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Part 22 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Family enjoyed dinner happily specially gents, according to them it was worth fasting whole day.

“Woww, aaj to kuch jyada hi tasty tasty foods hain”Vansh exclaimed and everyone laugh.

“Hmm, thanku so much for doing all these efforts aaplog ka fast tha fir v” Billy praised and the ladies gang smile.

They finished their food, since Shashank had to attend meeting following day thus he excuse himself and went to sleep.

Billy too left alongwith Ananya as he was feeling low due to whole day fasting.

Youngsters left in hall alone alongwith Anurag and Prerna.

“So?” Prerna asked looking towards Armaan who was busy staring Riddhima but look towards Prerna when she said.

“What?” he asked.

“Kya plan hai?” she asked.

“Kaisa plan Chachi?” Armaan asked.

“Arey buddhu, Riddhima hamare ghar pe hai aaj aur tumne koi plan nhi banaya?” Prerna asked.

“Matlab?” Muskaan asked.

“Wo kya hai na, jab v hamare ghar pe koi aata hai to Armaan ki hamesha kuch special planning hoti hai but is baar to use kuch pata hi nhi tha” Rahul laughed and Armaan smile.

“Awww” Muskaan said.

“Ya, but I didn’t get time today so” Armaan was feeling bad coz he always use to do one or other thing for everyone but he can’t do anything for Riddhima coz he was hell busy.

“Its okay Ammy, tune jo kiya wo bahut kam log kar pate hain” Anurag praised him and Riddhima smile.

“Bhabhi, aaj aap mere room me soyengi, mujhe dher sari baatein karni hai apse” Vansh said and Riddhima smile.

“Aur school mai jaungi teri jagah hai na?” Nikki said glaring Vansh and he smile.

“Vansh, no masti go to bed, kal school bunk nhi karna hai” Prerna said.

“Are but,,,,,,” Vansh tried to say something.

“Vansh, mai apko chhod du apke room tak” Riddhima asked.

“yess” Vansh smile and get up.

"Lo ji, ab to Vansh jarur jayega apni Riddhima bhabhi k sath" Muskaan said and they laughed.

They left from there and Armaan’s eyes followed them till they disappear.

“Ahem Ahem, Armaan wo log gaye, come back here.” Prerna said and others laughed.

“Kya chachi aap v” Armaan said being shy.

“Aww,,,,” she hold his face and shake.

Riddhima and Vansh reached to his room and Vansh smile.

“Bhabhi ye dekhiye, ye meri books, ye mera study table and this is my bed, ye Armaan bhaiya ne design karwaya mere liye mujhe cars bahut pasand hai na isliye” Vansh showed everything to her and she smile.

Vansh’s bed was in shape of car and he loved it so much.

“Woww, Vansh, ye to bahut achha hai, ab apko sona v chahiye coz apne mujhse promise kiya tha that you will behave like good boy so now you’ll have to sleep subah school hai na” Riddhima said making him lie on bed after changing into night clothes.

“Ok, bhabhi, good night” he kissed her cheeks and lie down to sleep.

Riddhima smile on his antics and cover him properly, since he was tired thus slept soon, Riddhima dim the light and left his room.

Armaan and Rahul was coming upstairs while others went into their room.

Riddhima stood there not knowing where to go coz she can’t see Muski or Nikki.

“Kya baat hai Bhabhi, koi kho gaya kya?” Rahul asked.

“Nhi wo,,,,” Riddhima said but stop.

“Kahi aap apne us pagal friend ko to nhi khoj rahi hain?” Rahul asked slowly.

“Rahul” Riddhima said sighing.

“Oye khote suna maine tune kya bola samjha” Muskaan tap him from behind and he just jumped off scaring everyone.

“Kya hai tumhe, shock dene ka jyada shauk hai kya, aise koi darata hai?” Rhaul said.

“Ohooo, tu darr gaya?” She asked cheekily.

“Ab achanak se koi bhootni samne aa jayegi to insaan darega hi na” Rahul said and start leaving the place.

“Kya bola tune, ruk to” Muskaan ran behind him and he ran out.

“Ye dono sach me pagal hain” Armaan said smiling and Riddhima smile too.

“Aur dono ek hi jaise hain” Riddhima said and Armaan smile looking towards her.

“Riddhima” Armaan called her name slowly and she came to realize that they were alone now, shyness cover her once again.

“Hmm” she said looking down.

“Umm, I know mai tumhare liye kuch nhi kar paya but I’ll try something tomorrow, tumhe koi problem to nhi hai na?” he aksed looking towards her.

“Matlab?” she become confused.

“I mean if I want you to join me to a place alone” he said and she smile shyly looking down.

“I trust you Armaan” she said smiling and ran towards Nikki’s room and Armaan stood there smiling cutely on her answer.

Muskaan ran behind Rahul and they chase each other at terrace when finally Muskaan hold Rahul, she was about to hit him when he sit on his knees closing his eyes in fear of getting hit by her.

Muskaan stop atonce looking towards his cute scared expression of being slapped by her, she smile cutely don’t know why and shove his face to other side and ran down smiling.

Rahul get up opening his eyes when he feel her touch softly not by slap and smile why she left him, he winked looking towards the moon and went down in his room to sleep.

Armaan went to his room but sleep was far away from his eyes, he just change into comfortable clothes and sit near window of his room.

He was smiling looking towards the moon while Riddhima was also doing the same in Nikki’s room, Nikki and Muskaan was sleeping.

Both were missing each other and sit looking towards moon when a song start on FM as if dedicated to them.

Kaun mera, mera kya tu laage
Kyun tu baandhe, man ke man se dhaage…
Bas chale naa kyun mera tere aage
Kaun mera, mera kya tu laage
Kyun tu baandhe, man ke man se dhaage…

Armaan come out in balcony enjoying the song and smile looking towards the moon remembering Riddhima.

Dhoond hi loge mujhe tum har jagah ab to
Mujhko khabar hai….
Ho gaya hun tera jab se Main hawa mein hoon
Tera asar hai…
Tere paas hoon, ehsaas mein, main yaad mein teri
Tera thikana ban gaya ab saans mein meri….

He turn around and saw Riddhima sitting on railing looking towards the moon, a cute beautiful smile was plastered on her face and Armaan get lost in her.

Kaun mera, mera kya tu laage
Kyun tu baandhe, man ke man se dhaage….
Bas chale naa kyun mera tere aage
Kaun mera, mera kya tu laage
Kyun tu baandhe, man ke man se dhaage….

Riddhima was lost in song when air breeze blow a little fast and her heart beat arise indicating Armaan’s presence.

She look away from moon and turn here and there searching him and saw him all lost in her slight away from the balcony she was sitting.

She stood up and Armaan came back in sense when she change her position and Armaan felt shy coz she caught him red handed. Riddhima smile shyly looking away from him.

“Abhi tak soyi nhi?” Armaan text her.

She saw his msg and smile shyly “Neend nhi aa rahi thi” she replied.

“Ab so jao, bahut late ho gaya hai, I hope ab neend aa jayegi” Armaan replied and she look towards him being surprised and smile hiding her blush.

“Good night” she replied him and move towards the room.

“Good night” he too replied and saw her moving towards the room.

He also move towards his room but both stop at door and look towards each other, a shy smile form on their face and they left to sleep.

Next day Riddhima get up early and fresh up, then did puja and move towards terrace to welcome new rays of sun in her life.

She was moving towards the stairs to go down when Armaan came towards his gym which was another side of terrace and Riddhima was unaware of that.

He came in track suit after jogging opening up his jacket’s chain as he was going in gym and didn’t noticed Riddhima coming towards him while she was walking looking down at lawn’s green grass remembering her walk with Armaan.

Both collapse with each other and Riddhima close her eyes in fear of falling and Armaan hold the person infront of him to save them from falling back. His hand automatic hold the person from waist then drag towards himself so that she don't fall while she banged on his chest all of sudden.

Armaan feel her presence and look towards her and her dupatta cover his face while Riddhima feel fast heart beat clearly as she was very close to it.

She open her eyes feeling Armaan’s hold and blush shyly while her heart beat rise upto multiple times.

Suddenly she remember his touch and she was holding him being stuck with his open chest and red color creep on her face, she look towards him and found him lost in her touch as her dupatta cover his face.

She smile shyly and remove his hand from her waist while ran down leaving him smile cutely on their little sweet encounters.

He somehow move towards gym removing his jacket and start his work out.

Billy and Rahul left for court while Shashank left for his meeting. Ladies and girls were planning for an outing when Armaan came towards Ananya.

“Umm, Mom” he called her.

“Ha beta bolo” she look towards her.

“Mom, apse ek permission leni thi, actually from both mothers” Armaan said and Ananya Padma look towards him being confused.

Luckily only they were present there.

“Armaan kya hua?” Padma asked.

“Mom, actually I want to take Riddhima out for a ride if you both don’t mind” he said cutely looking towards them.

“Pagal, itna shy kaun hota hai?” Padma hit him cutely and he smile.

“Jao beta, I know tum Riddhima ka dhyan hamse jyada achhe se rakhoge” Padma said.

“Lekin jana kaha hai?” Ananya asked.

“Don’t know, will decide on the way but pahle hospital jana hai” Armaan said and they smile.

After breakfast,

“Riddhima beta, Armaan office jane wala hai to please tum uske sath chale jao hospital kuch cheeje bhejni hai, fir wo tumhe drop kar dega yaha uske baad ham shopping pe chalenge” Ananya said and Padma smile.

“Ok, Mom” she said and get ready.

They left Mansion when Ananya said something in Armaan’s ear and he smile cutely.

In car,

“Kya bol rahi thi Mom?” she asked.

“Kuch nhi” Armaan smile.

“Armaan, bataiye na?” she insist.

“Arey Mom, bol rahi thi meri bahu ka khyal rakhna” he said and she smile shyly.

“Ham hospital ja rahe hain?” she asked.

“Yes” he said and smile.

They reached hospital and Riddhima took the things which Ananya asked her to take and she bought a bouquet in way to hospital.

They enter inside and Riddhima handed over those things to Nitin’s father and he blessed her.

“Aap pareshan mat hoiye uncle sab theek ho jayega” she said and Armaan smile looking towards her.

Riddhima and Armaan meet Nitin and advice him to take care of himself and talk to doctor.

“Armaan beta, ye pakka tumhari biwi hogi, bilkul tumhari hi tarah dusro k bare me sochti hai” Nitin’s father said and Riddhima look down feeling shy while Armaan smile.

“Ji uncle” he said and Riddhima look towards him being surprised.

"Beta, bhagwaan tum dono ki jadi salamat rakhe" he blessed them.

“Uncle, koi problem to nhi hai na?’ Armaan asked.

“Nhi beta, tumne sabse kah diya hai isliye sab care karte hain Nitin ki aur koi dikkat nhi hoti” he said and Armaan smile.

They left once Armaan met doctor and other wardboys.

“Armaan, ham ghar ki taraf kyu nhi ja rahe hain?” Riddhim asked when Armaan move is car towards another direction.

“Kyunki ham kahi aur ja rahe hain” Armaan said and she look towards him being surprised.

“Kaha? Aur kyu? Hame ghar jana hai Armaan, sab log wait kar rahe honge” riddhima said being worried.

“Koi wait nhi kar raha hai, Mom ne khud bheja hai tumhe and for your kind information ghar pe koi nhi hai sab shopping pe gaye hain” Armaan said looking front while Riddhima look towards him being surprised.

“Ab itna surprised mat ho, surprise hone ka time thodi der me aayega” Armaan smile and she look front smiling shyly.

After sometime, Armaan halt his car to a side and hold Riddhima’s hand, she look towards him feeling shy.

“Riddhima, tum meri ek baat maanogi?” he asked.

“Kya?” she look towards him.

“Ye” he close her eyes with his palm and ask her to keep it closed until he ask her to open.

Riddhima smile on his antics and sit like that, Armaan again start the car but look towards her being lost.

“Armaan kitni der aur” she asked.

Armaan came back to sense and move car forward “Bas do minute” he said “And no cheating ha” he said and she smile.

They reach to a place when Armaan came out of car and open door of her side, he slowly hold her hand and she came out still with closed eyes.

Armaan look towards her face which was glowing naturally and a sweet smile increasing her beauty to many folds, he wonder how she manage to make him loose his mind everytime he look towards her.

They move forward and Armaan was holding her hand, suddenly a small stone come on Riddhima’s way and Armaan didn’t noticed this.

Riddhima was about to fall when she hold Armaan’s hand tightly and slightly fall over his shoulder, Armaan holds her carefully and make her stand properly then look towards her being surprised as she didn’t open her eyes not at the moment she was about to fall.

“Riddhima, tumne aankhein kyu nhi kholi?” Armaan asked.

“Apne hi to mana kiya tha” she said with a smile.

“But, you was about to fall ais,,,,,” he stop in middle.

“Aap mujhe girne nhi dete Armaan” she said with closed eyes and Armaan look towards her feeling the level of trust she have for him, he smile and move forward.

They stop at a place and he came behind her and whisper in her ear “Ab kholo apni aankhein” 

Riddhima slowly open her eyes and look here and there, she smile feeling aww as she loved the place, it was a lake kind of thing and they were standing over it on a wooden log and water was flowing under it.

“Wowww” she exclaimed turning around looking towards the beautiful view, it was all covered with trees and small mountains and calm water only they were standing there in that beautiful environment.

“Pasand aaya?” Armaan asked.

“Bahut jyada Armaan, I loved it” she smile feeling happy and Armaan smile feeling her real and genuine happiness.

“Thanks for your real smile” he said and Riddhima smile looking towards him.

They sat down keeping there legs in water and smile looking towards the view talking to each other, sharing each other thoughts spending quality time with each other.

“Tumhe pata hai Riddhima yaha mai tab aata tha jab bahut pareshan hota tha, yaha kuch alag hi shanti milti thi aur apne problem to shant mind se solve karne ki himmat milti thi, like motivation, isliye mai tumhe ye jagah dikhana chahta tha” Armaan said looking towards water and Riddhima smile.

She slowly kept her hand over his hand focusing her eyes on water with a perfect smile on her face keeping her head on Armaan's shoulder.

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