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Part 21 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Ammy, what the hell is this?” Rahul asked loudly being shocked.

Armaan get covered by whole family members coz they were hell shocked by his appearance in this way. They were worried for him and he came back all stained red due to blood. 

Riddhima was standing there being shocked, she just get a glimpse of Armaan and blood stains over his dress make her shocked and she get rooted on her spot. She was not able to step forward and her eyes become moist. She control herself somehow and tried her best to return back to reality but failed, she just move backward over stairs being terrified by Armaan’s condition. She went back to stairs ignoring her tears which was continuously wetting her face.

Armaan was badly covered by family members and he didn’t noticed Riddhima coming there then going back, he look towards their worried faces and smile.

“Relax everyone I’m fin,,,,,,” Armaan just tried to say something but stopped by Ananya.

“Shut up Armaan, just shut up ok, what do you think of yourself ha, tum jo karoge jaisa karoge sab sahi hai ha? We were worried for you, Riddhima was waiting for you since afternoon and you just went away like that, no call no msg nothing, now coming back at this time with blood stained cloth and trying to say that you are fine ha? What do you think you are doing?” Ananya blasted on him without giving him time to say anything.

“Mom, meri baat to ,,,,,” Armaan again tried.

“Koi baat nhi sun ni mujhe, Anurag bol do ise mujhse baat na kare” she said turning back and tried to go from there.

Armaan hold her hand and make her sit on sofa, others too settle down waiting to get reason why Armaan did so on this day.

“Armaan, aaj k din to tumhe yaha hona chahiye tha, tumhe hua kya hai ye khoon?” Billy was worried.

“Dad mai,,,”

“Don’t worry Billyji, ye Armaan ka blood nhi hai, he is fine being a doctor I can understand. Agar ye Armaan ka blood hota aur use chot lagi hoti to wo itni aasani se nhi chal raha hota” Shashank said and everyone get relieved.

Ananya look towards him with question eyes and he shook his head in yes.

Armaan hold Ananya’s hand and said “Mom, mai kabhi aisa kar sakta hu kya? Aap aisa kaise soch sakti hai mere bare me” it was a complaining tone.

“Mom, mai office me hi tha and i was about to come back when I got a call from police, they informed me about an accident.” Armaan said and they become shocked.

“Kiska accident Ammy?” Rahul asked.

“Wo Nitin tha na?” Armaan look towards him.

“That guy who just roam here and there being useless and you gave him job of driver in office” Nikki asked.

“Yeah!” Armaan said.

“But wo to kafi sudhar chuka tha and he was doing quite well na?” Rahul asked.

“Ha aaj use Mr.Mehra ko leke jana tha ek important deal k liye isliye wo jaldi nikla tha ghar se but raaste me kisi truck wale ne accident kar diya uska” Armaan said.

“Oh! Kaisa hai ab wo?” Padma asked.

“Jyada chot to nhi aai?”Prerna came next.

“Policeman called me to inform about his accident coz he had our official card and I rushed back to the spot where he was lying unconsious. The moment I reached policeman told me about him and ambulance came at the same time so I pick him up and ran upto van. Then I went hospital where his father was all alone crying looking towards his son in OT, that’s why I stayed there.” Armaan said and everyone was shocked to listen this.

“Mom, aap hi bataiye jab office v hamari family hai to use is halat me chhod ke mai kaise aata, uska operation 3 hours chala fir shift kiya gaya, then I met doctors and arranged few things. Mai to theek hu Mom but aap us insaan k bare me sochiye jo apne bĂȘte ko is halat me dekh raha hoga, kya condition hogi uski. Mai kaise aata aise unhe waha chhod k aur mera phone v car me hi chhut gaya tha which become switched off due to continuous calling I think, isliye mai wapas aate time v inform nhi kar paya.” Armaan said and everyone get emotional.

Padma and Shashank felt pround on him, whatever he did was not everyone’s cup of tea. 

Shashank kept his hand over Armaan’s shoulder and he look towards him, Shashank hugged him tight and said “I’m proud of you Armaan, I wish tumhare jaisa beta har ghar me ho, we really feel fortunate to have you in our family.” And Armaan smile.

“I know ye kuch jyada hi achha hai isliye darr lagta hai iske liye” Ananya said controlling her tears and Armaan hugged her smiling.

“Mom, aap gussa karte hue hi achhi lagti ho” he said and she hit him playfully.

“Chalo bhai achha hua ki sab theek hai” Anurag said and Prerna glared him.

“Kya mujhe kyu ghoor rahi ho?” he asked.

“Bhabhi, Anuragji ko to pata tha Armaan kaha hai aur uska phone off tha fir v inhe pata tha ki Armaan aa raha hai, hai na?” she asked with a sugarcoated voice and Anurag look here and there.

Armaan look towards his beloved Chachu with a cute smile coz he knew that Anurag caught under their trap while trying to save him. 

Anurag look towards Armaan asking what to do and Armaan smile.

“Chachi, to kya hua Chachu ne jhoot bola to, aaplogo ki tension kam to hui na us se, agar unhone nhi bola hota to ab tak aap log kitna pareshan hote bolo” he said and Prerna look towards him.

“But Armaan jhoot k,,,,,” Prerna tried to say something.

“Koi baat nhi na, matter is at last sab achha hai, fir kyu tension lena” Rahul said and they laugh.

“Armaan, ham sabne puja kar li hai aur ab dinner karna hai bahut bhook lagi hai, tu jaldi se fresh hoke ja terrace pe Riddhima wait kar rahi hogi” Ananya said.

“Ok Mom” he said getting up.

“Tum log puja kar k yahi aa jao, tab tak ham khana arrange karte hain dining table pe” Prerna said and he left smiling.

“Thank God Riddhima ne nhi dekha aise warna uski to buri halat ho jati aur uske baad mujhe jo daat padti wo alag” Armaan murmured entering inside his room and took a shower hurriedly and rush towards terrace.

He reached at terrace and saw her sitting on a stair near fountain, her thaal was kept over a table near pond. He smile looking towards her she was unaware of his presence as her mind was still shocked and she was all lost to register anything looking towards moon.

“Hie” he said coming towards her.

She was looking so gorgeous, although he didn’t saw her face yet he can be sure that she will again make him fall for her.

Armaan become confused coz she didn’t replied him.

“Riddhima” he called her again but get no response.

Till now he reached pretty close to her, and sit behind her on stair look at the same direction where she was lost since few minutes, Armaan didn’t get glimpse of her face yet that’s why unaware of the turmoil rising inside her.

He slowly touch her shoulder and she get startle by sudden touch, she turn her face towards the person who touch her.

Armaan become shocked and he find the whole thing turn upside down, he look towards her bloodshot red eyes due to crying and her whole face was covered with tears.

Armaan become worried for her, he feel like getting stabbed by her crying eyes and lost look.

Riddhima look towards him and his touch make her come back, when she find him infront of her she become emotional as that blood stained look came infront of her.

Armaan was wondering what happen and was about to ask but before that Riddhima hugged him tight making him shocked.

He didn’t expect anything like this thus get imbalanced by her sudden push, he hold her by one hand keeping at her back and control himself from falling by keeping another hand over the next stair taking it’s support.

Armaan smile by her sudden hug, he knew that Riddhima was too shy to do anything like that but her tears convey that she was emotionally weak this time and hugged him out of her fear.

For a second, Armaan feel like whether she know about his arrival in that blood stained look but shrugged his thoughts off coz he didn’t saw her there.

“Riddhima,,,, what happen? Why are you crying ha? I’m here na, chup ho jao ab, shushhhh” Armaan tapped her lightly.

“Armaan, a,,,,aap theek to hain na, Armaan wo wo blood on your clothes, wo maine dekha aap,,,,,,,,” she was not able to speak properly but yet she tried in between crying and tried to feel he his fine by touching his face, his shoulder and hugged him again.

Armaan was shocked by her reaction, that means she saw him in that condition but when, she was not present there? 

“Riddhima, tum kya bol rahi ho ye sab, I’m all well baby see I’m fine sitting infront of you, kya ho gaya” he said rubbing her back to soothe her.

She was bitterly crying coz that scene made her shocked, she was not able see him in any adverse state, she can’t just can’t.

“Armaan I don’t know I just can’t see you in any problem and that blood, w,,wo”

“Wo kisi aur ka tha” he said and she look towards him in confusion “Ha, wo kisi aur ka tha, mere office ka driver uska accident ho gaya tha and I helped him isliye mujhe v lag gaya, uski bahut critical condition thi and I was in hospital, phone v car me bhool gaya isliye inform v nhi kar paya, I’m sorry baby I was just struck there aur us condition me mai unhe chhod k v nhi aa sakta tha na” he said looking towards her keeping his both hands on her face.

She look towards him in disbelieve and Armaan nodded on her question which was unspoken.

Armaan wiped her tears and smile “Mai bilkul theek hu, dekho” he said looking towards her and she look into his eyes and smile in between her tears.

She was not in her senses from the time she came back from downstairs, she just saw his one look and her eyes were focused on his shirt which was all blood satined and she was not able to stand and came back crying. She just came running over terrace and cryed a lot and being exhausted she sit on stair near fountain. She was feeling weak coz of fast of whole day and after crying, she just sit there looking towards moon complaining for all and crying wetting her face.

When Armaan told everything, she become normal and feel their proximity she was getting shy but in order to control her shyness she act to get angry on him.

“Aise kaun karta hai Armaan?” she said getting up leaving him alone sitting on stair.

“Are maine k,,,,,,”

“Apko itna time nhi mila ki aap ek baar call kar de ya msg kar de, mai kitna pareshan thi atleast nikalne k pahle ek baar bata dete lekin mai hu hi kaun apki life me jo aap mujhe bataoge” she said in complaining tone turning away from him.

He get up and move near him “Are theek hai yar, galti ho gai bhool gaya tha phone aur wapas aaya to phone off tha kisi k call karne ki wajah se jisko meri jyada yaad aa rahi thi aur mujhe charger v nhi mila car me mai kya karta batao?” Armaan said and she suppressed her blushing smile.

“Maine koi call nhi kiya tha” she said being angry but Armaan’s word hold her feet.

“I’m really Sorry Riddhima, sorry to make you cry wo v aaj k din” Armaan said holding his ears and Riddhima feel his serious voice and turn around.

She found him standing holding his ears and came running towards him and remove his hands from there.

“Armaan, aisa kuch nhi hai, I was crying coz I can’t see you like that” she said hugging him and Armaan smile.

“Kyu?” he asked slowly.

“Matlab?” she become confused and tried to come out of hug.

“Kyu tum mujhe aise nhi dekh sakti?’ Armaan asked and don't allow her to come out of hug.

Now she was getting hell shy coz she only hugged him many times being emotional and her feelings were taking control over her but now all her shyness came back making her red coz of blushing.

“Armaan sab log wait kar rahe honge please” she said and Armaan came back to reality.

“Oh! Ha, sorry” he said coming out of hug.

Don’t know why he always forget everything whenever he come near her.

she was about to move forwards but stumble out of weakness and Armaan hold her on time. 

“Chale” he asked holding her and she smile.

Armaan too smile and come near the pond, Riddhima took her thal and lighten diya, she came near pond and sit down for puja while Armaan stood behind her. Riddhima peform her puja and Armaan smile standing behind her while she too smile looking towards his shadow in water.

The she stood up and Armaan was moving here and there just to tease her.

“Armaan” she glared him.

“What” he asked.

“Stand properly” she said.


She make him him stand on a place and took sieve from her thaal and look at the moon Armaan too come behind her and look moon at the same time, she smile and close her eyes to pray while Armaan also did the same and again came back to his place.

She bring sieve back infront of her and open her eyes slowly only to find Armaan’s smiling face that cute dimpled one, a cute smile form on her face automatically and she feel blessed to get him in her life.

Armaan too look at her smiling and hold Riddhima when she was about to touch his feet. 

“Riddhima, fast tumne rakha to maine v rakha aur ab agar tum ye karogi to mai v ,,,,,,” he said moving towards her and try to bend when she move backward “Armaan Nooooo” she said being shocked this guy is doing anything, today he almost make her confess but she controlled herself by the name of family and now again.

“Ha to tum v aisa kuch nhi karogi” Armaan said pouting and she smile.

“Ok” she said.

“Good” Armaan took glass from her plate and try to make her drink water but she stopped him.

“Ek minute” she said and took another glass from table.

Armaan smile on her cuteness, they both drink water together from each other hands and fed sweets to each other.

Armaan smile looking towards the biggest happiness of his life who was looking breath takingly gorgeous in that red saare with minimum make – up and beautiful smile, Riddhima start blushing feeling his gaze on herself and move away to hide her blush.

Armaan hold her pallu from corner when she tried to go away.

“Armaan please neeche chaliye sab log wait kar rahe honge” she said and Armaan’s eyes fall on his watch and he realize it’s getting late.

“Hmm, lets go” he said and they came back.

Armaan and Riddhima came downward smiling and Armaan busy looking towards her.

“Aaiye Aaiye, apka hi wait ho raha tha” Rahul said and they came back to reality.

“Ye dono ek sath kitne achhe lagte hain na?” Prerna said and Padma smiled looking towards them.

“Hmm, bahut bhook lagi hai subah se kuch v nhi khaya hai” Armaan said sitting down on dining table.

“Hmm, baitho, sab tum log k pasand k khane hain” Ananya said and Armaam look towards her with a smile.

“Lekin sabke mann ka kyu Mom, aaj to aap log ka din hai, apke pasand ka ban na chahiye tha kyunki aaplog fast the” Armaan said.

“Wo isliye Armaan kyunki tujhe dekh k sabka dil kar diya fast rakhne ka, could you imagine aaj sabne fast rakha tha apni apni wives k liye” Rahul said and ARmaan look towards them being shocked.

“Ha yaar, Ammy baat to sahi hai but hame hi pata hai kaise rakha fast” Anurag said and he laughed.

“Wahi to mai v sochu, fast rah kaise gaye aap, bina kuch khaye aap rah gaye pura din” Prerna said.

“Mat pucho kaise rahe hain” Anurag said making faces.

“Aur hame pata chal gaya tha isliye hamne sabkuch aaplogo k pasand ka banaya” Padma said and gents smile looking towards them.

“Kya baat hai” Armaan smile.

“Chup kar, teri wajah se sabne fast rakha ab khane de inko warna tujhe hi ,,,,,,” Rahul stop in middle.

“Chalo koi to achha kaam kiya Armaan ko dekh k hi sahi” Shweta said and they laughed.

“Chaliye ab dinner shuru karte hain” Billy said and everyone sit together having dinner.

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