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part 2 : Giving Love A Second Chance(AR)

Shubhankar: toh sid, kya hua tha tumhare aur riddhima ke beech mein

Sid: wahi joh sab love stories me starting mein  hota hain

Shabhankar: jhagda?

Sid: haan.. jhagda


Riddhima: excuse me? What did you just say?

Sid: what did i just say?

Riddhima: i couldn't hear you properly.. that's why i am asking you dumhead

Sid: well golden words are not repeated

Riddhima: idiot

Sid: zaban sambhal ke

Riddhima: nahin toh?

Sid: main complain kar lunga

Riddhima(sarcastically): oh my,my, i am soo scared

Sid: just shut up

Riddhima: ghada

Sid: oyye.. ghadi hogi tu

Riddhima: just stop it ok.. whoever you are

Sid: not whoever.. sid.. sid modi.. doctor

Riddhima: whatever

Sid: anyway, i have no time to waste.. see you never again

Riddhima: that'll be my pleasure

**flashback ends**

shubhankar : phir

sid: phir hona kya tha, hum ne aek dusre ko sanjeevani mein phirse dekha.. avoid kiya, aur jhagda kiya, aur dheere dheere aek dusre pe dependent ho gayye..

shubhankar : dependent

sid: hum aek dusre se jhagda kiye bina reh nahin sakte the... phir dheere dheere hum ne jhagda karna band kiya, aur dosti kar li

shubhankar: dosti ke baad pyaar

sid: itna jaldi nahin.. thoda peeche aa jayo

shashank : dosti ke baad?

Sid: dosti ke baad separation

Shashank : abhi se?

Sid : haan..


Riddhima: sid.. i am going to france

Sid: france?

Riddhima: my sister..

Sid: so you're meeting her?

Riddhima: after a long time.. i'm so excited sid.. i'm gonna meet her after years

Sid: ya

Riddhima: i'll be gone for 4 months.. i'll see you after that.. will call you up regularly don't worry

Sid: ya sure.. take care.. bye

Riddhima: goodbye

**FLASHBACK ends**

Shubhankar: then she came back then?

Sid: she did not come back

Shubhankar: she didn't

Sid: she used to call me up everyday.. then it became once in 2 days.. once in 4 days and then once in a week.. and she didn't return after 4 months.. i called her up, her phone was unreachable

Shubhankar: then?

Sid: then a few more months went by, and then one day, she returned.. she returned all of a sudden out of nowhere

Shubhankar: you weren't happy

Sid: i was happy shubhankar.. because i had realized what she meant to me.. i realized i loved her

Shubhankar: then what was the problem

Sid: she came crying.. depressed.. she wasn't the bubbly riddhima i once knew

Shubhankar: really why?


Sid: riddhima what happened? Why are you crying like this?

Riddhima: i failed him

Sid: failed who?

Riddhima: my father.. i failed him

Sid: will you tell me what happened?

Riddhima: 21 years ago, when i was born, mom and dad had a few problems.. then all i knew was that dad took anjali and left to france, unknown to the fact  that mom had given birth to twins.. he took anjali away the minute she was born and left and then mom gave birth to me, only to find that her husband had left her.. she grew me all alone, giving me all the happiness i could ask for... then mom told me about anjali a year ago, to release the guilt of having me kept away from the truth

Sid: you came to know you had a sister a  year ago?

Riddhima: yes.. i went to france to meet her, where i saw my father.. in his death bed.. he didn't know who i was.. anjali introduced him to me and me to him, but then i couldn't forgive him as images of my mother came infront of me.. he begged for forgiveness and then one day died.. he altered his will and divided all his property into me and anjali.. i dont care about the property.. but i want him back..

Sid: riddhima relax.. does your mom know?

Riddhima: look i don't know what that fight 20 years ago was all about.. i don't know who was wrong and who was right.. but don't i deserve to be loved.. why does god always do this to me? The minute i felt my father's love, he took him away? Why?

Sid: you do have people who love you

Riddhima: who?

Sid: your mom

Riddhima: she and anjali are the only ones.. but look at all those who have the love of both their parents.. i never got that.. the minute i feel happy, god snatches away the happiness from me

Sid: that is not true

Riddhima: so tell me why it isn't?

Sid: forget it

Riddhima: tell me who loves me?

Sid: ridhima, you are unstable now.. calm down and then we'll talk

Riddhima: tell me sid

Sid: riddhima.. relax

Riddhima: tell me who loves me

Sid: me

**flashback ends**

Shubhankar: so you fought, then you became friends, then she left you, and then you told her that you loved her

Sid: ya.. and then she said she loved me too

Shubhankar: then?

Sid : then we both were going strong, when one day she asked me to marry her... i wasn't ready then.. but her face, seeing her pleading in front of me, i couldn't decline her offer

Shubhankar: so you said yes?

Sid: i said yes.. the day came closer, and i got scared.. i wasn't ready for such a step

Shubhankar: so what did you do?

Sid: i didn't turn up for my own wedding.. i ran away.. i behaved like a coward and left the city

Shubhankar: so you let her get embarrassed infront of everyone?

Sid: i don't know what happened.. i never found her again.. i tried calling her, but she changed her number.. i tried contacting her family.. but then i realized i never met her mother or sister..they just let her get married to the person she wanted to get married to.. i don't know what happened after that.. i just left her and didn't attend my own marriage.. she must have been embarrassed.. she must have become depressed all over again.. but i was a coward then.. i wanted to call her up and console her.. tell her i am sorry,tell her i love her, but she just left from my life..left forever.. and made me guilty for life

Shubhankar: do you still love her?

Sid: i still love her.. but i know she will never forgive me.. i know she has probably killed me in her mind a million times.. i know she will never dare to love me again

Shubhankar: you think she will ever be able to love again

Sid: she has a beautiful heart.. i don't know if she if still like that, but as far as i know her, she will love again, she will never love ME again, but will find love again for sure.. and i have this strange feeling like she has already met that true love of hers

Shubhankar: were you ever able to love again?

Sid: no.. that's why i became a playboy.. to drive my guilt away.. but it doesn't work..

Shubhankar's pager went off and he got up to leave, with sid following her, ready for their night duty

At armaan's house

Riddhima went back to her house, and changed into a beautiful red salwar khameez

Riddhima came back to armaan's house and went inside for the cup of coffee she had promised to share with armaan, her new, very charming neighbour

She walked through the door that was open and found armaan making coffee, with his back facing her

Armaan : hey.. you here already.. 1 second.. the coffee is ready.. just one second

Riddhima: sure..take your time

Armaan turned to see riddhima in a sauce-red salwar khameez and was pleasantly surprised.. he froze to the spot as soon as she saw her.. she looked gorgeous in this indian attire.. his jaw dropped and he thought he saw riddhima smile..

he just stood there, rooted to the spot, as he saw riddhima come closer to him, while giving him the most beautiful smile he had ever seen.. she came closer him, and when they were just inches away from each other, she rose her hand.. and shut his mouth with her hand.. she looked down at the coffee that he had made, and went back to the table of his house..

" i thought we were having coffee together Mr. armaan mallik" and started laughing.. she was enjoying the effect she was having on him.. she had dressed up for him after all.. but then she thought why she had done this.. she had just seen this guy.. why did she want to impress him? Why did she want him to like her? .. it was true she had never dressed up so much for anyone.. not even for sid.. that made her ask herself again " was that really love.. i mean true i missed him everyday, but was it love? Infact it was better for her that sid had not turned up that day?" those thoughts refused to leave her mind, as she saw him come shake his head and come to the table with his head down..

" i am sorry.. i was just.. surprised.. you look beautiful by the way.."

" thanks.. and please sit down.. this is your own house armaan"

" oh ya.. i forgot" he put his hand through his hair as he said that.. what was happening to him.. this beautiful lady sitting infront of him was driving him crazy..

"coffee" she passed his cup of coffee to him as he sat down in front her and looked down, as if he was preparing to say something that could change their lives forever

" look riddhima.. your mom told me everything" he looked at the ground as he said that, unable to look at her cold eyes, that held nothing but hatred as he said that

" yeh" was all she said after that, asking him to continue with his speech

" she told me about sid, and frankly speaking that is why you have come back haven't you?"

She looked at him, as he rose his head to look at her

She nodded to say yes but before he could continue, she got up from the table, and went towards the balcony, as he followed her to the balcony

" look riddhima, i didn't mean to hurt you.. i just wanted to let you know that i am with you if you ever need me.. i mean"

" yeah armaan.. i know and i am glad you told me that you knew..  but before you sympathize with me, let me tell you my side of the story"

Looking at him nod, she continued

" you must be knowing about mom and dad and how dad took anjali away"

He nodded again, and before he could say anything she continued

" i couldn't forgive him, but one day, when i decided to forgive him, he passed away.. i was weak and vulnerable when sid told me that he loved me.. and then, i probably didn't even know what love way.. and i dont know what made me say that i loved him too.. time went by and then we were supposed to get married, but he didn't turn up.. well that was the last time i cried i gues.. i went back and stayed with anjali, and went to sanjeevani over there.. but one day, i decided to come back and take revenge.. that is why i am over here.. and frankly, i thank sid for not turning up that day.. i would have completely destroyed my life if i had married him that day.. i thank him for not getting married me, but still i have to get that guilt of not having taking revenge away from me.. so i am here today.. to destroy his life and take revenge for making me embarrassed in front of everyone that day"

She turned back to see armaan very close to her, and before she knew, he came in front and wrapped his arms around her, as if securing her from all pains forever, and taking all her pains away from her

@ sanjeevani

Atul : yaar aaj bhi night duty hai humari.. yeh night duty ki toh aisi ti taisi

rahul: aaj night duty aur kal phir padma maam ke beti aa rahi hai.. phir serious kaam karna padenga.. kash ye nayi doctor humare jaisi ho.. i mean.. nikki ke jaisi nahin

 atul : wo toh kal hi pata chalenga

muskaan : pal pal pal pal, har pal, har pal,kaise katenga pal har pal har pal, dil dil dil dil mein machi hai machi machi hain hulchul hulchul hulchul

atul : muskaan yaar.. bhagwan ke liye chup baith na

just then sid and shubhankar arrive at their table



atul , muskaan, rahul : haan sir

rahul : waise sir aap ko uski beti ke baare mein kuch pata hain?

Shubhankar: nahin rahul.. padma maam ne kisi ko bhi kuch nahin bataya.. hume toh uske baare mein kal hi pata chalenga

Sid: lekin itna pata hai ke woh aek bohot acchi doctor hain aur sanjeevani ko uski bohot zarurat hain.. to use kuch bhi galat mat bolna.. aur use ache se behave karna

Atul,rahul , muskaan : ji sir..

Shubhankar: waise nikki kahan hai? Dikhayi nahin de rahi hai?

Atul : woh nayi doctor ki responsibility dr.keerthi ne nikki ko di hai..toh woh aaj raat ghar jaa kar prepare kar rahi hai uske liye

Sid: oh ok.. now back to your duties interns

 After sid, shubhankar leave,

Rahul : interns ki to koyi izzat hi nahin hain yahan par...

Atul : hain na.. sirf senior docotrs se kam hain..

Muskaan : chal kaam karte hain.. humari pehli night duty

Atul : chal start karte hain

Rahul : haan chal.. nahin toh phir hitler aake gussa karengi

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