Thursday, 10 May 2018

part 2 : With U

love will find a way

armaan meets riddz in a ballroom ridhima see's armaan face cause he wasn't wearing a mask but armaan couldn't see her face cause she was wearing a red mask.[the don't know each other's name]

ridhima was in her car thing about that guy she danced in the ballroom {armaan}

ridhima :who was that guy uski akhe itni sweet thi,uske boli surat koyi bhi ladki uspe marti hogi. Mein uske bare mein itni kyu soch rahi hooon,woh sirf aur sirf ek ladka hai.

ridhima reahed home her driver opened the door for her and then she went in she new that her papa would be really upset cause her papa told her to be home by 10 but now it's 10.20.Ridhima got really scared she was thing "what if papa got really mad at me","what willl i do then". Ridhima went in she saw her papa sitting there watching T.V, ridhima's papa's name was shanshank a doctor in sanjeevani. beside her papa her dadi was there.[same dadi as in dill mill gayye]. Ridhima quietly went in.

riddz :hi dadi hi papa {trying to act as if she was OK}

dadi :ridhima beti tu ah gayi we were worried because of u sweety

riddz :woh dadi sorry i'm late party mein thi ttoh time ka andaza nahi hua soooooooo sooooorrrrry papa

shashank :its Ok beta tum ghar teek se pauch gayi toh bohot acha laga

ridhima let out a sign of relief

riddz :papa di kaha hai

dadi :woh room mein hai tumhara interzaar kar rahi hai

riddz ran to her rooom and she saw here siter anjali sitting reading a fasshion magazine

riddz :hi diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii {she went and hugged anjali}

anji :hey riddz paty kaisi thi? kys tumne dance? kiya toh kiske saath? uska naam kya hai? party mein kaun kaun mila ? ; riddz :di calm down saas toh lo, mein app ka sab sawalo ke jawb dogi OK

anji :well party kaisi this

riddz : very very very ncie i love it soooo much i met so many people alllllllllllll soooooooooooooooo nice {thinkign about that guy} and dreemy {slowly said this}

anji : kya kah tumne riddz :kuch nahi di anjali : toh kya tumne dance kiya

riddz :nahi di {she wanted to say yes butt hen thought what is her sister started teasing her so she didn't ell her that she was dancing with the most cutest guy she has ever seen}

anjali :ohhhhhhh mujhe laga ke tum dance karogi, lekin no probs we have to go sanjeevani in the moring so we have to go sleep

riddz :di what time do we ahve to wake up

anjali :at 8 we ahve to reach to sanjeevani at 9 am so we have to wake up at 8.

riddz :Ok then di goodnight

both the girls tuckked themselves in bed and went to sleep but riddz was still thinking about that guy she was dreaming abotu him aswell both of them together ont he beach her dream kept on getting romantic and more romantic.

while this going happening in the gupta house we shift of to the malik resisdance

armaan couldn't sleep all that came in this mind was this face and that glossy lips her eyes were perfect but armaan kept on waiting to see that face.Armaan woke up and went to his drawer he opening it and got out that heart shape necklave he kept on looking at it again and again

armi :yeh ladki kaun ho sakti, she is so beautiful i have seen so amny girls in my life btu nothing like this one whats so special about her why does she come in my mind 24/7.

armi :mujhe is ladki ka pata lagana hi padega.lekin ab toh sona jana chahiyeh kal mera sab se inportant din hai so goood night armaan. {he said to himselg smilling in the mirror}

while armaan tried to go sleep we go to the joshi resisdance where atul is hamara pyaara sa doctor atul joshi

atul :maya pinky pappu sab sone janna hai na chalo atul papa ko kal sanjeevani mein phela din hai mein late nahi hona chata so maya sweety ajj mein tumhe storry nahi sunna sakta sorry jaaan kal promise sunnauga i promise seeeeety

atul :ab mein sone jata hoon nahi to kal late ho jauga saying that atul went to sleep.

In the morning

we see this girl going jogging she is wearing a light blue track suit looking beautiful as ever her cheeks so bubbly her very large eyes making her loook more perfecto she looked like an angel.Well this is our sweet and cute Muskaaan chada

muskaan goes jogging everyday hard to believe right? well muskaan was jogging her laces came out so she saw a basketball court near by so she went and sat on the steps she was tiesing a shoe lace just when she basketball hit her on her head she turned around u caould see her eyes fuming in anger as if she was a tiger she could have eatten taht person who threw the ball at her.

she got up and went near him. The guy was looking stunning as ever it was Mr Rahul, muskaan and rahul were face to face muskaan :kya yeh tumhare ball hai {fumming in more anger now}

rahul :haan kyu tuhme kya probem hai

muskaan :U stupid brat, ollu ke pate, kaan kajure, U four headed monster how dare u hit this ball on me tumahari itni himat i wish iw ould have killed u rigth now U U U {proper angry now full time angry} rahul :calm downchipkali

muskaan :WHAT did u just call me

rahul :CHIPKALI do have a problem miss CHIPKALI {making more fun of muskaan}

muskaan :mein chipkali U PIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

rahul :did u just call me a pig

muskaan :YES do u ahve a problem with that MR PIG

rahul :U U i'll get u for that u better wait and watch

muksaan :I'll be waiting for u will be the one watching

muskaan left the basketball court with rahul fumming in anger now he could just kill soemone right now but he tried to control his anger.

armaan and ridhima meet together for the first time


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