving him some water she smirked at him and spoke "You are lucky dude. You, being a criminal, got nursed by me, a CBI officer." Vivek's eyes widened with shock and his jaw dropped as he realized that he was talking to a CBI officer and than he realized that he has actually confessed his crime.

Sheena smiled at him and sitting down next to him she spoke "Good news for you….you are winning the game…now your chances to survive are 70%. Now that's a drastic progress so cummon Vivek you want to make that 100% right tell me everything from the very start. Why did you ask Sumit to shoot Atul? Look I have taken out the bullet but it won't take me long to get a few inside you again so be a good boy and answer me."

"I was taking revenge. Anjali, Atul's wife, had rejected my hand in marriage and had married Atul instead. I loved her but she threw away my love for that Atul. I also lost the chance to merge my hotels with her father's hotels. And that is why I was really angry at her and decided to get my revenge."

Sheena was totally disgusted but keeping her face blank she probed him further "Why did Sumit help you in this?"

"He had his own reasons. His elder brother was living with Atul as his patient. Sumit wanted complete control on the business and so he wanted his brother, Raj Khanna, out of the way and so he agreed to help me. We had been acquaintances for sometime and I had spilled out my hatred towards Atul in a pub in a drunk condition. Sumit had decided that this way he'll be able to frame his brother and get him out of the way and my interest too would be served."

"How did you guys do all that?"

"Sumit got a gun on Raj's name submitting his identity. He had used the same gun to shoot Atul and Raj was living with Atul at that time. Sumit had a mask on so after he had fired at Atul Raj had walked out of his room but than Sumit aimed at Anjali knowing that Raj would try to get the gun out of his hands and he did just that. Raj tried to wrestle the gun out of Sumit's hand and Sumit let him do that. The gun was in Raj's hands and this left his fingerprints over it. Sumit had hit Raj on his head with a rod he was carrying and had run away. The police must have arrived later and seeing the gun under Raj khanna's name and his finger prints on it they must have arrested him but the guy was really smart. He ran away to Malaysia and took refugee in a rehabilitation centre. This is how we did all that. Sumit and I had decided to part ways not wanting to work together afraid that somebody might doubt out merger but my other plan failed and I had to do it." Vivek finished his narration but Sheena asked him "What other plan?"

"I had decided I'll marry Anjali's younger sister, Sheena, but when her father died I realized that she won't agree and anyways it turned out that she was a CBI offi….

Vivek suddenly stopped and looked at Sheena with his expression frozen on his face. And than after a couple of minutes he found his voice and spoke in a low voice expecting the worst… "YOU ARE SHEENA, a CBI officer."

Sheena burst out laughing not able to control anymore and than in between her laughter she spoke "You actually had planned to marry ME. Oh my god….I can't believe this. You have some guts man and the plan was superb." Suddenly she sobered up and pushing her revolver into his cheek she spoke "You have done enough damage and its time now for you and your partner Sumit to pay." She took out the recorder from inside her jacket and pressing the stop button she smirked and spoke "Though you won the game but still I am afraid your freedom won't last long. Now get up." Sheena stood up waiting for Vivek to follow suit. Vivek moved to get up but instead he pulled Sheena's leg bringing her down on the floor and the gun fell out of her hand and some distance away from her. Vivek quickly got up and limped towards the gun but before he could pick it up she took out the gun she had placed inside her boot and fired a shoot towards him. The bullet went inside his butt and Vivek's lowed body arched forward and his hand went to his butt and he gripped it yelling in pain. Sheena jumped on her feet and running towards him she gripped his neck and turning him around she punched him on his jaw and kicked him in his groin making him double in pain. She wanted to kill him than and there but she wanted the law to give him a gruesome punishment and than there was Sumit too. She had to deal with him as well. She picked up her gun and placing the recorder securely inside her pocket she dragged him back to the car and called Cam to meet her and arrest Vivek.

It was time to get Sumit.

Krati Mehra

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